The historical info for this page comes from many sources - including one from a very distant relative Matie Martin Berndt's book "Memories of Old Angelica" co-written with " Aunt Jennie" McGillivray - thanks again Carol Paska for the great book!  The actual church records were copied from two pages from the late 1910s - early 1920s I received when I was looking for my Christiansen families   These have been sitting here on my desk for a couple years and I thought if this helps 1 researcher find his/her family history, then lets get it online.  As always, if you find yourself listed on any of the pages for the Shawano GenWeb Project and you wish to have your name removed, email me and we'll gladly protect your privacy.

And WHERE and HOW do you obtain more information on this church?  This church is still active and this is by no means an official site for the church -- this is just another webpage with a little history and info on an old church that has a very important place in the history of Angelica Twp.  You can write or contact the church directly OR the Bonduel Community Archives has copied most of the older records and they will gladly help you in your research... and they have other great resources for this area as well.  AND, you can get your OWN COPY of MEMORIES OF OLD ANGELICA for $8.00 plus $3 shipping!

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"Time, like an ever-rolling stream bears all its sons away," but they live again in the lives of those who follow them and the records they leave. The records of the early history of the church have been lost or destroyed by fire and much of this material has been gathered from those who have heard or remember of the early days."
Before 1875 Before the year 1875 when the first church was built the Menominee Indians and pioneer families around Angelica who wished to worship God met in a log cabin school house about a hundred rods north of the old Angelica school building. In 1871 the Peshtigo fire destroyed the log school forcing the settlers to flee for their lives. Very shortly after word the lumber mills moved into Angelica to manufacture the burnt over timber into lumber. A frame school house was built on the site of the old one and it also served as a church.  The first known minister to preach to the mill hands and owners was Rev. Dulap "A Howling Weslyan Methodist". He rode on horseback from Waupaca to reach the service. He was one of a group of circuit riders who traveled miles in the early days to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. In 1872 the first wedding ceremony was performed by him. Some of the other circuit riders were Rev. Kimball, Rev. Lavien, Rev Walker, Rev. Crosby, Rev. Eanta and Rev. Rowbothatr, who was the grandfather of Earl Allen who is now a very gifted and prominent pastor in the Milwaukee area.
1875 In 1875 a group of women Mrs. Kellog, Mrs. McClaren and Mrs. Button led by Mrs. William Upham organized the First Congregational Church of Angelica. Mrs. Upham held a degree of M.D. and helped the minister to the physical as well as spiritual need of the congregation. Especially after the sawmill explosion which killed and injured several. Later when she moved to Marshfield, her husband, who had returned to Racine from Civil War after his funeral service had been performed when he was thought killed, was elected governor of Wisconsin (1855) and she was for years 1st lady of the State. The organizers set the men to work with the lumber furnished by Mr. Upham, whose mill was located in the region of John L. Johnson's farm, building the first church which stood on the spot of the present one until it was destroyed by fire in 1921. It was 26X40 and almost 20 feet high. A small parsonage was also built on the spot of the old 4-room shanty.  Farmers started to move into the vicinity. A great many of them from Canada, among them the Blacks, McMillans, Thompsons, Wilsons, Ainsworths and Magees. The Lutseys came from Pennsylvania. The Louis Johnson family were early settlers here also.
1876 In the winter of 1876 the first known wedding was performed in the newly erected church between Merrill Whieler and Cora Kelly of Racine. Robert Upham of Shawano, nephew of the church founder attended that ceremony. The pulpit bible still being used in the regular service was presented to the Congregational church in that year by Mrs. A. C. Sanford.  The McGillivray family came to Laney in 1876 from Canada. They were identified with the Rose Lawn Methodist Church for many years. They came to the Angelica Church about 1909.
1881 The first known baptism held was for Frank Stronach, performed by Rev. Walker of Suamico.
1887 The Methodist Conference received the Angelica Church into the Conference-Appleton District. At that time there were five districts, Appleton, Fond du Lac, Janesville, Milwaukee and Oshkosh. The number of districts made it easier for the Presiding Elder to reach the outlying churches. They traveled by horse back or top buggy. Often over roads that were fairly impassable-corduroy roads were common. These were made by placing logs side by side. These roads were very rough and bumpy.  In October 1887 Bishop Charles M. Fowler sent the first permanent minister to Angelica. He was O. C. Christian, a supply pastor. The presiding elder was T. D. Cole. Today we would call him a District Superintendent. Mill Center Church was put on the circuit with Angelica to be served by a succession of pastors. Rose Lawn and Suamico were also added to the Charge.  Some of the early families prominent in the Angelica Church in the late 1800's were the James Magees, James McKennas, John Blacks, Thompsons, Alexander Stronach, Jacob Erb, Louis Johnson, William Ainsworth, William Stanton, Thomas Lutsey, Hans Peterson and Julius Martin.  There were no church funerals in those days. The funerals were held in the homes and often people were buried on their own farms.  Vehicles were scarce, so large wagons or sleds would pick up the people along the way and take them to church or to an ice cream social or a sugaring off party. Ice Cream was a great treat and was made by hand-turning. This turning was done usually by the men folk, but often a teenager would work for hours just for the promise of a large dish of this delicacy free of charge. The sugaring party too was the climax of the maple syrup season. These events gave the settlers a chance for fellowship. The Christmas program and tree at the church was something special. Here the people brought all their gifts and shared them around the tree. Thus, the wonderful spirit of sharing and good will were born which still exists in this church.
