A few weeks back, I found myself trying to locate SCHMIDT in the Town of Hartland -- I looked from 1860 - 1930 and THOUGHT this would be an easy one -- no misspellings on Schmidt, right?  Wrong -- I looked for an entire evening and finally tracked them through all the censuses - SCHMIDT, SCHMITH, SMITH, etc.  I sure wish the census takers could see us now, looking over every pen stroke to see if it was an "a" or a sloppy "o"... some are very neat but sometimes I think this might have very well been their first grasp at penmanship!  Needless to say, these records are a great source of information! 

The 1930 Federal Census Index here is just that, an index.  The actual census has so much more information, but this should at least help you locate your family in the census, whether you view it on microfilm or online.   (BTW, that's why Hartland Twp. is completed first -- the rest will eventually follow -- I promise!) 



Angelica Township
Enumerated on April 1930  by Richard H. Wunsch, Enumerator

Note: You just have to love this enumerator!  Instead of GERMANY, he writes the actual area, i.e. Pommern, East Prussia, West Prussia, Stettin, Brandenberg, etc.  Mr. Wunsch and his family lived in this township and from the details and the handwriting on the original record, it seems like he took extra care to get this township done right!  Thanks, Mr. Wunsch!
Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Edwin Boettcher circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Minnie Boettcher circa 1900 Wisconsin Wife
Helen Boettcher circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Otto Mattson circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Ida Mattson circa 1903 Wisconsin   Wife
Lucile Mattson circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Vernon Mattson circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Henry Mattson circa 1883 Wisconsin   Brother
Louis Folkman circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Elsie Folkman circa 1904 Wisconsin   Wife
Duane Folkman circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
John Horn circa 1859 Westpreußen Father-in-law
Anna Horn circa 1866 Wisconsin   Mother-in-law
Martha Horn circa 1907 Wisconsin   Sister-in-law
Otto Splittgerber circa 1877 Nurenberg Head
Mary Splittgerber circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Charley Splittgerber circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
George Splittgerber circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Dora Splittgerber circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Erwin Splittgerber circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Arthur Splittgerber circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Traugott F Simon circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Eleanor Simon circa 1876 Minnesota  Wife
Traugott Simon circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
John Simon circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Clara Simon circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Dorothy Simon circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Henry Simon circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Martha Simon circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
August Gunschke circa 1864 Westpreußen Head
Bertha Gunschke circa 1873 Wisconsin   Wife
Fred Gunschke circa 1901 Wisconsin   Son
Julius Simon Jr. circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Edna Simon circa 1898 Wisconsin   Wife
Ethel Simon circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Hazel Simon circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Harold Simon circa 1923 Wisconsin   Lodger
Mabel Simon circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Dolores Simon circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Lester Simon circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Herman F Bohm circa 1874 Pommern Head
Wilhelmina Bohm circa 1879 Wisconsin   Wife
Carl Bohm circa 1903 Wisconsin   Son
Norma Beyer circa 1905 Wisconsin Daughter
Ella Berger circa 1907 Wisconsin Daughter
Louise Bohm circa 1910 Wisconsin   Daughter
Emma Bohm circa 1912 Wisconsin   Daughter
Alfred Beyer circa 1905 Wisconsin   Son-in-law
Asaph Berger circa 1903 Wisconsin   Son-in-law
Walter Kroening circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Elsie Kroening circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Wallen Rueckert circa 1925 Wisconsin Nephew
William Warsco circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Minnie Warsco circa 1882 Wisconsin   Wife
Esther Kasten circa 1913 Wisconsin Cousin
Henry Hanstedt circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Hattie Hanstedt circa 1887 Wisconsin   Wife
Bernice Hanstedt circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Orval Hanstedt circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Emil Radtke circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Emma Radtke circa 1891 Wisconsin   Wife
Kenneth Radtke circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Clifford Radtke circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Marcella Radtke circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Edwin Zernicke circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Leola Zernicke circa 1893 Wisconsin   Wife
Laverne Berg circa 1916 Wisconsin Nephew
Willard Bohrn circa 1922 Wisconsin Nephew
Albert Reinke circa 1859 Pommern Head
Walter Simon circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Gertrude Simon circa 1907 Wisconsin   Wife
Albert Moede circa 1875 Wisconsin Head
Emma Moede circa 1884 Wisconsin   Wife
Arline Moede circa 1906 Wisconsin   Daughter
