This is another gift from Jackie, along with Zion's Lutheran in Zachow -- the families in the parishes would have received copies 20+ years ago, and now, thanks to people like Jackie, researchers from around the world can read the beautiful comments & history and search the data for their relatives... Many thanks!

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran in Zachow celebrated their 100th Anniversary in October 1985.  The parish's ONE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY BOOKLET is filled with a very detailed history as well as the 550 baptisms; 513 confirmants; 158 marriages and 399 burial information for their membership.  Again, because of privacy considerations, we are just posting information up to 1940 with the exception of burials.  I have included ALL the burials up until 1985 as I don't expect any objections from any of them. (small chuckle)...

These booklets are so very special on many levels... the obvious is the great wealth of genealogical information they hold, but please read the history of the congregations as well... these contain a glimpse of the STRONG religious beliefs and commitments of our ancestors.  Their great faith can be an inspiration still... Enjoy!

     At this time, the 100th year that our gracious and true God has blessed our St. Paul's Church we celebrate with most thankful hearts to Him our most beloved Master. We sincerely thank Him that through the last century He has blessed our congregation with the truly special privilege of serving Him in all His glory. Throughout this period we have been allowed, through God's mercy, to hear His Word with the thoughts of "Christ Crucified". God has permitted us to hear His Word in spite of our many trials and tribulations. This we do not deserve but are thankful to Him for His great mercy. We have had the opportunity to benefit from the sacraments. For all this we are a most grateful congregation realizing that we do not deserve all these treasures but through His gracious good will we have received them. This not of our good works or sinless lives, but because of the atonement we received through the death of Jesus Christ. We have been further blessed by His provision of faithful pastors, teachers and lay workers. Therefore, let us make a joyful song unto our Lord who has purchased and won forgiveness for all of us. We also pray for God's gracious good will to be with us in the future as it has in the past.  Amen

     In the 100 years there were 550 baptisms; 513 confirmants; 158 marriages and 399 burials.  Our present membership is 198 souls, 155 communicant members and 59 voting members.

     The purpose of this booklet is to present some of the information about St. Paul's Congregation as it happened down through the years so that the present generation may have a clearer picture of God's wonderful workings in establishing and maintaining a Christian Congregation in spite of all human sins and shortcomings which would hinder God's blessed work.

Some time during the year 1883 Pastor Oepke (1883 - 1892), who was then serving as pastor of Friedens Church at Bonduel, began serving a group of people in the Zachow area. Services were reportedly held in private homes until the first church was built in 1885 of log construction. Unfortunately no picture of the church could be found. One half acre of land was purchased from Carl Bohm for the price of $2.00 in 1885. In 1887 another half acre of land was purchased from Herman Bohm for another $2.00.

The Congregation was organized on August 31, 1885 when the following original members, Julius Krueger, Fredrick Hanstedt, Carl Bohm, Carl Bartlet, Fred Quandt, Adam Dingeldein, Carl Kroening, Ludwig Specht and Gothfried Braun placed their signatures below the Articles of Incorporation and had this document recorded at the Shawano County Courthouse October 2, 1885. The first council members were chosen in a meeting on October 10, 1886. Carl Bohm, Chairman; August Kroening, Treasurer; Julius Krueger, Secretary. The first child to be baptized here was William Emil Specht, the son of Ludwig and Ottilie Specht born February 2, 1881 and baptized September 2, 1883.

The original Constitution was written in the handwriting of Pastor Oepke and dated November 5, 1886. In the Constitution the members called their religious society by the name of St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church and confessed the Bible as the work of God, also the interpretation of the Bible according to the Lutheran confession as contained in the Small Catechism of Luther. In the first meeting the members passed a resolution that new hymn books, when purchased , should be obtained from the Wisconsin Synod. In 1887 the members were obligated to furnish one-half cord of wood to the church for heating the building for services. Likewise it is observed that the annual salary for the pastor was $60 and by resolution of the congregation no corpse was permitted taken into the church at funerals in those days, until the embalming methods improved. This resolution was rescinded as of June 7, 1913. Beginning in 1889 the congregation took steps to provide Christian training for its children by engaging a member, Julius Krueger, to teach two months for a salary of $26. This concern for the Christian upbringing of children has been evident throughout the history of our church.

The first funeral was that of Frederick Krueger who died at the age of 71 and was buried July 16, 1886. The first marriage on January 22, 1887 united Herman Stiede and Bertha Stahlkopf. The first confirmation, and the only one that year, was August Frederick Herman Bohm, son of Carl Bohm and his wife Mathilde, nee Fenske, who received the rite of Confirmation on March 25, 1888. The first celebration of the Lord's Supper took place June 24, 1888 when 12 were guests at the Lord's Table. The first janitor was hired at the annual meeting of 1892. His duties were to heat the church for services at $2 per year. In the latter half of 1892 Pastor Oepke accepted a call into another parish.

The second pastor to serve this parish was Gustav Press (1892 - 1901), who came in answer to a call sent through the president of the Wisconsin Synod. He was installed on January 22, 1893 by Pastor P. Huth. While we today take a church organ for granted, it was different in the early days. Singing was done without organ accompaniment. Therefore, in January 1894 Julius Krueger was the first officially elected singing leader of the congregation whose duty it was to give the tone of the hymn and lead the singing. What a blessing for a congregation who had a person with a loud voice and a good musical ear. Such a combination resulted in good a cappella singing of hymns so that the Gospel truths were sung into the hearts of the people.

It was also common practice in the early days to have a "Reading Service" whenever the pastor was hindered in arriving to conduct a service. So, in 1894, the first resolution was passed to purchase a sermon book for use in "Reading Services" in the pastor's absence. However, who the official reader was among the laymen is not recorded. For a time around 1895 the pastor instructed the children after the Sunday service every two weeks. The early fathers were concerned about keeping the members on the narrow way to eternal life. Therefore, they practiced brotherly admonition as they approached a member for poor attendance at church services and for absences at the congregational meetings. Such admonition had its blessings for it accomplished a God pleasing purpose.

