"History of Lincoln, Oneida, and Vilas Counties Wisconsin"

Compiled by George O.Jones, Norman S. McVean and Others. Printed in 1924 by H.C.Cooper. Jr. & Co., Minneapoli-Winona MN. ill. 787 pages. The first two hundred pages are history of the three counties, the remainder of the book is biographies.


Larson, Hadley B. and Grinde, Dr. Seward are the owners of the Buckatogan Resort located on Big Buckatogan Lake in the town of Conover, Vilas County. Hadley B. LARSON was born in Chicago, Ill., Jan. 25, 1874. He attended school in Iowa and subsequently learned the printer's trade, which he followed for several years. He then traveled on the road selling printing machinery and supplies, making his headquarters for seven years at Niles, Ohio, and for five years in Chicago. He was married Jan. 22, 1898, in Chicago to Marie FLEISNER, who now presides over the kitchen of the Buckatoban Resort. Seward GRINDE, D.D.S., was born in De Forest, Dane County, Wis. He there attended grade and high school and later Luther College at Decorah, Iowa and Northwestern University, being graduated from the dental department of the last mentioned institution with the class of 1904. From that time until 1913 he practiced his profession in Chicago, and then went to De Forest, Wis., where he practiced it during the winter months until 1916. He then gave up his profession and in 1913 he and Mr. LARSON purchased the Buckatoban Resort, where they spent the summer months, both residing in Chicago in the winter. This resort was started by Andrew LEORD, from whom it passed into the hand of Robert THURSTON, from whom the subjects of this sketch bought it. At the time it consisted of a building containing a dining-room, and three cottages, the buildings having at one time formed part of a lumber camp. The owners have improved and added to the resort each year, so that, in addition to the main lodge, there are now 12 cottages, with accommodations for 60 people. The cabins and cottages are built of logs in rustic style, and present a picturesque appearance nestling among the pines and firs. There are no rooming houses; all the guests live in the cabins and cottages but all dine in the big log dining-room. The proprietors take a justifiable price in their table service, making it a point to set a talbe laden with wholesome and well-cooked food - plenty of it three times a day. Their own garden provides all the fresh green vegetables, including fine mealy potatoes. Milk and cream come fresh from their own cows, and fresh laid eggs from the Buckatoban hennery. Dress and style are secondary to comfort here, sweaters, short skirts and flannel shirts being the usual thing and the most comfortable and convenient. Mail is picked up and delivered daily, the post office being Conover. The resort has a good supply of fine, well-built modern boats, safe and clean and always ready for guests. Fishing in the lakes and hunting in the adjoining woods rarely fails to fill your creels and game bags. There are muskellunge small-mouth black bass, well-eyed pike and pickerel in the lakes and deer and game birds in the forests. A circuit of nine large lakes are within easy reach of the resort, and experienced guides who know "where the big ones live," are waiting for you and are trustworthy and good companions. Sufferers from hay fever and asthma find positive relief. The pureness of the water you drink, the invigorating atmosphere you breathe, and the cool nights, are all conducive to resoration to health. Bathing in the clear water of the lake is also enjoyable. The resort is marked by a home-like hospitality and is an ideal place for the tired business man or woman to spend a vacation. It has an esprit de corps, that feeling of comradeship that is found wherever real sportsmen gather together. It is more like a private club where the new member finds himself among friends and he at once feels at home. The resort is 360 miles from Chicago in the big north pine woods, and is eight miles southwest of Conover, the post office. MESSRS, LARSON and GRINDE are members of the Big Woods Resort Association and also of the Wisconsin Motor Association.

Transcribed by Susan Swanson, from pages 647-648; History of Lincoln, Oneida and Vilas Counties Wisconsin; Compiled by George O. Jones, Norman S. McVean and Others 1924, H. C. Cooper, Jr. & Co

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