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ANDRYSZCZYK Pence . Chuck Hendricks
Knight . Marsha Ashley Wilcox
ASSELIN Iron county .
BALDUC/BOLDUC Iron county . Jennifer Heer Norman
BARRETT Vaughn . Krista Walkley or Krista Walkley
BERNATOWICZ Hurley and Montreal . Ellen J. Curnes
BLOSSINGHAM Hurley Robert Blossingham was Tavern Owner/bartender in Hurley Kay (Bishop) Blossingham
CAVOSIE, CAVOSI Hurley . Aaron Cavosie
CRANDALL Saxon circa 1910
Simeon Lee Crandall 1848-1917; wife Maria Edith Warren; daughters Edith Maria & Leila
John Crandall
DURANSO/DURANCEAU Mercer Ferdinand Duranso and wife, Julia (Hollis), Mercer Pat Moseler Shanks
ERICKSON Hurley 1891-1909, John and Emma Erickson had 7 children Marge Erickson
GOMBOS/GOMBUS . Late 1800s Jean
HENDERSHOTT   . Laura Shoecraft
HOLT Hurley and Carey . Robert D. Johnson
HOULEHAN Vaughan and Hurley late 1800's to early 1900's Tom Gilbert
HUTNIK/HUTNICK Knight and Iron Belt late 1800's-early 1900's, Married Veronica Sobolik, Michael killed in Montreal mine accident on Christmas 1925. Judy Hutnick
JOHNSON Hurley 1891-1909, Emma Johnson married John Albert Erickson Marge Erickson
JOLICOEUR Vaughn . Krista Walkley or Krista Walkley
LEZOTTE/LAZOTTE   . Linda Lezotte Berres
MATTSON   . Terry Mattson
McCARTHY website Hurley & Montreal . Edna Rolston
NORDELL Town of Upson searching for b,d, burial place of Isabelle Nordell Peterson Julie Brewer
NORMAND/NORMAN Iron county . Jennifer Heer Norman
NORMAN website Knight . Marsha Ashley Wilcox
PETERSON Town of Upson Searching for b,d and burial place of George Peterseon Julie Brewer
ROBINSON   . Laura Shoecraft
SINILUOTO website   . Terry Mattson
SHEA Vaughan and Hurley late 1800's to early 1900's Tom Gilbert
STAFFEN/STEFFEN Ironwood & Hurley . Rita K. Jefferson Hogenmiller
SUNIE website   . Terry Mattson
TRUAN Hurley Marye E. Steckley
YLITALO Town of Knight . Nancy Pakkala
YOUNG . Leanne Moringlanes
WISNIEWSKI Hurley & Montreal . Ellen J. Curnes

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