A record of the spiritual growth of a parish, as well as its natural increase, is furnished by its vital statistics. Listed below are the annual totals of the recorded baptisms, First Holy Communion and confirmation classes, marriages and burials performed at St. Stanislaus Parish, from 1883 to 1958.

Since the Hofa Park settlers were at first under the spiritual care of the pastors of St. John the Baptist Church at Seymour, the early records are found there. The records at St. John the Baptist Church began in 1876. Up to January 6, 1886, all vital statistics on the Poles of Hofa Park were kept at Seymour, not separately, but included with the names of the parishioners of the Seymour Catholic church.

On January 6, 1886, Father Luke Pescinski began to keep a separate record for St. Stanislaus Church at Hofa Park. But he first copied all the vital statistics on this Polish parish from January, 1884, to January 6, 1886, and then continued the actual record of baptisms, marriages, etc. when they occurred in the Hofa Park Parish.

The names of the Poles of Hofa Park were often misspelled by the German pastors of St. John Church, and their handwriting was at times difficult to decipher. The reader's indulgence is petitioned, therefore, in case some family names have been erroneously printed here.


First baptisms of Hofa Park children recorded at Seymour were: Nicholas Lepak, son of Frank Lepak and Josephine Janikowski, born September 10, 1879, baptized on February 26, 1880. Sponsors were: Michael and Victoria Lepak. Rev. M. A. Kost performed the baptism. Also on the same day, the following child was baptized: Julian Lepak, son of Michael Lepak and Victoria Podiaska, born on January 7, 1880, baptized on February 26, 1880. Sponsors were: Frank and Josephine Lepak. Father Kost also performed this baptism.

It should be mentioned that Harry Peplinski was the first child born at Hofa Park on September 28, 1877. However, he, together with Catherine Zygmanski and Thomas Lepak, was baptized in Michael Lepak's home in 1877 by a priest from Shawano, Wisconsin. Actually, the first baptisms of St. Stanislaus Church can only be listed after the first log church was built in 1883. Thus, the first boy and girl baptized at Hofa Park, whose names are recorded at Seymour, are:

First Boy:
Felix Kasza, born May 12, 1883, son of Joseph Kasza and Veronica Gubeik, baptized on May 28, 1883. Sponsors: Frank Lepak and Catherine Mucha. Father Michael Schoell performed the baptism.

First Girl:

Anna Jaskolski, born July 11, 1883, baptized on July 16, 1883, daughter of Jacob Jaskolski and Nepomucene Niespodziany. Sponsors: John Deja and Magdalen Gorecki. Father Schoell performed the baptism.


Both St. John the Baptist and St. Stanislaus Holy Communion records begin with the year 1896. Reception of First Holy Communion for earlier years was simply not recorded. It is definitely known that John Peplinski and his age equals received their First Holy Communion from the hands of Father Michael Schoell in 1882, at the residence of Jacob Jaskolski, where Masses were celebrated once a month at the time.

Furthermore, even though there are no First Holy Communion records extant prior to 1896, it was divulged to the author, in personal interviews with Hofa Park parishioners, that there were receptions of First Holy Communion between the years 1883 and 1896. Finally, confirmation records begin at St. Stanislaus Church with 1890, and presuppose reception of Holy Communion previously.


(Center, standing in front of banner) Rev. Fridolin Rinkowski, O.F.M.,  Pastor. (1st row, flower girls seated in front of pastor) Theophila Krygier, Anna Krygier, and Helen Jach. (2nd row)first from right: Veronica Stankiewicz; third from right: Theodora Swiecichowski. The rest of the boys and girls could not be identified.



(1st row, 1. to r.:) Frank Cichantek, Clara Cichantek, Anna Palubicki, Anastasia Lepak, and Thomas Palubicki.  (2nd   row) Anthony Banka,   Vincent Dudek, John Banka, Leo Klimek, Frank Wypich, Roman Krumrai, Arthur Kaczorowski, John Wypich, and John Smith.  (3rd   row) Anna   Bukowski, Sophie Bluma, Julia Adamski, Anna Sobieszczyk, Theresa Przybylski, Lucy Filip, Rose Holewinski, Agnes Leirich, and Julia Sawicki.
(Missing when photo was taken: Jacob Jaskolski, John Herb, and Thomas Surma.)