Elsie Moede circa 1907 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marcella Moede circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Albert Moede circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Dorie Moede circa 1925 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Ernest Beilfuss circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Linda Beilfuss circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Harley Beilfuss circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Fern Beilfuss circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Herman Hein circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Helen Hein circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Gladys Hein circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Vernon Hein circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Kroening circa 1859 Germany Father-in-law
Hilda Dobratz circa 1912 Wisconsin Niece
August Bohm circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Louise Bohm circa 1886 Wisconsin   Wife
Adolph Bohm circa 1906 Wisconsin   Son
Helen Bohm circa 1910 Wisconsin   Daughter
Senney Bohm circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Chester Bohm circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Henry Bohm circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Eunice Bohm circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Elmer Zernicke circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Ella Zernicke circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Lavern Zernicke circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Irene Zernicke circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Howard Zernicke circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Martin Zernicke circa 1857 Wisconsin   Father
Theodore Hinkfuss circa 1862 N. Germany Head
Fredericka Hinkfuss circa 1867 Wisconsin   Wife
George Hinkfuss circa 1900 Wisconsin   Son
Martha Hinkfuss circa 1910 Wisconsin   Daughter
August Raasch circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Clara Raasch circa 1883 Wisconsin   Wife
George Raasch circa 1903 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Raasch circa 1909 Wisconsin   Son
Dorothy Raasch circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Florence Raasch circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Louis Raasch circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Evelyn Raasch circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mary Krause circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Hilbert Krause circa 1909 Wisconsin   Son
Herbert Krause circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Carl Bartelt circa 1857 Pommern Head
Louise Bartelt circa 1852 Pommern Wife
Otto Bartelt circa 1887 Wisconsin   Son
Herman Boettcher circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Ferdinand Boettcher circa 1869 Germany Father
Anna Boettcher circa 1873 Wisconsin   Mother
Dan McKeefry circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Martha McKeefry circa 1892 Wisconsin   Wife
Russel McKeefry circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Harvey McKeefry circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Elvin McKeefry circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Doris McKeefry circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Carl H Luebke circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Louise Luebke circa 1897 Wisconsin   Wife
Wesley Luebke circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Lowell Luebke circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Steide circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Emma Steide circa 1891 Wisconsin   Wife
Dorothy Steide circa 1912 Wisconsin   Daughter
Maynard Steide circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Emil Braun circa 1873 Westpreußen Head
Elise Braun circa 1877 Wisconsin   Wife
Anson Braun circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
William Raaths circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Ardella Raaths circa 1907 Wisconsin   Wife
Inez Raaths circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Pearl Raaths circa 1930 Wisconsin   Daughter
Georgette Kirchenwitz circa 1921 Wisconsin Niece
Elmer Braun circa 1910 Wisconsin Lodger
August Neuendorf circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Edith Neuendorf circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Mae Neuendorf circa 1926 Wisconsin   Niece
James Cowden circa 1851 Canada Father-in-law
Joseph Drzewicki circa 1876 Poland Head
Josephine Drzewicki circa 1881 Wisconsin   Wife
Leon Drzewicki circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Casmier Drzewicki circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Drzewicki circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Wallace Drzewicki circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Roman Mroczinski circa 1883 Illinois Head
Barbara Mroczinski circa 1887 Wisconsin   Wife
Irene Mroczinski circa 1912 Wisconsin   Daughter
Leonhard Mroczinski circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Henry Mroczinski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Mroczinski circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Eleanor Mroczinski circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Genevieve Mroczinski circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marion Mroczinski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Roman Mroczinski circa 1930 Wisconsin   Son
Albert Styczinski circa 1883 Michigan Head
Theodora Styczinski circa 1888 Wisconsin   Wife
