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Town of Forestville, Door County, Wisconsin

Location: NW Corner NW1/2 NW1/4 Section 21, Town of Forestville. 2 Miles north of Forestville and 2 miles south of Maplewood between Center Road & Mile Road. East side of Highway 42.

Around 1937 this cemetery was leveled and cleaned up by the Parish, consequently, many of the old stones are no longer here. The St. Mary Cemetery in the Village of Maplewood replaced this one although some members are still being buried here as the newer stones show. It is kept in very good condtion by the parish.

Indexed by Beverly Diefenbach of the W.S.O.C.S. on October 24, 1976. Reindexed August 14, 2000 by Susan Havel of P.G.S.

BRETLMinna Und Lous/Bretl/gest/20-25 Apr. 1891
CURRYPatrick Curry/Died/Apr. 26, 1881/Aged 65 yrs.
CHAUDIORBernard/1916-1978, ossw;
CHIKEDale F./Feb. 8, 1960/(uncut), ossw;
CHIKERaymond Jr./July 8, 1963/Nov. 2, 1995
DEBAKERMother/Helen/1912-1974, ossw;
DELORITClifford/Aapr. 2, 1918/July 25, 1995, ossw;
DELORITPearl/June 12, 1918/Jan. 2, 1994
DUFEKFrank/Dufek/Born/May 21, 1886/Died/Nov. 26, 1890
GOETZWilliam M./Goetz/Died/Feb. 20, 1897/Aged/29 years, ossw;
GOETZMartin/1897-1902, ossw;
GOETZMarie/1894-1923, next to;
GOETZGeorge W. Goetz/Wisconsin/Pvt 345 Inf 87 Div/December 20 1917(Veteran Stone)
HAYESMary J./Hayes/Born/June 27/1901/Died/June 30/1901, ossw;
HAYESMary Hayes/Born/May 1, 1900/Died/ May 1, 1900
HENNESSYThomas S./Son of R. & M./Hennessy/Died/Dec. 17, 1885/Aged/29 yrs., ossw;
HENNESSYMary/wife of/R. Hennessy/Died/Sept. 2, 1899/Aged78 yrs., ossw;
HENNESSYRichard/Hennessy/Died/Apr. 2, 1898/Aged/82 yrs.
HETTIGERCecilia Hettiger/Sept. 16, 1903/Aug. 26, 1983, next to;
HETTIGERCatherine Hettiger/1874-1955 ( American Legion Auxiliary marker next to the stone), next to;
HETTIGERJohn Hettiger/1872-1938
HUCEKMarvin J./June 18, 1911/Sept. 17, 1984, ossw;
HUCEKRuth G./Dec. 29, 1918/(uncut), next to;
HUCEKLloyd/July 16, 1914/June 25, 1980, ossw;
HUCEKSoquet/Minerva/Sept. 8, 1919/(uncut), next to;
HUCEKFrank J./June 11, 1921/(uncut), ossw;
HUCEKLillian/May 27, 1921/(uncut), next to;
HUCEKFather/William/1930-(uncut), ossw;
KEOGHJulia/Keogh/Died/May 12, 1888/Aged 38 yrs. 2 mos./14 days (stone is broken), ossw;
KEOGHMary A. Keogh/Died March 28, 1875/Aged 1 yr 6 mos, ossw;
KEOGHMichael Keogh/Died/May 29, 1899/Aged/20 yrs. 25 ds.
KEOGHMichael Keogh/1856-1857, ossw;
KEOGHMary Keogh/1853-1854, ossw;
KEOGHElizabeth Keogh/1865-1865, ossw;
KEOGHMatilda Machia/1864-1868, ossw;
KEOGHJames Keogh/son of/Edward and Bridget/Clark Keogh Born in/County Meath, Ireland/May 16, 1815/Died Dec. 5, 1890, ossw;
KEOGHMary Moore, his wife/Born in Parish of/Blanchers-town Dublin/County, Ireland 1815/Died Sept. 19, 1861, ossw;
KEOGHMatilda Keogh/5. 4. 1824 - 2. 8. 1904
LEMENSAlvin/1905-1953, ossw;
LEMENSEvelyn/1907-1986, ossw;
LEMENSWayne/1939-(uncut), next to;