The secretary's minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted for the first time in January 1897 and thereafter.

The first annual treasurer's report was read and recorded at the annual meeting in 1898. In the same year it was decided to conduct evening Lenten services for the first time. Although the congregation was not as yet a member of the Synod, it designated the collections of New Year's Day and Good Friday 1900 for Synod's Debt Liquidation. In the same year the first auditing committee was elected to audit the treasurers books.

It was evident that the congregation was continually concerned about bringing up the children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Therefore, the members were often reminded of their obligation to send their children to the Church's school and to remember their school dues. Pastor Press accepted a call to another parish and during the vacancy it was decided to conduct a reading service every two weeks.

On April 14, 1901 the Reverend Ernest Haese (1901 - 1902), formerly of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, was installed as the third Pastor of St. Paul's Congregation by Pastor Kronka. During his term as pastor, the congregation decided that the liturgy be sung in the services. Lenten services were conducted in the morning for a time. When certain young people were remiss in their duties, a resolution was passed that young people who owned property would not received the congregations benefits unless they join. Pastor Haese received a call to another parish and accepted the call.

On November 9, 1902 the Reverend J. G. Pohley (1902 - 1909) became the fourth pastor of our parish being installed by Pastor Hinnemthal of Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Besides serving the two congregations of his parish, he started a congregation at Lanstadt and served it for several years. He also gathered and served a group at Laney for some time. In 1903 St. Paul's Church began paying the pastor's salary quarterly instead of annually. In April 1904, years of planning for a new church was begun. Various plans were considered but none were undertaken. Also the possibility of joining our Synod was discussed but not acted upon. In 1909 Pastor J. G. Pohley received and accepted a call to another parish.

On November 15, 1909 it was resolved to extend a pastoral call jointly with Friedens Church. On January 16, 1910 the Reverend L. Kasper (1910 - 1913) was installed as the fifth pastor. During his pastoral the minutes contained several references to the beginning of Sunday School for children. It was also resolved to build a new church during the Summer of 1910. The council was authorized to purchase new pews, altar and pulpit. Pastor Bergman of Fond du Lac and Pastor Ernst of Green Bay were invited to preach at the dedication of the new church in the year 1911. A new and revised constitution was adopted October 15, 1911. Following a lingering illness Mrs. Kasper was called to her eternal rest in 1912. Soon after Pastor Kasper left our church accepting a call to another parish January 1, 1913.

The church was built on the south side of the road, that now is the St. Paul's Cemetery. The Church was a plain frame building with the outside covered with brick. There was also a shed east of the church where the pastors kept their horses and later parked their cars in it.

The members who served as organists and are named in the minutes are Hilda Bohm, Mildred Raaths and Ella Bohm. In 1915 the congregation began paying 25¢ a Sunday for playing the organ during the service. The services were all in the German language.

In 1916 a well was dug on the church property. The lightening rods were installed in 1919. In March 1925 the congregation realized that German services alone would not serve those who were unfamiliar with the language and, therefore, resolved that in addition to the regular German services, extra English services were to be provided by the pastor, that the Gospel of Christ may also bring its blessing upon the English speaking people. From the first financial report included in the minutes of 1927, the receipts for the year were $574.58 and the disbursements were $489.70 leaving a balance of $84.88. The exterior wood of the church was painted in 1924 and the interior in 1927, most of the exterior of the church was brick.

In 1935 three men, for the first time on record, were elected to take up the collection at the services every Sunday. On September 5, 1935 the Ladies Aid was organized. Meetings were to be held every second Thursday either at the home of the hostess or at the Church, whichever was convenient. The dues were 10¢ per month. The purpose of the Ladies Aid was to aid the congregation in charitable, missionary and other matters pertaining to the work for the church.

On August 26, 1936 a double anniversary was observed by the congregation; namely, the 25th anniversary of the Church Idifice and at the same time the golden jubilee of the congregation existence.

The Ladies Aid in April 1937, to make money for projects planned to aid our church, a chili supper with fancy work and quilt sale was held at the Albert Radtke garage. In July 1937 an ice cream and pie social was held on the lawn of Mrs. Frank Muck. Just to compare prices for 1937 and now, the bill for supplies was, for bread and wieners - $3.96; berries -$2.15; sugar - 40¢ and ice cream and cones - $6.15.

Beginning in 1939 plans were made to either build a new church or remodel the old church. After many meetings it was resolved in a historic meeting to remodel the old church, enlarge it and move it across the road, placing it upon the previously built foundation. The land was purchased from Marie Krause for the sum of $1.00. A bell was also purchased from a church in Shawano. The entire cost was $7,265.10. When the church was remodeled, each voting member was asked to send one person to help when needed or he would be assessed $1.00 a day for every day they did not help. We attempted to find the cornerstone of the church, if there was one put in when the church was remodeled, but no one knew anything about it, as most of the older members that were at the dedication have passed away.

The finished church was dedicated the 27th day of August 1939. Three services were held with Rev. Boettcher, Hortonville, Wisconsin preaching the morning service. Mr. Sam Miller from the Stockbridge Reservation preached the afternoon sermon.

Preaching the evening service was Rev. Droegemuller, Oneida, Wisconsin. The organist was Mrs. Ella Boerger. A chicken dinner was served.

Unfortunately no pictures of Pastor Boettcher from Hortonville, Wisconsin or Pastor Droegemuller from Oneida, Wisconsin could be found.

Previously all the church meetings were conducted in the German language, but in 1940 it was resolved that they be conducted in English. There were some German services held for sometime after, when afternoon services were held.