1888 In a report to Conference in 1888, Rev. O. C. Christian reported that in the two charges, Angelica and Rose Lawn he received a salary of $581. Five hundred was all he was due to receive so he paid the extra money to church extension and Sunday School Union, which was called missions at the time.
1890 In 1890 a Canadian, by the name of Rev. Thomas Austin was sent to Angelica. He preached one year and Rev. Samuel Olson took his place in 1891.  At that time there was only one saloon in Angelica and that was directly across from the church. That year the town went dry. Under the influence of the Methodist women led by Mrs. Upham a temperance league was formed. A hall was built where no alcoholic beverages could be sold.
1891 In 1891 the trustees received a deed for two acres of land, where the church and the parsonage now stand. The parking lot between the church and the parsonage was presented to us by Mrs. Julius Martin in about 1934. This lot had been an eye sore. It was graded and graveled and developed into an adequate parking lot and has added greatly to the appearance of the church property.  The Flintville, Rose Lawn, Mill Center, Abrams-Chase and Advance Churches have through the years been part of the Angelica circuit. The pastor traveled from church to church often with horse and buggy no matter how muddy the roads or how cold the weather. Ministers followed Samuel Olson in rapid succession from 1891 to 1896.
1895 In 1895 the church sent Anna Frazier to Milwaukee to become a Deaconess. She later founded a school for orphan girls at Howard City, Michigan. Miss Frazier still has relatives in our church.  In 1895 Rev. E. D. Upson became pastor of the church. On his bicycle he covered the charge, which consisted of Angelica and Rose Lawn.  On the departure of Rev. Upson, Rev. 0. W. Smith became pastor and stayed until 1903. He was an author of some note, especially in the line of outdoor life, and conservation. The present parsonage was planned and built by him in 1900.  Rev. Chas H. Jacquith followed. He served the charge until 1905 and was replaced by Wm. Moyle who stayed until 1910. When Rev. Geo. Tennant took over the work. He as those before him traveled to Rose Lawn, Advance and Mill Center by horse and rig besides doing the work at Angelica. It is no wonder then, that some of the ministers were found to be very sharp in a horse trade. Those were the days when oats, hay and straw were a substantial part of the minister's salary, and some of the families did most of their paying that way.
1912 Rev. Geo. Goodrick came in 1912 but was transferred to the Minnesota Conference in 1914. In the fall of 1914, Rev. I. W. Spitzer, was called to be pastor of the church. He had spent many years as a slum worker in Chicago. His health was poor and shortly after he and his wife passed away and are buried in the Angelica Hillside Cemetery. After his death the Suamico Church was removed from the charge.
1917 In 1917 Rev. Edson Allen came to us from Abrams. Their possessions were moved by horses and wagons. Mr. Tom Lutsey and Mr. Richard McGillivray made the trip. The Allen's stayed until 1923. Earl Allen was a boy in our midst. The Allen's were exceptional people. Their Christian influence was felt throughout the community.
1921 On Oct. 21, 1921 a high wind blew sparks from a burning cheese factory across the road, igniting the church, it burned to the ground. Rev. and Mrs. Allen saved many articles of value from the church including the large pulpit Bible, the organ and some chairs. Plans for a new church were started immediately. Meanwhile church and Sunday School were held in Woodman Hall across the street. The new church costing $3,000.00 was erected and dedicated on Aug. 29, 1922. We are indebted to Fond du Lac's Division Street Church for the gift of pews, pulpit and organ. They having built or remodeled their church no longer needed them. We still use our pulpit and pews. The organ is used for Bible School. It is now an antique, but still has a beautiful tone which we all love to hear occasionally. Dr. Bellin, Green Bay and Mrs. Albert Fischer of Appleton attended the dedication and were very generous in their gifts of money to help reduce the debt on the new church.  The Allens' used a horse and buggy when they were with us. They served Angelica, Advance and Rose Lawns charges. It became a very pleasant sight indeed, when we saw the "Aliens" coming to call. There was much entertaining at the parsonage too, during these years. Earl completed high school while they were serving Angelica. The family moved to Wittenberg and Earl went on to Indiana to school. The era of cars was here. The Allen's bought a new car. Angelica raised the minister's salary to the munificent sum of $550.00 per year.
