A few weeks back, I found myself trying to locate SCHMIDT in the Town of Hartland -- I looked from 1860 - 1930 and THOUGHT this would be an easy one -- no misspellings on Schmidt, right?  Wrong -- I looked for an entire evening and finally tracked them through all the censuses - SCHMIDT, SCHMITH, SMITH, etc.  I sure wish the census takers could see us now, looking over every pen stroke to see if it was an "a" or a sloppy "o"... some are very neat but sometimes I think this might have very well been their first grasp at penmanship!  Needless to say, these records are a great source of information! 

The 1930 Federal Census Index here is just that, an index.  The actual census has so much more information, but this should at least help you locate your family in the census, whether you view it on microfilm or online.   (BTW, that's why Hartland Twp. is completed first -- the rest will eventually follow -- I promise!) 


P.S. The Menominee Reservation was part of Shawano County in 1930 so that is why I included it here in the Shawano site -- I get frequent questions regarding this and thought it might be helpful to other researchers.  The Menominee Reservation is divided into 3 sections -- Township 28, Township 29, and Township 30.

Enumerated on April 2, 1930  by Mrs. Ella G. Martin, Enumerator

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Arthur Duquaine circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Ida C Duquaine circa 1881 Wisconsin  Wife
Louis Duquaine circa 1903 Wisconsin  Son
Josephine Duquaine circa 1905 Wisconsin  Daughter
Wilferd Duquaine circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Clara Duquaine circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mary T Duquaine circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Augustine L Duquaine circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Anthony F Duquaine circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Sarah A Duquaine circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Arthur Chapman circa 1927 Wisconsin Grandson
David Wilber circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Josephine M Wilber circa 1886 Wisconsin  Wife
Martin Wilber circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Marvin Wilber circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Ed Brisk circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Jack Breyer circa 1892 Wyoming Head
Margaret Breyer circa 1906 Wisconsin  Wife
Ludemille Breyer circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Richard Corn circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Mary O Corn circa 1910 Wisconsin  Wife
Arnold R Corn circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Marjorie L Corn circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
John E Martin circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Annie Martin circa 1895 Wisconsin  Wife
Peter A Martin circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Louise A Martin circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elmer A Martin circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Lawrence O Martin circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Sarah Martin circa 1922 Wisconsin  Adopted Niece
Henry Martin circa 1926 Wisconsin  Adopted Nephew
Mose Tucker circa 1866 Wisconsin Head
Louise J Tucker circa 1878 Wisconsin  Wife
Marie J Tucker circa 1907 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gabriel Tucker circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Clarence Tucker circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Edward Tucker circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Algier Tucker circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph D Tucker circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Elva R Tucker circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Hellen M Kitson circa 1928 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Ruth J Kitson circa 1904 Wisconsin  Daughter
Charlie Grignon circa 1875 Wisconsin Brother-in-law
Raphael Tucker circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Josephine Tucker circa 1906 Wisconsin  Wife
Virginia Tucker circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Robert J Tucker circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Augustus Grignon circa 1867 Wisconsin Head
Mary Grignon circa 1869 Wisconsin  Wife
Margaret Grignon circa 1896 Wisconsin  Daughter
Raymond Grignon circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Edward Grignon circa 1889 Wisconsin  Brother
Gus Lookaround circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Alice Lookaround circa 1902 Oklahoma Wife
Robert O' Connor circa 1896 Michigan Head
Florence O' Connor circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Gordon O' Connor circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Irvin O' Connor circa 1901 Wisconsin  Brother
Margaret O' Connor circa 1907 Wisconsin  Sister-in-law
D Jeannine O' Connor circa 1929 Wisconsin  Niece
Louisa A Spurrier circa 1866 Wisconsin Head
Genevieve O Richmond circa 1900 Wisconsin Daughter
Alex Wilber circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Amanda Wilber circa 1911 Wisconsin  Wife
Elmer J Wilber  circa 1930 Wisconsin  Son
Elizabeth Sackatook circa 1898 Wisconsin Boarder
Catherine Sackatook circa 1918 Wisconsin Boarder
