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Town of Forestville, Door County, Wisconsin

Location: One acre of land in the SW1/4 SE1/4 SE Corner Section 33, Town of Forestville. Cemetery is located on the north side of County Line Road, 4/10 of a mile east of the junction with State Highway 42; 1 1/4 mile southeast of the village of Forestville and just over the Door-Kewaunee county line. Also known as the "Elizabeth" Cemetery.

The cemetery is maintained in good condition. Many of the stones are becoming overgrown with grass because they are flat with the ground.

Many of the stones are arranged in family plots containing a large stone with small markers around.

Copied in 1969 by George A. Richard Jr. and reindexed by Beverly Diefenbach of the W.S.O.C.S. on October 17, 1976. Reindexed July 10, 2000 by Susan Havel of P.G.S.

BAUMANN Gottlob Friedrich/Baumann/Geb./d. 4 Jan. 1801/Gest.d. 7 Marz, 1882/Im Alter von/81 Jahr. 2 mon. 3 Ta., ossw;
BAUMANN Caroline F./Baumann/Geb. Wetz-et uns Retten/Bran Kgch Suehsen--(this part not very readable) 10 April 1815/Gest/26 Marz 1888, next to;
BAUMANN Father/Alvin/Baumann/1858-1931, next to;
BAUMANN Grandma/Sophia/Baumann/1853-1945
BAUMANN August E./Baumann/Born/Jan. 9, 1834/Died/July 21, 1903, ossw;
BAUMANN Oscar/Baumann/Born/Sept. 25, 1889/Died/Oct. 3, 1889, ossw;
BAUMANN Richard/Son of/A. & H. Baumann/Died/Nov. 10, 1881/Age/13 years, ossw;
BAUMANN Henrietta/Wife of/A. Baumann/Died/ Mar. 16, 1882/Age/51 years
BERNHARDT Mother/Bertha/Bernhardt/Born/Oct. 11,1846/Died/ Mar. 17, 1936, ossw;ossw;
BERNHARDT Father/Robert/Bernhardt/Born/Aug. 25, 1828/Died/Nov. 2, 1903, next to;
?????????? Stone with just Louis on
BROCKHAUSEN Henry/Brockhausen/Geb. 15 Juni 1837/Gest. 27 Sept. 1909, ossw;
BROCKHAUSEN Marie/Brockhausen/Geb. 5 Sept 1845/Gest. 25 Jan 1910, ossw;
BROCKHAUSEN A. Brockhausen/Geb. 1786/Gest. 1866, ossw;
BROCKHAUSEN G. Brockhausen/Geb. 1867/Gest. 1879
COFRIN C. R. Cofrin/Died/Aug. 27, 1892/Aged/74 years (hard to read), next to;
COFRIN C. R. Cofrin/Co. F 13th U.S. Inf. (Veteran Stone, American Legion marker next to the stone), next to;
COFRIN Mother/Ruth E./Cofrin/Born/Mar. 28, 1828/Died Mar. 4, 1914
COMOLL Friedrich J. Comoll/Geb./30 Jan 1871/Gest./20Juni 1885
DIETRICH Glen W./Dietrich/May 23/1966/May 2/1993
DUWE Fred Duwe/Born/Sept. 9, 1886/Died/Oct. 133, 1903
DUWE Wm Duwe/Born/Dec. 20, 1835/Died/Mar. 26, 1891, ossw;
DUWE Catherine Duwe/Born/Aug. 2, 1847/Died/Jan. 17, 1892, ossw;
DUWE Anna Duwe/Born/Mar 24 1871/Died/Apr 12 1879, ossw;
DUWE Mary Duwe/Born/Feb 1 1869/Died/Aug 13 1890, ossw;
DUWE Emma Duwe/Born/Apr 29 1875/Died/Feb 3 1898, next to;
DUWE Wm. Duwe/Co. F/32nd Wis. Inf. (Civil War stone)
FINK Johan Fink/Geb./12 Nov. 1828/Gest./27 Apr. 1888
FOWLES Mother/Annie Fowles/Died/Mar. 10, 1904/Aged 71 yrs. 4 mos. 8 dys.
FREANZEL Gustave Freanzel/1862-1942
GABIRT Henry Gabirt/Born/Feb. 27, 1818/Died/May 5, 1884, next to;
