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"History of Lincoln, Oneida, and Vilas Counties Wisconsin" Compiled by George O.Jones, Norman S. McVean and Others. Printed in 1924 by H.C.Cooper. Jr. & Co., Minneapoli-Winona MN. ill. 787 pages. The first two hundred pages are history of the three counties, the remainder of the book is biographies. These biographies range from a short paragraphs to three pages in length. The * before a name indicates there is an illustration of that person.

The biographies have been transcribed and placed on this site but the photos are not included. If you find that your ancestor's bio has a photo you can place a request at your local library to borrow the book through the the interlibrary loan program or request photocopies of the pages with your ancestors biography and/or photo.

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NAMEPAGETOWN & COUNTYBusiness/occupation
Jaaska, John 531 Phelps, Vilas supt.cordwood dept. Hackley-Phelps-Bonnell Co.
Jacks, H.D. 566 Tomahawk, Lincoln rep. Metropolitan Life Insurance
Jackson, George H. 573 Farmington, Vilas Vilas County Sheriff
*Jacobus, William 313 Pelican Lake, Oneida prop. Jacobus Mercantile
Jaeger, William R. 576 Rhinelander, Oneida mgr.Rhinelander Publishing Co.
*Jansen, William 311 Minocqua, Oneida Squirrel Lake Lodge
*Jaud, John 549 Lac Vieux Desert, Vilas Edgewater Beach Resort
Jeffris, Malcolm R. 565 Harrison, Lincoln propriettor Makida Farm
*Jenson, Jens P. 258 Cassian, Oneida farmer
Jillson, Alfred K. 309 Monico, Oneida postmaster, drug business
Johannes, William 566 Merrill, Lincoln William Johannes & Co.
*Johnson, Chas. H. 449 Conover, Vilas Sunnyside Oak Grove Farm
Johnson, Charles M. 505 Tomahawk, Lincoln hotel business
Johnson, Edgar 571 Spirit, Price County Saw mill, farmer, logger
Johnson, Erick 570 Conover, Vilas farmer
Johnson, Henry A. 535 Tomahawk, Lincoln carpenter, logger
Johnson, Jacob 568 Conover, Vilas farmer
Johnson, Jess A. 761 Found Lake, Vilas Found Lake Resort
Johnson, John A. 569 Phelps, Vilas supt. Hackley-Phelps-Bonnell co.
Johnson, John S. 575 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
*Johnson, John W 447 Conover, Vilas Fairview Farm
Johnson, Julius 524 Tomahawk, Vilas logger, saw filer
Johnson, Martin 307 Rhinelander, Oneida chief engineer Rhinelander Paper Mills
*Johnson, Oscar N. 568 Winchester, Vilas supt. planing mill, Turtle Lake Lumber Co.
Johnson, Peter 569 Conover, Vilas farmer
Johnson, Peter (of Spirit) 571 Spirit, Price County Saw mill, logger, farmer
Johnson, Roy 312 Woodruff, Oneida operator of garage
Johnson, Samuel 749 Rhinelander, Oneida Pine Wood Lodge
Jones, David C. 504 Tomahawk, Lincoln merchant
Jones, Isaac 570 Cloverland, Vilas Pickeral Lake Lodge
Jones, William F. 748 Sugar Camp, Oneida Comfort Resort
Josephs, Henry 761 Rhinelander, Oneida v.p. Daniels Manufacturing Co.