Herman B Sackatook circa 1920 Wisconsin Boarder
Emil Sackatook circa 1922 Wisconsin Boarder
Paul Brunette circa 1856 Wisconsin Head
Mary A Brunette circa 1861 Wisconsin  Wife
John Y Ahkenokosay circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Sophia Ahkenokosay circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Marie L Ahkenokosay circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mamie Ahkenokosay circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Eliza Fredenberg circa 1855 Wisconsin Head
Carl Munson circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Mary G Munson circa 1895 Wisconsin  Wife
Karl Munson circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Kenneth Munson circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Thomas Goodyear circa 1897 Wisconsin Brother-in-law
Antone Shawanomitta circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Louise M Shawanomitta circa 1880 Wisconsin  Wife
Earvey Shawanomitta circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edna Shawanomitta circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
William Mahkimetars circa 1910 Wisconsin Stepson
Peter Whitney circa 1875 Wisconsin Head
Eliza Whitney circa 1872 Wisconsin  Wife
Joseph S Whitney circa 1917 Wisconsin  Adopted Son
Margarete C Munson circa 1928 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Joe J Davis circa 1842 Wisconsin Head
William Tucker circa 1869 Wisconsin Head
Mitchell Pyarvosay circa 1902 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Wilhelmina Pyarvosay circa 1923 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
William M Pyarvosay circa 1925 Wisconsin  Grandson
Henry Richmond circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Gertie P Richmond circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
Clarence H Richmond circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Calvin J Richmond circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Alvin Richmond circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Ralph Richmond circa 1920 Wisconsin Son
Josephine Richmond circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Henry Richmond circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Mabel Richmond circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gordon Richmond circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
John B Waukeckon circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Mary S Waukeckon circa 1885 Wisconsin  Wife
Magdalene Waukeckon circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Isabel Waukeckon circa 1925 Wisconsin  Adopted Daughter
Margaret La Rock circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Frank La Rock circa 1905 Wisconsin  Son
William La Rock circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Margaret Cardish circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Cecilia Cardish circa 1916 Wisconsin  Adopted Daughter
Peter La Rock circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Mary A La Rock circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Joe J La Rock circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Aloysius P La Rock circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Joe Davis circa 1859 Wisconsin Head
Theresa Davis circa 1866 Wisconsin  Wife
Elizabeth Davis circa 1909 Wisconsin  Daughter
Colleen L Hoff circa 1929 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Louis Kenney circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Cecilia K Kenney circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Gust L Kenney circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Mildred A Kenney circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mary C Kenney circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jerome Shawanomitta circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Relia W Shawanomitta circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Mary Welch circa 1886 Wisconsin Servant
Agnes Prickett circa 1846 Wisconsin Head
Frank Tepiew circa 1891 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Ann P Tepiew circa 1892 Wisconsin  Daughter
Joe Tepiew circa 1913 Wisconsin  Grandson
Agnes Tepiew circa 1915 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
William Tepiew circa 1917 Wisconsin  Grandson
Angeline Tepiew circa 1920 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Francis Tepiew circa 1923 Wisconsin  Grandson
Anthony Tepiew circa 1926 Wisconsin  Grandson
Stella Tepiew circa 1928 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
John Moses circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Louise Moses circa 1889 Michigan  Wife
Louis Delabreau circa 1887 Michigan Brother-in-law
George Delabreau circa 1899 Wisconsin  Brother-in-law
Pat Delabreau circa 1907 Wisconsin  Brother-in-law
Susan Wishuoby circa 1895 Wisconsin Boarder
Mary Ahyahska circa 1860 Wisconsin Head
Mitchell Oskkenaniew circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Elmer J Oskkenaniew circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Elvira J Oskkenaniew circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mitchell F Oskkenaniew circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Rosella Oskkenaniew circa 1926 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Andrew Menore circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Charlotte W Menore circa 1907 Wisconsin  Wife