Frank Styczinski circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Styczinski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Stanley Styczinski circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Swan Styczinski circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Roman Styczinski circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Fred Styczinski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Norbert Styczinski circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Peter Pawelczyk circa 1862 Poland Head
Martianna Pawelczyk circa 1868 Poland Wife
Margaret Gierczak circa 1864 Poland Head
Mike Sentowski circa 1854 Ostpreußen Head
Mary Sentowski circa 1861 Ostpreußen Wife
Joseph Sentowski circa 1895 Wisconsin   Son
Mariann Sentowski circa 1920 Wisconsin     Granddaughter
Patricia Sentowski circa 1921 Wisconsin     Granddaughter
Pauline Paprocki circa 1884 Poland Head
Thomas Paprocki circa 1916 Illinois Son
Anna Paprocki circa 1918 Illinois  Daughter
Pauline Paprocki circa 1921 Illinois  Daughter
Mildred Paprocki circa 1923 Illinois  Daughter
Henry Paprocki circa 1928 Illinois  Son
Stanley Wielgus circa 1861 Poland Head
Catherine Wielgus circa 1865 Poland Wife
Marie Wielgus circa 1910 Wisconsin  Daughter
Valenta Zywicki circa 1858 Poland Head
Mary Zywicki circa 1864 Poland   Wife
Joseph Zywicki circa 1900 Wisconsin  Son
Frances Zywicki circa 1906 Wisconsin  Daughter
Eleanor Zywicki circa 1927 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Lawrence Zywicki circa 1929 Wisconsin  Grandson
Leon Strzelecki circa 1870 Poland Head
Frances Strzelecki circa 1862 Poland  Wife
Theodore Strzelecki circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph Glowinski circa 1886 Illinois Head
Mary Glowinski circa 1889 Illinois  Wife
Harry Glowinski circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Emilia Glowinski circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Joseph Glowinski circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph Homel circa 1885 Illinois Head
Mary Homel circa 1888 Illinois  Wife
Frank Homel circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Edward Homel circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Eva Homel circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elizabeth Homel circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jeff Vandermuss circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Theresa Vandermuss circa 1871 Wisconsin  Wife
Dan Vandermuss circa 1905 Wisconsin  Son
Raymond Vandermuss circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Richard Vandermuss circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Stella Kosciuk circa 1887 Pennsylvania Head
Anna Kosciuk circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lucile Kosciuk circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Philister Kosciuk circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Sophia Kosciuk circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Benjamin Kosciuk circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Clara Kosciuk circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edward Kosciuk circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Julius Martin circa 1866 Illinois Head
Annie Martin circa 1870 Pennsylvania  Wife
Adolph Martin circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Viola Martin circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Mrytle Martin circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elaine Martin circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Wilhelmina Muck circa 1860 Wisconsin Head
Mabel Muck circa 1895 Wisconsin  Daughter
Frank Polczinski circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Florence Polczinski circa 1891 Pennsylvania  Wife
William Polczinski circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
John Polczinski circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Frances Polczinski circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Martha Polczinski circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Marcella Polczinski circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Roman Polczinski circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Robert Polczinski circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Loraine Polczinski circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lucile Polczinski circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
James Christensen circa 1857 Denmark Head
Mary Christensen circa 1858 Norway  Wife
Ernest Vandermuss circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Catherine Vandermuss circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Vernice Vandermuss circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Louis Polczinski circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Lucile Polczinski circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Irene R Polczinski circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Clarence Polczinski circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Lawrence Polczinski circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Alfred Polczinski circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Michael Powers circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Frances Powers circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Gerald Powers circa 1926 Illinois  Son
John Powers circa 1927 Illinois  Son
John Powers circa 1894 Wisconsin  Brother
Frank Muck circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Muck circa 1884 Stettin Wife
Frederick Muck circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Elda Muck circa 1909 Wisconsin  Daughter-in-law
