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"History of Lincoln, Oneida, and Vilas Counties Wisconsin" Compiled by George O.Jones, Norman S. McVean and Others. Printed in 1924 by H.C.Cooper. Jr. & Co., Minneapoli-Winona MN. ill. 787 pages. The first two hundred pages are history of the three counties, the remainder of the book is biographies. These biographies range from a short paragraphs to three pages in length. The * before a name indicates there is an illustration of that person.

The biographies have been transcribed and placed on this site but the photos are not included. If you find that your ancestor's bio has a photo you can place a request at your local library to borrow the book through the the interlibrary loan program or request photocopies of the pages with your ancestors biography and/or photo.

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NAMEPAGETOWN & COUNTYBusiness/occupation
*Gabe, Edward M. 422 Farmington, Vilas Lost Lake Resort
Gaffney, Patrick J. 470 Eagle River, Vilas Furniture Business
Gahan, Benjamin J. 515 Tomahawk, Lincoln furniture & undertaking business
Gagen, Daniel 280 Gagen, Oneida pioneer, miner, fur trader
Gagen, Henry 280 Three Lakes, Oneida road and building contractor
Garrison, Nathaniel A. 503 Eagle River, Vilas teacher, capenter & mill work
Gauthier, Chas. 467 Lac du Flambeau, Vilas Chief of Police LdF
Gauthier, Benedict 466 Lac du Flambeau, Vilas Gauthier Resort
Gauthier, Benjamin C. 762 Lac du Flambeau, Vilas Sand Lake Resort
Geiss, John 610 Schley, Pine River, Lincoln logger, farmer
Gerke, Edward J. 558 Merrill, Lincoln Merrill Concrete Block Co.
Gertz, David 470 Lincoln, Vilas farmer
Gleason, Patrick H. 279 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber industry
Gleason, Salem 615 Gleason, Lincoln pioneer, homesteader
Gibson, Obie E. 466 Eagle River, Vilas county agricultural agent
Gillett, Harry Grant 766 Tomahawk, Lincoln railroad construction and lumbering
*Gilley, William T. 306 Rhinelander, Oneida Rhinelander mayor, mgr. Oneida Milk and Icream Co.
*Gillie, Robert J. 512 Tomahawk, Lincoln Sawmill & woodworking business
Gilligan, Sr., William H. 277 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber industry
Goldynski, Chas. 469 Three Lakes, Oneida Shoe Mfg. Business
Goldynski, Frank 468 Three Lakes, Oneida Shoe Mfg. Business
Goldstrand, Olof 609 Rhinelander, Oneida pres. city council
Goller, George 471 Lac du Flambeau, Vilas Pokegama Lodge
Gospill, J.G. 610 Merrill, Lincoln homesteader
Graeber, Henry R. 612 Tripoli, Oneida yard supt. Bissell Lumber Co.
Green, Charles F. 613 Merrill, Lincoln lumber industry, policeman
Green, John L. 295 Monico, Oneida station agent
Green, Harry C. 613 Merrill, Lincoln florist business
Green, Peter 294 Rhinelander, Oneida businessman
Greggorie, George 765 Tomahawk, Lincoln summer resort, artist
Gregory, Oscar 295 Rhinelander, Oneida contractor, painter
*Grenier, Louis E. 420 Arbor Vitae, Vilas Arbor Vitae Inn
Griffith, John S. 510 Tomahawk, Lincoln sec.,mgr. Mohr Lumber Co.
*Grill, Vit 299 Rhinelander, Oneida farmer
Grinde, Dr. Seward 647 Conover, Vilas co-owner, Buckatoban Resort
Griswold, G.A. 468 Forest County Griswold's Camp
Gross, Charles 304 Rhinelander, Oneida forman, county machine shops
Gross, Ernest J. 611 Russell, Lincoln agriculture
Gruetzmacher, August 609 Pine River, Linconln pioneer farmer
Gruetzmacher, George O.B. 614 Merrill, Lincoln Quality Print Shop
Grundy, John T. 297 Woodruff, Oneida Birch Lake Resort
Gudegast, John 472 Eagle River, Vilas land and timber business
