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"History of Lincoln, Oneida, and Vilas Counties Wisconsin" Compiled by George O.Jones, Norman S. McVean and Others. Printed in 1924 by H.C.Cooper. Jr. & Co., Minneapoli-Winona MN. ill. 787 pages. The first two hundred pages are history of the three counties, the remainder of the book is biographies. These biographies range from a short paragraphs to three pages in length. The * before a name indicates there is an illustration of that person.

The biographies have been transcribed and placed on this site but the photos are not included. If you find that your ancestor's bio has a photo you can place a request at your local library to borrow the book through the the interlibrary loan program or request photocopies of the pages with your ancestors biography and/or photo.

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NAMEPAGETOWN & COUNTYBusiness/occupation
Maagenson, Wm. 665 Skanawan, Lincoln farmer
Macomber, Charles E. 527 Tomahawk, Lincoln organizer,pres. Bank of Tomahawk
*Macfarlane, D.D.S., William I. 534 Tomahawk, Lincoln Macfarlane Dental Clinic
*MacGregor, H.E. 474 Winchester, Vilas head sawyer Turtle Lake Lumber Co.
Mack, H.J. 658 Eagle River, Vilas merchant
*Madden, Charles Ray 352 Minocqua, Oneida Kawaguesaga Resort
Madden, Daniel E. 380 Minocqua, Oneida Lake View Park Pavillion and Lunch Room
Madden, W.E. 745 Minocqua, Oneida north Shore Lodge
Major, Henry T. 661 tomahawk, Lincoln meat business
Manhardt, Paul J. 656 Farmington, Vilas Clear View Lodge
Manthey, Albert W. 664 Gleason, Lincoln mercantile business
Mapes, Calvin F. 374 Minocqua, Oneida Oak Ridge Resort
Mapes, Geo.L. 375 Minocqua, Oneida boat builder and garage proprieter
Markham, E.H. 744 Rhinelander, Oneida traveling salesman
Markworth, Martin E.H. 533 Merrill, Lincoln businessman
Markham, Walter R. 310 Rhinelander, Oneida blacksmith, pattern maker Rhinelander Iron, Co.
Marks, Ray M. 292 Rhinelander, Oneida postmaster
Marsh, Irving R. 658 Plum Lake, Vilas White Birch Lake Resort
Marshall, Fay A. 392 Rhinelander, Oneida mgr. Wisconsin Veneer Co.
*Martin, Eli P. 350 Rhinelander, Oneida boarding house
Martinson, Fred 593 Tomahawk, Lincoln soldier WWI, kia
Martz, Leo 660 Tomahawk, Lincoln plumbing business
Mason, Geo. W. 376 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber industry
Mattoon, Alonzo 745 Franklin Lake, Forest County guide
Mattson, John 746 Wilson, Lincoln agriculture
McCarthy, John H. 746 Merrill, Lincoln lumbering industry
McCarthy, James L. 659 Tomahawk, Lincoln business man
McCormick, Thomas 740 Phelps, Vilas head sawyer Hackley-Phelps-Bonell Co.
*McCormick, M.D., William C. 530 Tomahawk, Lincoln medical profession
McDonald, Augus 386 Three Lakes, Oneida Lake Breeze Resort
McElrone, Thomas F. 655 Winchester, Vilas farmer, deputy county sheriff
McGee, J. Thomas 652 Conover, Vilas White Pine Fox Farm
McGlinn Robert 521 Winchester, Vilas guide, restuarant owner
*McGregor, Alexander 471 Farmington, Vilas Jack Pine Lodge
McGregor, Sr., Thomas 667 Phelps, Vilas confectionery store
McGregor, Delbert A. 658 Phelps, Vilas confectionery business
McHenry, J.W. 660 Tomahawk, Lincoln pres. Tomahawk Shoe Co.
McIndoe, Charles S. 385 Rhinelander, Oneida dentist
McIndoe,M.D., Tomas B. 386 Rhinelander, Oneida physician
*McKenzie, Arthur 398 Eagle River, Vilas banker
McLaughlin, Frank 377 Rhinelander, Oneida retired farmer
McLaughlin, Vern 377 Cresent, Oneida Lake Julia Resort
McNutt, Thomas B. 383 Minocqua, Oneida yard forman Minocqua Lumber Co.