Beatrice Muck circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Laurence Blum circa 1906 Wisconsin Lodger
Lovell O'Grady circa 1910 Wisconsin Lodger
Alvin J Dupont circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Julia Dupont circa 1901 Wisconsin Wife
James R Shaw circa 1871 Eng. Canada Head
Millie Shaw circa 1893 New York Daughter
Xavier Ciesielczyk circa 1891 Pennsylvania Head
Rose Ciesielczyk circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Dolores Ciesielczyk circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mike Plocienik circa 1866 Poland Head
Anna Plocienik circa 1885 US  Wife
Dorothy Plocienik circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mary Lejewski circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Bernice Lejewski circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
Vincent Lejewski circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Edward Lejewski circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Felix De Adlove circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Olympia Barinowski circa 1862 Poland Head
William Magee circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Mary Magee circa 1907 Wisconsin  Wife
Marshall Magee circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Wallace Magee circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Frank Ainsworth circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Mabel Ainsworth circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Margaret Ainsworth circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Luella Ainsworth circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Grace Ainsworth circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ione Ainsworth circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
George Ainsworth circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
George Blaske circa 1897 Michigan Head
Bernard Blaske circa 1913 Wisconsin  Brother
Raymond Martin circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Clara Martin circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Alice Martin circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Marianne Martin circa 1884 Wisconsin  Daughter
Raymond Martin Jr. circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Paul Kallies circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Marie Kallies circa 1890 Wisconsin    Wife
Walter H Kammermann circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Ida Kammermann circa 1891 Wisconsin    Wife
Pearl Kammermann circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Joel Kammermann circa 1917 Wisconsin    Son
Agnes Kammermann circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Harvey Kammermann circa 1911 Wisconsin    Brother
Irene Klevesahl circa 1912 Wisconsin Lodger
Herman A Radtke circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Winnie Radtke circa 1887 Wisconsin    Wife
Leonhardt Radtke circa 1912 Wisconsin    Son
Lester Radtke circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Ursula Radtke circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Alfred Radtke circa 1902 Wisconsin    Brother
William Radtke circa 1886 Wisconsin    Brother
Fred Lemke circa 1884 Wisconsin Lodger
Louis Dobratz circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Dobratz circa 1884 Wisconsin    Wife
Senney Dobratz circa 1913 Wisconsin    Son
Harvey Dobratz circa 1919 Wisconsin    Son
Melvin Dobratz circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Virgil Dobratz circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Gilbert Jensen circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Mary Jensen circa 1893 Wisconsin    Wife
Olive Jensen circa 1913 Wisconsin    Daughter
Lila Jensen circa 1915 Wisconsin    Daughter
Arabella Jensen circa 1918 Wisconsin    Daughter
Everett Jensen circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
Rodger Jensen circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Terry Jensen circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Charles Specht circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Esther Specht circa 1888 Wisconsin    Wife
Marvin Specht circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Harry Hoefs circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Irene Hoefs circa 1893 Wisconsin    Wife
Maryland Hoefs circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Lorraine Hoefs circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Joseph Berger circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Frieda Berger circa 1897 Wisconsin    Wife
Eugene Berger circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Joseph Berger circa 1926 Wisconsin    Son
Adolph Fischer circa 1854 Germany Head
Hermina Fischer circa 1875 Brandenberg  Wife
Almina Sack circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
August H Sack circa 1903 Wisconsin    Son
Charles Dannehl circa 1869 Illinois Head
Augusta Dannehl circa 1880 Wisconsin    Wife
Clarence Deering circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Hildegarde Deering circa 1905 Wisconsin    Wife
Ernadine Deering circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
William Boerst circa 1861 Pommern Head
Bertha Boerst circa 1865 Pommern Wife
Albert Radtke circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Jessie Radtke circa 1895 Wisconsin    Wife
Ruth Radtke circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Harvey Radtke circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
Harry Radtke circa 1926 Wisconsin    Son
Dennis Radtke circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Erna Dobratz circa 1916 Wisconsin Lodger
