The following photographs are courtesy of Xen ~ Xen adds the following note to these files: 
All these pictures are postcards from a shoe box.  None of them were 
labeled.  Most of them were blank on the back.  The postmarks contain days 
and months but not the years.  The lady who owned them was an Ebert, but she 
was known to have collected pictures of family and friends.  The people in 
these pictures could be from any family in Shawano Co.  Thanks, Xen

Xen's family surnames include:  Rosenberg ~  Ebert ~  Luebke/Luepke ~  Brusewitz/Brueswitz ~  Brusewitz ~ Dobratz/Dubratz ~ Krause ~  Pulzin ~ Bork ~ Bruskiewicz ~  Lepak ~  Wasielewski 

If you can identify any of the people or places in the pics, please let us know so we can add that info to the page & hopefully help other researchers find some lost family pics.

AND, the moral of the story? ~ you know there always is one! *Ü* ~ -- LABEL those pictures you have in shoeboxes & drawers as a favour to your children & grandchildren!



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