Ho-Chunk or Winnebago (as they are commonly called) are a tribe of Native Americans  native to what are now Wisconsin & Illinois. The term "Winnebago" originally came from a name given to them by neighbouring Algonquian tribes. The more correct, but less common English name for the tribe is "Ho-Chunk"  from their original native name meaning "big fish people". The big fish in this case is probably sturgeon, once abundant in Lake Winnebago. The tribe located primarily in Wisconsin changed its official name in 1994 to the Ho-Chunk Sovereign Nation (meaning People of the Big Voice).

Census of the Winnebago Indians of the Wittenberg Agency taken on June 30  1910 by E. J. Bost  Superintendent

NOTE: Listed in this census index are the "English Names" about 1250+ -- if you locate someone that you would like the Native American/Indian name for, just email me and I'll try to locate it in the census.  Approximately 90% of the names also have Indian Names.

The following information was given in the original census: Indian name, English name, Relationship to Head of Household, Age, Sex.  I tried to group these in families per the census but in some cases, the relationships seem not to match the household -- I'm not sure if this is because the census taker wasn't clear on the unit or if Native American culture and family structure is not what we typically see in censuses.

English Name Spouse/Parent Relationship Birth
John Arthur    Widower circa 1854
Dixie Arthur  John Daughter circa 1892
Nora Arthur  Single circa 1891
Lucy D Arthur    Widow circa 1845
John Artichoker  Single circa 1891
Mary Battise    Widow circa 1827
Snider Bear  Nancy Husband circa 1861
Nancy Bear  Snider Wife circa 1862
George Bear  Snider Son circa 1906
Evelyn Brown  Adopted Daughter circa 1902
Adeline K Bear  Snider Wife circa 1884
Thomas Bear    Widower circa 1856
Mary Bearchief  Widow circa 1854
Mamie Bearchief  Mary Daughter circa 1893
Robert Bearchief    Single circa 1884
George Bearchief  Lena W Husband circa 1872
Lena W Bearchief  George Wife circa 1868
Fred Bearchief    Single circa 1889
Charles Bearchief    Orphan circa 1892
Joseph Bearchief    Orphan circa 1895
Max Bearheart  Annie B Husband circa 1884
Annie B Bearheart  Max Wife circa 1880
John Beaver  Single circa 1874
Emma Beaver    Single circa 1876
Anna Bell  Widow circa 1850
Joseph Bigarmful  Lucy Husband circa 1848
Lucy Bigarmful  Joseph Wife circa 1852
Frank Bigarmful  Sadie La Husband circa 1874
Sadie La Bigarmful  Frank Wife circa 1877
Eva Littlejohn  Frank  Sadie La Step Daughter circa 1898
Mrs. Mon Cho Zee Win Kah Bigbill  John Widow circa 1835
John Bigblackhawk  Husband circa 1886
Mary Bigelk  Henry Widow circa 1862
Henry Bigelk  Mary Husband circa 1883
Lena Bigelk  Henry  Mary Daughter circa 1902
Dan Bighawk  Single circa 1890
John Bigsoldier  Mary Husband circa 1847
Mary Bigsoldier  John Wife circa 1851
Andrew Bigsoldier  Pinkey Husband circa 1874
Pinkey Bigsoldier  Andrew Wife circa 1879
Mary Bigsoldier  Andrew Daughter circa 1904
Esther Bigsoldier  Andrew Daughter circa 1906
Albert Bigsoldier  Andrew Son circa 1908
Frank Bigsoldier  Emma B Husband circa 1871
Emma B Bigsoldier  Frank Wife circa 1881
Ruth Bigsoldier  Frank Daughter circa 1903