(Seated in front)    Rev. Cyril Piontek, O.F.M., Pastor.   Top row includes graduates of 1934.


(Seated, front row, 1. to r.) Theresa Gracyalny, Emily Holewinski, Caroline Maciejewski, Father Marian Siwik, O.F.M., Pastor, Lillian Borlik, Esther Rudzinski, Grace Lubinski.

(2nd row) Theresa Holewinski, Aurelia Smith, Jeanette Maciejewski, Dorothy Holewinski, Evelyn Lasecki, Irene Najdul.

(3rd row) Florence Jarosinski, John Gracyalny, Florence Baranczyk, Raphael Bluma, Alice Bogacz, Irene Kleczewski.

(4th row) Sabina Lepak, Daniel Bruskiewicz, Joseph Jarosinski, Richard Smith, Stanley Gracyalny, Alvin Tyczkowski, Raphael Karasinski, Alvin Borlik, Edmund Wleczyk, Stanley Holewinski, Engelbert Lasecki.

(5th row) Richard Holewinski, Alice Czajkowski, Rose Rudzinski, Evelyn Borlik, Dolores Petrowski, Esther Cheslock, Raymond Rozmiarek.



(1st row, l. to r.)    Donald   Dombrowski,   Ronald   Holewinski,   Richard   Holewinski, Geraldine   Brzozowski,   Diane   Dombrowski,   Barbara   Dombrowski,   Patricia   Holewinski, James Zablocki,   Ronald   Dombrowski,  and   Leonard  Zablocki.

(2nd row) James Jarosinski, Dennis Radecki, Shirley Lepak, Loretta Lepak, Mary Palubicki, Ann Smith, Sandra Sawicki, Betty Jarosinski, Marilyn Palubicki, and Richard Lasecki.

(3rd row) Ronald Swiecichowski, Gerald Adamski, Joan Dorn, Carol Jarosinski, Jacob Betley, Rev. Edward Jagodzinski, O.F.M., Pastor, Mary Ann Horkman, Carol Baranczyk, Donald Staszak, Ronald Staszak, and Sister M. Eusebia.


(1st row, 1. to r.) Michael  Drella,  Diane  Dombrowski, Sandra Gorecki,  Diane  Drella, Shirley Dombrowski, Sandra Wojkiewicz, Jane Holewinski, Donna Grochowski, Delphine Betley, and   Kenneth  Warzon.

(2nd row) Dennis Holewinski, Raphael Majewski, Sylvan Swiecichowski, Carol Dorn, Margaret Adamski, Diane Holewinski, Constance Brusky, Audrey Tilleson, Richard Biuma, James Zablocki, and William Holewinski.

(3rd row) Rev. Edward Jagodzinski, Pastor, Ronald Dombrowski, Marvin Jarosinski, James Sobieszczyk, Joseph Rozmiarek, Arlyn Rozmiarek, Ronald Warzon, and Sister M. Valmira.


(1st row, 1. to r.) Shirley Dombrowski, Sally Smith, Maxine Swiecichowski, Joan Tyczkowski, Mary Jane Bluma, Linda Drella, Darlene Ratajczak, Jane Holewinski, Sandra Wojkiewicz, and Donna Grochowski.

(2nd row) Raymond Zablocki, Damian Dombrowski, Michael Tyczkowski, Michael Maroszek, Norbert Krumrai, Gary Gorecki, Allan Tyczkowski, David Vander Loop, Michael Drella, and Thomas Holewinski.

(3rd row) Eugene Scbieszczyk, William Holewinski, Gerald Warzon, Vernon Rozmiarek, James Zablocki, Richard Dorn, Merle Baranczyk, Raphael Majewski, and Kenneth Holewinski.

(4th row) Rev. Edward Jagodzinski, Pastor, Diane Drella, Gloria Baranczyk, Barbara Dombrowski, Barbara Lepak, Sharon Baranczyk, Diane Dombrowski, Colleen Wozniak, Mary Adamski, and Sister M. Valmira.