In 1940 Pastor Habermann (1913 - 1940) retired from the active ministry after serving this parish for 27 years. The longest term of any pastor here. Pastor Habermann passed away in June of 1951 and was buried at the Slab City Cemetery.

In a Joint meeting of both congregations held on August 15, 1940 candidate Victor Weyland was called to become the 7th pastor of St. Paul's. He was installed on September 22, 1940. His salary then was $30 per month. We also paid $17.50 for half the price of moving him here. We also paid $5.00 per month toward the rental of the Pastor's residence.

In 1940 two ladies from the Ladies Aid, Mrs. Chester Raaths and Mrs. Traugott Simon, organized the first Sunday School classes. The Ladies Aid sponsored the Sunday School and gave $1.00 to start them out with supplies and supported them for several years until the congregation took over. In 1940 they donated $205 toward the glass block windows in the basement. The Ladies Aid donated the altar picture in 1941. The church constitution was translated into English and adopted by the congregation at the annual meeting of 1941.

A new parsonage was built in 1941 at Slab City by Friedens congregation at a cost of $5800.

The church name was placed on a bulletin board above the church entry in 1943 as another gift from the Ladies Aid, In January 1945 the church council was empowered to formally seek membership in the Wisconsin Synod, for the Synod had supplied them with all their pastors down through the years and they were supporting the work of missions  carried on by the Synod. In 1946 the present hymn racks were installed,

In a joint meeting on March 14, 1948 Pastor Weyland (1948 - 1954) received a peaceful release and accepted a call to St. Peters Church at Collins, Wisconsin. He preached his farewell sermon May 2, 1948. Pastor Thierfelder (1940 - 1948) served as vacancy pastor. Also in the year 1948 the Ladies Aid provided the congregation with a baptismal font and lectern.

On March 19, 1948 a call was extended to Rev. John J. Wendland (1954 - 1962) of Valley City, Worth Dakota, to become the 8th pastor of St. Paul's, which call he accepted and was installed Kay 9, !948 by Pastor F. Thierdfelder. The communion rail was installed in 1948. The stoker was installed in 1949 and as a result of an organ fund a Wurlitzer organ was bought in 1952. Together with our sister congregation St. Paul's observed the 100th anniversary of our Wisconsin Synod in a special service of thanksgiving May 28, 1950. In a remodeling project of the church basement, glass block windows were installed in 1953. On February 28, 1954 Pastor Wendland received a peaceful release from the parish in order to accept a call to St. John & St. James Congregation at Reedsville, Wisconsin. Pastor Wendland preached his farewell sermon April 18, 1954.

On April 4th the parish extended a call to Pastor Erwin C. Schewe of Cambria, Wisconsin on June 6, 1954. Pastor E. C. Schewe (1954 - 1962) was installed by Pastor F. Thierfelder who also served as vacancy pastor. A new roofing job was completed in the Spring of 1956. The basement walls and floor were painted in 1956. A new runner for the center aisle was provided by the Ladies Aid in the Fall of 1957. A new oil burning heating system was installed in 1959. For the alter a new cross and a 3 light candelabra were given in memory of departed members. Also, the railing at the front entrance by a departed member. To aid the members in exercising their privilege of supporting God's Kingdom regularly, the weekly duplex envelope system was begun in January 1959.

In October 2, 1960 St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Congregation celebrated their 75th anniversary with a morning service at 9:30 a.m. Pastor V. J. Weyland, Mobridge, South Dakota, gave the sermon. The afternoon sermon, at 3:00 p.m., was given by Pastor J. J. Wendland, Reedsville, Wisconsin. An anniversary dinner was served at the price per plate of $1.50 for adults and children under high school age $.75.

After placing twelve calls Pastor Larry Zweig (1963 - 1968), a student from the seminary, was instated on July k.8, 1963. It was during his pastorate, that the first work leading to the founding of Divine Savior of Shawano, Wisconsin began when Pastor Zweig began conducting services with a small group there, October 13, 1965.

On September 1. 1968 Pastor Zweig accepted a call to Redeemer Lutheran Church at Merritt Island, Florida and was given his release to serve there. During the vacancy Pastor Voss of Green Bay served as our pastor from September 1968 until June 8, 1969.

In 1968 the sign giving the time of Sunday services and Sunday School, also the railings on the alter, were given by a past members memorial.

On June 8, 1969 Pastor Roland Zimmermann (1969 - 1972) was installed. In 1971 carpeting was installed from a past members memorial. Also in 1977 a lighted cross was put on the bell tower from a past members memorial. A planter and name sign with the inscription "St. Paul's" was placed on the cemetery given by past members memorial.

On November 7, 1971 Pastor Zimmermann received a call to Wilmer, Minnesota but did not accept the call. In September 1972 Sunday morning radio broadcasts were sponsored by the members of St. Paul's and Friedens Church. On December 3, 1972 Pastor Zimmermann received a call from Bethlehem of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. He accepted the call and was given a peaceful release. On New Years Eve 1972 he preached his farewell service.

Pastor Muetzel of Divine Saviour of Shawano, VJisconsin served as our vacancy pastor until May 20, 1973.

On May 20, 1973 Pastor Philip Geiger (1973 - ) was installed as our present pastor. In 1973 a pictorial book of the congregation of St. Paul's along with Friedens congregation was made. In 1974 extra ceiling lights and lights above the alter were installed. Also in 1974 an addition at the north end of the church with bathrooms and electric baseboard heaters were added. In 1975 the church council was reduced from twelve to six council members after changing the by-laws. In 1976 the church was insulated by the Shawano Insulating Company. In 1977 a wheelchair ramp was donated by one of the church members. In 1977 redecorating of the interior of the church was done and a dedication service held April 30, 1977.