Margaret T Menore circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elaine M Menore circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jacqueline L Menore circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Louis Wishecoby circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Margaret Wishecoby circa 1882 Wisconsin  Wife
John L Wishecoby circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Geraldine Wishecoby circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Theresa Waubano circa 1854 Wisconsin Head
James Mahkinetas circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Ina Mahkinetas circa 1911 Wisconsin  Wife
William Sackatuck circa 1905 Wisconsin Head
Mary C Sackatuck circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Anton Reiter circa 1889 Yugoslavia Head
Susan Reiter circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Mitchell Reiter circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
John B Reiter circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Mary C Reiter circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Anton R Reiter circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
James C Reiter circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Helen Reiter circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Franklin Kabbak circa 1914 Wisconsin Nephew
Peter Shawanometta circa 1864 Wisconsin Head
Angeline Shawanometta circa 1866 Wisconsin  Wife
Catherine Shawanometta circa 1914 Wisconsin  Adopted Daughter
James Kanota circa 1920 Wisconsin Grandson
John Shawanomitta circa 1861 Wisconsin  Brother
Eliza Waupoose circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Theresa Beauprey circa 1861 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Charlotte Melotte circa 1912 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Joseph H Melotte circa 1915 Wisconsin  Grandson
Elmer J Schanadore circa 1916 Wisconsin Grandson
Mary Schanadore circa 1919 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Howard Schanadore circa 1918 Wisconsin  Grandson
Josephine B Blackclond circa 1854 Wisconsin Head
Louis Tomow circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Mary K Tomow circa 1875 Wisconsin  Wife
Madeline Tomow circa 1911 Wisconsin  Daughter
Vernie M Kanota circa 1911 Wisconsin Stepdaughter
John V Satterlee circa 1853 Wisconsin Head
Joe E Satterlee circa 1884 Wisconsin  Son
Gertrude Satterlee circa 1913 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Jacob Satterlee circa 1916 Wisconsin  Grandson
Allie Penass circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Catherine Penass circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Clarence A Penass circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Arnold Penass circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Thomas Waupoose circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Louise Waupoose circa 1885 Wisconsin  Wife
Lawrence Waupoose circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Mitchell Waupoose circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Richard Waupoose circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Gilbert Waupoose circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Lula Waupoose circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Peter Sackatuck circa 1872 Wisconsin Uncle
Kewashkomo Smith circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Harriet Smith circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Frank Smith circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Jim Smith circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Joe Smith circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Mose Smith circa 1921 Wisconsin  Stepson
Gerald Smith circa 1924 Wisconsin  Stepson
Grace Smith circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Joe A Ohopasa circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Tauteweyamo Ohopasa circa 1881 Wisconsin  Wife
Henry Ohopasa circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Frank Ohopasa circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
James Ohopasa circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Abram Burnette circa 1848 Wisconsin Head
George Lawe circa 1873 Michigan Head
Matilda Lawe circa 1874 Wisconsin  Wife
Edward Lawe circa 1898 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph Lawe circa 1901 Wisconsin  Son
Theodore Lawe circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Virginia Lawe circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Regina Lawe circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Frank Waubano circa 1853 Wisconsin Head
Jennie P Waubano circa 1864 Wisconsin  Wife
Germine C Feather circa 1916 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Jed Butler circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Josephine Butler circa 1896 Wisconsin  Wife
Mitchell Penomicutt circa 1917 Wisconsin Stepson
Jane Penomicutt circa 1918 Wisconsin  Stepdaughter
George Penomicutt circa 1920 Wisconsin  Stepson
Merle Penomicutt circa 1922 Wisconsin  Stepson
Gerald Penomicutt circa 1927 Wisconsin  Stepson
Max Martin circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Theresa Martin circa 1880 Wisconsin  Wife
Viola M Amour circa 1913 Wisconsin Stepdaughter
Verne J Amour circa 1916 Wisconsin  Stepdaughter
Elmer Kakwitch circa 1925 Wisconsin Adopted Son
