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Robt. Tischendorf Shot by Maniac

An infuriated deer hunter, apparently crazed by drink, ran wild through the dense woods near Pike lake and shot two other hunters and narrowly missed a third at whom he shot at almost point blank.

The two shot by the maniac were Robt. Tischendorf, a resort owner from Fence lake near Minocqua, and Orville Cleven, Racine, who was hunting with a companion, Martin Terpstra, also of Racine.

When the trio reached a farm about a mile distant from the scene of the shootings, they called Sheriff [ ?] Aierer of Price county, who dispatched Under sheriff Nick [ ?] to search for the crazed hunter, armed only with a revolver, he recruited the aid of a hunter and they met in Park Falls and set out for the woods.

Tischendorf, hunting alone, met a man[sic] attired in hunting togs, as he trailed a deer. Without warning, he fired one rifle shot, the bullet passing through Tischendorf's shoulder and grazing his chin. Tischendorf shouted at the man as he dropped to the ground to protect himself and his assailant fled deeper into the woods.

Returning to the highway about [?] mile from the scene of the shooting Tischendorf met Terpstra and Cleven, who had left the woods and were bound for a farm home to call the sheriff's office. Terpstra and Cleven were hunting about three-quarters of a mile from where Tischendorf had encountered the maniac.

Trepstra said he spotted his assailant reeling through the woods about 100 yards from where the Racine men were hunting. A minute later a bullet whizzed past his head Terpstra said, and then a second shot went wild.

Terspstra's companion, Cleven, who was a short distance away, heard the shots and started toward the infuriated gunman. As he approached, the [?] hunter raised his rifle and fired a shot from short range at Cleven. The bullet pierced his left arm below the elbow. Cleven dropped to the ground to gain the protection of the underbrush and as he did the man fired a second shot.

Cleven managed to raise his rifle as the attacker turned and fled and fired three shots at him. Whether the shots hit him, Cleven was unable to say.

Terpstra got first aid treatment to his companion and when they engaged Tischendorf on the highway, Terpstra also dressed the latters wound. After notifying the sheriff's office, the two injured men were taken to the Park Falls hospital.

Source: Minocqua Times, Minocqua, Wis December 5, 1941. The article was on the left column where the pages were bound together making some words were unreadable on the microfilm.

Seek Hunter Who Shot Minocqua, Racine Men

Park Falls--Price county officials today sought a deer hunter who, three other hunters charged shot at them yeterday.

Two of the hunters, in the same party, suffered bullet wounds. They were Robert Tischendorf, of Minocqua and Orville Cleven, of Racine. Tischendorf was struck in the shoulder and Clevens in the arm. They werew taken to a local hospital.

Martin Terpestra, also of Racine, told Sheriff August Zierer that other shots narrowly missed his head. Terpestra was not hurt.

Tischendorf and Cleven told authorities that they saw a man dressed in hunting garb, shoot at them. Aierer theorized that the shooting may have been done by an inexperienced hunter or by another hunting party attempting to scare Terpestra, Tischendorf and Cleven out of the territory.

Source: Ironwood Daily Globe Nov 29, 1941

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