GABIRT Amanda/Dau. of /H. & A. Gabirt/Born/Aug. 16, 1877/Died/May 11, 1888 (Note: stone laying flat and name Amanda is on side of stone)
HAEGELE Adela - Lulu (no dates)
HARTING Elinor Helmer/Harting/1889-1926
IMMEL Vanna/Immel/Born/Apr. 27, 1901/Died/Aug. 17, 1905 (name is on top of stone and hard to read)
KASBOHM Mother/Marie/Kasbohm/Born/Oct. 15, 1827/Died/Apr. 27, 1914, next to;
KASBOHM Father/Ludwig/Kasbohm/Born/Sept. 21, 1827/Died/ May 25, 1908
KRUEGER Albert/Krueger/Born/Dec. 6, 1871/Died/June 4, 1874
KRUEGER Ernest F./Born Oct. 14, 1863/Died Mar. 16, 1923
KRUEGER Krueger (no other names or dates - foot stones for Mother, Father, Baby - American Legion Marker next to the stone)
KUMM Father/Aug. Kumm/Born/Nov. 8, 1856/Died/Oct. 20, 1932, ossw;
KUMM Mother/Cena PetersonKum/Born Mar. 11,1867/Died/Nov. 11, 1933, ossw;
KUMM Myne T. Kumm/Born/May 12, 1886/Died/Feb. 15, 1901, ossw;
KUMM Vernon Kumm/Born/Jan. 21, 1885/Died/Nov. 26, 1911, ossw;
KUMM Thomas/Peterson/Died/Feb. 29, 1896/Aged 62 yrs. 2 mos., ossw;
KUMM Carolina/Peterson/Born/June 10, 1837/Died/July 7, 1921, ossw;
KUMM Infant of/A. & C. Kumm/Died/Nov. 15, 1892, ossw:(Stone given in memory of Vernon Kumm by Students of the Wis. College of Phys & Surg. Was a classmate.)
KUMM Maria/Dau. of/Wm & Maria/Kumm/Died Sept. 5, 1879, next to;
KUMM Maria S. L. F./Wife of/Wm Kumm/Died/Aug. 28, 1879/Aged/18 Yrs. 6 mos & 11 dys, next to;
KUMM Wm Kumm/1854-1907
KUMM Father/John/Kumm/Died/June 16, 1874/Aged/52 yrs. 6 mos., next to;
KUMM Mother/Louise/Wife of/John Kumm/Died/June 24, 1908/Aged/79 yrs. 6 mos.
LEHMKUHL W. J. Lehmkuhl/1856-1893
MACHIA Mother/Celia/Machia/Born/July 21, 1852/Died/Mar. 17, 1929. ossw;
MACHIA Frank E./Machia/Born/Mar. 23, 1876/Died/Jan. 19,1901, ossw;
MACHIA Father/Joseph/Machia/Born Sept. 4, 1845/Died June 15, 1926, ossw;
MACHIA Elmer E./Machia/Born/Mar. 19, 1885/Died/June 29, 1902, ossw;
MACHIA Lydia/Wife of/J. J. Feller/Born/Dec. 16, 1880/June 3, 1913
MACHINSKY John/Machinsky/Died Aug. 29, 1890/Aged 79 yrs. 6 mos. 12 ds.
MARTH Mother/Caroline/Marth/1844-1930, next to;
MARTH Father/John/Marth/1839-1894
MATZKE Father/Slamus/Matzke/1874-1965, next to;
MATZKE Mother/Emilia/Matzke/1880-1944, next to;
MATZKE Edward Matzke/1908-1919, next to;
MATZKE Herman/Matzke/1901-1962, ossw;
MATZKE Ruth/1906-1974
MOLLER Mother/Sophia Moller/Born/Dec. 4, 1831/Died/Mar. 14, 1900, next to;
MOLLER Father/John Moller/Born/May 19, 1832/Died/Dec. 10, 1902
MUELLER Amanda/Mueller/1881-1881, ossw;
MUELLER Ella/Mueller/1883-1883, ossw;
MUELLER Babe/Mueller/1896-1896
NAUMAN H. J. Nauman/1888-1931
NOETZEL Emma/Wife of/Charles L./Noetzel/Born/Feb. 13, 1854/Died/Mar. 25, 1888
PERRY Edward E. Perry/1881-1920, next to;
PERRY Genevieve Perry/Feb. 23, 1913/Dec. 3, 1921, next to;
PERRY Mary Jane (Jennie)/Perry/Oct. 31, 1881/Dec. 17, 1980, next to;
PERRY William S./Perry/Died/Dec. 8, 1879/Aged 11 yrs. 2 mos. 15 ds, ossw;
PERRY Marie/Perry/Born/Dec. 12, 1889/Died/Dec. 12, 1889, ossw;