Jane M Miller circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
James G Miller circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Elmer J Miller circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Claudia Miller circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Theodore Miller circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Benjamin Miller circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Irene L Miller circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Harriet Longley circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Harriet L Longley circa 1911 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ida Longley circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Sarah Longley circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lawrence Longley circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Henry Teller circa 1908 Wisconsin Son
Jack Corn circa 1851 Wisconsin Head
Jane T Corn circa 1857 Wisconsin  Wife
Mose Kittecon circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Mary Kittecon circa 1873 Wisconsin  Wife
Herbert Kittecon circa 1913 Wisconsin  Adopted Son
Hazel K Kittecon circa 1923 Wisconsin  Adopted Daughter
Paul Peters circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Catherine W Peters circa 1891 Wisconsin  Wife
Gerhardt Peters circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
John W Peters circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Arline M Peters circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lawrence J Peters circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Louis Corn circa 1867 Wisconsin Head
Susan P Corn circa 1868 Wisconsin  Wife
Lucile Corn circa 1914 Wisconsin  Adopted Daughter
George Long circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Virginia Long circa 1909 Wisconsin  Wife
Frances Long circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Catherine Laughrey circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Mary W Sackatook circa 1863 Wisconsin Head
Sarah Wausakokamick circa 1883 Michigan Head
Mose Wausakokamick circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Robert Pamopamy circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Mochogustokey Pamopamy circa 1874 Wisconsin  Wife
Kenay Pamopamy circa 1901 Wisconsin  Son
Koshcokey Nahwahquaw circa 1888 Wisconsin Sister-in-law
Mose Oakkeshequoam circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Theresa M Oakkeshequoam circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Jane Oakkeshequoam circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Rose A Oakkeshequoam circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Morris J Oakkeshequoam circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Leonard D Oakkeshequoam circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Victoria Oakkeshequoam circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Floyd J Oakkeshequoam circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Theresa Oakkeshequoam circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Leonard J Beauprey circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Maggie S Beauprey circa 1903 Wisconsin  Wife
Lorraine Beauprey circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lucile Beauprey circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Peter Pamonicutt circa 1856 Wisconsin Head
Susan B Pamonicutt circa 1858 Wisconsin  Wife
Margaret Baxter circa 1915 Wisconsin Adopted Daughter
Mary H Penass circa 1855 Wisconsin Head
Louis Tucker circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Matilda Tucker circa 1883 Wisconsin  Wife
Ralph Tucker circa 1906 Wisconsin  Son
Elsie Tucker circa 1910 Wisconsin  Daughter
Theresa Tucker circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Leonard Tucker circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Mary Tucker circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Alfred Tucker circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Richard Tucker circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
John Tepiew circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Rose O Tepiew circa 1895 Wisconsin  Wife
John Tepiew circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Charlotte Tepiew circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Moses Tepiew circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Robert Tepiew circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Arnold Tepiew circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Mitchell Tepiew circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Susan Tepiew circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Harriet Tepiew circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Maggie T Mahkimetass circa 1911 Wisconsin Daughter
Ella Mahkimetass circa 1927 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Mabel Mahkimetass circa 1928 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Lucille Mahkimetass circa 1919 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Barney Penass circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Louise Penass circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