Marie Bigsoldier  Frank Daughter circa 1907
Jeff Bigsoldier  Frank Son circa 1909
Annie Bigsoldier  Frank Wife circa 1873
Edward Bigsoldier  Frank Son circa 1897
Clelia Bigsoldier  Frank Daughter circa 1909
Albert Bigthunder  Alice Husband circa 1869
Alice Bigthunder  Albert Wife circa 1875
Robert Bigthunder  Albert  Alice Son circa 1892
Alfred Bigthunder  Albert  Alice Son circa 1894
George Bigthunder  Albert  Alice Son circa 1896
Lizzie Bigthunder  Albert  Alice Daughter circa 1898
Herman Bigthunder  Albert  Alice Son circa 1901
Lena Bigthunder  Albert  Alice Daughter circa 1906
Rogers Bigthunder  Albert  Alice Son circa 1909
MA He Sep Kah Blackcloud  Jane Husband circa 1851
Jane Blackcloud    Wife circa 1851
Bill Blackcoon  Widower circa 1852
Jane Blackdeer    Widow circa 1857
David Blackdeer  Katie Husband circa 1886
Katie Blackdeer  David Wife circa 1890
Elmer Blackdeer  David Son circa 1909
Alice Blackdeer  David Wife circa 1891
Fred Blackdeer  Brother circa 1892
George Blackdeer    Single circa 1888
Albert Blackhawk  Single circa 1889
Jim Blackhawk    Widower circa 1849
John Blackhawk  Single circa 1883
Belle Blackhawk    Single circa 1879
Mrs. We Hun Kah Blackhawk  Widower circa 1840
Blanche Blackhawk  Mary Little Single circa 1876
Mary Little Blackhawk  Blanche Wife circa 1858
Frank L Blackhawk  Blanche Son circa 1897
Kate L Blackhawk  Single circa 1890
Walter L Blackhawk    Single circa 1884
George L Blackhawk  Daisy W Husband circa 1876
Daisy W Blackhawk  George L Wife circa 1880
Frank L Blackhawk  George L Son circa 1904
Jack L Blackhawk  George L Son circa 1906
Burt Blackspirit  Emma R Husband circa 1861
Emma R Blackspirit  Burt Wife circa 1855
Charles Blowsnake  Lucy Husband circa 1843
Lucy Blowsnake  Charles Wife circa 1847
Lena Whitepine  Granddaughter circa 1903
Josephine Whitepine  Granddaughter circa 1905
Jasper Blowsnake  Annie W Husband circa 1869
Annie W Blowsnake  Jasper Wife circa 1888
Sam Blowsnake  Emma S Husband circa 1875
Emma S Blowsnake  Sam Wife circa 1892
Ida Blowsnake  Susie Single circa 1879
Susie Bossthunder  Ida Wife circa 1892
Theodore Bossthunder  Ida Son circa 1909
Marie Bossthunder    Orphan circa 1897
James S Brown  Mary Husband circa 1842
Mary Brown  James S Wife circa 1846
David Brown  James S Son circa 1892
Clay Brown  James S Son circa 1895
Beverly Brown    Single circa 1890
John Brown  Florence M Husband circa 1887
Florence M Brown  John Wife circa 1877
Flora Brown  John Daughter circa 1900
Ervin Brown  John Son circa 1906
Laura Brown  John Daughter circa 1908
Minnie Brown John Daughter circa 1909
Abel Brown  Julia Husband circa 1882
Julia Brown  Abel Wife circa 1888
Hannah Brown  Abel Daughter circa 1909
Henry Brown  Sushine Husband circa 1877
Sushine R Brown  Henry Wife circa 1886
Agatha Brown  Henry Daughter circa 1902
Lee Brown  Henry Son circa 1906
Henry Brown Jr.  Henry Son circa 1909
George Brown  Dot R Husband circa 1875
Dot R Brown  George Wife circa 1884
John A Brown  Sarah Husband circa 1870
Sarah Brown  John A Wife circa 1870
Ethel Brown  John A Daughter circa 1895
James Brown  John A Son circa 1898
Clara Brown  John A Daughter circa 1899
Effie Brown  John A Daughter circa 1902
Estella Brown  John A Daughter circa 1904
