"History of Lincoln, Oneida, and Vilas Counties Wisconsin"

Compiled by George O.Jones, Norman S. McVean and Others. Printed in 1924 by H.C.Cooper. Jr. & Co., Minneapoli-Winona MN. ill. 787 pages. The first two hundred pages are history of the three counties, the remainder of the book is biographies.


Jaud, John whose reputation as proprietor and host of the Edgewater Beach Resort located on the south shore of Lac Vieux Desert, one of the most beautiful lakes in northern Wisconsin, which possesses also a strong geographical and historical interest, was born in Germany Jan. 14, 1872. He was educated in the public schools of his native land and subsequently learned the butcher's trade. It was in May, 1887, that he came to the United States, locating in Philadelphia, where he followed his trade for a year and a half. He then changed his occupation, learning the art of bread making, and later he learned cake making and became a pastry cook. As such he worked in Philedelphia until 1891, when he came west to Chicago. In the following year he went to New Mexico, then to San Francisco. His wanderings having thus led him across the American continent from east to west, he returned in 1893 to Chicago and engaged in the restaurant business there, conducting a first class establishment, until 1912, when he sold out and came to Vilas County and to Lac Vieux Desert in its extreme northeastern part. This fine body of water, a part of whose northern area lies in the state of Michigan, is geographically important as being the source of the Wisconsin river, and being situated very close to the top of the watershed separating the rivers and streams flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from those flowing into the St. Lawrence. Its historic interests is chiefly derived from the fact that it lay in the direct route of most of the early French explorers and missionaries, and there is a story that Pere MARQUETTE with a small band of followers once crossed its waters by canoe on his way to preach the gospel to the Wisconsin Indians. When Mr. JAUD arrived here he bought twelve acres of land on the south shore of the lake, later purchasing twelve more, and here he established the Hillside resort, building up a fine place, one of the features which was a maple sugar camp. He secured a good patronage and conducted that resort until 1921, when he sold it to W. H. LOVE. Then he bought 58 acres of lake frontage from Peter LACHANCE, about half a mile west of the "Hillside," which is his present location. Here he has built up one of the finest resorts in northern Wisconsin for all those who like to get close to nature, while at the same time enjoying all the essential home comforts. It is not a large or congested hotel but "just a nice little place away up in the very heart of the cook north woods of Wisconsin, where you can fish to your heart's content, hunt deer and birds in season, hike through the woods, go boating, canoeing, bathing or just rest and enjoy your first real outing." The lake is the home of muskellunge, pike, bass, trout and pan fish of every variety, and in the woods and on the occasional stretches of prairie there is good deer and partridge hunting. The main lodge of the resort has a surface measurment of 26 x 32 feet, and is provided with a 10 by 26-foot screen porch on the side overlooking the lake. It contains a dining-room, serving-room and kitchen and two bedrooms with twin beds and closet in each. There are also as a part of the resort two large frame cottages with three sleeping-rooms each, having twin beds and closets; also two log cabin cottages made of tamerack logs with dovetailed ends and finely furnished with Simmons twin beds in each room and closets. Another part of the resort is a dwelling-house and office combined, it having four sleeping-rooms and a living-room besides the office. The resort is lighted by electricity furnished by Mr. JAUD'S own plant, the lodge, cottages and grounds thus illuminated, the cottages being provided with outside switch buttons to light the yards. On the edge of the resort is a creek, two and a half miles long, flowing from Pot Fish Lake to Lac Vieux Desert, which was named the "Little Wisconsin" by one of the early explorers and still retains that name. Mr. JAUD has installed waterworks on his place and has a fleet of 14 row boats and Evinrude. Other local conveniences are a large ice house, a large open garage, live bait and fisherman's supplies, and guides whom he furnishes to guests when desired. The resort has a fine background of virgin timber, chiefly pine and hardwood. Mr. JAUD'S experience as baker and pastry cook, gained in part while serving in such places as the Palmer House, Atlantic Hotel, Lakota Hotel and Windemar Hotel of Chicago and the Chicago Athletic Club, enable him to exercise a skilled supervision over the culinery department, which in all respects is kept up to a high standard. In addition to his actual resort property he has 560 feet of lake privilege on the shore to the east, with 40 acres of timber back of it; also a half mile to the west and 27 acres on the "Point" about half a mile west. Mr. JAUD married Anna HAUSMAN, a native of Baden, Germany, who has proved herself a popular hostess. Edgewater Beach Resort is 350 miles from Chicago and is reached via Chicago & Northwestern Railway. Mr. JAUD gets his mail at State Line, Wis. Since the above article was written word has been received of the death of John JAUD by drowing, which occurred Thursday afternoon, December 20, 1923. It seems that Mr. JAUD went fishing through the ice on Vudesare Lake and when he failed to return friends searched and found his bag with supplies but could not locate him. On dragging the lake his body was found about 30 feet along the current from where it is supposed that he fell in. It is thought that in the dense fog and dusk of the evening he lost bearings and walked right into an open stretch of water.

Transcribed by Susan Swanson, from pages 549-551 (with picture), History of Lincoln, Oneida and Vilas Counties Wisconsin; Compiled by George O. Jones, Norman S. McVean and Others 1924, H. C. Cooper, Jr. & Co

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