McRae, Alex 217 Rhinelander, Oneida assessor of incomes for District 34
*McRae, James Jr. 285 Rhinelander, Oneida businessman
McRae, Morris 292 Rhinelander, Oneida building contractor
Means, Paris O. 381 Rhinelander, Oneida ice and fuel business
Medenwaldt, Theodore 379 Minocqua, Oneida merchant
Meeker, Edward 655 Vilas county lumber industry
Melang, William 383 Woodruff, Oneida proprietor resort
Meloy, Fred 656 Plum Lake, Vilas carpenter, town chrm
*Menefee, David C. 401 Eagle River, Vilas Vilas County News
Meyer, John 312 Monico, Oneida dairy farmer
*Michelson, Chris 355 Hazelhurst, Oneida agricultral operations
Middlestadt, Emel 653 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
*Mielke, Otto 577 Arbor Vitae, Vilas Homelike Resort
Miller, Samuel S. 284 Rhinelander, Oneida lawyer
Miles, Frank 384 Rhinelander, Oneida pres. and mgr Rhinelander Horse Co.; farmer
Minahan, Edmund D. 388 Rhinelander, Oneida lawyer
Mitbauer, H.J. 666 Merrill, Lincoln Merrill Marble and Granite Works
Moe, Mrs. Anna 379 Rhinelander, Oneida city clerk
Moen, John O. 380 Rhinelander, Oneida president First National Bank
Moore, Fred E. 378 Rhinelander, Oneida city supervisor
Moran, Bernard N. 347 Rhinelander, Oneida state senator
*Morey, Fred 469 Lincoln, Vilas The Morey Summer Resort
Morgan, James G. 387 Rhinelander, Oneida Pioneer Garage
Morin, Wibur A. 659 Tomahawk, Lincoln merchant
Morrill, Charles E. 375 Rhinelander, Oneida city treasurer, businessman
Morrill, Charles E. 384 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber industry, logger, cruiser, scaler and camp manager
Morrison, Michael 654 Eagle River, Vilas farmer
Morse, Andrew H. 667 Bradley, Lincoln farmer
*Mulcahey, John E. 545 Merrill, Lincoln supt. Grandfather Falls Pulp & Paper Co.
Munroe, Seneca W. 552 Rock Falls, Lincoln homesteader
Munroe, Jesse M. 551 Skanawan, Lincoln farmer
Munro, Charles E. 528 Rock Falls, Lincoln farmer
Murray, Walter L. 664 Clearwater Lake, Oneida general merchandise store
Murphy, William 654 Eagle River, Vilas timber cruiser,/td>
Mussel, Anton 654 Winchester, Vilas mgr. Birch Lake Resort
Myszka, Leo 748 Pine River, Lincoln farmer
Myszka, Michael 747 Pine River, Lincoln farmer
Mykleby, Albert J. 657 Arbor Vitae, Vilas merchant, postmaster
Mykleby, Jacob O. 656 Star Lake, Vilas merchant
Myre, Elzeor 660 Tomahawk, Lincoln business man
Nash, G.M. 672 Eagle River, Vilas mason
Neitzke, Walter J. 314 Rhinelander, Oneida mgr.Wilson Wholsale Grocery
Neldberg, Anton H. 316 Phelps, Vilas lumber inspector
Nelson, David 317 Three Lakes, Oneida lumber business
Nelson, George R. 673 Presque Isle, Vilas farmer, real estate broker
Nelson, Frank A. 752 Tomahawk, Lincoln mgr. InterState Oil Co. branch
*Nelson, James 358 Three Lakes, Oneida prop. Three Lakes Hotel
Nelson, Andrew B. 674 Merrill, Lincoln,/td. mercantile business
Nerli, Anton 752 Tomahawk, Lincoln Tomahawk Creamery
*Neu, William J. 361 Three Lakes, Oneida mercantile
Neuman, Herman T. 668 Pine River, Lincoln farmer
Neuville, Elie 316 Minocqua, Oneida tailor
Neuville, Louis G. 389 Minocqua, Oneida mgr. and part-owner Neuville-Moran Reality Co.