John Brown  John A Son circa 1906
Jane A Brown  John A Daughter circa 1909
Nancy Brown    Widow circa 1825
Cha Wauk Sep Sootch E Kah Browneagle  Sarah G Husband circa 1851
Sarah G Browneagle  Wife circa 1855
Frank Browneagle  Grace D Husband circa 1873
Grace D Browneagle  Frank Wife circa 1890
Martin Browneagle  Frank Son circa 1909
Will Boyce  Jane Husband circa 1859
Jane Boyce  Will Wife circa 1869
Florence Boyce  Will Daughter circa 1893
Maggie Boyce  Will Daughter circa 1900
Lucy Boyce  Will Daughter circa 1905
Lelia Boyce  Will Daughter circa 1907
Minnie Boyce Will Daughter circa 1910
Annie May Boyce  Will Wife circa 1890
Herman Boyce Will Son circa 1910
Alice Boyce  Will Wife circa 1890
Clarence Boyce Will Son circa 1910
Head Buffalo    Widower circa 1862
George Buffalohead  Single circa 1888
Standing Buffalo  Mary B Husband circa 1871
Mary B Buffalo  Standing Wife circa 1864
John Canoe  Mary Husband circa 1850
Mary Canoe  John Wife circa 1860
Alice Canoe  John Daughter circa 1894
Eunice Canoe  John Daughter circa 1899
Clark Canoe    Single circa 1888
Kate Canoe  Single circa 1886
George Canoe    Single circa 1884
Mary Carimony  Widow circa 1840
Henry Clay  Mary Husband circa 1854
Mary Clay  Henry Wife circa 1851
Sam Clay    Single circa 1888
Alice Clay    Single circa 1883
James Clay    Single circa 1881
Frank Climer  Maud Husband circa 1876
Maud Climer  Frank Wife circa 1875
Mary Climer  Frank Daughter circa 1895
James Climer  Frank Son circa 1897
Blaonhe Climer  Frank Daughter circa 1899
Thor Climer  Frank Son circa 1902
Elsie Climer  Frank Daughter circa 1904
Columbia Climer  Frank Daughter circa 1906
Ben Climer  Frank Son circa 1907
Walter Climer Frank Son circa 1910
John Cloud  Carrie Husband circa 1872
Carrie Cloud  John Wife circa 1854
Abel Cloud  John Son circa 1894
Lena Cloud  Single circa 1889
George Cloud  Mary L Husband circa 1878
Mary L Cloud  George Wife circa 1891
Gladys Cloud  George Daughter circa 1910
John C Cloud  Helen Husband circa 1876
Helen Cloud  John Wife circa 1875
Amona Cloud  John Daughter circa 1898
George Cloud  John Son circa 1899
Gina Cloud  John Daughter circa 1901
Martha Cloud  John Daughter circa 1903
Frank Cloud  John Son circa 1905
Minnie Cloud  John  Daughter circa 1906
Mildred Cloud  John  Daughter circa 1909
Dave Cloud  Clara L Husband circa 1854
Clara L Cloud  Dave Wife circa 1860
John Coon  Nellie Widower circa 1810
Nellie Cornwell  John Wife circa 1863
Ignatz Cornwell John Son circa 1896
Sam Cornwell John Son circa 1898
George W Cornwell John Son circa 1901
Lulu Cornwell John Daughter circa 1904
Antonette Coyle   Wife circa 1871
Mary J Crady Widow circa 1850
George Crane  Mary G Husband circa 1849
Mary G Crane  George Wife circa 1853
James Crane  Widower circa 1870
Rudolph Crane  James Son circa 1901
Jennie Crow    Widow circa 1826
John A Crow  Widower circa 1828
John W Crow  Sue Husband circa 1834
Mrs. Cha Shep O Ro Pin Win Kah Crow  John W Wife circa 1850
Sue Crow  John W Wife circa 1879
Mary Crow  John W Daughter circa 1899
Ira Biddell  John W Son circa 1901
Otis Biddell  John W Son circa 1903
Belle Biddell  John W Daughter circa 1905
James A Crow    Orphan circa 1895
Annie Davis  Widow circa 1861
George Davis  Annie Son circa 1892
