Many, many thanks to Paul, the archivist at St. James, for supplying us with the wonderful photos, booklets, etc. that are contained in this site.  This truly is a gift and we are most appreciative!

And, if you have any class or confirmation photos, booklets or articles you would like to share, just email me and we can add them to the page as well.

"The earliest records go back to 1873 and before.  The original baptismal and marriage records for the very first years of the congregation have been transcribed and reside at the Bonduel Archive thanks to Darlene Heller and her crew. 

St. James was started as a preaching station by Pastor Dicke of St. Martini, (St. Martin today) Belle Plaine.  When he left Belle Plaine for St. Paul, Town Washington, both in Shawano County, his successor at St. Martini, Belle Plaine was Pastor Ebert.  These two men served St. James in what is now the city of Shawano.  Pastor Ebert first cared for the congregation from Belle Plaine and then from St. Paul, Bonduel after moving there.  (St. Paul Town Washington and St. Paul, Bonduel are two different congregations)  In 1889 St. James in Shawano called their first full time pastor.  Pastor Nickel started a school that year in his house and served St. James, Shawano, St. Jacobi, Town Richmond, and Immanuel, Mohican, a bit outside of Gresham.  He was followed by Pastor Hanow, who was followed by Pastor Selle.  Pastor Selle was pastor at St. James when the second school and church were build on the land St. James owns today in.  These two buildings were dedicated in 1907.  The first property (where the German chapel and the first school stood) was on Union Street in Shawano, one block south of Green Bay St.  The school's first regularly trained teacher was Mr. Gehner who took over part of Pastor Nickle's duties by teaching school. 

St. James in the city of Shawano was known as St. Jacobi (variant spelling St. Jakobi)  not to be confused with St. Jacobi Town Richmond. Both St. Jacobis were served by the same pastor, Pastor Selle.  The church buildings started out one block south of Green Bay Street and one block east of Lincoln Street in Shawano.  At that place it was called the German Chapel.  Part of the building still stands on that land and is being used as a house.  The school was moved to the corner of Center and S. Andrews Streets in 1907 when a new church and school were built at the church's present location."

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CONFIRMATION 1889 This is Pastor Nickel and his first confirmation class.  Pastor Nickel married Pastor Ebert's daughter Lydia.  Pastor Ebert served St. James (St. Jacobi) first from St. Martins (St. Martini) Belle Plaine, and then from St. Paul, Bonduel.
Top row L to R: Emil Mielke, Emma Klebesadel (Mrs. William Hoffman), Fred Steinberg, Minnie Mittlestadt, Albert Dallman, Frieda Thomas (Mrs. John Schenk), Anna Blank (Mrs. Walch)
Middle row L to R: Emma Weber, Ollie Krause (Mrs. John Wilbur), Rev. Theodore Nickel, Clara Garbrecht (Mrs. Clara Meyer)
Front row L to R: Otto Regling, William Zingler. Herman Krumsbach and Anna Wolf did not appear on the picture. 
CLASS OF 1914 Shawano Public School
Eight Grade Exercises - cover
Graduating Class A)  Charles Erickson, Ruth Whitehouse, Edwin Jantz, Marlea Andrews, Raphael Anderson, Lucille Gibbs, Avalt Rossow, Kathryn Eberlein, Albert Raddant, Lucille Hedges, Fred Eberlein, Alma Sorenson, John Erickson, Viola Zerwas, Chalmers McGresham, Hazel Lorenz, Grace Smith, Mildred Brooks, Asella Meyer, Erna Klosterman, Nina Reyer, Amanda Krueger, Dora Wurl, Helen Damerow, Ruby Luebke, Agnes Kleeman, Harry Johnson

B)  Sarah Andrews, Walter Krause, Hazel Bauerfeind, Adolph Klosterman, Martha Black, Reuben Raddant, Mildred Brenner, Ralph Tourtillotte, Blanche Gale, Harold Weed, Erna Dengel, King Weeman, Ethel Chaimson, Victor Werner, Cecile Marohl, Wayne Wilbur, Margaret Marohl, William Damerow, George Bauerfeind, Irvin Dengel, Ernest Brehmer, Arthur Ramlow, Emil Heller, Emil Shank, Harold Howe, Walter Elbert

Class Officers A)  Charles Erickson. President; Nina Royer, Vice President; Ruby Luebke, Sec'y and Tres.