Ernest Gunschke circa 1910 Wisconsin Lodger
Herbert Kleversahl circa 1905 Wisconsin Lodger
Edward Peterman circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Anna Peterman circa 1904 Pommern Wife
Annamay Peterman circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
Edward J Peterman circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Norma Peterman circa 1906 Wisconsin    Sister
Albert H Graf circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Emma Graf circa 1900 Wisconsin    Wife
Herman Dobratz circa 1871 Wisconsin Head
Annie Dobratz circa 1873 Wisconsin    Wife
Ewald Dobratz circa 1906 Wisconsin    Son
Leonhard Dobratz circa 1913 Wisconsin    Son
Lucile Dobratz circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Augusta Kruschke circa 1860 Wisconsin Head
Edward Kroening circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Martha Kroening circa 1889 Wisconsin    Wife
Florence Kroening circa 1912 Wisconsin    Daughter
Ervin Kroening circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Richard H Stark circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Rose Stark circa 1899 Wisconsin    Wife
Elmer Stark circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Arnold Stark circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Vernabel Stark circa 1929 Wisconsin    Daughter
Mike J Brunner circa 1906 Wisconsin Boarder
Merton Baker circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Dora Baker circa 1908 Wisconsin    Wife
William Westphal circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Hanna Westphal circa 1898 Wisconsin    Wife
Howard Westphal circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
June Westphal circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
Clarence Kroening circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Mollie Kroening circa 1896 Wisconsin    Wife
Nora M Kroening circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Vincent Banaszynski circa 1871 Poland Head
Elizabeth Banaszynski circa 1876 Poland  Wife
Leo Banaszynski circa 1904 Wisconsin    Son
Helen Banaszynski circa 1910 Wisconsin    Daughter
Peter Kozicki circa 1888 New York Head
Theodore Strzelecki circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Julia Kozicki circa 1892 Wisconsin    Wife
Rose Kozicki circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
John Kozicki circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Eddie Kozicki circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Roman Kozicki circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Harry Kozicki circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Celia Kozicki circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Ralph Kozicki circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Lorraine Kozicki circa 1929 Wisconsin    Daughter
Magdalene Kozicki circa 1862 Poland Head
Charles McKeefry circa 1875 Wisconsin Head
Gertrude McKeefry circa 1893 Wisconsin    Wife
Cyril McKeefry circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Irene McKeefry circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Clifford McKeefry circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Laverne McKeefry circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
Bertha McKeefry circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Herbert McKeefry circa 1908 Wisconsin    Son
Leonhard McKeefry circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Lue McKeefry circa 1919 Wisconsin    Son
Lucile McKeefry circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Evelyn McKeefry circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Victor McKeefry circa 1929 Wisconsin    Son
Joseph Nickodern circa 1906 Wisconsin Head
John Lejewski unknown Wisconsin Lodger
Emil Wanie circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Mabel Wanie circa 1886 Wisconsin    Wife
Mardell Wanie circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Lavern Olson circa 1911 Wisconsin Servant
Joseph Skamas circa 1886 Poland Head
Julia Skamas circa 1890 Wisconsin    Wife
Rose Skamas circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
John Skamas circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Martha Skamas circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Hugh Magee circa 1872 Wisconsin Head
Lizzie Magee circa 1878 Wisconsin    Wife
Kenneth Magee circa 1906 Wisconsin    Son
Carrie Svendsen circa 1854 Denmark Mother-in-law
Bruno Novitski circa 1877 Poland Head
Vincent Novitski circa 1909 Wisconsin    Son
Vasil Novitski circa 1911 Wisconsin    Son
Clemens Novitski circa 1912 Wisconsin    Son
Norbert Novitski circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Leo Novitski circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Raymond Novitski circa 1919 Wisconsin    Son
Ernest Busch circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Annie Busch circa 1877 Wisconsin    Wife
Alvin Busch circa 1910 Wisconsin    Son
Lucile Busch circa 1915 Wisconsin    Daughter
George Morrow circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Ella Morrow circa 1892 Wisconsin    Wife
Velda Morrow circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
De Loui Morrow circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Jennie Morrow circa 1866 Wisconsin    Mother
Milton Stahlkopf circa 1915 Wisconsin Lodger
Ferdinand Koepke circa 1864 Germany Head
Annie Koepke circa 1868 Wisconsin    Wife
Viola Koepke circa 1920 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Gustav Ristow circa 1872 Germany Servant
Hugh B Magee circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Irene Magee circa 1902 Wisconsin    Wife