In 1978 a contractor was hired to sandblast and paint the tower and the trim on the church. In 1978 flags were placed in the church in memory of a past member. In 1980 the basement was carpeted. In 1982 ceiling fans were installed from a past member memorial. In 1982 a new organ was purchased for $6500. In 1982 a gas furnace was installed for heating the kitchen, meeting room and bathrooms. In 1984 a new asphalt shingled roof was put on at a cost of $1500. 


Standing in front: Teacher Clara Monhardt.
Seated front row left to right: Grace Raaths, Frieda Reinke, Emma Boerst, Lena Stiede, Hilda Bohm, Esther Specht.
Second row: Carl Bohm, William Specht, Leonard Hanstedt, Fritz Hanstedt, William Raaths. Back row: Art Bohm, Ed Hanstedt, Ruth Reinke, Dahlia Reinke.

Front row: Louie Reinke, Walter Bohm Sr., Clifford Raaths.
Back row: Hilma Wunsch, Lydia Bohm, Emma Bohm, Helen Wunsch, Annie Bohia, Bertha Quatidt, Esther Braun.

1883 William Specht    
1884 None
1885 Ella Specht Arthur Raaths Anna Hanstedt
1886 William Hanstedt John Specht Otto Bohm
1887 Agnes Krueger Emilie Dingeldein Ida Eckert
  Carl Eckert Ida Bohm Wilhelmine Eckert
1888 Cora Hanstedt Julius Raaths
1889 Adelaide Krueger Ella Bonnin Alma Specht
  Emil Norman Chester Norman Johanna Norman
  Frederick Norman George Dingeldein Wilhelmine Eckert
1890 Alma Hinkfuss Louise Hanstedt Marie Eckert
August Kroening William Bohm
1891 Edna Raaths Katharine Schliekan Hulda Eckert
  Olga Krueger Franz Dingeldein August Stiede
1892 Clifford Brand
1893 Amanda Krueger Emma Hanstedt Henry Boerst
  Amalie Eckert Louis Bohm  
1894 Linda Specht Elsie Kirchenwitz Bernard Stiede
Dahlia Reinke Lilly Hinkfuss John Reinke
1895 Louis Dingeldein Edward Hanstedt Bertha Stiede
  Emil Kirchenwitz    
1896 Martha Krueger Elsie Hinkfuss Fredrick Hanstedt
Louis Stiede
1897 Lena Reinke    
1898 Lena Stiede Linda Hinkfuss
1899 Emil Hoffmann Frieda Reinke Leonard Hanstedt
  Wilhelmine Quandt    
1900 William Raaths Alfred Bohm Ernst Schliekan
Theodore Schueler George Hinkfuss Esther Specht
Rudolf Krueger
1901 Adolph Leder Lourine Stiede Hilda Bohm
  Grace Raaths Emma Boerst Arthur Bohm
  Edward Quandt Edward Kropp Ernst Bohm
  Adam Cartish Ida Hinkfuss Ruth Reinke
  Elmer Folkmann Linda Bonnin  
1902 Albert Reinke
1903 Selma Hoffmann Carl Bohm Ida Splittgerber
  Etta Bohm Harold Raaths Ida Krueger
  Ella Quandt Ella Hinkfuss John Bohm
1904 Frieda Bohm Carl Stiede Hedwig Specht
Peter Kalisch Louis Splittgerber Frieda Bonnin
Herbert Klevesahl
1905 Norma Bohm Robert Reinke Gordon Becker
  Laurine Quandt Marie Kroening Alice Bonnin
  Ella Bohn Walter Lewis Hilbert Weller
  Chester Raaths Elmer Bohm  
1906 Adolph Bohm Esther Hinkfuss Edwin Reinke
Zetia Muck Carl Halla Gerhard Klevesahl
Louis Specht
1907 Edward Splittgerber Ella Bohm Anson Braun
  Christian Quandt John Bruce Fredrick Muck
  Mildred Raaths Herbert Schueler Elsie Klevesahl
1908 Viola Reinke Alma Specht Walter Geise
Laura Bohm Ida Shultz John Reinke
Henry Bohm Otto Braun
1909 Julius Klevesahl Olga Schueler Adolph Quandt
  Hilda Bohm    
1910 Elmer Braun Louise Bohm Irvin Bohm
Linda Specht Irene Bohm Walter Krause
Marvin Mattson Helen Bohm Lydia Bohm
1911 Beatrice Muck Walter Bohm Louis Klevesahl
  Alta Bruce    
1912 Emma Bohm Bertha Quandt Gertrude Kroening
  Cinderalla Raaths Louis Reinke Anna Bohm
  Evelyn Horn Bernice Hanstedt Ralph Stahlkoff
  Irene Klevesahl    
1913 Herbert Krause Clifford Raaths Esther Braun
  Esther Bohm    
1914 Cennie Bohm Fredrick Quandt Fred Kroening
  Lucille Eckert Alvin Mattson Johannes Specht
1915 Lester Bohm Alex Kirchenwitz Grace Specht
  Hilda Klevesahl Melvin Horn Elenore Bohm
1916 Chester Bohm William Ruckert Herbert Bohm
  James Mattson Myrtle Bonnin  
1917 Ethel Bohm Ernst Quandt Norma Kirchenwitz
  Hazel Kroening LaVern Hanstedt Herman Eckert
  Lucille Hanstedt    
1918 Herbert Horn Bernice Bartelt Orville Prokosh
  Leonard Bonnin Fritz Bohm Verna Hanstedt
  Fritz Specht Henry Bohm Margaret Bohm
1919 Verna Kirchenwitz Elverna Ruckert Margaret Bartelt
  Harold Boerst Cathrine Raaths Harold Bohm
  Robert Hanstedt Ervin Hanstedt  
1920 Herbert Bohm Milo Hanstedt Merle Specht
  Mathilda Klevesahl Georgette Kirchenwitz Ernst Kirchenwitz
  Beatrice Kurtz Erich Rindfleisch LaVern Bonnin
1921 Fredrick Horn Florence Boerst Ruben Hanstedt
  LaVern Bohm Marvin Specht Sheldon Kirchenwitz
  Willard Bohm Martha Bohm Marie Bohm
  Hildegard Wunsch    
1922 LaVern Peering Harold Horn Norbert Bartelt
  Elwood Wunsch Erwin Knack Hazel Boerst
1923 Helen Boettcher Anabelle Hanstedt Fern Hanstedt
  Hilbert Bohm Virginia Kirchenwitz Edridge Hanstedt
  Sarah Kirchenwitz Eugene Bohm Leonard Kurtz
1924 Orval Hanstedt Martin Bartelt Alice Bohm
  Lester Boerst Hazel Wunsch Maribel Hanstedt
1925 Arbutus Bohm Vanita Kirchenwitz Adolph Quandt
  Phyllis Specht Milton Bohm Floyd Hanstedt
  Lloyd Hanstedt    
1926 Eugene Kirchenwitz Alvin Hanstedt Johnny Bartelt
  Delores Horn Rosella Koepke Roger Kirchenwitz
  Lorraine Boerst    
1927 Dora Quandt Harva Wunsch Hertha Bonn
  Caroline Kirchenwitz Regis Raaths Elaine Folkmann
  lone Hanstedt Hazel Bonnin  
1928 Inez Raaths Vanita Quandt Calvin Kirchenwitz
  Richard Reinke Bernard Fischer  
1929 Virgil Bohm Ivan Kirchenwitz Gordis Raaths
  Duane Folkmann Victor McKeefry Hilbert Wunsch
  Wayland McKenna Orvis Bohm Rueben Specht
1930 Celia Quandt Albert Reinke Pearl Raaths
  Caroline Bartelt Delores Schnese Sidney Kirchenwitz
  Caroline Horn Doraine Hanstedt  
1931 Victor Klevesahl William Muck Laverna Boettcher
  Ardis Raaths Arlowaine Folkmann Louise Reinke
  Ida Quandt    
1932 Harriet Wunsch David Bohm Ervin Reinke
  Neil Kirchenwitz Faye Raaths Adolph Fischer
  Donald Boettcher    
1933 Margaret Ann Reinke Roger Braun Nelda Folkmann
  June Luebke Betty Muck Robert Muck
  Dewey Folkmann    
1934 Helen Reinke Havery Kirchenwitz Delores Lohrengel
  Patricia Boettcher Helen Kallies James Braun
1935 Eddie Quandt Marie Raaths Donald Bonnin
  Eugene Kagerbauer    
1936 Marjorie Bohm Orville Bohm Meryl Raaths
  Florence Reinke    
1937 Milton Armitage Lester Quandt Beverly Hanstedt
1938 Lloyd Bonnin Harlan Wegner Maynard Fischer
  Diana Armitage    
1939 Adrian Folkmann Maynard Reinke Hazel Kirchenwicz
1940 Beverly Erickson Thomas Kroening Donna Mae Klevesahl
  Ronald Bosin Joyce Bonnin Elaine Kohlbeck

