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Town of Forestville, Door County, Wisconsin

Location: SE Corner SW1/4 SE1/4 Section 30, Town of Forestville. 1 mile west of the Village of Forestville on County Trunk J and before County Trunk D. The cemetery is on the north side of County Trunk J.

Brown Church Cemetery was first called the Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery and the church was located just west of the cemetery. The land was donated by the Miller family. Later the cemetery was called the "Brown Church Cemetery" after the color of the church. In 1908 the congregation built a new church in Kolberg, Town of Brussels and the old one was torn down. Some people call the cemetery "Woller Cemetery" but this name was not official as of 1976. The cemetery is maintained in good condition by the Congregation.

Indexed August 29, 1976 by Beverly Diefenbach of the W.S.O.C.S. Re-indexed April 25, 2000 by Susan Havel of P.G.S.

BADTKEKarolina/Badtke/Born/Jan. 4 1838/Died/Sept. 5 1921, next to;
BADTKEFridrich C/Badtke/Geb. den/27 Aug 1833/Gest. den/28 Juni 1908
BAHRKarl/son of/F & E Bahr/Born/Oct 12 1937/Died/Oct 14 1937, next to;
BAHRLeo/son of/F & E Bahr/Born/Apr 30 1928/Died/May 5 1928
BIEGEHerman J/Biege/Geb 1 Apr 1865/Gest 28 Apr 1870, ossw;
BIEGEFriederich A/Biege/Geb 5 Nov 1868/Gest 30 Apr 1870, ossw;
BIEGEGottfrid/Biege/Gest/19 Nov 1887/Alter 76 jahr 10 mo
DELLISPeter/May 11, 1928/(uncut), next to;
DELLISEdna/Nov. 16, 1933/Nov. 16, 1977
FICKFriedericke W O/Fick/geb. MAHRT/Geb. 13 March 1818/Gest. 4 Mai 1886
FICKsee also ZIRBEL (same style stone)
GRUNDEMANAugust L W/Grundeman/Geb. den/1 Apri 1815/Gest. den/20 Juli 1901
GRUNDEMANNBertha/Grundemann/1850 - 1938
GRUNWALDTKarlina/Grunwaldt/Born Juli 26 1821/Died Dec. 3 1907, next to;
GRUNWALDTIda/Grunwaldt/Geb./9 Nov 1867/Gest./13 Juni 1954, ossw;
GRUNWALDTGotthilf/Geb./10 Sep. 1862/Gest/8 Mai 1910
GRUNWALDTErnst B N/sohn von/Gotthilf/& Ida/Grunwaldt/geb. 9 Okt 1894/gest. 31 Dez 1898, next to;
GRUNWALDTAlma J. A./tochter von/G & J/Grunwaldt/Geb/den 30 Marz/1891/Gest/den 19 Okt/1892
GRUNWALDTJoachim F G/Geunwaldt/Geb/15 Oct 1819/Gest/22Mai 1885 (stone is broken)
GUEHLSTORFJoachim H. J./Guehlstorf/born Nov 14, 1833/died Jan 8, 1906
GUHLSTORFFrau/Jochim Guhlstorf/Geb BRUHN/14 Jan 1833/Gest den/30 Nov 1901 (stone is apart)
HAASCHFerdenand/Haasch/1835 - 1906, ossw;
HAASCHWilhelmina/Haasch/1834 - 1892
HAEGELHeinrich/Haegel/Gest/???????/65 Jahr 2 Mos 20 Tage (stone is broken unable to read)
HARGELEErnst Haegele/born/Oct 28 1865/died/Dec 6 1902 ( hard to read)
HARGELESylvester W A/Haegele/Born/May 11, 1895/Died/Aug 27, 1895
HARGELEMaria/Haegele/Geb/Marz 17 1829/Gest/Marz 15 1893 (stone is broken, hard to read)
HOELTDOERPRichard R/Hoeltdoerp/Born/Oct 3 1875/Died/Nov 18 1907
HOLTDORPBertha/Holtdorp/born/Aug 4 1873/died/Nov 19 1879
HOLTDORPFrederick/Holtdorp/1834 - 1891
JENSONHattie Jenson/wife of C. Jenson/born/June 14 1878/died/Dec 21 1902
KAYCarl Kay/Born Dec 2 1858/died Sept 18 1914, ossw;
KAYWilhelmina Kay/born Apr 8 1856/died May 28 1911
KROENINGRobert/sohn von/H & F Kroening/gest ???? 18?? (stone is old and broken)
KROENINGEmma/tochter von/H & F Kroening/gest/17 Apr 1872/Alter/2 Jahns 6 mos (stone is broken), next to;
KROENINGOrville/Kroening/1929 - 1938
KROENINGAugust/sohn von/H & F Kroening/gest/18 Marz 1873/Alter/6 Jahn 8 mo (stone is broken)
KRONINGInfants of G & A/Kroning/Died Oct 24 1887
LAUHattie/Dau. of/A & B Lau/Died Sept 9 1896/Aged 1 yr 3 mos
LEISCHOWWilhelmine/Leischow/Geb/14 Dec 1818/Gest/10 Marz 1903, next to;
LEISCHOWJohann/Leischow/Geb/27 Dec 1819/Gest/14 May 1892
LEMKEWilhelmina/Lemke/Gest/5 April 1885/Alter/ 51 Jahr 3 mo 4 tage ( hard to read)
MAEDKEFerdiunand/Maedke/Geb./18 Juli 1824/Gest./12 April 1896/alter von/71 Jr. 9 mos 24 Ta (hard to read)
MAHRTsee also FICK
MATZKEAmelia/Matzke/wife of/Paul Matzke/Born/Mar. 10, 1883/Died/Feb. 10, 1907, near;