PERRY John/Perry/Died/Oct. 22, 1879/Aged/2 yrs 6 mos 6 dys, ossw;
PERRY Richard M./Perry/Died July 31, 1899/Aged 59 yrs., next to;
PERRY Corpíl/R.M. Perry/Co. E/14th Wis. Inf. (Civil War Stone - American Legion Marker next to the stone)
PERRY Mathew Perry/1871-1952, nextto;
PERRY Imogene/Perry/1877-1966 (American Legfion Auxiliary Marker next to
PERRY the stone), nextto;
PERRY Samuel Perry/1869-1935, next to;
PERRY Martha/Perry/1889-1958, next to;
PERRY Edward M./Perry/1878-1948, next to;
PERRY William Perry/1884-1885, next to;
PERRY Thomas Perry/1878-1894, next to;
PERRY Henrietta/Madaline Perry/1848-1885, next to;
PERRY Matthew Perry/1836-1915 (American Legion Marker next to the stone), next to;
PERRY M. Elizabeth/Perry/1882-1933, next to;
PERRY Imogene/Jan. 9, 1920/Jan. 2, 1922, next to;
PERRY Infant Son of/E. & M. Perry/April 29, 1927, next to;
PERRY Kathleen/Dec. 13, 1918/Mar. 18, 1919, next to;
PERRY Infant Dau. of/E. & M. Perry/Dec. 29, 1922
PITZ Jacob A. Pitz/Geboran/28 Sept. 1842/Gestorben/23 April, 1871
PLINSKE Karl A. J. Plinske/Geb./21 Sept. 1881/Gest./5 Mai 1891, ossw;
PLINSKE Karl F. W. Plinske/Geb. 4 April 1878/Gest. 16 Mai 1878 (hard to read)
SCHLEY Gottlieb/Schley/Born/Dec. 28, 1838/Died/Dec. 12, 1905, ossw;
SCHLEY His wife/Mary/Born/Oct. 27, 1855/Died/June 22, 1929
SCHLEY Bertha/1885-1944, ossw;
SCHLEY Emil/1880-1925
SCHLEY Father/Herman Schley/May 22, 1882/July 28, 1916
SCHUMACHER Mother/Katherine/1858-1941, ossw;
SCHUMACHER Father/August/1852-1932, next to;
SCHUMACHER Karl P./Schumacher/Nov. 20, 1885/Mar. 17, 1954
SCHULZ Clara A./dau. of/A. W. & J. Schulz/died/July 14 1880/Age 3 ys. 8 ms.
WILKE Fred/Wilke/1851-1933, ossw;
WILKE Agnes/Wilke/1851-1937, next to;
WILKE Our Baby/Norma/Dau. of H. & A. Wilke/Born May 16, 1908/Died Mar. 29, 1912
WOLSKE Eerenstine/Wife of/Ernst Wolske/Died/June 19, 1890/Aged/37 yrs. 6 mos. 12 ds., ossw;
WOLSKE Albert/Wolske/Born/Apr. 24, 1877/Died/Oct. 3, 1892, ossw;
WOLSKE Ernst/Wolske/Born/Oct. 2, 1841/Died/Oct. 5, 1918, ossw;
WOLSKE Emelia A./Born/June 21, 1882/Died/Nov. 24, 1882, ossw;
WOLSKE Elsie A./Born/Jan 19, 1890/Died/Aug. 20, 1890/Children of E. & E.
WOLSKE Wolske (hard to read)
ZASTROW Father/John G./Zastrow/Geb./11Okt 1811/Gest./7 Juli 1887, ossw;
ZASTROW Mother/Wilhemena/Wolf/Frau von/John G./Zastrow/Geb./19 Juli 1818, Gest./13 Juni 1904, next to;
ZASTROW Anna Zastrow/1884-1944, next to;
ZASTROW Charles/Zastrow/Born/Aug. 12, 1847/Died/Mar. 22, 1920, next to;
ZASTROW Bertha/Wife of/Charles/Zastrow/Born/Sept. 25, 1849/Died/Nov. 27, 1911/Age/62 yrs. 2 mos./2dys., next to;
ZASTROW Franz F. Zastrow/Geb./26 Aug. 1870/Gest./26 Febr. 1894, next to;
ZASTROW Rosaline Zastrow/Sept. 7, 1900-Dec. 30, 1990, ossw;
ZASTROW John Zastrow/Dec. 19,1887-July 17, 1980
?????????? Stone with just name George on located next to Lydia Feller
?????????? Empty base between Zastrow & Perry

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