Elwood Magee circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Curtis Magee circa 1924 Wisconsin    Son
Joyce Magee circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Frank Nowak circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Annie Nowak circa 1894 Wisconsin    Wife
Alexandria Nowak circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Philip Nowak circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Lorraine Nowak circa 1921 Wisconsin    Daughter
Dorothy Nowak circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Robert Nowak circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Leonhard Nowak circa 1928 Wisconsin    Wife
Joseph Palubicki circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Rose Palubicki circa 1893 Wisconsin    Wife
Theresa Palubicki circa 1915 Wisconsin    Daughter
Regina Palubicki circa 1918 Wisconsin    Daughter
Richard Palubicki circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Dorothy Palubicki circa 1921 Wisconsin    Daughter
Gertrude Palubicki circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Rafael Palubicki circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Rosemary Palubicki circa 1929 Wisconsin    Daughter
Peter Nowak circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Frances Nowak circa 1898 Wisconsin    Wife
Esther Nowak circa 1922 Wisconsin    Daughter
Arthur Nowak circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Bernard Nowak circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
John Egnarski circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Helen Egnarski circa 1902 Wisconsin    Wife
Frank Rentfleisch circa 1880 Poland Head
Lydia Rentfleisch circa 1893 Poland  Wife
Edward Rentfleisch circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Emma Rentfleisch circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Olga Rentfleisch circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Eric Rentfleisch circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
John Katch circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Ida Katch circa 1879 Wisconsin    Wife
James Katch circa 1907 Wisconsin    Son
Frank Katch circa 1912 Wisconsin    Son
Harry Katch circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Robert Katch circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Dorothy Katch circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Chester Katch circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Henry Luecke circa 1851 Bremen Father-in-law
Joseph Przybylski circa 1905 Wisconsin Head
Rose Przybylski circa 1913 Wisconsin    Wife
Eddie Regelein circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Florence Regelein circa 1891 Wisconsin    Wife
Laura Regelein circa 1918 Wisconsin    Daughter
June Regelein circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Blossom Regelein circa 1928 Wisconsin    Daughter
Charley Atwood circa 1885 Wisconsin Brother-in-law
Elmer Black circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Josephine Black circa 1886 Wisconsin    Wife
Harvey Black circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Carl Black circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
Warren Black circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Nancy Black circa 1859 Eng. Canada  Mother
Harry Krysiak circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Theresa Krysiak circa 1902 Wisconsin    Wife
Adeline Krysiak circa 1921 Wisconsin    Daughter
Valeria Krysiak circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Leonhard Krysiak circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Alice Krysiak circa 1929 Wisconsin    Daughter
Peter Krysiak circa 1856 Poland  Father
Mary Krysiak circa 1860 Poland  Mother
Martin Drella circa 1889 Indiana Head
Katherine Drella circa 1895 Wisconsin    Wife
Urban Drella circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Raymond Drella circa 1917 Wisconsin    Son
Lorenz Dombrowski circa 1875 Poland Head
Frances Dombrowski circa 1884 Poland  Wife
Frank Dombrowski circa 1851 Poland Head
Agnes Dombrowski circa 1856 Poland   Wife
Albert Staszak circa 1865 Poland Head
Marianne Staszak circa 1866 Poland   Wife
Martin Hujara circa 1849 Poland Head
Malvina Hujara circa 1850 Poland   Wife
Joseph Wiza circa 1865 Poland Head
Agnes Wiza circa 1867 Poland   Wife
Madeline Wiza circa 1912 Wisconsin      Daughter
Lorenz Westphal circa 1869 Poland Head
Frank Westphal circa 1904 Wisconsin      Son
Katherine Westphal circa 1909 Wisconsin      Daughter
Henry Gorecki circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Josephine Gorecki circa 1907 Wisconsin      Wife
Elaine Gorecki circa 1928 Wisconsin      Daughter
Charles Pavlik circa 1863 Bohemia Head
Barbara Pavlik circa 1882 Bohemia Wife
Charles Pavlik circa 1908 Wisconsin      Son
Florence Pavlik circa 1917 Wisconsin      Daughter
Julius Malueg circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Martha Malueg circa 1883 Wisconsin      Wife
Vernon Malueg circa 1910 Wisconsin      Son
Orville Malueg circa 1912 Wisconsin      Son
Ludwig Zieliewicz circa 1866 Poland Head
Josephine Zieliewicz circa 1867 Poland Wife
Louise Zieliewicz circa 1912 Wisconsin      Daughter
Bernice Zieliewicz circa 1916 Wisconsin      Daughter
George Rybicki circa 1885 Michigan Head
Mary Rybicki circa 1890 Pennsylvania  Wife
Eleanor Rybicki circa 1914 Wisconsin      Daughter
Genevieve Rybicki circa 1915 Wisconsin      Daughter
Louise Rybicki circa 1917 Wisconsin      Daughter
Raymond Rybicki circa 1919 Wisconsin      Son
Lucile Rybicki circa 1921 Wisconsin      Daughter
Adeline Rybicki circa 1923 Wisconsin      Daughter
Virginia Rybicki circa 1925 Wisconsin      Daughter