Sophie Davis  Annie Daughter circa 1899
Minnie Davis  Annie Daughter circa 1902
Lucy Davis    Single circa 1890
Frank Davis  Single circa 1888
John J Davis    Husband circa 1877
Mrs. Ah Hoo Ke She NE Win Kah Davis  John J Wife circa 1872
David Blowsnake  John J Stepson circa 1899
Mabel Davis  John J Daughter circa 1904
Arvena Davis  John J Daughter circa 1906
Guy Davis  John J Son circa 1909
Lucy Davis  Single circa 1884
Mary Davis    Widow circa 1843
Kate Davis  Mary Daughter circa 1893
Frank Davis  Kate Husband circa 1889
Annie Day  Orphan circa 1904
Emma Day  Orphan circa 1906
Elizabeth Decorah    Widow circa 1848
Maude Decorah  Elizabeth Daughter circa 1892
Edna Decorah  Single circa 1889
Emma Decorah    Single circa 1886
Foster Decorah  Stella Husband circa 1875
Stella Decorah  Foster Wife circa 1878
Archie Decorah  Foster Son circa 1902
Ernest Decorah  Foster Son circa 1904
Wilhelmina Decorah  Foster Daughter circa 1906
Cudie Day Decorah    Widow circa 1870
Allen Decorah  Cudie Day Son circa 1898
Russius Decorah  Single circa 1891
Sarah Day Decorah    Single circa 1889
Sam Decorah  Mary Husband circa 1841
Mary Decorah  Sam Wife circa 1846
Emma Decorah  Sam Daughter circa 1893
Fannie Decorah  Sam Daughter circa 1894
Minnie Decorah  Sam Daughter circa 1901
Blanch Decorah    Single circa 1890
Ed Decorah  Susie T Husband circa 1887
Susie T Decorah  Ed Wife circa 1889
Emerson Decorah  Ed Son circa 1907
Andrew Decorah Ed Son circa 1909
Charley Decorah  Lilly B Husband circa 1883
Lilly B Decorah  Charley Wife circa 1885
Mattie Decorah  Charley Daughter circa 1907
Ben Decorah  Josephine Husband circa 1881
Josephine Decorah  Ben Wife circa 1887
Rufus Decorah  Ben Son circa 1905
Joseph Decorah  Ben Son circa 1907
Ben Decorah Ben Son circa 1909
Lem Decorah Ben Son circa 1909
Frank Decorah  Grace Husband circa 1842
Grace Decorah  Frank Wife circa 1866
June Decorah  Frank Daughter circa 1895
Ada Decorah  Frank Daughter circa 1897
Leslie Decorah  Frank Son circa 1903
Robert Decorah  Frank Son circa 1908
Walter Decorah  Single circa 1891
Frank Sam Decorah  Grace W Husband circa 1871
Grace W Decorah  Frank Sam Wife circa 1879
Nina Decorah Frank Sam Daughter circa 1910
Edward Decorah  Alice S Husband circa 1873
Alice S Decorah  Edward Wife circa 1878
Laura Decorah  Edward Daughter circa 1896
Nathaniel Decorah  Mary S Husband circa 1882
Mary S Decorah  Nathaniel Wife circa 1883
Helen Decorah  Nathaniel Daughter circa 1909
Lewis Decorah  Emma Husband circa 1871
Emma Decorah  Lewis Wife circa 1883
Arthur Decorah  Lewis Son circa 1905
Daisy Decorah  Lewis Daughter circa 1901
Laura Decorah  Lewis Daughter circa 1907
Brown Decorah    Single circa 1887
Sam c Decorah  Single circa 1889
Bill B Decorah    Single circa 1891
Susie Decorah  Widow circa 1870
Lottie Decorah  Susie Daughter circa 1893
Hattie Decorah  Susie Daughter circa 1901
Roy Decorah  Susie Son circa 1905
Ida Decorah    Single circa 1887
Hazen Decorah  Mary Y Husband circa 1882
Mary Y Decora  Hazen Wife circa 1875
Lizzie Decorah  Hazen Daughter circa 1893
Lucy Decorah  Hazen Daughter circa 1895
Andrew Decorah Hazen Son circa 1910
Grant Decorah  Single circa 1885
George Decorah  Maggie Husband circa 1849
Maggie Decorah  George Wife circa 1855