B)  King Weeman, President; Blanche Gale, Vice President; Victor Werner, Secretary; Martha Black, Treasurer.

Program Honors: Marlea Andrews, Victor Werner, Mildred Brooks, Blanche Gale, Ruby Luebke, Ernest Brehmer, Ruth Whitehouse, Martha Black, Mildred Brenner
Student Class So far as I know, we haven't identified this class yet.
Update: Note from Paul:
In regards to the picture labeled "student class" on your St. James page, I found another copy with the name Helen Reichel Gibson on the back.  I'm guessing this is an interior of the first St. James school which was moved to the corner of Center and S. Andrews from one block south of Green Bay St.  That would make sense with what I know about the Reichels.  Helen has been dead for a number of years. 


St. Jacobi Christmas Inside View of the Church & Altar
Another St. Jacobi Christmas Inside View of the Church & Altar
St. Jacobi Church Exterior view of the building - burned down in 1943.
St. Jacobi Easter Inside View of the Church at Easter
Mr. Herman Gehner This is Mr. Herman Gehner's graduation picture from what is now Concordia University but was formerly known as Concordia, River Forest.  He was the second teacher at St. James (St. Jocobi) in Shawano, the first being Rev. Theo. Nickel, who began the school in the parsonage on Union Street in 1889.  Back of card
St. Jacobi-German Chapel Paul hasn't been able to identify the pastor, but his guess is that he is Pastor E. Hanow -- this information is not verified.
Pastor Dicke Pastor Dicke came to Shawano the day he arrived at his new church at Belle Plaine.  He came from Mayville/Theresa Wisconsin following a call no doubt instigated by former parishioners from Mayville who had moved to Belle Plaine.  He found wilderness and poverty but also people willing to do the hard work needed to build churches on the frontier.  He was adamant about teaching God's Word in its truth and purity.  He had come to America with the express purpose of starting new congregations.  He succeeded.
Pastor Ebert Pastor Ebert served St. James when Pastor Dicke moved to Town Washington.  He was our second pastor, shared by the other congregations in the area started by Pastor Dicke.  Pastor Dicke didn't consider himself a circuit rider.  He considered all the churches he started as his parish and served them on a rotating basis.
1907 "Downstairs" Class Photograph of mixed classes that were in the "downstairs" level of the school.  Click on the photo below to see a larger, more detailed view and if you can identify someone, please email me and we'll try to get each young person identified!

And, click here to see the LARGEST scan -- I've added numbers so you can just identify # child if you know their names.  Thanks, Paul!

1911 Confirmation Class This is the 1911 Confirmation Class picture, donated to the Archive by Henry Montoure.  The two people we know of are Rev. F. Selle in the center and Mr. Gehner in the back far right.  Click on the photo below to see a larger, more detailed view and if you can identify someone, please email me and we'll try to get each young person identified!

and here is an even LARGER one than the above link -- this might take til next summer to open, depending on your modem, but if you think from the above link that this might be your family, this pic is VERY DETAILED.  Thanks Paul (& Henry!)

1912 or 1913 Confirmation Class On the back of the photo, there is the following identification -- "After 1911 and before 1913. Teacher Gehner left in 1913. 2nd row, 2nd from the right is David Beversdorf.  Back row 2nd from the right is Mr. Gehner. Front middle is Rev. F. Selle."  Click on the photo for a LARGE SCAN and if you want the LARGEST, click here.

??? Upstairs in the 1907 school Paul's note: It's upstairs in the 1907 school and I'm guessing it was taken much later than 1907.  The room has no posts to support an upstairs section.  The clothes are very distinctive.

Click on the photo for a LARGE SCAN and if you want the LARGEST, click here.

After 1919 St. James Interior Taken sometime after 1919

Click on the photo for a LARGE SCAN and if you want the LARGEST, click here.

After 1919 St. James Exterior Great photo of the exterior of St. James with school children and staff.

Click on the photo for a LARGE SCAN and if you want the LARGEST, click here.