(1st row, 1. to r.) Linda Drella, Michael Tyczkowski, Alan Tyczkowski, Thomas Holewinski, Raymond Zablocki, Gary Gorecki, Norbert Krumrai, and Mary Jane Bluma,

(2nd row) Darlene Ratajczak, Sandra Gorecki, Jerilyn Rozmiarek, Maxine Swie­cichowski, Jane Holewinski, Sandra Wolkiewicz, Sally Smith, and Diane Drella.

(3rd row) Ronald Grochowski, Diane Rudzinski, Judith Jarosinski, Delphine Betley, Jane Brzozowski, Barbara Vissers, Joan Tyczkowski, and David Faken.

(4th row) Rev. Edward Jagodzinski, Pastor, Sylvan Swiecichowski, Dennis Holewinski, Bernard Weier, Richard Bluma, Gary Deneys, and Sister M. Valmira.


(Seated, front row, 1. to r.) Gregory Holewinski, Christine Ratajczak, Connie Swiecichowski, Gary Holewinski.

(2nd row) Arlene Warzon, Caroline Zablooki, Susan Kroner, Judy Holewinski, Rev. Edward Jagodzinski, O.F.M., Pastor, Mary Swiecichowski, Corrine Swiecichowski, Lucille Wojkiewicz.

(3rd row) Thomas Smith, Kenneth, Maroszek, Larry Lasecki, Ronald Maroszek, Sally Smith, Conrad Swiecichowski, Joseph Drella, Robert Lepak, Gerald Wojkiewicz.

(4th row) Bibian Sobieszczyk, Barbara Wojkiewicz, Patricia Smith, Mary Jane Bluma, Karen Rozmiarek, Thomas Lasecki.

(5th row) Thomas Holewinski, David Rudzinski, Michael Maroszek, Norbert Krumrai, Jerome Ciesielczyk, Gary Gorecki, Alan Tyczkowski, Raymond Zablocki, Sister M. Valmira.

Even after 1896, there are years when no statistics are available on First Holy Communion classes. This happened for a number of reasons. First of all, because there was not a sufficient number of children for the reception of Holy Communion every year. Secondly, because some pastors made it a practice to receive children to Holy Communion classes every two years. Finally, because some of the Holy Communion classes were not recorded. During the pastorate of Father Fridolin Rinkowski and some of his successors, there were two receptions, private and solemn, of Holy Communion.

Because of a very large number of members in the 1896 recorded First Holy Communion class, the names of all these children cannot be given here. Secondly, this was not truly the first group of children to receive Holy Communion at St. Stanislaus Church.


Confirmation records at St. Stanislaus Church begin with 1890, while St. John the Baptist Church records on confirmation at Seymour date first from the year 1896. Since the Hofa Park records were kept since 1884, it appears that the confirmation class of 1890 was the first at St. Stanislaus Church. This group of 94 children and adults was confirmed at St. Stanislaus Church on October 14, 1890, by Bishop Frederick X. Katzer.


Mariage records were kept at St. John the Baptist Church, Seymour, from the year 1876. The first recorded marriage from St. Stanislaus Church, Hofa Park, appears in the Seymour records for the year 1884. For the early years, 1884-1897, during which period a total of 150 families settled in St. Stanislaus Parish, it is apparent that about two-thirds of the settlers arriving at Hofa Park were married elsewhere, while a little over a third (58) constituted the number of those who married at Hofa Park in that time.

First Recorded Marriage at St. Stanislaus Church

Joseph Tyczkowski Jr., son of Joseph Tyczkowski Sr. and Eva Gerwin, married Mary Lepak, daughter of Michael Lepak and Pauline Jazdziewski, on October 20, 1884. Witnesses: Joseph Czajkowski and Mary Dudek. Priest performing the marriage ceremony: Rev. Luke Pescinski.


Death and burial records in regard to Hofa Park parishioners begin at the Seymour Catholic church with the year 1883, and end with 1886. St. Stanislaus Church records at Hofa Park list deceased parishioners from the year 1887. In recent years, St. Stanislaus records list the names not only of those who were members of the parish at the time of death, but also the names of former parishioners who died elsewhere, but desired to be buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.

From the early years, only one parishioner, Adam Dudek, is listed as being buried in the Seymour Catholic cemetery. This was in 1884.

First Recorded Burial

Mrs. Anna Mary (Piotrowski) Mucha, aged 80, wife of Frank Mucha, was buried on April 1, 1883, at St. Stanislaus Cemetery by the Rev. Michael Schoell. The date of death was not recorded.