LEMENSOrville J Lemens/US Army/Oct 28 1927 - Oct 20 1989 (Veteran Stone)
MILENKOVICVeljko Pavle/June 3, 1922/(uncut), ossw;
MILENKOVICMaria Kathren/August 6, 1926/(uncut)
MULLANEJohn W. Mullane/Oct. 4, 1891/Oct. 19, 1963, next to;
MULLANEJohn W. Mullane/Oct. 4, 1891/Oct. 19, 1963(Big stone), ossw;
MULLANEJohn Mullane/Born/Co. Limerick, Ireland/Mar. 1840/Died/Oct. 18, 1893
ROSEEddie/son of/F. & V. Rose/Died/Aug. 22, 1897/Aged/3 yrs. 6 mos. 18 days
SCHLISEAnna/1884-1885, ossw;
SCHLISEJoseph/1894-1897, ossw;
SCHLISEJohn/Schlise/Died/Oct. 27, 1894/Aged/67 years
SCHLOSSERGertrude A./1887-1972, ossw;
SCHLOSSERFrank H./1884-1964, next to;
SCHLOSSERFrank G./Schlosser/Jan. 6, 1924/Feb. 19, 1924
SCHMITZTheresa/Born/Feb. 28, 1854/Died/Oct. 26, 1917, ossw;
SCHMITZMartin/Born/Aug. 28, 1841/Died/June 11, 1914, next to;
SCHMITZMary Magdalene/May 27 - June 6, 1926, next to;
SCHMITZBaby Girl/April 23, 1915 (didnít find this stone in 2000 only an empty base), next to;
SCHMITZCarrie/1892-1973, ossw;
SCHMITZGeorge/1882-1952, next to;
SCHMITZGeorge/July 31, 1922/Aug 29, 1987, ossw;
SCHMITZDorothy/Nov 9, 1921/(uncut), next to;
SCHMITZMark George Schmitz/Wisconsin/Sp4 HHC 2BN 36 Infantry/March 8 1947 - July 22 1968 (Veteran Stone), next to;
SCHMITZLeona Schmitz/1904-1977, next to;
SCHMITZCatherine/1885-1960, ossw;
SCHMITZMartin/1879-1951, next to;
SCHMITZReginald Joseph Schmitz/Lt US Navy/World War II/1908 - 1980(veteran Stone)
SCHMITZNorma/Schmitz Eddy/1910-1982
SOUKUPMother/Anna/1856-1891, ossw;
SOUKUPFather/Mathew J./1852-1947
SPAIDFrank J./Spaid/Born/Apr. 4, 1886/Died/Apr. 6, 1899 (hard to read)
STUEBERMargaretha/Stueber/Geb./8 Oct. 1804/Gest./28 Aug. 1904
TESARBaby Tesar/1892
THELENRalph M Thelen/S Sgt US Army/World War II/July 27 1917 - Apr. 30 1999 (Veteran Stone) on the same grave as;
THELENRalph M./July 27, 1917/Apr. 20, 1999 (American Legion Marker next to the stone), ossw;
THELENLaura M./Dec. 22, 1923/(uncut)
ULLSPERGERWenzel/Ullsperger/Geboren/6. July 1858/Gestorben/14. Jan. 1907, ossw;
ULLSPERGERJos./Ullsperger/Died/Aug. 14, 1892/AGed/14 Yrs. 1 mo., ossw;
ULLSPERGERAnna/Ullsperger/Geboren/11 May 1858/Gestorben/23 Oct. 1896 (hard to read), next to;
ULLSPERGERJohann/Ullsperger/1886-1887, next to;
ULLSPERGERJoseph/1854-1942, ossw;
ULLSPERGERMary/1860-1907, next to;
ULLSPERGERAnna/Ullsperger/1884-19(uncut) (didnít find this stone in 2000 only an empty base), next to;
VOGELMother/Anna Vogel/1870-1899
WAGNERCatherine Wagner/Born Nov. 7, 1850/Died April 28, 1898, ossw;
WEBERJohn Weber/Apr. 30, 1848/Nov. 3, 1919, ossw;
WEBERHis wife/Barabara/Apr. 30, 1848/Mar. 4, 1932, ossw;
WEBERSon Walter/Aug. 28, 1879/Dec. 23, 1900
ZETTLTheresa/Zettl/Geb. den/2 Sept. 1877/Gest. den/31 Dec. 1898
??????Two stone bases only in back of cemetery on each side of Thomas S. Hennessy marker
??????empty base near Zettl stone

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