??? St. James Class This is one of Mr. Gehner's Classes -- if you know any of the students or the year, please email me!

Click on the photo for a LARGE SCAN and if you want the LARGEST, click here.

St. James Downstairs Unidentified class -- if you know any of the students or the year, please email me!

Click on the photo for a LARGE SCAN and if you want the LARGEST, click here.

??? St. James Class Unidentified class -- if you know any of the students or the year, please email me!

Click on the photo for a LARGE SCAN and if you want the LARGEST, click here.

1942 Confirmation Class Here's a picture just provided to the archive from Opal (Krueger) Lohmiller.  This was the 1942 confirmation class (Palm Sunday) just before the church burned.  -- thanks, Paul.

Click on the photo for LARGER original scan

And, thanks to the meticulous documentation on the back of this photo, we know most of the names -- if you know our missing folks, send me an email with their names so I can update the page.

Front Row: Richard Meyer, Delores Brackob, Marvin Rusch, Opal Krueger, Carl Raddant, Shirley Hablewitz, _____, Dorothy Lemke (deceased), Curtis Kleeman, Lorraine Balke, Walter Weinig, Fern Alft;

Second Row:  Helen Tisch, Doug Goers, Angeline Rosenberg, _______. Charlotte Papendorf, Merlyn Rosenow, Shirley Ludolph, Alfred Meisner, _____, Walter Beltz, Laverna Schutt, James Hertzfeldt, Lou Ella Scheider, Elmer Schuman;

Third Row:  Roger Druckrey, Bill Nehls, Lois Arndt, Wilbur Thomas, Barbara Weber, Bob Gleffe, Donna Werbelow, Rev. Schroth, _____, Lester Elst, Delores Beversdorf, Bob Tonn, Carol Reichel, Marv Schultz, Ethel Runge

Fourth Row:  _____. David Zaje, Marjorie Lang, Leon Heike, Delores Bluemke, Carl Bartz, Gladys Huebner, Louis Hesse, Elaine Marohl, Otis Mehlberg, Betty Montour, _____, Betty Kuhn;

Top Back Row:   Adeline Raasch, Frank Krueger, Lyle Wieck, Douglas Dobratz, Norman Rindt, Lester Ebelt, Harley Fink, Herbert Kleman, Roger Koepsell, Eugene Salzman, Lorraine Olson;

First St. James School This is Mr. Gehner and the 1st St. James School as written up in the newspaper, celebrating its 97th anniversary.  The lady that is mentioned, Ella Horn Holl was born in July 1897 so the original photo would have been taken about 1902.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

First German Chapel

1907 St. James School

"School under construction" -- This picture shows the St. James School while it was under construction in 1907.  Among the workers in the picture are John Horn, second from the left and Anton Hartman, third from the left and William Horn, Extreme right.  Many thanks to Paul for sending this in and to his source, Mrs. R. W. (Emma Horn) Krueger. -- click on the pic for the larger view from the newspaper.

1947 St. James Church
Thanks Paul for this great picture of the current St. James Church "almost finished" in 1947.  Click on it for a larger view.
Paul Wollangk This article appeared in the Shawano Leader and I thought it was a very nice tribute to the gentleman who made this page on St. James Lutheran a realty.  Many, many thanks again, Paul!

Wollangk stresses faith, creativity in 40-year career  By Nathan Falk, Leader Reporter

Many changes have happened in education over the past 40 years, but St. James Lutheran School teacher Paul Wollangk has continued to bring enthusiasm and a caring Christian attitude each day to his students and colleagues.

Wollangk is retiring this week from the school, where he began his teaching career in the fall of 1968. Sharing his faith has been the most important part of his career.

“Being a minister of religion enables me to share my faith in Jesus with my students who then share their faith with others,” Wollangk said.

Wollangk has taught two generations of children in grades 3 through 8, amounting to 948 students. He’s also served the congregation as a youth worker, adult Bible class teacher, and school librarian.

Wollangk said he’s witnessed many changes during those years.

“It’s amazing how many historical events I’ve spent in the classroom,” Wollangk said, reflecting on the space shuttle Challenger exploding in 1986 and on Sept. 11, 2001, when his students saw the second plane hit the twin towers in New York live on television.

