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"History of Lincoln, Oneida, and Vilas Counties Wisconsin" Compiled by George O.Jones, Norman S. McVean and Others. Printed in 1924 by H.C.Cooper. Jr. & Co., Minneapoli-Winona MN. ill. 787 pages. The first two hundred pages are history of the three counties, the remainder of the book is biographies. These biographies range from a short paragraphs to three pages in length. The * before a name indicates there is an illustration of that person.

The biographies have been transcribed and placed on this site but the photos are not included. If you find that your ancestor's bio has a photo you can place a request at your local library to borrow the book through the the interlibrary loan program or request photocopies of the pages with your ancestors biography and/or photo.

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NAMEPAGETOWN & COUNTY Business/occupation
Adams, Chas. H. 430 Eagle River, Vilas Vilas county treasurer
Adams, Ernest E. 429 Eagle River, Vilas Adams Bros. Mercantile Co.
Adams, Ludwig 591 Merill, Lincoln farmer
*Adams, William 414 Conover, Vilas Lakota, Sanborn and Adams Resorts
Adams, Wm. H. 431 Eagle River, Vilas Adams Bros. Mercantile Co.
Ahlert, August F. 772 Schley, Lincoln farmer
Akey, Jr., Arthur C. 772 Merrill, Lincoln dentist
*Alban, Stephan H. 212 Rhinelander, Oneida lawyer, postmaster
Aldrich, Stephen E. 217 Three Lakes, Oneida lumberman
Allen, Charles A. 772 Cloverland, Vilas farmer, resort proprietor
Allen, William M. 592 Merrill, Lincoln editor,publisher Star Advocate
Altenburg, Abe 291 Pelican, Oneida farmer
Alton, Ernest Z. 432 Plum Lake, Vilas Woodlands Resort
*Ament, John 505 Merrill, Lincoln logger, farmer
Ames, Henry T. 219 Minocqua, Oneida Ames & Ames Law Firm
Anderle, Fred 220 Rhinelander, Oneida druggist
Anderson, Albert 591 Merrill, Lincoln pres. Merill Wollen Mills
Anderson, Axel 220 Hazelhurst, Oneida merchant
Anderson, Alfred 666 Merrill, Lincoln Merrill Marble and Granite Works
Anderson, Edward M. 428 Phelps, Vilas paymaster-Hackley-Phelps-Bonnell Co.
Anderson, Frank 428 Conover, Vilas progressive farmer
*Anderson, Isaac 411 Conover, Vilas Anderson's Farm
Anderson, John I. 775 Merrill, Lincoln photographic studio
*Anderson, William 283 Three lakes, Oneida mgr. L.Starks farm and Potatoe Warehouse
Anderson, Wm.A. 427 Conover, Vilas miner, carpenter, farmer
Angelbeck, John C. 590 Merrill, Lincoln dry goods store
Applekamp, Jr., August 289 Pelican, Oneida farmer
*Applekamp, Sr., August 289 Pelican, Oneida lumber industry, farmer
Arneson, Martin 290 Cassian, Oneida lumber business, sawmill
Aronson, Charlie 590 Merrill, Lincoln garage business
Arveson, H.Andrew 589 Merrill, Lincoln Arveson Oil Co.
Ashton, William E. 290 Rhinelander, Oneida bank cashier
Atcherson, Herbert A. 589 Tomahawk, Lincoln H.A.&R.M. Atcherson Co.
Babbitt, Henry B. 597 Merrill, Lincoln mgr. Merrill Canning Co.
Backstrom, Chas.A. 222 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber industry
Baehman, Otto 594 Merrill, Lincoln interior decorating and finishing
*Baker,M.D., George Rowe 525 Tomahawk, Lincoln medical doctor
Bakken, Conrad C. 592 Arbor Vitae, Vilas Bakken Cottages
Ball, Mrs. J.A. 538 Tomahawk, Lincoln first white woman settler
Ball, William H. 574 Tomahawk, Lincoln electrical business
Ballstadt, R.C. 597 Merrill, Lincoln cashier German American State Bank
Balmer, James W. 434 Lac du Flambeau, Vilas superintendent LdF Indian School
Barber, Jesse T. 436 Vilas Harris Lake Resort
Barlow, John C. 224 Rhinelander, Oneida railroad, logging
*Barnes, John 224 Rhinelander Oneida law office
Barnum, Charles H. 232 Minocqua, Oneida painting, paper-hanging
Barnum, Elizabeth 271 Minocqua, Oneida mgr. Pines Resort
Barnum, Mark H. 232 Minocqua, Oneida Pines Resort
Barrett, James A. 599 Merrill, Lincoln businessman
Barrick, Harvey J. 268 Cassian, Oneida Frostproof Farm
Bassett, Burt O. 234 Minocqua, Oneida livery & sales stable, Ford Agency
Bastian, John H. 438 Presque Isle, Vilas farmer
Bauer, J.August 542 Tomahawk, Lincoln engineer Tomahawk City waterworks