Gumtz, John 768 Merrill, Lincoln city editor Merrill Daily Herald
Guth, Conrad R. 293 Pelican Lake, Onieda Lakeview Inn
Gwidt, Stephen J. 775 Rhinelander, Oneida game warden
Haase, William 303 Enterprise, Oneida farmer
Habersaat, Louis 306 Pelican Lake, Oneida lumber industry
*Habiger, Joseph 297 Pelican, Oneida farmer
Habrich, Joseph F. 626 Eagle River, Vilas employee Sandborn Land co.
Halder, O.L. 619 Merrill, Lincoln mgr.Merrill branch of Glass Fruit Co.
Hall, George 626 Arbor Vitae, Vilas farmer, logger
Hamlin, James H. 618 Merrill, Lincoln Lincoln Abstract Co.
Hammes, Edward N. 617 Eagle River, Vilas vp,mgr. Radcliffe Manufacturing Co.
Hanke, Charles H. 623 Eagle River, Vilas Vilas Co. Sheriff, business man
Hansen, Andrew M. 621 Phelps, Vilas Little Twin Lakes Resort, carpenter
Hansen, Hans P. 523 King, Lincoln farm, Hansen & Sons
Hanson, Hans 764 Conover, Vilas road construction
*Hanson, Henry 257 Minocqua, Oneida Hanson's Squirrel Lake Lodge
Hanson, John E. 305 Arbor Vitae, Vilas farmer
*Hardell, William 255 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber business
Haskell, D.D.S., Geo. W. 300 Oneida County dentist
Hausgsby, Thomas 307 Rhinelander, Oneida merchant
Hayton, Henry J 304 Sugar Camp, Oneida Pennisula Inn, Kathan Lake
Hayward, Enos F. 625 Conover, Vilas Haymeadow Farm
*Hazen, Chas. E. 444 Phelps, Vilas Long Lake Lodge
Hedberg, Daniel E. 624 Conover, Vilas farmer, miner
Hedeen, Emil 625 Conover, Vilas farmer
Hedeen, Peter 624 Conover, Vilas farmer
*Hehn, August A. 294 Rhinelander, Oneida Cattle and wholesale meat business
Heinemann, Fred 774 Merrill, Lincoln lumber industry
Heineman, Sigmund 616 Merrill, Lincoln lumber industry
Heinke, William 301 Oneida farmer
Hemlock Resort 632 Catfish Lake, Vilas incorportated 1920
Henderson, Ordell C. 586 State Line, Vilas merchant
Hendrichs, Carl 616 Merrill, Lincoln prop. Perfect Knitting Mills
*Henry, Guy G. 408 Eagle River, Vilas Riverside Silver Fox Farm
Herman, August 620 Lincoln county agriculture development
Herman, Charles E. 302 Pelican Lake, Oneida prop. Walla Halla buffet and restuarant
Hess, Hugh 622 Phelps, Vilas mgr. department store
Heth, Ernest H. 627 Conover, Vilas Heth Resort
Hibbard, Carl 764 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
Hieb, J.H. 628 Merrill, Lincoln business man
Hildebrand, F.A. 617 Rhinelander, Oneida furniture business, undertaker
Hildebrand, Henry. 763 Tomahawk, Lincoln railroad employee
*Hilgermann, Otto A. 281 Rhinelander, Oneida businessman,/td.
Hill, William H. 303 Minocqua, Oneida printing trade
Hinkley, Bernice A. 621 Phelps, Vilas mgr. Little Twin Lake Resort
Hinckley, M.D., Harry G. 765 Merrill, Lincoln medical practice
*Hodgdon, Chas. A. 278 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber industry
Hoffman, Harry H. 511 Merrill, Lincoln associated with Merrill Woodenware Co.
Horn, C.A. 622 Rhinelander, Oneida Commercial Hotel
Houg, Alfred 622 Winegar, Vilas office mgr. Vilas County Lumber Co.
Houg, Mary 623 Eagle River, Vilas teacher, Vilas cty clerk
Houlahan, Edward 521 Tomahawk, Lincoln business man
*Howe, Chas. B. 291 Rhinelander, Oneida retired farmer
Howland, Elbert E. 619 Merrill, Lincoln hardware merchant
Hoyt, Thaddeus L. 298 Minocqua, Oneida farmer
Huber, M.D., Gale W. 300 Minocqua, Oneida physician
Huber, Jacob 298 Minocqua, Oneida farmer, meat business
*Hunter, John H. 442 Farmington, Vilas Log Cabin Resort
Hunter, William F. 623 Washington, Vilas Vilas Co. Highway commisioner

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