“There are so many things we’ve seen and talked about and I try to bring the kids through,” he said. “It’s given me a chance to use my Christian faith to bring these kids into dealing with a world that didn’t always make sense. I’ve helped show them how God can help guide them through their lives.”

Student Katie Zook enjoys how Wollangk teaches.

“I think he’s a wonderful teacher. He understands kids very well,” she said. “I’ll miss him being patient with all of us and caring for all of us.”

Alec Wendland echoed those sentiments.

“He’s a good teacher. There are a lot of things you learn in fourth grade, and he teaches you in fun ways,” Wendland said.

Principal Susan Longmire said he’s been a tremendous asset to the success of St. James.

“Mr. Wollangk is a great role model for the children because he lives his faith daily in everything that he does — his teaching, the way he interacts with parents and students,” she said. “He’s a kind and gentle man and he’ll be missed. You don’t find teachers like him every day, and our school has been blessed to have him for 40 years teaching.”

Wollangk moved to Shawano from San Francisco, Calif., where he was born and raised. He began his duties Aug. 15, 1968 at St. James.

“Coming here and seeing snow and cold, I don’t think I went outside the first winter,” Wollangk said. “It was one of the coldest winters we ever had, it was 20 below, and would get up to 10 below for about a week straight — that was my introduction to winters in Wisconsin,” he said.

Wollangk got his bachelor of science in education from Concordia University in Nebraska, where he was active in theater. He toured with productions throughout Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado, did technical theater work in many productions and acted in plays on campus.

His background in theater for children and his passion to teach children about Jesus Christ led to his teaching creative dramatics and the art of puppetry. He has written, produced, and directed puppet plays performed in chapel services at St. James Lutheran School and designed and built sets and stages used in many places in Shawano including the former Shawano High School building and the Mielke Theater.

Wollangk’s been president of the Shawano County Arts Council and was involved with the Arts Fair and the Shawano Folk Music Festival for many years. He also acted in and directed plays at the Mielke.

Teaching, he says, has brought him many joys that no other job could have.

“The people in Shawano are wonderful people, and have given me an opportunity to work with their kids, their most precious possession, and let me live with them longer than they do — six hours a day for nine months of the year,” he said. “I’ve gotten to know the families here in a way that I would never had been able to do if I had a job in any other industry. That’s a very wonderful trust people give to you.”

He also has has seen changes in teaching tools in the classroom. In the mid 1980s, Wollangk brought the first computer to St. James, and developed a curriculum to teach programs to students.

“I’ve had to learn how to do that to teach them and stay ahead of them. That’s been a challenge,” he said.

Wollangk said he supported students’ creative spirit.

“Creativity with kids is wonderful. I encourage them to try, because even if they fail, they’re still trying stuff. At least they see it’s OK to do the best they can with what they have,” he said. “Kids relate to what they’re learning, remember it, and it makes it fun. I hope that the fun they have they take into their adult years and teach their children.”

Wil Kleinschmidt, St. James principal from 1966 to 1990, said Wollangk always brought new ideas to the classroom.

“His style of teaching was just different than traditional teachers at that time, and he had a different style about him,” said Kleinschmidt. “Some people wondered if it would work, but it’s based on communication with the kids and establishing a rapport. It worked out fine.”

Wollangk developed the archive at St. James for over 20 years, and recently researched and wrote the histories of the church and school for the Shawano County Historical Society.

“He is a veritable walking history book of the history of St. James Church,” said fellow teacher Ralph Mueller. “Having read much about the church he is well acquainted with the early movers in St. James” history.”

In the last few years Wollangk has written a section in the church’s newsletter called The Voice, where he covers important aspects of St. James history.

“He always closed with — and perhaps it is fitting also to close his ministry with — the words “to God be the glory,’” Mueller said.

Wollangk and his wife, Anne, who also taught in the St. James Pre-School program for 10 years, plan to maintain their residence in Shawano and spend time pursuing varied interests and being with their grandchildren.

“I’ll miss the daily interaction with the kids, but I hope to be able to spend more time with my grandkids, because they’re about this age too,” Wollangk said. “I plan to follow all the interests that I’ve followed the last 40 years.”

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