Margaret M Penass circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Waite Penass circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Peter Penass circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Barney Penass circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Albertine K Penass circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Frances Penass circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Matchomowroe Kanasay circa 1851 Wisconsin Boarder
Cecelia Skusicke circa 1854 Wisconsin Head
John Cardish circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Sophia S Cardish circa 1901 Wisconsin  Daughter-in-law
Sylvester Kakkak circa 1912 Wisconsin Grandson
Abram Konaha circa 1882 Wisconsin Nephew
Walter E Klein circa 1895 Iowa Head
Elizabeth B Klein circa 1895 Illinois Wife
Nella E Harvey circa 1906 Indiana Head
Margaret Kirchner circa 1907 Minnesota Boarder
Harrison Smith circa 1891 Wisconsin Boarder
Rachel Smith circa 1891 Wisconsin Boarder
Gladys C Smith circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
Hattie Smith circa 1895 Wisconsin Boarder
Grace F Wold circa 1881 Wisconsin Boarder
Nellie Darling circa 1870 Wisconsin Cook
Sadie F Robertson circa 1875 Pennsylvania Boarder
Mabel Cronatrom circa 1909 Wisconsin Boarder
Elin Hagberg circa 1908 Michigan Boarder
Samson Gagnon circa 1900 Wisconsin Boarder
Edward A Kuester circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Estelle E Kuester circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Marvin L Kuester circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Phyllis F Kuester circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Inan L Callin circa 1887 Illinois Head
Marnie Callin circa 1886 Illinois  Wife
Lyle Callin circa 1910 Illinois  Son
James Brooks circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Jane Brooks circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
Jesse Brooks circa 1907 Wisconsin  Son
Rose Brooks circa 1909 Wisconsin  Daughter
Frank Brooks circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Clara E Brooks circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Anna M Brooks circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mary Brooks circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Myrtle J Brooks circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mitchell Brooks circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Percy Brooks circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
James Dick circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Agnes G Dick circa 1906 Wisconsin  Wife
Alegra M Dick circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Grant M Dick circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Harold J Dick circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Mitchell Dick circa 1871 Wisconsin  Father
Elizabeth B Dick circa 1882 Wisconsin  Stepmother
Joseph Sommers circa 1915 Wisconsin Boarder
Robert Blackcloud circa 1914 Wisconsin Stepbrother
Elmer G Dick circa 1914 Wisconsin  Brother
Elizabeth Amob circa 1917 Wisconsin Boarder
Johnson Awonohopey circa 1915 Wisconsin Boarder
Joseph F Kaquatosh circa 1919 Wisconsin Boarder
Alice Miller circa 1913 Wisconsin Boarder
Crystal Miller circa 1915 Wisconsin Boarder
William Miller circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
Fred Miller circa 1923 Wisconsin Boarder
Frank W Pamanet circa 1913 Wisconsin Boarder
William Pamanet circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
Paul Pamanet circa 1923 Wisconsin Boarder
Martin Pamonicutt circa 1919 Wisconsin Boarder
Marggie Smith circa 1914 Wisconsin Boarder
Louisa Wayka circa 1912 Wisconsin Boarder
George A Wayka circa 1914 Wisconsin Boarder
Thomas Wayka circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
Ernest Wayka circa 1920 Wisconsin Boarder
Andrew W Wayka circa 1924 Wisconsin Boarder
Charlotte Wauposce circa 1917 Wisconsin Boarder
Cornell Copt circa 1917 Wisconsin Boarder
Troeskeu Engelhard circa 1875 Germany Head
Florian Thiel circa 1896 Ohio Boarder
Norbert Schmalz circa 1901 Indiana Boarder
David Petri circa 1864 Germany Boarder
Hyacintha Nienhaus circa 1868 Missouri Boarder
Simplicius Washbusch circa 1857 Illinois Boarder
Naurus Regenbogen circa 1862 Missouri Boarder
Walter Ziegler circa 1876 Michigan Boarder
Katherine Deltenbock circa 1870 Missouri Head
Anna Will circa 1886 Michigan Boarder
Mary Goley circa 1889 Missouri Boarder
Theophila Mohita circa 1887 Russia Boarder
Rose Muser circa 1908 Missouri Boarder
Flora Willett circa 1899 Indiana Boarder
Mary Streuter circa 1893 Missouri Boarder
Mary A Depauw circa 1902 Missouri Boarder
Mary Mc Andrew circa 1887 Missouri Boarder
Catherine Kerrigan circa 1892 Michigan Boarder
Bertha Germain circa 1884 Illinois Boarder
Mary Kriech circa 1857 Indiana Boarder
Robert Ladd circa 1917 Wisconsin Boarder
Earl Ladd circa 1918 Wisconsin Boarder
Melvina Ladd circa 1921 Wisconsin Boarder
Joseph Gauthier circa 1914 Wisconsin Boarder
Victor Gauthier circa 1919 Wisconsin Boarder
Catherine Gauthier circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
Edna Redcloud circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
Bernard Keshena? circa 1920 Wisconsin Boarder
Peter Dick circa 1914 Wisconsin Boarder
Aloysius Dick circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
William Lamotte circa 1872 Wisconsin Boarder
Richard Dick circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Rose Dick circa 1907 Wisconsin  Wife
