Thanks to Bob Gehrke for sending this great picture in -- we're not sure exactly where it is taken.  Bob has an ancestor Otto STACH who was a butcher (STACH'S BUTCHER SHOP in Bonduel??)  If anyone has any information on where this photo was taken or the Bonduel STACH BUTCHER SHOP, we'd love to hear from you!  And if a larger view would help, just click on the photo for a larger picture.

Note: The calendar on the back right wall is from Gallagher's and is on the month of June.  I can't make out the year, but the 3rd of June is a Saturday, which occurred only in the following years: 1893 1899 1905 1911 1916 1922 1933 1939 1944 between 1893 - 1945....

UPDATE 2/24/2009:  I was looking at the unidentified photos and the butcher shop intrigued me  because frankly I love a good mystery.  I used a magnifying glass and the last number on the calendar really looks like a 6, which could make it 1916.  The young man with the blonde hair is wearing his hair in a style that was popular around WWI, and the name of the shop is stated as Stach (or it could be Stoch) which is a Polish name, if that helps, so it could be a Polish meat market around 1916. So the mystery is, where was a possible Polish meat market located and which was owned by Stach/Stoch in 1916? The Toledo Scale looks brand new, so maybe there is am old catalog of them somewhere; unfortunately I found nothing online -- the oldest antique scale I found was from the early 1930s and looked a LOT different from that one, so it has to be well before that date.  Kathy (Peterson) Merzouk