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Town of Brussels, Door County, Wisconsin

Location: SW Corner SW1/4 NW1/4 Section 28, Town of Brussels. Just north of County Trunk J on Misere Road and on the East side of Misere Road.

St. Michael’s was the first Catholic church built in the Town of Brussels at Misere about 1865. The church property and land was donated by Adrian Francois. The church was destroyed in the Peshtigo fire and a new one built in 1878. Later fire destroyed the rectory and unable to build a new one the church became a mission of St. Hubert’s of Rosiere. In 1971 it was closed and in 1976 was razed. Only a few descendants remain from the original members and the cemetery. The Cemetery is maintained in good condition by St. Hubert & St. Peter Parish, Rosiere.

Indexed April 31, 1977 by Eileen Slaby and Beverly Diefenbach and typed by Sally Treichel, all of the W.S.O.C.S. Re-indexed Sept. 4, 1999 by Susan Havel of P.G.S.

BARBIAIXWilbert/Born/Sept. 11, 1920/Died/Jane 17, 1921 (a homemade stone and part of the wording has broken out)
BEAURAINLouis/Inft. son of/L. & I./Beaurain/Born & Died/Jan. 10, 1930
BOUCHEAllen Bouche/Sept. 17, 1947/Feb. 25, 1948
BOUCHEAnton/1867-1946, ossw;
CARPIAUXSon/Harry Carpiaux/1920-1929
COISMANDorothy/Coisman/Born July 30, 1917/Died Nov. 17, 1918, ossw;
COISMANRuth Coisman/Born Dec. 11, 1918/Died July 3, 1919, next to;
COISMANGenevieve/1891-1920, ossw;
COISMANEugene/1890-1972, next to;
COISMANJohn/1888-1921, ossw;
COISMANJohn B./1921-1991, next to;
COISMANVictor/1860-1932, ossw;
COISMANLouis/Born Dec. 25, 1882/Died Jan. 3, 1899, ossw;
COISMANAnna/Born/Dec. 9, 1891/Died/Dec. 21, 1898, ossw;
COISMANJennie/Born June 17, 1858/Died Apr. 3, 1899, ossw;
COISMANSelestin/Died/Nov. 11, 1911/Age 90 yrs, next to;
COISMANJenny/Died Apr. 3, 1899/Age 41 yrs., ossw;
COISMANLouis/Born Dec. 25, 1882/Died Jan. 3, 1899, ossw;
COISMANAnna/Born/Dec. 9, 1891/Died/Dec. 21, 1898 (1999 these two stones are not there and seem to be replaced the the following stone)
COISMANLouis/1882-1899, ossw;
COISMANJennie/1858-1899, ossw;
COISMANAnna/1891-1898, ossw;
DEDEKEROliver/Dedeker/Born May 4, 1826/Died Aug. 17, 1913, ossw;
DEDEKERHis wife/Josephine/Piette/Born Jan. 28, 1828/Died Nov. 16, 1892, next to;
DEDEKERPierre/Dedeker/De’ce’de’/27 Mai 1898/A lage/70 yrs.
DEDEKERTheophile/Apr. 8, 1855/July 11, 1921, ossw;
DEDEKERJulia his wife/Dec. 17, 1855/May 14, 1931
DELVEAUXWallace/July 11, 1920/Apr. 2, 1927
ENGLEBERTInfant/Dau. of Mr. & Mrs./Willie/Englebert
ENGLEBERTDesire E. Englebert/Born Dec. 8, 1841-Died Dec. 26, 1923, ossw;
ENGLEBERTHis wife/Emerence Gaspard/Born Feb. 28, 1846-Died Aug. 5, 1921, next to;
ENGLEBERTCelina/Englebert/Wife of J. Charles/Born Oct. 14, 1878/Died Dec 2, 1907
ENGLEBERTJohn Englebert/Died Jan. 24, 1890/Aged 79 yrs., ossw;
ENGLEBERTMary his wife/Died Oct. 26, 1884/Aged 78 yrs.
ENGLEBERTIda/Oct. 16, 1916/(uncut), ossw;
ENGLEBERTLouis/July 15, 1918/June 9, 1995 (photo on stone), next to;
ENGLEBERTDaughter/Myrtle/Retzlaff/1914-(uncut), next to;
ENGLEBERTDaughter/Irene/Englebert/(uncut), next to;
ENGLEBERTJosephine/1883-1921, ossw;
ENGLEBERTElmond/1876-1962 (photo on stone)
ENGLEBERTEmily/1890-1958, ossw;
ENGLEBERTVerna/Englebert/Born July 11, 1918/Died Dec. 10, 1935
ENGLEBERTMother/Mary/1852-1920, ossw;
FLEMALJosephine/1869-1936, ossw;
GUELETTEJule/1876-1944, ossw;
GUELETTEJohanna/Guelette/Feb. 14, 1930/Jan. 26, 1932
HAYESTrecssie/Hayes (no dates)
LECLOUXFrank/Aug. 27, 1895/July 16, 1958
LECLOUXMother/Cecelia/1871-1949, ossw;
LECLOUXEli son of/A. & C. Lecloux/Born/Jan. 4, 1890/Died/Apr. 25, 1897
LOUISMichael/1880-1904, ossw;
LOUISPeter/1818-1902, ossw;
LOUISJosephine/1857-1896, ossw;
MACCOUXJoseph/1875-1962, ossw;