Bauman, William G. 540 Tomahawk, Lincoln vp, general mgr. Tomahawk Steel & Iron Works
Baumgartner, W.C. 539 Tomahawk, Lincoln prop. steam laundry plant
Bayer, George 438 Arbor Vitae, Vilas Water Home Farm
*Beach, Albert E. 260 Three Lakes, Oneida farmer, lumber industry
*Beach, Wesley A. 266 Three Lakes, Oneida Lakeside Resort
Behn, Fred W. 436 Eagle River, Vilas sec.,treas.,mgr. Eagle River Lumber Co.
Belkey, Paul L. 222 Rhinelander, Oneida cement contractor
Bennett, Ellis G. 598 Bradley, Lincoln farmer
*Bent, Chas. A. 430 State Line, Vilas Bent's Camp on Lake Mamie
Bentley, Jerry R. 231 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber cruiser, scaler
Bentz, Gust 770 Eagle River, Vilas contracting mason
Beque, Henry 432 Woodruff, Oneida Business man
*Bergstad, Andrew 262 Three Lakes, Oneida farmer
Bessey, William Henry 760 Schley, Lincoln pioneer farmer
Bettinger, Fred C. 272 Rhinelander, Oneida chief engineer Rhinelander City water-works
*Bettis, Frank L. 429 Arbor Vitae, Vilas boat builder, farmer
Beyer, Charles 265 Minocqua, Oneida Beyer's Resort on Mercer Lake
Beyer, Frank 593 Schley, Lincoln homesteader
Binkley, Frank C. 268 Three Lakes, Oneida Pine Isle in Medicine Lake
Bisbee, William D. 596 Merrill, Lincoln mill worker
*Bishop, Geo. W. 221 Rhinelander, Oneida prop. New North newspaper
Bishop, Leo A. 267 Oneida County Camp Idyle Wyld
Bishton, William A. 236 Minocqua, Oneida Bishton Resort, Mercer Lake
Blaesius, Herbert W. 273 Rhinelander, Oneida Rhinelander Automobile Painting Works
Blaisdell, Enoch E. 434 Trout Lake, Vilas postmaster, store owner
Blaisdell, James 762 Boulder Jct., Vilas conducted transfer line and taxicab service
Blaisdell, Judd 434 Arbor Vitae, Vilas High Lake Resort
Blankenburg, Mrs. Doris 286 Three Lakes, Oneida Lighthouse Lodge
Bloechl, Louis 740 Schley, Lincoln farmer
*Blohm, Chas. H. 427 Eagle River, Vilas Vilas County Sheriff
Bloom, John 769 Hazelhurst, Oneida farmer
*Blumenstein, Arthur W. 296 Woodruff, Oneida Lakeside Farm
Blumenstein, Frank 596 Merrill, Lincoln partner Merrill Dairy Products
Bode, Herbert E. 762 Merrill, Lincoln chiropractor
Boden, Mathias P. 270 Town of Tomahawk Lake, Oneida Shepard Lake Resort
Bolger, A.Jay 771 Minocqua, Oneida lumbering, mercantile business
*Bonack, William 264 Three Lakes, Oneida building contractor
Bonfight, Andrew 234 Three Lakes, Oneida stone cutter, logger, railroad
Bowman, James W. 595 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
*Bradley, W. H. 502 Tomahawk, Lincoln Bradley Co.
Brann, Andrew J. 285 oneida Agricultural agent
Brewster, Adelbert 287 Three Lakes, Oneida Maple Lake Dairy Farm
Briggs, Albert E. 273 Rhinelander, Oneida A.E.Briggs Motor Cycle and Bicycle Co.
*Briesemeister, August 293 Monico, Oneida employee railroad
Broadridge, Lotta B. 227 Lake Snowdon, Oneida Camp Bryn Afon
Bromley, Walter G 274 Sugar Camp, Oneida Bromley's Resort
Bronsted, Henry E. 593 Tomahawk, Lincoln soldier WWI, kia
Bronsted, John 541 Tomahawk, Lincoln employed lumber industry
Brooker, Lloyd H. 271 Minocqua, Oneida mgr. Standard Oil, prop. Min-O-Wis Goat Dairy
Brooks, Hall L. 541 Tomahawk, Lincoln postmaster
Broulette, Albert 275 Rhinelander, Oneida business, house decoration
*Brown, Anderson W. 206 Rhinelander, Oneida lumberman
Brown, Edward O. 209 Rhinelander, Oneida lumberman
Brown, Geo. I. 237 Woodruff, Oneida prop. grocery & livery business
Brown, James S. 595 Merrill, Lincoln ice business
Brown, Spencer 208 Rhinelander, Oneida sec,treas,mgr of Glassine Bag & Novelty Co.
Brown, Webster A. 770 Rhinelander, Oneida vp, secrtary Brown land and Lumber
*Brown, Webster E. 210 Rhinelander, Oneida lumberman
Brown, Sr., Walter D. 208 Rhinelander, Oneida lumberman
Bruns, Joseph A. 598 Rhinelander, Oneida Rhinelander Refrigerator Co.
Brunswick, E.F. 290 Lincoln, Vilas Loon Lake Farm
Bryant, Frank 269 Hazelhurst, Oneida Lake Katherine Bungalows
Buck, Mrs. Anna 435 Winchester, Vilas Divide Resort
Burns, James 769 Eagle River, Vilas lumber industry

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