William Decorah Jr.    Single circa 1888
David R Decorah  Husband circa 1851
Jessie Decorah  David R Daughter circa 1901
Lucy Decorah    Widow circa 1859
Martin T Decorah  Lucy Son circa 1899
Susie P Decorah  Widow circa 1859
Jesse W Prettyman  Susie P Son circa 1892
Minnie Decorah    Single circa 1890
George Decorah Jr.  Bird Husband circa 1861
Bird Decorah  George Wife circa 1869
Vina Decorah  George Daughter circa 1901
John Decorah  George Son circa 1905
Whitefeather Decorah  May Husband circa 1858
May Decorah  Whitefeather Wife circa 1870
Donald Decorah  Whitefeather Son circa 1902
William Decorah  Carrie Husband circa 1872
Carrie Decorah  William Wife circa 1877
Ben Decorah  William Son circa 1893
Lucy Decorah  William Daughter circa 1896
Nancy Decorah  William Daughter circa 1899
Patrick Decorah  William Son circa 1901
Peter Decorah  William Son circa 1907
William A Decorah  Posey Husband circa 1862
Posey Decorah  William A Wife circa 1859
Moses Decorah  Kate Husband circa 1854
Kate Decorah  Moses Wife circa 1852
Stella Decorah  Moses Daughter circa 1893
Frank Johnson  Grandson circa 1896
Caroline Decorah    Single circa 1891
Kate G Decorah  Lucy Widow circa 1866
Moses Decorah Jr.  Kate G Son circa 1898
Lucy Decorah  Kate G Wife circa 1860
Ellen Decorah    Widow circa 1842
Davis Decorah  Single circa 1875
Hester Decorah    Widow circa 1852
May Decorah  Hester Daughter circa 1898
Jane Decorah  Widow circa 1856
Henry Decorah    Single circa 1863
Mary Decorah  Louisa P Widow circa 1869
Bob Decorah  Mary Son circa 1894
Alice Decorah  Mary Daughter circa 1896
Louisa p Decorah  Mary Wife circa 1886
Fannie Decorah  Mary Wife circa 1879
Sarah Decorah  Mary Daughter circa 1899
Susie Decorah  Mary Daughter circa 1906
Agnes Decorah Mary Daughter circa 1907
Minnie Payer Mary Daughter circa 1909
Mary Ann Decorah    Widow circa 1873
Beverly Decorah  Single circa 1889
Mary Decorah    Widow circa 1845
Mary S Decorah  Widow circa 1862
John Decorah  Mary S Son circa 1895
Stella Decorah  Mary S Daughter circa 1897
Joseph Decorah  Mary S Son circa 1901
Thresa G Dedrich   Wife circa 1858
Emily Dewitt Widow circa 1839
George Deer  Mollie Husband circa 1851
Mollie Deer  George Wife circa 1852
Mess Deer  George Son circa 1894
Maud Deer  George Daughter circa 1898
Oscar Deer  George Son circa 1902
Leo Deer  Single circa 1891
Rosie Deer    Single circa 1889
High Deer  Single circa 1887
Hanakah Dick  Sue Husband circa 1838
Sue Dick  Hanakah Wife circa 1848
Grover Rockman    Grandson circa 1894
Henry Dick  Martha Husband circa 1852
Martha Dick  Henry Wife circa 1861
Fannie Dick  Henry Daughter circa 1898
Fred Dick  Annie Husband circa 1881
Annie Dick  Fred Wife circa 1885
Lena Dick  Fred Daughter circa 1906
Clarence Dick  Fred Son circa 1907
John Dick  Single circa 1885
Sager Dick  Maud W Husband circa 1886
Maud W Dick  Sager Wife circa 1885
Grace Dick  Sager Daughter circa 1908
Thomas Dickson  Single circa 1847
Soldier Dickson    Single circa 1881
Lucy Dickson  John T Widow circa 1851
John T De Laronde  Lucy Husband circa 1848
William L De Laronde  John T Son circa 1893
Nelson R De Laronde John T Son circa 1895
James J De Laronde John T Son circa 1898
Lewis B De Laronde   Single circa 1890