Richard Dick circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Dorothy M Dick circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Louretta M Dick circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
John J Dick circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Harry Rabideaux circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Evangeline Rabideaux circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Henry Rabideaux circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Linda Rabideaux circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Aloysius Rabideaux circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Marjorie Boyd circa 1919 Wisconsin Boarder
Vera Boyd circa 1920 Wisconsin Boarder
Bertha Kaquatosh circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
Frances Kaquatosh circa 1921 Wisconsin Boarder
Mitchell Kaquatosh circa 1924 Wisconsin Boarder
Mose Moses circa 1920 Wisconsin Boarder
Edward Powless circa 1922 Wisconsin Boarder
Ray Powless circa 1923 Wisconsin Boarder
Lloyd Powless circa 1924 Wisconsin Boarder
Philemon Shishequom circa 1919 Wisconsin Boarder
Loraine M Shishequom circa 1920 Wisconsin Boarder
Joseph A Waupoose circa 1917 Wisconsin Boarder
Mary A Waupoose circa 1919 Wisconsin Boarder
Jane Waupoose circa 1922 Wisconsin Boarder
Louise Waupoose circa 1923 Wisconsin Boarder
Hazel O'kachekum circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
George Konaha circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
Jane Peters circa 1916 Wisconsin Boarder
James H Tourtillotte circa 1856 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Tourtillotte circa 1876 Wisconsin Wife
Lester D Lookaround circa 1913 Wisconsin Nephew
Kenneth G Aberb circa 1904 Wisconsin Grandson
Harry Ainsworth circa 1894 Ohio Head
Frances Ainsworth circa 1901 Minnesota Wife
Blanch Ainsworth circa 1923 North Dakota  Daughter
Joyce Ainsworth circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Henry S Martin circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Grace Martin circa 1905 Wisconsin  Wife
Wayne H Martin circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Augustine M Martin circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lorraine Martin circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Patrick L Peters circa 1914 Wisconsin Boarder
Gerome Lawe circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Frank Keshena circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Nellie B Keshena circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Anthony J Keshena circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Deloris F Keshena circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Rita A Keshena circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
France K Kishena circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Joan M Kishena circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gordon Kishena circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Stephen James circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth James circa 1884 Wisconsin  Wife
Winnifred James circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Martin F James circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Josette James circa 1864 Wisconsin  Mother
John Fox circa 1875 Wisconsin Boarder
Thomas La Bell circa 1859 Wisconsin Head
Rose La Bell circa 1892 Wisconsin  Daughter
Sadie La Bell circa 1911 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Angeline Adams circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Albert G Adams circa 1907 Wisconsin  Son
Walter L Adams circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Ida M Adams circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ronda Sloniker circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Glarus Sloniker circa 1911 Wisconsin  Daughter
Henry M Dodge circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Josephine Dodge circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Gwendolin Dodge circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Constance Dodge circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Melvin Dodge circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
William Malotte circa 1872 Wisconsin Nephew
Mitchell Sanopaw circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Mary J Sanopaw circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
Jerome Faye circa 1891 Illinois Head
Elizabeth Faye circa 1883 Michigan Wife
Cecil Faye circa 1921 Wisconsin  Adopted Son
Pearl Henderson circa 1881 Minnesota Head
Ella Henderson circa 1873 Wisconsin  Wife
Dorothy Henderson circa 1916 Wisconsin  Adopted Daughter
Jessie Williams circa 1895 Minnesota Daughter-in-law
Ivan Williams circa 1923 Illinois  Grandson
Harriet Williams circa 1925 Minnesota  Granddaughter
Eric Jansen circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Olga Jansen circa 1904 Wisconsin  Wife
Earl Jansen circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Bernice Jansen circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Harold Jansen circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Carl Lohabach circa 1867 Germany Father-in-law
Bertha Lohabach circa 1872 Germany Mother-in-law
William Rooney circa 1901 Illinois Boarder
Arthur Schaal circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Sadie Schaal circa 1879 Wisconsin  Wife
Ruth Schaal circa 1915 Wisconsin  Adopted Daughter