Periods of Greatest Mortality

The greatest mortality at St. Stanislaus Parish during a given decade of years amounted to 112 deaths from 1891 to 1900, and 110 deaths from 1911 to 1920, respectively. In the last decade of the 19th century, chol­era and typhoid fever epidemics took their toll of Hofa Park parishioners. In 1898, of the total fifteen deaths, nine were the deaths of children. During the second decade of the 20th century, the Spanish influenza epidemic after World War I was a partial cause of the great mortality during that period.


Three sons of St. Stanislaus Parish have been ordained to the priesthood in the seventy-five year history of this church. Another youth from Hofa Park is at present studying for the diocesan priesthood in the Green Bay diocese. The priest sons of St. Stanislaus Church are: Rev. Peter Banka, ordained in 1915 Rev. Ignatius Stankiewicz, O.F.M., ordained in 1922 Rev. Raphael Januszewski, O.F.M., ordained in 1923 Student at Sacred Heart Seminary, Oneida, Wis.: Mr. Adrian Betley


Three different congregations of Sisters are represented by the thirteen vocations from St. Stanislaus Church to the Sisterhood, during the past seventy-five years.

Sisters of St. Joseph, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Sr. M. Cuniberta Bruszkiewicz; Sr. M. Paula Swiecichowski; Sr. M. Dorothy Kurzawa; Sr. M. Infanta Brzozowski; Sr. M. Leocadia Brzozowski; Sr. M. Dennis Wawrzon; Sr. M. Jacinta Bruszkiewicz

Felician Sisters, Chicago, Illinois
Sr. M. Genevieve (Josephine) Kurzawa; Sr. M. Flavia  (Theresa) Matuszewski; Sr. M. Salesia (Frances) Ciesielczyk; Sr. M. Edmundine  (Mary) Lontkowski; Sr. M. Limana (Lucia) Lontkowski

Hospital Sisters of St. Francis, Springfield, Illinois
Sr. M. Lenore (Anna) Baranczyk


This list of parishioners who served in the Armed Forces of the United States is divided into three sections: World War I (1917-1918), World War II to Korean War (1939-1950), and Korean War and Military Service to 1958. Forty-seven men served in World War I.

World War I, 1917-1918

Adamski, Andrew — Army
Bluma, Edward — Army
Brzuszkiewicz, Casimir — Army
Bukowski, Stanley — Army
Czajkowski, John — Army
Cieslczyk, Xavier — Army
Ciesielczyk, Paul — Army
Ciesielczyk, Michael — Army
Gierczak, Charles — Army
Gorecki, George — Navy
Gorecki, Joseph — Army
Jaskolski, Charles — Army
Kaczorowski, Leo — Army
Karchinski, Joseph — Army
Klimek, Christopher — Army
Kleczewski, Leo — Army
Kleczewski, Vincent — Army
Kamienecki, Frank — Army
Kamienecki, Ernest — Army
Krumrai, Michael — Army
Lepak, Michael — Army
Majewski, Constantine — Navy
Majewski, John — Army
Maroszek, Joseph — Army
Matuszewski, William — Navy
Matuszewski, Frank — Army
Przybylski, Albert — Army
Przybylski, Joseph — Army
Piotrowski, Leo — Army
Ralecki, John — Army
Szczepanski, Louis — Army
Stefaniak, Leo — Army
Swiecichowski, Bernard — Army
Sowinski, Alexander — Army
Sieminkowski, Stanley — Army
Staszak, John — Army
Staszak, Frank — Army
Surma, Joseph Jr. — Army
Surma, Martin — Army
Surma, Charles — Army
Storma, Albert — Army
Smith, Frank — Army
Tyczkowski, John Sr. — Army
Tyczkowski, Antone — Army
Tucholski, John — Navy
Wisniewski, Frank — Army

World War II to Korean War, 1939-1950

Names of these soldiers were copied from the Honor Roll, which was posted in the vestibule of St. Stanislaus Church during and after World War II. However, parishioners submitted additional names for these as well as World War I servicemen above to complete the lists. Any omissions on these lists are due to the fact that names of servicemen were not reported to the Rev. Pastor.