George A De Laronde Single circa 1887
Walter De Laronde   Single circa 1885
Frank c De Laronde Single circa 1883
Fred H De Laronde   Single circa 1883
Alex J De Laronde Single circa 1879
John A De Laronde   Single circa 1877
Victoria De Laronde Hattie Single circa 1855
Hattie Delaney Victoria Wife circa 1871
Gray Eagle  Fannie Husband circa 1827
Fannie Eagle  Gray Wife circa 1854
Matt Eagle    Adopted Son circa 1901
James Eagle  Jane Husband circa 1854
Jane Eagle  James Wife circa 1858
Kate Eagle  James Daughter circa 1893
Minnie Eagle  James Daughter circa 1895
Belle Eagle    Single circa 1889
Nellie Eagle  Single circa 1886
Frank Eagle    Widower circa 1878
Nellie Eagle  Frank Daughter circa 1901
Martha Eagle  Frank Daughter circa 1908
George Eagle  America Husband circa 1856
America Eagle  George Wife circa 1863
Nellie Eagle  George Daughter circa 1893
Flora Eagle  George Daughter circa 1896
Agnes Eagle  George Daughter circa 1899
Edith Eagle  George Daughter circa 1902
Jerome Eagle  George Son circa 1906
Tom Eagle  Single circa 1890
Betsy Eagle  Single circa 1887
Emma Eagle    Single circa 1885
Ole W Eagle  Emma Son circa 1903
Charles Eagle  Sue Husband circa 1858
Sue Eagle  Charles Wife circa 1869
Mary Eagle  Charles Daughter circa 1893
Lucy Eagle  Charles Daughter circa 1897
Scott Eagle  Charles Son circa 1899
Eunice Eagle  Charles Daughter circa 1905
Bernard Eagle  Charles Son circa 1908
Luke Eagle    Widower circa 1850
Mary Eagle  Mary Widow circa 1850
Mary Eagle  Mary Wife circa 1851
Joe Eagle    Single circa 1875
Lucy Elk  Widow circa 1861
Frank Elk  Lucy Son circa 1895
Carrie Elk  Single circa 1889
Archie Elk  Single circa 1885
Thomas Falcon  Lucy Husband circa 1835
Lucy Falcon  Thomas Wife circa 1855
John Falcon  Thomas Son circa 1897
Lizzie Falcon  Thomas Daughter circa 1898
Mrs. Che Nunk A Hung la Win Kah Fourdeer  Widow circa 1830
Indian Frank  Louisa Husband circa 1852
Louisa Frank  Indian Wife circa 1862
George Funmaker  Dollie Husband circa 1864
Dollie Funmaker  George Wife circa 1872
Edward Funmaker  George Son circa 1892
Harry Funmaker  George Son circa 1894
Emma Funmaker  George Daughter circa 1896
Andred Funmaker  George Son circa 1899
Harold Funmaker  George Son circa 1903
James Funmaker  George Son circa 1905
George Funmaker  George Son circa 1907
Agnes Funmaker  George Daughter circa 1909
Eugene Funmaker    Single circa 1889
Sue George  Widow circa 1830
John Gilbert  Thomas Single circa 1873
Mrs. Thomas Gilbert  John Wife circa 1866
Minnie L Gilbert  Widow circa 1875
John Goodbear  Jennie Husband circa 1853
Jennie Goodbear  John Wife circa 1885
Bill Goodbear  John Son circa 1893
Tamerack Goodbear  John Son circa 1905
Mary Cloud Goodbear  John Daughter circa 1907
Ray Goodbear  Single circa 1891
Tom Goodbear  Gertrude Husband circa 1873
Gertrude Goodbear  Tom Wife circa 1879
Ethel Goodbear  Tom Daughter circa 1905
Gertie Goodbear  Tom Daughter circa 1906
Irene Goodbear Tom Daughter circa 1909
Emma B Goodbear  Tom Wife circa 1879
David Goodvillage  Lucy Husband circa 1853
Lucy Goodvillage  David Wife circa 1855
Will Goodvillage    Single circa 1882
Jennie Goodvillage  Widow circa 1843
Mark Green  Ada Husband circa 1861
Ada Green  Mark Wife circa 1863
Frank Green  Mark Son circa 1897