1885 None
1886 None
1887 None
1888 August Bohm
1889 John Dingeldein, Otto Braun, Henry Raaths, Bertha Boortz, Emma Hanstedt
1890 Henry Specht, Emma Specht, Robert Bohm, Otto Splittgerber, Louis Specht, Carl Specht
1891 Rosine Dingeldein, Louie Dingeldein, Emilie Eckert, Herman Bohm, Edmund Stiede William Raaths
1892 Richard Quandt, Anna Bohm

Edward Bohm, August Leder, Robert Specht, Amanda Dingeldein, Emma Friegenhagen, August Eckert, Anna Eckert


August Bartelt, Gustav Bohm, Anna Quandt, Emil Kroening


Willie Specht, Franz Knaak, Marie Bonnin, Helen Raaths, Marie Splittgerber, Marie Dingeldein, Emilie Eckert

1896 August Bohm, Louise Quandt, Anna Bartelt

Henry Hanstedt, Ernst Raaths, William Eckert, Frank Bohm, Emma Splittgerber, Ottilie Leder, Ida Bonnin, Elsie Knaak, Catherine Kirchenwitz, Clara Kroening


Lawrence Stiede, Emma Boortz, Ella Specht


George Hanstedt, Fredrick Lemke, Ernst Dingeldein, Emil Bohm, Robert Eckert, Ernst Kirchenwitz, Arthur Raaths, Anna Hanstedt, Rosaline Stahlkoff, Minnie Eckert


Herman Bonnin, William Quandt, Otto Bohm, Otto Bartelt, Martha Stiede


Agnes Krueger, Emilie Dingeldein, Minna Eckert, Ida Bohm, Marie Eckert, William Hanstedt, Johannes Specht


Alma Specht, Cora Hanstedt, Louis Raaths, Carl Kirchenwitz, Carl Stiede, John Hoffmann, Franz Brodhagen, Robert Brodhagen


Emil Bonnin, William Brodhagen, George Dingeldein, Adelhaide Krueger, Ella Bonnin, Sophie Carlish, Alma Hoffmann


August Kroening, William Bohm, Emma Kroening, Olga Krueger, Emma Brodhagen, Alma Hinkfuss, Anna Stiede, Ella Eckert


Tina Schlichouse, Elsie Kirchenwitz, Marie Stiede

1906 None

Robert Hinkfuss, Alfred Reinke, Henry Boerst, Ella Kroening, Minnie Eckert, Dahalia Reinke


Lillie Hinkfuss, Martha Kroening, Amalia Stiede, Linda Specht


John Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Henry Bruce, Charles Bruce, Emil Kirchenwitz, Elsie Rusch

