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by Reuben Gold Thwaites
New York Cincinnati Chicago
American Book Company
Copyright, 1900, by Reuben Gold Thwaites.
Sto. Badger Sta.
W. P. 7


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The student of nature lives in a broader and more interesting world than does he who has not learned the story of the birds, the streams, the fields, the woods, and the hedgerows. So, too, the student of local history finds his present interest in town, village, city, or State, growing with his knowledge of its past.

In recognition of this fact, these true stories, selected from Wisconsin’s history, have been written as a means to the cultivation of civic patriotism among the youth of our commonwealth. It is not the purpose of the book to present a continuous account of the development of the State; for this, the author begs to refer to his larger work, “The Story of Wisconsin” (in the Story of the States Series). Rather is it desired to give selections from the interesting and often stirring incidents with which our history is so richly stored, in the hope that the reader may acquire a taste for delving more deeply into the annals of the Badger State.

Wisconsin had belonged, in turn, to Spain, France, and England, before she became a portion of the United States. Her recorded history begins far back in the time of French ownership, in 1634. The century and a third of the French regime was a picturesque period, upon which the memory delights to dwell; with its many phases, several of the following chapters are concerned. The English regime was brief, but not without interest. In the long stretch of years which followed, before Wisconsin became an American State, many incidents happened which possess for us the flavor of romance. The formative period between 1848 and 1861 was replete with striking events. In the War of Secession, Wisconsin took a gallant and notable part. Since that great struggle, the State has made giant strides in industry, commerce, education, and culture; but the present epoch of growth has not thus far yielded much material for picturesque treatment, perhaps because we are still too near to the events to see them in proper perspective. An attempt has been made to present chapters representative of all these periods, but naturally the earlier times have seemed best adapted to the purpose in hand.

  1. The Mound Builders ~ pages 7-13
  2. Life and Manners of the Indians ~ pages 14-23
  3. The Discovery of Wisconsin ~ pages 24-32
  4. Radisson and Groseilliers ~ pages 33-41
  5. The Story of Joliet and Marquette ~ pages 42-50
  6. The Jesuit Missionaries ~ pages 51-58
  7. Some Notable Visitors to Early Wisconsin ~ pages 59-69
  8. A Quarter of a Century of Warfare ~ pages 70-80
  9. The Commerce of the Forest ~ pages 81-86
  10. In the Old French Days ~ pages 87-91
  11. The Coming of the English ~ pages 92-96
  12. Wisconsin in the Revolutionary War ~ pages 97-104
  13. The Rule of Judge Reaume ~ pages 105-109
  14. The British capture Prairie du Chien ~ pages 110-116
  15. The Story of the Wisconsin Lead Mines ~ pages 117-124
  16. The Winnebago War ~ pages 125-133
  17. The Black Hawk War ~ pages 134-145
  18. The Story of Chequamegon Bay ~ pages 146-154
  19. Wisconsin Territory formed ~ pages 155-158
  20. Wisconsin becomes a State ~ pages 159-161
  21. The Boundaries of Wisconsin ~ pages 162-170
  22. Life in Pioneer Days ~ pages 171-176
  23. The Development of Roads ~ pages 177-182
  24. The Phalanx at Ceresco ~ pages 183-189
  25. A Mormon King ~ pages 190-195
  26. The Wisconsin Bourbon ~ pages 196-201
  27. Slave Catching in Wisconsin ~ pages 202-208
  28. The Story of a Famous Chief ~ pages 209-215
  29. A Fight for the Governorship ~ pages 216-221
  30. Our Foreign-born Citizens ~ pages 222-229
  31. Swept by Fire ~ pages 230-235
  32. Badgers in War ~ pages 236-245

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