Albert Green  Mark Son circa 1900
Harvey Green  Mark Son circa 1905
Abel Green  Mark Son circa 1891
Emma Green  Single circa 1885
Luke Green  Emma Single circa 1867
Emma Greencloud  Luke Wife circa 1886
Louise R Greencloud  Luke Daughter circa 1905
Bessie Greencloud  Single circa 1888
Mary Greencloud    Widow circa 1873
Sarah Greencloud Mary Daughter circa 1910
Henry Greencrow  Grace Husband circa 1872
Grace Greencrow  Henry Wife circa 1876
Paul Greencrow  Henry Son circa 1903
Fannie Greencrow  Henry Daughter circa 1905
Annie Greencrow  Henry Daughter circa 1906
Nettie Greencrow  Henry Daughter circa 1909
Mary Blackhawk  Henry Step Daughter circa 1895
Conie Blackhawk  Henry Step Daughter circa 1898
Belle H Greencrow  Henry Wife circa 1884
Will Greendeer  Johanna Husband circa 1885
Johanna Greendeer  Will Wife circa 1891
Albert Greendeer  Will Son circa 1908
George Greengrass  Emma L Husband circa 1860
Emma L Greengrass  George Wife circa 1861
Ella Greengrass    Widow circa 1860
Jesse Blowsnake  Ella Son circa 1899
James Greengrass  Single circa 1891
Kate Greengrass    Widow circa 1863
Mark Greengrass  Kate Son circa 1897
Robert Greengrass  Single circa 1887
Ed Greengrass  Ed Husband circa 1869
Mrs. Ed Greengrass  Ed Wife circa 1873
Ed Greengrass Jr.  Ed Son circa 1897
Gertie Greengrass  Ed Daughter circa 1903
Daniel Greengrass Ed Son circa 1909
Charlie Greengrass  Pink W Husband circa 1881
Pink W Greengrass  Charlie Wife circa 1881
Lucy Greengrass  Charlie Daughter circa 1901
Henry Greengrass  Charlie Son circa 1904
Charlie Greenman  Mary W Husband circa 1851
Mary W Greenman  Charlie Wife circa 1869
Lucy Waukon  Charlie Step Daughter circa 1893
Charley Greensnake    Husband circa 1869
Annie Greensnake  George Widow circa 1866
George Greensnake  Annie Husband circa 1876
Martin Greensnake  Dora Husband circa 1875
Dora Greensnake  Martin Wife circa 1873
Wilber Greensnake  Martin Son circa 1909
Nellie Wallace  Martin Step Daughter circa 1893
John M Wallace  Martin Step Son circa 1895
Dora Wallace  Martin Step Daughter circa 1898
Antoine Grignon    Widower circa 1828
Adolph G Grignon Husband circa 1873
Pauline J Grignon Adolph G Daughter circa 1905
Ralph J Grignon   Single circa 1860
Alexander J Grignon Husband circa 1869
Camilla Grignon Alexander J Daughter circa 1893
Ethel Grignon Alexander J Daughter circa 1898
Agatha L Grignon Alexander J Daughter circa 1902
Belle Grignon Alexander J Daughter circa 1904
Dorathy Grignon Alexander J Daughter circa 1909
Louis Grignon   Husband circa 1861
Oliver Grignon Single circa 1857
Joseph Grignon   Single circa 1867
John Grizzly Bear  Mary Husband circa 1857
Mary Grizzlybear  John Wife circa 1861
George Grizzlybear  John Son circa 1893
Ella Grizzlybear    Single circa 1891
Lizzie T Grizzlybear  Ella Daughter circa 1906
Rubie Free Grizzlybear  Ella Daughter circa 1909
James Grizzlybear  Ella Son circa 1889
Douglas Grizzlybear  Pet B Husband circa 1885
Pet B Grizzlybear  Douglas Wife circa 1879
Grace Grizzlybear  Douglas Wife circa 1889
Frank Hagarkah    Single circa 1870
Aerie Hall  Widow circa 1859
Florence Hall  Aerie Daughter circa 1895
Willie Hall  Aerie Son circa 1897
William Hall  Maggie W Husband circa 1876
Maggie W Hall  William Wife circa 1877