MACCOUXJosephine/1876-1932, next to;
MACCOUXRita Mae/Maccoux/Jan. 10, 1935/May 16, 1947
MACCOUXJohn B./Maccoux/Born/Sept. 10, 1829/Died/July 19, 1917 (American Legion marker next to stone), ossw;
MACCOUXHis wife/Euphrazie/Born/May 14, 1830/Died/Feb. 20, 1880
MASSARTPeter/Born/Feb. 19, 1899/Died/Oct. 30, 1918 (photo on stone), next to;
MASSARTWallace Delveaux/July 11, 1920/Apr. 2, 1927
MIGNONNorbert/De’ce’de’/25 Nov 1898/A lage 83 ans, ossw;
MIGNONHonorine/De’ce’de’/20 Juillet 1892/Alage 73 ans, ossw;
MIGNONJos. Mignon/Born/Apr. 25, 1886/Died/Dec. 23, 1903, ossw;
MIGNONJoseph/de’ce’de’/Mar. 10, 1878/Alage 23 ans, ossw;
MIGNONClara Reince/wife of/V. Mignon/Died June 10, 1900/age 35 yrs., next to;
MIGNONVictor Mignon/1859-1934
PAULAugust A./Paul/1890-1983, next to;
PAULMother/Ellen M./1891-1945
RANKINHenry/1879-1943, ossw;
RANKINWilliam Rankin/Born Feb. 12, 1885/Died Feb. 11, 1918, next to;
RANKINCamille (no dates, just a flat stone in ground)
RENIERSon & Brother/Clarence J./Renier/Jan. 11, 1917/June 10, 1998, next to;
RENIERFather/Henry/1889-1950, ossw;
RENIERMother/Emma/1894-1922, near:
RENIEREdward/Renier/Born/Sept. 10, 1848/Died/Dec. 13, 1911/age/ 63 yrs. 3 mos 3 ds, next to;
RENIERLizzie/Renier/Apr. 29, 1866/nov. 17, 1936
ROUERJohn J./1834-1910, ossw;
ROUERMary/1845-1918 (American Legion marker next to stone)
ROUERJoseph F./Apr. 2, 1879/Nov. 23, 1969, ossw;
ROUERHortense/Sept. 20, 1884/June 29, 1967
ROUERHenry/1881-1969, ossw;
ROUERJule J./1881-1953
SIMONLucy Francois/Wife of Albert Simon/Born/Apr. 19, 1881/Died/Jan. 4, 1901
STACHEEmil/1848-1920, ossw;
STACHEEleonore/1864-1922, ossw;
STACHEJosephine/1895-1914, next to;
STACHEHusband/Jerome/1887-1936, ossw;
STACHEWife/Olive/1896-1947, next to;
STROOBANTSJohn B./1848-1937, next to;
STROOBANTSDolphia/Stroobants/1854-1893, next to;
STROOBANTSFerdinand/Stroobants/1861-1910, next to;
STROOBANTSAddie/Stroobants/1867-1926, next to;
STROOBANTSEmily Bausman/Wife of/Charles Stroobants/1872-1926 (photo on stone), next to;
STROOBANTSMother/Mamie Stroobants/1904-1965, next to;
STROOBANTSHenry/Stroobants/1907-1975, next to;
STROOBANTSCharles/Stroobants/1893-1974, next to;
STROOBANTSCharles Joseph Stroobants/Pvt US Army/Jun 3, 1893-Nov. 11, 1974 (Veteran marker, at the foot of the grave)
VANDERTIEBaby/Lindy Frank/Vandertie/July 21, 1930/Jan. 10, 1931
VANDERTIEJoseph/1871-1945, ossw;
VANDERTIEMary/1874-1960, next to;
VANDERTIEEdward/June 17, 1906/May 21, 1962
VANDERTIEFather/Edward/1872-1941, ossw;
VANDERTIEAdolph/May 29, 1898/Mar. 25, 1969, ossw;
VANDERTIEJosie/Nov. 12, 1900/Apr. 12, 1929
VANDERTIEAdolph/1875-1931, next to;
VANDERTIESmall stone “Father”
VANDERTIEHenry/Jan. 13, 1896/June 27, 1977, ossw;
VANDERTIELaura/Aug. 14, 1900/Jan. 27, 1985, next to;
VANDERTIEHerman F./July 23, 1923/Aug. 28, 1971, ossw;
VANDERTIEElla Mae/Apr. 10, 1925/(uncut)
VANGINDERTAELENJoseph/Vangindertaelen/Born Mar. 10, 1888/Died Nov. 9, 1918
VANGINDERTALENLouis/1853-1947, ossw;
VLIESFather/William H./1891-1977, ossw;
VLIESMother/Theresa M./1898-1947, next to;
VLIESVlies/Earl J./1917-(uncut)
WAUTELETMary/1857-1942, ossw;
WAUTELETEugene/1851-1937, next to;
WAUTELETJohn/Born May 16, 1878/Died Sept. 21, 1901, next to;
WAUTELETHenry/son of Eugene & Mary/Born Dec. 11, 1893/Died Feb. 18, 1913/ Age 20 yrs 2 mos & 7ds.
ZEPHIRINLucy wife of/John Zephirin/Born Dec. 17, 1893/Died Apr. 28, 1918
____?____No family name: Alice/died/June 28, 1911/aged/5 yrs, ossw;
____?____Freddie/died/June 13, 1911/Age/7 yrs., ossw;
____?____Nelsie/died/Oct. 7, 1910/Age/11 yrs. (no last name given, located south section of cemetery next to barn)
____?____2 Homemade stones with crosses, no names or dates (Located next to PAUL)

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