1910 None
1911 Edward Hanstedt, Louis Stiede, Armanda Quandt, Edna Raaths
1912 None
1913 None
1914 Fritz Hanstedt, William Specht, Leonard Hanstedt, William Raaths, Theodore Schuler, Frieda Reinke, Esther Specht, Lorrine Stiede, Grace Raaths, Emma Boerst
1915 Helmuth Rueckert, Arthur Bohm, Albert Reinke, Hilda Bohm
1916 None
1917 Arthur Kuehl, Hilbert Specht, Carl Bohm, Harold Raaths, Cora Bielfus, Ruth Reinke, Linda Bonnin, Emma Krause, Etta Bohm, Ella Quandt, Elsie Horn
1918 Ed Kollath, Freida Bohm, Hedwig Specht, Esther Boettcher, Norma Bohm
1919 None
1920 Herbert Klevesahl, Ernst Krause, Elmer Bohm, Adolph Bohm, Gerhard Klevesahl, Leona Boettcher, Gertrude Specht, Martha Horn, Marie Kroening, Robert Reinke, Chester Raaths, Edwin Reinke
1921 Louis Specht, Waldeman Bonnin, Raymond Kuehl, Christian Quandt, Fredrick Muck, Johnnie Reinke, Ella Bohm, Mildred Raaths, Clara Kollath, Alma Specht
1922 Anson Braun, Henry Bohm, Otto Braun, Selma Bonnin, Laura Bohm, Carrie Specht, Alice Specht, Hilda Bohm
1923 George Boettcher, Elmer Braun, Beatrice Hanstedt
1924 Clarence Bonnin, Hilbert Eckert, Paul Boettcher, Alice Eckert, Dora Kroening, Louise Bohm, Linda Specht, Irene Bohm, Helen Bohm
1925 Lydia Bohm, Emma Bohm, Anna Bohm
1926 Walter Bohm, Clarence Gleffe, Lawrence Bohm, Louise Reinke, Clifford Raaths, Bertha Quandt, Esther Braun
1927 Beatrice Muck, Hilma Wunsch, Ardella Raaths, Evelyn Horn, Bernice Hanstedt, Mildred Raisler, Edirnere Bonnin, Louis Klevesahl, Gertrude Kroening, Irene Klevesahl
1928 Edward Rindfleish, Cennie Bohm, Fredrick Quandt, Fred Kroening, Esther Bohm, Lucille Eckert, Loretta Boettcher, Helen Wunsch
1929 Fran Horn, Melvin Horn, Emma Rindfleish, Hilda Klevesahl, Grace Specht, Elnore Bohm
1930 Alex Kirchenwitz, Chester Bohm, Herbert Bohm, Olga Rindfleish, Norma Kirchenwitz
1931 Harlan Wunsch, Ernst Quandt, LaVern Hanstedt, Herman Eckert, Herbert Horn, Myrtle Bonnin, Hazel Kroening, Lucille Hanstedt, Verna Hanstedt
1932 Leonard Bonnin, Fritz Bohm, Fritz Specht, Henry Bohm, Bernice Boettcher, Margaret Bartelt, Verna Kirchenwitz
1933 Lue McKeefry, Harold Wunsch, Harold Boerst, Harold Bohm, Robert Hanstedt, Ervin Hanstedt, Herbert Bohm Georgette Kirchenwitz, Milo Hanstedt
1934 Hazel Bonnin, Merle Specht, Ernst Kirchenwitz, Erich Rindfleish, LaVern Bonnin, Fredrick Horn, Marvin Specht, Wesley Luebke, Lucille McKeefry, Matilda Klevesahl, Florence Boerst
1935 Sheldon Kirchenwitz, Norbert Bartelt, Hildegard Wunsch, Joseph Kagerbauer
1936 Harold Horn, Hilbert Bohm, Eldridge Hanstedt, Martha Bohm, Cathryn Ebert, Hazel Boerst, Annabelle Hanstedt, Helen Boettcher, Fern Hanstedt, Sara Kirchenwitz, Virginia Kirchenwitz, Irene Strupp, Mary Lepak
1937 Douglas Wilson, Martin Bartelt, Alice Bohn
1938 Clayton Erickson, Lowell Luebke, Lester Boerst, Charles Fischer, Adolph Quandt, Evelyn McKeefry, Evelyn Wilson, Hazel Wunsch, Maribel Hanstedt, Vanita Kirchenwitz, Joyce Wilson, Nora Kroening
1939 None
1940 Irene Raaths, Eugene Kirchenwitz, Alvin Hanstedt, Johnny Bartelt, LeRoy Liesner, Lorraine Boerst, Dora Quandt, Norma Fischer, Elaine Folkmann, Caroline Kirchenwitz, Regis Raaths, lone Hanstedt, Hazel Bonnin