MATZKESophia/wife of/Chas./Matzke/died/Oct. 11, 1911/Aged/69 yrs.
MATZKECharles/Matzke/died/Aug 15 1903/Aged/76 yrs 7 mos. (American Legion Marker next to stone)
MATZKERubena/L.A./Matzke/Geb/17 Sept/1901/Gest/12 Oct/1904
MATZKEHermann/Matzke/Geb. Oct 18 1877/Gest. Apr 24 1887, next to;
MATZKEFriedrich/Matzke/Geb. Jan 10 1883/Gest Apr 10 1887
MATZKEWilhelm F.G./sohn von/Carl und Sophia/Matzke/geb/ 1 April 1865/gest/3 Juni 1870, next to;
MATZKEEdward/Matzke/July 3, 1876/Oct 16, 1957
MILLERAlbina A M/Getten von/Fredinand Miller/geb/Jan 13 1850/gest/Juni 18 1884 (stone is broken)
MILLEROtto W/sohn von/F & A Miller/geb. 15 Mai 1870/gest/20 Oct 1870 (hard to read), next to;
MILLERClara A.F./Miller/born/ June 16 1884/died/Oct. 15 1884, next to;
MILLERMartin/Miller/Born Oct 18, 1830/Died Mar 12, 1916, next to;
MILLERPeter Miller/Mar. 1, 1807/Mar. 18, 1888 (new stone at the head of grave), next to;
MILLERPeter Miller/died Mar 18 1888/ aged 81 yrs 18 ds (old stone cemented flat on the grave), next to;
MILLERJohanna Miller/Jan. 16, 1841/May 18, 1888 (new stone at the head of grave), next to;
MILLERJohanna C/wife of/Martin Miller/died May 18 1888/Aged 47 yrs. 4 mos. 2 ds (old stone cemented flat on the grave), next to;
MILLERCharlotte Miller/Feb. 7, 1807/Apr. 16, 1894 (new stone at the head of grave), next to;
MILLERCharlotte/Miller/Geb 7 Feb 1807/Gest 16 Apr 1894 (old stone cemented flat on the grave)
MILLERFerdinand Aug. Miller/Born Nov. 27, 1833/Died July 10, 1909, next to;
MILLERWilliam/Miller/1835 - 1910 (newer stone)
MILLERAugusta/Miller/Born/Nov 3 1844/Died/Oct 27 1918
MILLERAmelia (Emily)/Miller/1845 - 1928 (newer stone)
NEINASWilliam/Neinas/Born/Feb 5 1837/Died/Oct 19 1905 (stone is tipped over and two other small stones are piled on it - 2000)
NEINASWalter/Neinas/Geb./28 Feb 1901/Gest./16 Juli 1906
NEINASAlbertine/Neinas/Geb/4 Mar 1839/Gest/2 Juni 1925
NEINASCharles/Herman/Neinas/Born/ May 10 1883/Died/Sept 13 1922
NEINASAlbert/Neinas/Born/Feb. 16 1887/Died/Geb. 4 1893
NOETZELChristina/wife of/Charles L. Noetzel/Nov. 1, 1835/Mar. 9, 1874, next to;
NOETZELIda A./Noetzel/1862 - 1943
PAGELAnna E.A./Pagel/Geb./27 Dec 1900/Gest./10 Mai 1903/Alter/2 Jahres/5 mo (stone was broken and repaired)
PRAHLFriedrich/Prahl/Geb den/15 Nov 1824/Gest den/10 Martz 1899
PRAHLEdward/Prahl/Geb/25 Apr./1827/Gest/29 Mai 1899 (tree growing against it)
PRAHLJohanna/Prahl/Geb Feb 8 1833/Gest Juli 5 1913 (seems to be in Miller plot)
TAGGEPeter Jacob/sohn von/Joh. J & Anna M/Tagge/Geb/15 Nov 1851/Gest/4 Jan 1871 (stone is in pieces and disintigrating - 2000)
ULLMANRudolf/Ullman/1905, next to;
WIESEAda Wiese/born/Feb 4 1899/died/Feb 10 1904
WILLMANNLena Willmann/Geb/17 Sept 1877/Gest/23 Mai 1879
WOLLERBertha E.S./Geborene HEMKE/Gattim von/Fred Woller/Geb./1 Nov 1811/Gest./11 Nov 1877
ZIRBELBertha F.G./Zirbel/Geb. FICK/Geb./2 Feb 1847/Gest/22 April 1886
___?___Emil Herman/son of/??????/died/Feb. 21 1887/Aage/3 yrs. 6mos/14ds (stone broken where last name should have been)
___?___Six graves in baby section - no markers only stone borders - didnít find these in 2000
___?___Unknown grave with name of Martha only (between Maria Haegele &Ferdinand Maedke)
___?___Unknown graves - one next to Bertha Zirbel and two next to Edward Prahl (only small white stones)
___?___Father only - next to several unmarked graves - these located next to August Kroening - didnít find in 2000
___?___Stone with only B.E.S.W. next to Otto Miller
___?___Small stone with only S.H. next to Otto Ullman
___?___Small stone with only W.N. next to Walter Neinas
___?___Small stone with only P.J.T. & small stone with only E.K. in a bush next to Emma Kroening
___?___Small stone with only J.G. & small stone with only R.M. piled on William Neinasí stone
___?___Small stone with only A.M. next to Amelia Matzke

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