Phyllis Rybicki circa 1927 Wisconsin      Daughter
Walter Pochron circa 1901 Poland Head
Bernice Pochron circa 1908 Wisconsin      Wife
Helen Pochron circa 1927 Wisconsin      Daughter
Verna Pochron circa 1928 Wisconsin      Daughter
Joseph Dryja circa 1895 Pennsylvania Head
Stella Dryja circa 1898 Wisconsin    Wife
Roman Dryja circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Sylvia Dryja circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Harold Dryja circa 1924 Wisconsin    Son
Joseph Dryja circa 1926 Wisconsin    Son
Richard Dryja circa 1929 Wisconsin    Son
John Falkowski circa 1896 Illinois Head
Josephine Falkowski circa 1906 Wisconsin    Wife
Henry Falkowski circa 1926 Wisconsin    Son
Mildred Falkowski circa 1928 Wisconsin    Daughter
Frank Falkowski circa 1929 Wisconsin    Son
Frank Surak circa 1902 Poland Lodger
John Wilinski circa 1888 Minnesota Head
Helen Wilinski circa 1890 Wisconsin    Wife
William Wilinski circa 1910 Wisconsin    Son
Mary Wilinski circa 1913 Wisconsin    Daughter
John Wilinski circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Agnes Wilinski circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Peter Wilinski circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Eddie Wilinski circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Frank Wilinski circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Walter Wilinski circa 1929 Wisconsin    Son
Joseph Podkomaris circa 1858 Poland Head
Agnes Podkomaris circa 1884 Indiana Wife
William Podkomaris circa 1902 Wisconsin    Son
Stanley Podkomaris circa 1904 Wisconsin    Son
John Podkomaris circa 1908 Wisconsin    Son
Louis Podkomaris circa 1912 Wisconsin    Son
Julius Podkomaris circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Maggie Woznik circa 1837 Poland Mother-in-law
George Polaski circa 1875 Illinois Head
Katherine Polaski circa 1880 Germany  Wife
Eddie Polaski circa 1897 Wisconsin    Son
Stella Polaski circa 1899 Wisconsin    Daughter-in-law
Sigmund Usiak circa 1897 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Constance Usiak circa 1902 Wisconsin    Daughter
Leonhard Usiak circa 1925 Wisconsin    Grandson
Lucile Usiak circa 1926 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
John Mandzak circa 1907 Wisconsin Boarder
Ernest Kirchenwitz circa 1886 Germany Head
Alma Kirchenwitz circa 1895 Wisconsin    Wife
Alex Kirchenwitz circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Norma Kirchenwitz circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Verna Kirchenwitz circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Ernest Kirchenwitz Jr. circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
Sarah Kirchenwitz circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Juanita Kirchenwitz circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Caroline Kirchenwitz circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
Ivan Kirchenwitz circa 1929 Wisconsin    Son
John Botzet circa 1864 Wisconsin Head
Rose Botzet circa 1868 Wisconsin    Wife
John B Botzet circa 1888 Wisconsin    Son
Isabelle Botzet circa 1902 Wisconsin    Daughter-in-law
Dorothy Botzet circa 1919 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Marion Botzet circa 1927 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Francis Botzet circa 1929 Wisconsin    Grandson
Orval Koehler circa 1926 Wisconsin Grandson
Violet Luebke circa 1912 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Cecil Luebke circa 1915 Wisconsin    Grandson
Henry Boerst circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Mabel Boerst circa 1899 Wisconsin    Wife
Harold Boerst circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Florence Boerst circa 1921 Wisconsin    Daughter
Hazel Boerst circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Lester Boerst circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Loraine Boerst circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
George Boerst circa 1864 Germany  Father
Wilhelmina Boerst circa 1856 Germany  Mother
Albert Mattson circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
William Mattson circa 1878 Wisconsin   Brother
Herman Bonnin circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Emma Bonnin circa 1891 Wisconsin   Wife
Hilbert Bonnin circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Robert Nichols circa 1873 Wisconsin Head
Anna Nichols circa 1867 Bern, Switz. Wife
Verona Nichols circa 1917 Wisconsin   Grandniece
Elmer Nichols circa 1893 Wisconsin   Nephew
Harold Raaths circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Marie Raaths circa 1906 Wisconsin   Wife
Pegia M Raaths circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Gordie M Raaths circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Albert Reinke circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Hertha Reinke circa 1911 Wisconsin   Wife
Richard Reinke circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Albert Reinke circa 1930 Wisconsin   Son
Chas Boettcher circa 1872 Wisconsin Head
Mary Boettcher circa 1875 Wisconsin   Wife
George Boettcher circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
August W Neuendorf circa 1847 Pommern Father-in-law
August L Janssen circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Mae Janssen circa 1893 Wisconsin   Wife
Margaret R Janssen circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Earl C Janssen circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Robert J Janssen circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Owen McHugh circa 1852 Pennsylvania Father-in-law
Elmer Folkman circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Alma Folkman circa 1908 Wisconsin   Wife