Alvia M Morrin circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Clara V Morrin circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Patricia R Morrin circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Dorothy J Morrin circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Louie Gauthier circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Louis Gauthier circa 1918 Wisconsin  Adopted Son
William R Beyer circa 1886 Iowa Head
Esther O Beyer circa 1896 Minnesota Wife
Richard A Beyer circa 1923 North Dakota  Son
Pauline Wishecoby circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Hazel Taggart circa 1907 Wisconsin Daughter
Adell Penass circa 1912 Wisconsin Boarder
John F Waukechon circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Annie Waukechon circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Leo J Waukechon circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Marvin J Waukechon circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Frances A Waukechon circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Agnes A Waukechon circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
John W Waukechon circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Catherine A Waukechon circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jerome Beauprey circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Beauprey circa 1873 Wisconsin  Wife
Evelyn R Beauprey circa 1927 Illinois Granddaughter
Joe Seymour circa 1865 Wisconsin Head
Jane K Seymour circa 1887 Wisconsin  Wife
France Lamotte circa 1896 Wisconsin Boarder
John Waukau circa 1900 Wisconsin Boarder
Dan Waupoose circa 1907 Wisconsin Boarder
Joe Kaquatosh circa 1910 Wisconsin Boarder
Robert Hanks circa 1902 Wisconsin Boarder
Peter Gauthier circa 1884 Wisconsin Boarder
Weso Smith circa 1900 Wisconsin Boarder
John Tucker circa 1906 Wisconsin Boarder
Ruth M Schweers circa 1905 Wisconsin Boarder
Angeline Fierst circa 1910 Wisconsin Boarder
Mary L Wishacoby circa 1874 Wisconsin Boarder
Rose Keshena circa 1896 Wisconsin Boarder
Edna Tucker circa 1904 Wisconsin Boarder
Ida La Rock circa 1908 Wisconsin Boarder
John Moshoquit circa 1886 Wisconsin Boarder
Linwood M Keene circa 1875 Maine Head
Mary M Keene circa 1883 New York  Wife
Mashoquit Chuquasit circa 1875 Wisconsin Patient
Okackakune Chuquasit circa 1906 Wisconsin Patient
William P Brennan circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Sarah Brennan circa 1895 Wisconsin  Wife
Clarence W Brennan circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph M Brennan circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Wallie Mcallister circa 1876 Wisconsin Father-in-law
Jessie Mcallister circa 1878 Wisconsin  Mother-in-law
Lewis Schultz circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Exilda Schultz circa 1897 Michigan  Wife
Elizabeth F Schultz circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elsie M Schultz circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edward Schultz circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
John A Schultz circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Reginald Oshkosh circa 1869 Wisconsin Head
Rhea Oshkosh circa 1869 Wisconsin  Wife
James Martin circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Ella G Martin circa 1891 Wisconsin  Wife
Wesley J Martin circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Frank Kakkak circa 1859 Wisconsin Head
Lizzie Kakkak circa 1866 Wisconsin  Wife
Harry Kakkak circa 1906 Wisconsin  Son
Julia Kakkak circa 1907 Wisconsin  Daughter-in-law
Maggie Mosman circa 1845 Wisconsin Sister
Mary Moses circa 1910 Wisconsin Niece
Mitchell Moses circa 1911 Wisconsin  Nephew
James Fisk circa 1929 Wisconsin Grandson
William Satterlee circa 1859 Wisconsin Head
Jane Satterlee circa 1867 Wisconsin  Wife
Robert Lawe circa 1900 Wisconsin Adopted Son
Frank Satterlee circa 1891 Wisconsin  Nephew
Billie F Dodge circa 1906 Wisconsin Grandson
Joseph W Mcpherson circa 1918 Wisconsin Grandson
Reynold Mcpherson circa 1922 Wisconsin Grandson
Clarence Okachekum circa 1918 Wisconsin Grandson
Sophia G Okachekum circa 1920 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Robert Waupoose circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Mary T Waupoose circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Matilda E Waupoose circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Virginia M Waupoose circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Rosine Waupoose circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Aloysius P Waupoose circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Robert E Waupoose circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Christine Waupoose circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Madeline Nausquesequsp circa 1863 Wisconsin Head
Barney Corn circa 1874 Wisconsin Nephew
Frank Tomow circa 1908 Wisconsin Head
Wishkens Moschart circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Petoponokey Moschart circa 1878 Wisconsin  Wife
Peter Nabanascum circa 1898 Wisconsin Stepson
Peter Nabanascum circa 1921 Wisconsin  Grandson
Henry Nabanascum circa 1926 Wisconsin  Grandson
David Kashkenamakey circa 1852 Wisconsin Cousin
Louis Waukechon circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Susan V Waukechon circa 1899 Wisconsin  Wife