Lucy Emily Hall  William Daughter circa 1901
Jesse Whitewater  William Step Son circa 1899
Lucy B Hall  Single circa 1873
Kate Hanakah    Widow circa 1838
Mary Hanakah  Widow circa 1842
Jim Hanakah    Single circa 1891
William Hanson  Widower circa 1843
John Hazen    Widower circa 1832
High Snake  Lucy Husband circa 1839
Lucy Highsnake  High Snake Wife circa 1835
Hoke Highsnake    Single circa 1881
Henry Hindsley  Lucy C Husband circa 1884
Lucy c Hindsley  Henry Wife circa 1880
Isabel Blowsnake  Henry Step Daughter circa 1900
George Hindsley  Mary C Husband circa 1887
Mary C Hindsley  George Wife circa 1886
Lena Littlebear  George Step Daughter circa 1904
Billy Hopinkah  Single circa 1868
Belle S Hopinkah    Widow circa 1870
Abel Hopinkah  Belle S Son circa 1894
Tom Hopinkah  Single circa 1874
Frank Hopinkah  Bay W Husband circa 1872
Bay W Hopinkah  Frank Wife circa 1876
Bay Bigarmful  Frank Step Daughter circa 1901
Cass Wallace  Frank Step Son circa 1904
Ethel Wallace  Frank Step Daughter circa 1906
Clara Hopinkah  Frank Daughter circa 1910
Esther R Hill  Wife circa 1885
Florence Hill  Esther R Daughter circa 1906
Ruth Hill  Esther R Daughter circa 1908
Mary Hunker    Widow circa 1858
May Hunker  Mary Daughter circa 1892
Annie Hunker  Mary Daughter circa 1895
Thomas J Hunker  Single circa 1888
James Hunker    Single circa 1855
Mrs. John Hunker  Jane Widow circa 1848
Jane Jack  John Wife circa 1857
Marietta Jebb   Wife circa 1850
Dame Jefferson  Widow circa 1840
Frank Jefferson    Single circa 1881
Walter Jennings  Lucy Single circa 1890
Lucy Johnson  Walter Wife circa 1865
Carrie Johnson  Walter Daughter circa 1895
Agnes Johnson  Walter Daughter circa 1899
August Johnson  Walter Son circa 1903
Jones Johnson  Walter Son circa 1905
Frank Johnson    Single circa 1891
A Johnson  Bessie A Husband circa 1885
Bessie A Johnson  A Wife circa 1884
Lewis Johnson  A Son circa 1907
Shirley Johnson A Daughter circa 1909
George Johnson  Hester Husband circa 1865
Hester Johnson  George Wife circa 1864
Wallace A Johnson  George Son circa 1895
Lizzie Johnson  George Daughter circa 1899
Robinson Johnson  George Son circa 1901
Stella Johnson  George Daughter circa 1903
Bertha Johnson  George Daughter circa 1907
Joe Joseph  Widower circa 1861
George Kingsley    Widower circa 1861
Pearl Kingsley  George Daughter circa 1904
Mabel Kingsley  George Daughter circa 1906
Nettie Kingsley Single circa 1888
Louise La Mere    Single circa 1884
Paul La Mere Single circa 1889
Madeline La Point    Single circa 1888
Frank J La Point Virginia M Single circa 1889
Virginia M Lawrson Frank J Wife circa 1886
Mary D Leash    Wife circa 1866
Edward Leash Mary D Son circa 1897
Charles Leash Mary D Son circa 1902
Joseph Leroy John Widower circa 1831
John Lewis    Husband circa 1869
Alice Lewis Joseph Daughter circa 1908
Thomas Lewis Joseph Son circa 1909
Pauline Lewis  Joseph Wife circa 1871
Louise Lewis  Joseph Daughter circa 1897
Valentine Lewis  Joseph Son circa 1909
Frank Lewis  Single circa 1888
Fannie Lincoln  Wife circa 1862
Washington Lincoln  Bettie Husband circa 1881
Bettie Lincoln  Washington Wife circa 1880
Lottie Lincoln  Washington Daughter circa 1903
Edmund Lincoln  Washington Son circa 1904