Elaine Folkman circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Paul MacAux circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Esther MacAux circa 1898 Wisconsin   Wife
Glen MacAux circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Richard H Wunsch circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Lilly Wunsch circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Hilma Wunsch circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Helen Wunsch circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Harlan Wunsch circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Harold Wunsch circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Hildegarde Wunsch circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Hazel Wunsch circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Harva Wunsch circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Hilbert Wunsch circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Elsie A Schmidt circa 1903 Wisconsin Sister-in-law
Daisy Wilson circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Harold Wilson circa 1905 Wisconsin   Son
Irene Wilson circa 1908 Wisconsin   Daughter-in-law
Archibald Wilson circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Velma Wilson circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
L V Wilson circa 1924 Wisconsin   Grandson
Lloyd Wilson circa 1925 Wisconsin   Grandson
Ione Wilson circa 1926 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
John Wilson circa 1928 Wisconsin   Grandson
Ludwig L Lepak circa 1911 Wisconsin Boarder
August Boettcher circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Bertha Boettcher circa 1891 Radow, Germ. Wife
Paul Boettcher circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Agnes Boettcher circa 1912 Wisconsin   Daughter-in-law
Loretta Boettcher circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Bernice Boettcher circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
August Bartelt circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Ella Bartelt circa 1893 Wisconsin   Wife
Margaret Bartelt circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Norbert Bartelt circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Martin Bartelt circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
John Bartelt circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Caroline Bartelt circa 1930 Wisconsin   Daughter
Louis Simon circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Lydia Simon circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Leonhard Simon circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Arnold Simon circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Hilda Simon circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Harvey Simon circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
August J Kallies circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Minnie Kallies circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Harold Kallies circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Herbert Kallies circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Marion Kallies circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Minnie Kallies circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Wilhelmina Eckert circa 1852 Pommern Mother-in-law
Herman Eckert circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Ida Eckert circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Lucile Eckert circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Herman Eckert circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Adam Pionek circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Gertrude Pionek circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Marilyn Pionek circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Doris M Pionek circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Vera Pionek circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Fred Hanstedt circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Freda Hanstedt circa 1904 Wisconsin   Wife
Annabel Hanstedt circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Maribel Hanstedt circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Alvin Hanstedt circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Ione Hanstedt circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Lawrence Bohm circa 1912 Wisconsin Lodger
Emil Kroening circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Anna Kroening circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Dora Kroening circa 1910 Wisconsin   Daughter
Gertrude Kroening circa 1912 Wisconsin   Daughter
Fred Kroening circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Hazel Kroening circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
William Specht circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Mayme Specht circa 1905 Wisconsin   Wife
Phyllis Specht circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Rueben Specht circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Rudolph Specht circa 1874 Wisconsin   Father
Minnie Specht circa 1879 Illinois  Mother
Hilbert Specht circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Myrtle Specht circa 1901 Wisconsin   Wife
George Hanstedt circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Elsie Hanstedt circa 1892 Wisconsin   Wife
Lucile Hanstedt circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Ervin Hanstedt circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Eldredge Hanstedt circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Leo Karolewski circa 1903 Wisconsin Lodger