*** Note: The lighter type is additional information from various other sources.***

1885 None
1886 None
1887 Herman Stiede & Bertha Stahlkoff
(January 22, 1887)
Herman, son of Bernard Stiede & Martha Peck and Bertha, dau. of Friedrich Stahlkopf & ? Seibert
1888 None
1889 Herman Muller & Emma Pauline Braun
(April 24, 1889)
Herman, son of Edward Muller & Charlotte Borchert and Emma, dau. of Gottfried Braun & ? Boerger
  Carl August Wilhelm Graunke & Johanna Minna Braun
(June 5, 1889)
Carl, son of Wilhelm Graunke & Fredericke Polzin and Johanna, dau. of Gottfried Braun & ? Boerger
  William Schliehouse & Anna Johanna Margaretha Hansen
(December 12, 1889)
William, son of Jurgen Schliehouse & Elizabeth Meyer and Anna, dau. of Johan Hansen & ? Kuhl
1890 None
1891 None
1892 None
1893 None
1894 None
1895 None
1896 Albert August Friedrich Folkmann & Emma Louise Specht
(June 25, 1896)
Albert, son of Albert Folkmann & Catherine Pautz and Emma, dau. of Ludwig Specht & ? Smith
1897 Herman August Buttner & Anna Marie Bohm
(June 11, 1897)
Herman, son of Friedrich Buettner & Johanna Karnas and Anna, dau. of Carl Bohm & ? Fenske
  Oskar Nack & Louisa A. Dingeldein
(August 11, 1897)
Oskar, son of Emil & Minnie Nack and Louisa, dau. of Johann Adam Dingeldein & Caroline Krause
1898 Christian Quandt & Fredrechie Jock
(October 20, 1898)
Christian, son of Wilhelm & Sophia Quandt and Fredericke, dau. of Henry & ? Tock
1899 Herman Bohm & Minnie Bonnin
(April 19, 1899)
Herman, son of August & Auguste Bohm and Minnie, dau. of Fredrich Wilhelm & ? Bonnin
1900 Albert Herman Arndt & Caroline W. "Lina" Dingeldein
(May 23, 1900)
Albert, son of Wilhelm & Bertha Arndt and Lina,
dau. of Johann Adam Dingeldein & Caroline Krause
  Robert Leder & Ella Specht
(November 25, 1900)
Robert, son of August & Henrietta Leder and Ella, dau. of
Ludwig Specht & ? Smith
  August Kuche & Emma Ziegenhagen
(December 12, 1900)
August, son of Wilhelm and Louise Kuehl? and Emma, dau. of Friedrich & ? Ziegenhagen
1901 John Reinke & Anna Kroening
(May 31, 1901)
John, son of John Reinke & Caroline Kirchenwitz and Anna, dau. of Herman Kroening & ? Ebert
  Otto Splittgerber & Marie Bonnin
(November 21, 1901)
Otto, son of Fred Splittgerber & Emilie Brusse and Marie, dau. of Fred Bonnin & ? Zick
1902 None
1903 None
1904 Herman Reinke & Emilia Brodhagen
(May 8, 1904)
Herman, son of John & Caroline Reinke and Emilia, dau. of Chas & Bertha Kroening
  Emil Kroening & Anna Hanstedt
(December 7, 1904)
Emil, son of August & Fredericke Kroening and Anna, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hanstedt
1905 Herman A. Kroening & Emma Splittgerber
(March 22, 1905)
Herman, son of Charles & Auguste Kroening and Emma, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Splittgerber
  Frank H. Muck & Lizzie M. Stiede
(November 3, 1905)
Frank, son of Fred & Wilhelmine Muck and Lizzie, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Herman Stiede
  Franz Luecke & Maria Splittgerber
(August 16, 1905)
  William Weller & Othlie Leder
(September 10, 1905)
1906 Louis Bocker & Alvina Kirchenwitz
(October 18, 1906)
Louis, son of Gott. & Eva Bocher and Alvina, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kirchenwitz
1907 Gustave Bohm & Emma Kroening
(April 18, 1907)
Gustave, son of Karl & Mathilda Bohm and Emma, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Herman Kroening
1908 Albert Kolpack & Alma Rusch
(May 12, 1908)
1909 William Bohm & Martha Brodhagen
1910 None
1911 None
1912 None
1913 Ernst Kallies & Martha Kroening
  Clyde Morrow & Dahlia Reinke
1914 None
1915 August Kallies & Minnie Eckert
1916 Clarence Kroening & Mollie Stiede
  George Hanstedt & Elsie Kirchenwitz
  William Hanstedt & Ella Horn
  August Bartelt & Ella Kroening
1917 None
1918 August Beilfuss & Bertha Kroening
1919 Paul Kallies & Marie Eckert
  Emil Kirchenwitz & Grace Raaths
  Edward Hanstedt & Emma Boerst
1920 None
1921 Carl Mielke & Ida Jahnke
1922 Edwin Boettcher & Wilhelmine Quandt
  Edward Heimer & Esther Specht
  Charles Dannehl & Agusta Eckert
  Fred Hanstedt & Frieda Bohm
1923 None
1924 Henry Kroening & Linda Bonnin
  John Bohm & Laverna Quandt
  Willie Quandt & Leona Boettcher
  Herman Korth & Lorraine Stiede
1925 Carl Kirchenwitz & Mildred Raaths
  Walter Simon & Gertrude Specht
1926 Robert Reinke & Adelaide McKeefry
  Harold Raaths & Marie Kroening
1927 William Raaths & Ardella Berg
  Earl Krueger & Hilda Bohm
1928 Howard Henningson & Lena Stiede
  Louis Folkmann & Elsie Horn
1929 Alfred Beyer & Norma Bohm
  Asaph Boerger & Ella Bohm
1930 None
1931 Herman Klosterman & Dora Kroening
1932 Gilbert Westerfield & Gertrude Kroening
1933 Paul Kallies & Alice Eckert
  Otto Lohrengel & Hulda Bohm
1934 Otto Braun & Lucille Steffin
  Joe Kagerbauer & Emma Rindfleisch
1935 None
1936 Walter Bohm & Irene Strupp
  Edward Nooyen & Anna Bohm
  Arthur Rode & Olga Rindfleisch
  Oscar Bosin & Loretta Boettcher
  Irvin Kriewaldt & Esther Bohn
1937 Leonard Popp & Lucille Eckert
1938 George Hinkfuss & Esther Braun
1939 Carl Kohlbeck & Norma Krichenwitz
  Aldon Anderson & Bernice Boettcher
1940 Raymond Havlik & Florence Boerst
  Cennie Bohm & Lucille Hanstedt
  Milo Hanstedt & Verna Kirchenwitz