Adamski, Antone — Army
Adamski, Harry — Army
Baranczyk, Adolph T. — Army
Baranczyk, Albin — Army
Baranczyk, Casimir — Army
Baranczyk, Felix J. — Army
Baranczyk, Jacob — Army
Bruszkiewicz, Daniel — Army
Cheslock, Roman P. — Army
Drella, Urban — Army
Gorecki, Alvin — Army
Gorecki, Fred — Army
Gierczak, Anton — Army
Holewinski, Richard J. — Army
Irish, Walter — Army
Jarosinski, Sylvester — Army
Jarosinski, Anton — Army
Kaczorowski, Emil L. — Army
Karasinski, Raphael — Air Corps
Lepak, Chester — Army
Lepak, Ted C. — Army
Lepak, Leonard L. — Army
Lepak, Alvin A. — Army
Lepak, Edward — Army
Lepak, Raphael — Army
Lasecki, Daniel — Air Corps
Lubinski, Vernon — Army
Maroszek, Florian — Army
Maroszek, Richard — Army
Maroszek, Gertrude — Wac
Maciejewski, Celestine — Navy
Miskowiak, Raymond — Army
Miskowiak, Frank — Army
Miskowiak, Leonard J. — Army
Niespodziany, John J. — Army
Niespodziany, Stanley F. — Army
Petrowski, Norbert L. — Army
Petrowski, Clarence — Army
Palubicki, John J. — Army
Palubicki, Vernon — Army
Rappert, Norman M. — Army
Rozmiarek, Carl — Army
Swiecichowski, Dennis T. — Navy
Tyczkowski, Theophil — Army
Tyczkowski, Stephen — Army
Wojkiewicz, Joseph — Army
Wojkiewicz, Leo — Army
Wojkiewicz, Vincent — Army
Wojkiewicz, Cecili — Waaf
Wleczyk, Chester — Army
Wawrzon, Anton C. — Army
Wroblewski, Clement S. — Army
Weier, John H. — Army

A total of fifty-three parishioners served in the Armed Forces of the United States during this period.

Korean War and Military Service to 1958

Since the Korean War (inclusive) forty-five young men have fought in that war, or have spent definite periods of military service to this day.

Adamski, James — Army
Baranczyk, Norbert — Army
Baranczyk, Eugene — Army
Baranczyk, Sylvester •— Army
Baranczyk, Stephen — Army
Bluma, Norbert J. — Army
Bluma, Jacob J. — Navy
Brusky, James — Army
Bruszkiewicz, Leo — Army
Dombrowski, David J. — Army
Dombrowski, Eugene E. — Marine Corps
Dorn, Delbert — Army
Holewinski, Arlyn — Army
Holewinski, Robert — Army
Holewinski, Cyril L. — Army
Krumrai, Donald A. — Army
Lasecki, Ernest — Army
Lasecki, Vernon — Army
Lasecki, Ralph — Army
Lasecki, Lambert — Army
Maroszek, Jacob F. — Army
Maroszek, Marvin — Army
Maroszek, Jerry — Navy
Maroszek, Edwin — Army
Micolichek, Robert — Air Corps
Micolichek, James — Air Corps
Micolichek, Raymond — Navy
Majewski, Leonard — Army
Palubicki, John T. — Army
Palubicki, Raymond —Army
Petrowski, Myron — Army
Rozmiarek, Irvin — Army
Rozmiarek, Ralph — Army
Rudzinski, Leonard J. — Army
Rynish, Louis Jr. — Army
Swiecichowski, Raphael — Air Corps
Swiecichowski, Clarence — Army
Swiecichowski, Donald — Army
Swiecichowski, David — Army
Tyczkowski, John Jr. — Army
Tyczkowski, Albert — Army
Tyczkowski, Julian V. — Army
Vanderloop, Ronald M. — Army
Vanderloop, Gerald J. — Army

Servicemen Who Died in Military Service

Christopher Klimek, Army, World War I; died in France, September 30, 1918.
Raymond J. Miskowiak, Army, World War II; born February 2, 1913, died March 8, 1945, in Germany.
Emil L. Kaczorowski, Army, Korean War; died in Korea, December 6, 1950.
Raphael Swiecichowski, Air Corps, military service; born July 26, 1931, died July 10, 1954.