Newell, James A. 673 Irma, Lincoln Irma Creamery
Nibler, Frank 669 Bradley, Lincoln farmer
Nichols, Charles L. 318 Rhinelander, Oneida Nichols Hardware Store
Nick, Jacob, Sr. 699 Tomahawk, Lincoln Jacob Nick & Sons Furniture
Nienow, Otto F. 528 Merrill, Lincoln worker in sawmill
Nienow, Otto J. 671 Merrill, Lincoln automobile business
Nienow, William J. 671 Merrill, Lincoln owner Lueck blacksmith shop
Noel, Edmund 740 Doering, Lincoln department store owner
Nolan, Gus 314 Minocqua, Oneida The Northern Hotel
Nolan, Larry 318 Newbold, Oneida lumber industry
Norton, William 670 Tripoli, Oneida farmer
Nortwen, Andrew 672 Conover, Vilas farmer
Nusbaum, John A. 671 Merrill, Lincoln furniture dealer
Oberg, Axel 486 Phelps, Vilas Big Twin Lake Lodge
Oberholtzer, Henry J. 557 Eagle River, Vilas conservation warden
*Oberholtzer, James 556 Eagle River, Vilas Justice of the peace, city coronor
O'Connor, Geo. E. 396 Eagle River, Vilas lawyer, politician
O'Day, John 680 Merrill, Lincoln lumber industry
Oelhafen, John 677 Tomahawk, Lincoln lumber and merchantile business
Oelhafen, John W. 678 Tomahawk, Lincoln Oelhafen Daylight Corner Department Store
O'Hare, Thomas 679 Rhinelander, Oneida farmer, carpenter
Olkowski, Jr., John 319 Three Lakes, Oneida merchant
*Oldenberg, Edward 476 Lac du Flambeau, Vilas merchant
O'Leary, John E. 282 Minocqua, Oneida hardware dealer
O'Leary, John J. 282 Minocqua, Oneida hardware business
Oliver, John W. 487 Star Lake, Vilas Oliver Lodge
Olson, Albert E. 554 Tomahawk, Lincoln railroad construction
Olson, Anton J. 676 Tomahawk, Lincoln merchant
Olson, Charles 754 Pine River, Lincoln Goodhope Dairy Farm
Olson, Elmer A. 487 Phelps, Vilas cashier Phelps State Bank
Olson, John 485 Conover, Vilas Armador Farm
Olson, Olaf E. 753 Cassian, Oneida farmer
Olson, Peter 753 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
*Olson, William 274 Pelican, Oneida Hillside Dairy Farm
*O'Melia, Albert J. 276 Rhinelander, Oneida lawyer
*O'Melia, James233 Minocqua & Rhinelander, Oneida logger, lumber employee, Supt. Oneida Cty Poor Farm
O'Melia, James H. 276 Rhinelander, Oneida pres. J.H. O'Melia Lumber Co.; vp Oneida National Bank
*Orr, William C. 364 Rhinelander, Oneida insurance, real estate
Osborne, L.M. 676 Tomahawk, Lincoln Tomahawk Leader
Osborne, L.W. 675 Tomahawk, Lincoln editor Tomahawk Leader
Osterberg, Alfred 472 Conover, Vilas farmer
Ostrander, Clayton, 675 Tomahawk, Lincoln carpenter
Ostrander, Ervine C. 680 Tomahawk, Lincoln wood-working shop
Otto, Leonard 676 Tomahawk, Lincoln Ottoright Garage and Machine Works
*Overbeck, Carl 301 Vilas County prop. Cedar Lodge
Owen, Edward B. 754 Merrill, Lincoln dentist
Owens, Lewis W. 485 Winegar, Vilas chif engineer Vilas Cty Lumber Co.
Oxley, John 484 Wolf Lake, Vilas Camp Mckinley Resort

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