Marie E Waukechon circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Margaret Vilander circa 1910 Wisconsin Sister-in-law
France Moon circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Julia Irving circa 1868 Wisconsin Mother
Elmira M Moon circa 1921 Wisconsin  Niece
Peter Mahkinretas circa 1904 Wisconsin Cousin
Chuqusshkum Smith circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Madoline Smith circa 1873 Wisconsin  Wife
William Penass circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Neset Penass circa 1886 Wisconsin  Wife
Mary Penass circa 1906 Wisconsin  Daughter
Harry Penass circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Mitchell Penass circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Theresa Penass circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
William Penass circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Howard Penass circa 1927 Wisconsin  Grandson
Mose Nyahtowapamy circa 1868 Wisconsin Head
John Amob circa 1867 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Amob circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
France Amob circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Maudy Amob circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Frances Waupoose circa 1913 Wisconsin Stepson
Margaret Waupoose circa 1923 Wisconsin  Stepdaughter
Nahpone Perote circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
John S Perote circa 1906 Wisconsin  Son
John D Perote circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Antone Penass circa 1875 Wisconsin Head
George Caldwell circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Caldwell circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Sylvester T Caldwell circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Mary J Caldwell circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Frank J Caldwell circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
John Tomaw circa 1854 Wisconsin Daughter-in-law
Mose Sanapaw circa 1853 Wisconsin Head
Polly C Sanapaw circa 1867 Wisconsin  Wife
Joseph Shawano circa 1908 Wisconsin Stepson
David Penass circa 1877 Wisconsin Nephew
Elizabeth Gauthier circa 1898 Wisconsin Daughter
Ernestine R Moon circa 1926 Wisconsin Granddaughter
David Shawanometta circa 1917 Wisconsin Grandson
James Crow circa 1859 Wisconsin Head
Theresa Crow circa 1855 Wisconsin  Wife
Mitchell Maskewit circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Mary B Maskewit circa 1904 Wisconsin  Wife
Mitchell Maskewit circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Jackie Maskewit circa 1909 Wisconsin  Brother
Elizabeth Malotte circa 1841 Wisconsin Head
Louisa Tucker circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Louis Tucker circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
William M Tucker circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Peter Tucker circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Charles Warrington circa 1857 Wisconsin Head
Mary C Warrington circa 1870 Wisconsin  Wife
Charles Warrington circa 1913 Wisconsin  Adopted Son
Gertrude Schultz circa 1919 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Gerhart Schultz circa 1924 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Mose Mahkinetass circa 1875 Wisconsin Head
Robert Mosehart circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Louise Mosehart circa 1909 Wisconsin  Wife
Hilda Mosehart circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Anna Mosehart circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Angeline Wolf circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Maykiss Wolf circa 1901 Wisconsin  Son
Laurine Wolf circa 1925 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
George Nabanssaem circa 1928 Wisconsin Grandson
James Wolf circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Sak-kak-sa-m-ke? Wolf circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
Louis Wolf circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Peter Wolf circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Mary Wolf circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Theresa Wolf circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Louis Kashketopy circa 1852 Wisconsin Head
Notinokey Kashketopy circa 1861 Wisconsin  Wife
John Maskewit circa 1886 Wisconsin Boarder
Charles Wolf circa 1872 Wisconsin Head
Mary Wolf circa 1884 Wisconsin  Wife
Annie Wolf circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Louis Corn circa 1873 Wisconsin Head
Mitchell Corn circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Francis J Grignon circa 1910 Wisconsin Head
Wauponen Kawchit circa 1860 Wisconsin Head
Gust Peters circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
John Pyawasay circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Joe Kosekohaw circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Jane S Kaokuk circa 1851 Wisconsin Head
John L Fossum circa 1914 Wisconsin Grandson
Clara L Fossum circa 1916 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Louise O Loudbear circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Cecelia Loudbear circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Joe Loudbear circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Alma J Loudbear circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Angela Loudbear circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter