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"History of Lincoln, Oneida, and Vilas Counties Wisconsin" Compiled by George O.Jones, Norman S. McVean and Others. Printed in 1924 by H.C.Cooper. Jr. & Co., Minneapoli-Winona MN. ill. 787 pages. The first two hundred pages are history of the three counties, the remainder of the book is biographies. These biographies range from a short paragraphs to three pages in length. The * before a name indicates there is an illustration of that person.

The biographies have been transcribed and placed on this site but the photos are not included. If you find that your ancestor's bio has a photo you can place a request at your local library to borrow the book through the the interlibrary loan program or request photocopies of the pages with your ancestors biography and/or photo.

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NAMEPAGETOWN & COUNTYBusiness/occupation
Packard, M.D., Charles D. 281 Rhinelander, Oneida physicians
Paine, Mary A. 328 Hazelhurst, Oneida Pine Shore Inn
Palo, Gust 424 Phelps, Vilas master mechanic, Hackley-Phelps-Bonnell, Co.
Panabaker, Louis 323 Rhinelander, Oneida lumber industry, sawmills
Paquette, Dennis 689 Village of Boulder, Vilas store and hotel
Paquette, Geo. L. 489 Phelps, Vilas sawmill superintendent
Paquette, William J. 689 Boulder, Vilas Boulder Lake Resort
Parker, Ira John 685 Tomahawk, Lincoln engineer Tomahawk Pulp & Paper Co.
Parshall, M .LeRoy 777 King, Lincoln farmer
Pattinson, Thomas J. 330 Rhinelander, Oneida Pattison Laundry Co.
Patterson, William E. 690 Lac du Flambeau, Vilas farmer
Pautz, Charles 323 Rhinelander, Oneida mercantile business
Pavlick, George 692 Merrill, Lincoln Merrill Sheet Metal Works
*Peck, Harold M. 245 Gagen, Oneida mgr. C.P.Crosby mill
Pecor, Jr., Nazair 326 Rhinelander, Oneida merchant
Peelen, J.A. and A.L. 492 Farmington, Vilas Peelen's St. Germain Lakes Lodge
Peevy, Addison O. 320 Rhinelander, Oneida Potatoe farmer
Perinier, Samuel G. 329 Rhinelander, Oneida mayor
Persohn, Wm. 490 Eagle River, Vilas Shoe business
Peterman Bros.Co. 686 Merrill, Lincoln mercantile
William Peterman 686 Merrill, Lincoln mercant president
Peterson, Gust 681 Birch, Lincoln Crystal Creek Dairy Farm
Peterson, Peter A. 691 Pine River, Lincoln logger, dairyman
Pfalzgraff, William H. 692 Tomahawk, Lincoln farmer
Phillips, J.S. 326 Woodruff, Oneida proprietor garage
*Philipp, Peter 251 Rhinelander, Oneida Rhinelander Greehouse
Philleo, Paul R. 321 Rhinelander, Oneida mgr. Daniels Manufacturing Co.
*Pierce, Anson S. 235 Rhnelander, Oneida business man
Pierce, Charles A. 490 Winegar, Vilas woods superintendent Vilas Cty Lumber Co.
Pingel, George J. 684 Tomahawk, Lincoln plumbing business
Pinkowski, L.R. 328 Minocqua, Oneida building contractor
Plautz, George 586 Merrill, Lincoln Plautz Creamery
Plugh, Byron T. 324 Rhinelander, Oneida employed lumber industry
Podeweltz, William E. 690 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
Poirier, M.Josephine 688 Merrill, Lincoln merchant
Poirier, Moses L. 688 Merrill, Lincoln merchant
*Pomes, Nichlaus 253 Three Lakes, Oneida farmer
Pond, L.Philip 687 Russell, Lincoln farmer, Civil War Vet
Pope, Benjamin 748 Merrill, Lincoln farmer
Porter, Milton C. 683 Lincoln county judge
Porten, Richard H. 321 Pelican Lake, Oneida R.H.Porten General Merchandise Co.
Poutre, Joseph 693 Tomahawk, Lincoln farmer
Powell, William R. 682 Tomahawk, Lincoln merchant
Prock, Rev. M.A. 689 Merrill, Lincoln St. Francis Xavier Catholic
Puls, Herman J. 325 Three Lakes, Oneida Badger Hotel
Pukall, August 330 Pelican Lake, Oneida prop. service garage
Radcliffe, Amos 406 Eagle River, Vilas lawyer, businessman
*Radcliffe, John 405 Vilas county County Sheriff
Radcliffe, Wm.H. 497 Eagle River, Vilas Eagle River Telephone Co.
Radue, William J. 422 Newbold, Oneida Pickeral Lake Resort
Rasmussen, Lewis F. 496 Butternut Lake, Forest Co. Buternut-Franklin Lake Lodge
Ravn, M.D., Michael 697 Merrill, Lincoln medical practice
Raymond, Mark M. 696 Tomahawk, Lincoln Raymond Lumber Co.
Ray, Stiles W. 334 Minocqua, Oneida railroad conductor, steamboat operator
Raymond, Mitchel H. 334 Rhinelander, Oneida businessman
Reardon, John J 336 Rhinelander, Oneida Readon Drug Co.
Reed, Charles P. 755 Conover, Vilas Highland Farms
Reed, Jesse M. 340 Minocqua, Oneida supt. schools Oneida Cty
*Reed, Richard 236 Rhinelander, Oneida mercantile business
Rehfeld, J.F. 699 Merrill, Lincoln secretary Merrill Knitting Co.
Reinhart, M.D.,Dabney Belvin 694 Merrill, Lincoln medical practice
Rendell, Arthur O. 337 Rhinelander, Oneida city engineer
*Revnew, Anthony 382 Woodruff, Oneida lumber industry, insurance business
Rheaume, Anton C. 338 Rhinelander, Oneida merchant
Rice, John E. 423 Pratt Junction, Oneida merchant
Rice, Rev.Peter C. 737 Minocqua, Oneida pastor St.Patrick's Church
Richards, Chas. 498 Eagle River, Vilas Eagle River Review
Richards, Geo.D. 496 Winegar, Vilas supeintendent at Vilas Lumber Co.
*Richards, Verne 499 Eagle River, Vilas Eagle River Review
Richmond, Earl D. 500 Eagle River, Vilas merchant
Richmond, Merrick 499 Eagle River, Vilas hotel proprieter
Rismon, Ole 696 Plum Lake, Vilas Ferncroft Inn
*Robbins, F.S. 214 Rhinelander, Oneida lumberman
Roepeke, Chris H. 336 Rhinelander, Oneida harness store owner
Rogers, Frank W. 333 Minocqua, Oneida co-owner Minocqua Hotel
*Rogahn, Albert J. 342 Newbold, Oneida co-owner The Pines Resort, Swamp Lake
Rogers, Chas.A. 338 Rhinelander, Oneida merchant
Rogers, Howard 424 Winchester, Vilas lumber industry
Roscal, Henry C. 693 Merrill, Lincoln automobile and garage business
Ross, John 248 Rhinelander, Oneida businessman
Rumery, Chas. M. 331 Hazelhurst, Oneida owner summer resort
Rumery, George L. 737 Rhinelander, Oneida lumberman
Runge, C.F. 698 Merrill, Lincoln harness business
Runke, Richard B. 694 Merrill, Lincoln attorney
Rusch, August 529 Merrill, Lincoln county clerk
Rusch, Sr., Gerhard 695 Merrill, Lincoln Rusch Bros. Butcher Shop
Rusch, John A. 695 Merrill, Lincoln asst. postmaster
Russ, Jay E. 755 Rhinelander, Oneida forman bridge constuction
Rutherford, Jack 497 Winegar, Vilas hunter, trapper, guide

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