Joslin, W.Dana 310 Rhinelander, Oneida businessman
Jossart, David D. 308 Minocqua, Oneida contractor and builder
Jossart, Prosper 567 Minocqua, Oneida contracting and building
Jungman, Charles 750 Cloverland, Vilas Boot Lake Resort
Juve, Bernard A. 760 Vilas County Found Lake Resort
Kahn, David A. 369 Woodruff, Oneida proprieter general store
Kaiser, Leonard W. 751 Merrill, Lincoln horse dealer
Kamke, Richard 640 Merril, Lincoln business, politics
Kandutsch, Frank J. 642 Tripoli, Oneida cashier Tripoli State Bank
Keller, Mrs. Anna L. 633 Three Lakes, Oneida Pleasant View Resort,/td>
Kelley, John W. 507 Oneida co. district attorney
Kennedy, Arthur E. 559 King, Lincoln farmer
Kennedy, Frank P. 513 Three Lakes, Oneida business man
*Keppler, H.Ernest 317 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber inspector
Kesler, Gerald "Jerry" L. 636 Moccasin Lake, Vilas Moc Kes Air Resort
Ketz, Herman 519 Washington, Vilas Pine Grove Farm
*Keyes, Malcolm D 451 Eagle River, Vilas Eagle Waters Resort
Kiepke, Emil C. 641 Merrill, Lincoln grocery dept mgr., Emerich Mercantile
Kiepke, Julius E. 641 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
Kilroe, Thomas H. 561 Tomahawk, Lincoln lumber industry
Kinney, Norman Lafayette 516 Eagle River, Vilas farmer, house and land improvement
Klade, Fred C. 638 Tomahawk, Lincoln merchant tailoring
Kluetz, Rudolph H. 758 Merrill, Lincoln dentist
Kline, John W. 568 Minocqua, Oneida carpenter
Kluxdal, J.A. 641 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
Knudson, Louis M. 560 Skanawan, Lincoln farmer
Koeller, August F. 628 Phelps, Vilas Sandy Beach Resort
Koerner, Theodore J. 630 Lac du Flambeau, Vilas Koerner's Spider Lake Resort
Kohlhoff, Leonard J. 553 merrill, Lincoln partner Kohlhoff, Krueger & Co.
Kolls, Harry A. 640 Merrill, Lincoln secr. Merrill Woolen Mills
Koppa, A.A. 506 Rhinelander, Oneida business man
Korth, Herman 509 Eagle River, Vilas contractor, builder
Korpal, Stanley 518 Washington, Vilas Clover Range Dairy Farm
*Koth, Reinhold F. 579 Tomahawk, Lincoln Wincester Store
Kraft, Gust P. 630 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
Krause, Charles J. 629 Winchester, Vilas supt. woods work, Turtle Lake Lumber Co.
Kretlow, F. E. 633 Rhinelander, Oneida Kretow Pharmacy
Krimm, Baldes 548 Skanawan, Lincoln farmer
Kristensen, Matt 633 Rhinelander, Oneida owns garage & sporting goods store, farm
Krogman, Gust 635 Woodruff, Oneida Clear Lake Resort
Krogman, Wm. 635 Woodruff, Oneida Clear Lake Resort
Krohn, Arthur 632 Vilas sec,trea. Hemlock Resort Co.
Krubsack, Rev.J.D. 516 Eagle River, Vilas Christ's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Krugel, Karl 551 Bradley, Lincoln farmer
Krueger, Emil O. 637 Merrill, Lincoln undertaker
Krueger, Herman A. 552 Merrill, Lincoln postmaster
Krueger, William F. 631 Schley, Lincoln Lincoln Fox and Dairy Farm
Krupp, Frank W. 634 Minocqua, Oneida plumping & heating business
Kudick, Fred 751 Scott, Lincoln farmer
Kuehling, Herman H. 638 Tomahawk, Lincoln Lincoln County Highway Commisioner
Kuehling, William F. 639 Tomahawk, Lincoln rep. for Standard Oil Co.
Kuehne, Henry J. 512 Eagle River, Vilas carpentry, residential const.
Kuehne, Lawrence J. 512 Eagle River, Vilas agent American Railway Express
*Kuhnert, Henry 315 Sugar Camp, Oneida proprietor Kathan Inn
Kummer, Peter J. 536 Tomahawk, Lincoln general supt.Tomahawk Pulp and Paper Mill
Kunschke, William F. 629 Preque Isle, Vilas Ox Bow Resort
Kunz, Jacob 635 Minocqua, Oneida Kunz Hotel
*Kurtz, Joseph 319 Monico, Oneida general merchandise business
Kurtzweil, Peter 510 Rhinelander, Oneida logger, timber cruiser & lumberman
Kushman, Adolph G. 507 Enterprise, Oneida farmer
Labbe, Victor E. 649 Tomahawk, Lincoln insurance business
*Lacau, Edward 458 Vilas county chief guide in territory
*La Chance, Peter 456 State Line, Vilas merchant
*La Fave, Abraham 464 Manitowish Waters, Vilas Island Lake Resort
Lagon, Jacob 643 Monico, Oneida farmer, employee Chicago Northwestern
Lambert, George 574 Tomahawk, Lincoln electrical business
Lambert, John B. 650 Tomahawk, Lincoln farmer
Lambert, Leo L. 758 Tomahawk, Lincoln employee Tomahawk Pulp and Paper
Lang, Emil H. 652 Gleason, Lincoln treas. Gleason Mercantile Co
Langdon, Michael 646 Rhinelander, Oneida mercantile business
La Renzie, August H. 576 Eagle River, Vilas The Toggery, merchant tailoring
Larson, Albert C. 462 Jeffris, Lincoln cty sec.,treas. Larson Lumber Co.
Larson, Bennett 370 Rhinelander, Oneida Larson Machine Factory
Larson, Hadley B. 647 Conover, Vilas co-owner Buckatoban Resort
Larsen, Lewis 344 Rhinelander, Oneida employee Rhinelander Lumber and Coal Co.
*Larsen, Ole C. 460 Irma, Lincoln County land improvement and farming
*Lassig, Julius F. 327 Town of Pelican, Oneida Evergreen Hedge Farm
*Lathrop, Wm. F. 329 Tomahawk Lake, Oneida merchant
Laundrie, Frank, H. 482 Winchester, Vilas employee Turtle Lake Lumber Co.
*Lawler, Finn 394 Eagle River, Vilas lumber industry
Lawrence, Thomas J. 643 Rhinelander, Oneida Lawrence Arcade of Athletics
Lawton, Charles E. 647 Minocqua, Oneida Rainbow Resort
Leary, Frank S. 371 Three Lakes, Oneida cashier Peoples State Bank
Leary, Henry 646 Minocqua, Oneida Mountain View House
Leadbetter, L.A. 371 Rhinelander, Oneida Browne-Leadbetter Insurance Agency
Lee, John P. 648 Tomahawk, Lincoln fruit farmer
Leidiger, Louis G. 651 Merrill, Lincoln sec,treas,mgr. Leidiger Brewing Co.
Leith, Arthur T. 644 Monico, Oneida general mercantile industry
Lewerenz, William 562 Bradley, Lincoln builder railroads,highways; farmer
*Lick, G.Fred 325 Woodruff, Oneida building contractor
*Lillund, Michael 467 Conover, Vilas farmer
Little, Peter B. 647 Minocqua, Oneida merchant
*Lobischer, John 454 Phelps, Vilas Maple Grove Resort
Locy, Joshua B. 369 Three Lakes, Oneida Locy Hotel
Londo, Orville 649 Tomahawk, Lincoln farmer
Long, Frank J. 481 Plum Lake, Vilas state conservation warden
Loughrin, J.F. 644 Minocqua, Oneida carpenter, contractor, village constable
*Louk, B.M. 332 Three lakes, Oneida prop. auto and launch livery
Love, William H. 479 Lac Vieux Desert, Vilas Hillside Resort
Loveless, Robert F. 482 Vilas Virgin Forest Park
Lowell, Franklin Adams 749 Rhinelander, Oneida prop. New North Newspaper
Luderus, Fred 373 Three Lakes, Oneida Hy-Mont Resort
Luedtke, Ernst G. 645 Minocqua, Oneida Blue Lake Resort
Luethy, Robert 373 Pelican, Oneida Plesant View Farm
Lugar, Sam B. 480 Phelps, Vilas superintendent chemical plant
Lupton, William H. 759 Schley, Lincoln mgr. Lupton farm
*Lytle, Alexander J. 322 Rhinelander, Oneida businessman

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