1885 None    
1886 Fredrick Krueger
1887 None    
1888 None
1889 None    
1890 None    
1891 Hulda Eckert Herman Eckert  
1892 None    
1893 None    
1894 Johanna Schliekan Fredrick Eckert Bernard Stiede
1895 Emma Hanstedt Franz Hoffman Wilhelm Raaths
1896 Martha Krueger    
1897 Lina Reinke    
1898 Emma Leder    
1899 None    
1900 Gottfried Bohm    
1901 Franz Specht Louise Eckert  
1902 None    
1903 Emilie Krueger Ida Tachler  
1904 Herman Stiede Frieda Lochler Mathula Bohm
1905 Anna Quandt John Reinke Alic Lochter
1906 William Quandt Marie Schlichan Edward Quandt
1907 Zeta Muck Fredrick Zeganhagen Fredrick Pfeil
1908 Henry Raaths Caroline Stahlkoff Auguste Bohm
  Ida Schulz    
1909 Mrs. Herman Reinke    
1910 None    
1911 Caroline Reinke Julius Klevesahl Elsie Klevesahl
1912 Cinderalla Raaths    
1913 None    
1914 Carl Marquardt    
1915 Carl Bohm    
1916 Dora Bohm Gottfried Braun  
1917 Reinhold Krause    
1918 Bernice Bartelt August Kroening  
1919 Johanne Raaths    
1920 None    
1921 Dorothy Ziegenhagen Marie Vandenbrook Marie Bohm
1922 Fredrick Ecker Adolph Quandt  
1923 Harry Marquardt Christ Quandt  
1924 Ruben Hanstedt    
1925 Henrietta Quandt    
1926 None    
1927 Louise Hanstedt Bertha Stiede  
1928 None    
1929 Fredrick Hanstedt Eliza Hanstedt Carl Kirchenwitz
1930 Herman Reinke    
1931 Louis Reinke Ivan Kirchenwitz Ida Quandt
1932 Wilhilmine Eckert Anna Horn  
1933 Louise Boortz Wilhelmine Boerst  
1934 William Quandt Herman Eckert Jeanette Boettcher
1935 Ferdinand Boortz Herman Stiede Gustav Bohm
1936 Marion Bohm Albert Reinke Ferdinand Boettcher
  Adolph Fischer    
1937 August Nevendorf Ed Kollath Carl Mielke
  Albertina Garbrecht    
1938 None    
1939 Diana Armitage Johanne Kirchenwitz Elsie Folkman
  August Bohm Maynard Reinke  
1940 Pauline Raaths    
1941 Gary Hanstedt    
1942 Rudolph Specht    
1943 Jerry Bohm Ernst Kirchenwitz, Jr. Ella Bartelt
  Frank Rindfleisch    
1944 John Horn Herman Bohm Pearl Raaths
1945 Dianne Hanstedt William Specht Henry Raaths
1946 Helen Klevesahl Ernst Krause  
1947 Carl Boettcher Mary Powers Charles Dannehl
1948 Lydia Rindfleisch    
1949 Lilly Wunsch Herbert Klevesahl George Hanstedt
1950 Ernest Kirchenwitz    
1951 Elsie Hanstedt Fredericka Kroening  
1952 Ida Bonnin Minnie Wilson  
1953 Bertha Popp Wilhelmine Boettcher Herman Klevesahl
1954 August Garbrecht Bertha Klevesahl  
1955 Bernhardt Reinke Ida Eckert Bertha Kroening
  Ernest Raaths    
1956 Wilhelmina Bohm    
1957 John Reinke Sr. Mary Splittgerber  
1958 Cora Folkman William Warsco  
1959 Augusta Dannehl Darrell Hanstedt George Boerst
1960 Linda Bonnin Clarence Kroening August Bohm
  Louis Folkman    
1961 Timothy Boettcher Maria Boettcher  
1962 Frank Stiede William Quandt  
1963 Emma Bohm    
1964 Emil Bohm Adolph Fischer, Jr. Mrs. Hermine Fischer
  Ernest Pautz    
1965 August Bartelt Louisa Quandt Otto Splitgerber
  Elisa Braun    
1966 Evelyn Krause William Specht  
1967 Infant son Mr. & Mrs. Leon Rusch  
1968 Emil Braun Charles Specht Kenneth Radtke
  Adolph Fischer    
1969 Mrs. Ernest Pautz    
1970 Charles Kirchenwitz Mrs. William Warsco Susan Reinke
  Mrs. Emma Bohm    
1971 Esther Specht Mrs. Frank Muck Louise Bohm
  Minnie Gierczak    
1972 Mrs. August Kallies Marie Krause  
1973 Reuel Gerlach    
1974 Otto Mattson Albert Kallies Albert Reinke, Sr.
1975 Fred Hanstedt Anna Reinke Frank Muck
1976 Richard Wunsch Mrs. Albert Kallies  
1977 Emil Bonnin Herman Eckert  
1978 Jennifer Carroll Fritz Specht Mrs. Bernard Fischer
  Asaph Boerger    
1979 Elsie Rusch Roderick Peterman  
1980 Earl Krueger    
1981 None    
1982 Henry Boerst August Kallies Edwin Boettcher
  Mrs. Russell Fischer Mrs. Elmer Folkman Carl Bohm
1983 Elsie Wunsch Irene Burmeister  
1984 William Raaths Rudolph Peterman  
1985 Hilda Krueger Adolph Bohm Emma Kollath
"Cemetery Additions" since 1985 (if you have additional ones, send them in please!)
Jerry F. Stoltenow
(1954 - 2000)
Vicki L. BOHM
(d. 2000)
Beatrice B. CARROLL
(nee Muck)
(1911 - 2002)
Orville E. Hanstedt
(1923 - 2003)
Mabel Anna Bohm
(nee Schultz)
(1913 - 2006)
Richard J. “Rich” Reinke
(1928 - 2008)
Lucile A. Moesch
(nee Dobratz)
(1919 - 2007)