1923 Rev. J. R. Shaw, who was a former slumworker in Chicago, came in 1923. He served the longest pastorate here of any pastor to date. He was with us nine years, and while he was here Mrs. Shaw died. Many of us still remember his prayers, his sermons, and his favorite songs, one being number four in our Hymnal. His health gradually failed and he served only one church after leaving Angelica. After he retired he went to live with his daughter and her family in Hortonville. He passed away after an accident near New London. He and Mrs. Shaw are buried in the Hortonville Cemetery.
1928 The first confirmation class was held by Rev. Shaw under the influence of Mrs. Paul Bernetzke who was Supt. of the Sunday School. There were ten members, Margaret and Luella Ainsworth, Anna, Wilfred & Winnefred McGillivray, Marvin and Margaret Johnson, Paul and Theodore and Hazel Bernetzke.  Following Rev. Shaw we enjoyed a year of leadership by Robert Homiston, a student at Lawrence College, Appleton. He later became a Chaplain in the U. S. Army. He has traveled extensively and worked his way up but when he came back to us later for a Lenten service at the invitation of Rev. Fred Logan, he was the same humble, friendly and wholesome "fellow", we knew in 1933.
1933 In 1933 John Ellis and his family came to serve our church. They stayed until 1936. It was during their stay with us that the Eliza Phillips bell was obtained from the Stockbridge Methodist Church. This bell was molded in an unusual manner. To obtain a tone of singular quality, various bits of Jewelry were donated by members of the Stockbridge Church to be used in the casting of the bell. However the Stockbridge Church was later torn down. Through the efforts of our District Superintendent, Dr. Chas Tippet the bell was donated to the Angelica Church. Our church as it stood then was found to be unsafe to support the bell, so it was stored at the Richard McGillivray farm until the structure could be provided with a cupola to house the bell.  Rev. Ellis and family left us in 1936. He retired and moved to Frankville near Racine.
1936 In 1936 Wesley Perschbacher of West Bend, a student at Lawrence College came to us full of enthusiasm and ambition and sensing our great need of leadership literally "Pitched in" to bring about some results. We had 57 members and the first time we were a charge by ourselves. The Advance Church was pleased with the Shawano charge.  Our building was inconvenient in many ways. The basement was little more than a hole in the ground in which a furnace was placed. Often, the janitor, Mr. Adolph Martin had to wear boots and wade to the furnace to build the fire. The heat came into the church through a large register in the middle aisle. The furnace often smoked and it was very unpleasant.  At this time we had about 55-60 pupils in the Sunday School. All the classes were in one room and a little store room in front of the church.  Ways and means of remodeling were discussed and after several meetings they decided to raise the church and put a foundation under it. The entry was changed from the front of the church to the side and instead of the steep cement outside steps, which were often icy and dangerous in the winter time, we were new provided with entry into the basement as well.
1937 A roomy basement was built with a snug dry furnace room, a fellowship hall and a kitchen. This provided additional room for Sunday School Classes and a dining room and kitchen for serving meals.  The Eliza Phillips bell was hung in the new belfry.  The men of the church provided much of the work of the remodeling, this included Rev. Perschbacker who wheeled many barrow loads of cement for the basement walls and floor. He was slight of stature and his fellow workers marveled at his energy and strength. The cost of remodeling was about $3,000.00 and our church was rededicated Nov. 7, 1937.  Now we had a church more suited to our needs in addition to the convenient basement we had a roomy, nicely decorated sanctuary of which we were very proud. Our debt was soon paid off. Rev. Ira Schaugenhauf was our District Superintendent.  During Rev. Perschbacher's stay with us he conducted funerals for four of our very active members. Mrs. Julius Martin died in 1937. She was a longtime worker in the church. She did so many kind and gracious things for other people that they could not all be accounted for. She was the President of the Ladies Aid for 27 years. As stated before incur history she gave us our present parking lot. Her children and grandchildren still work in our church.
1939 In 1939 three men of our church passed away. Wilbur Stronach in May, Richard McGillivray in July and Roy Lutsey in August.  In the fall of 1939 Rev. Perschbacher was moved and another Lawrence College student took his place in our church. Charles Koerble who had been preaching in Suamico and Mill Center took over our church. Later the Mill Center Church was discontinued. He was here until Conference 1941.
1941 In 1941 Rev. John L. Nenzsner, a widower, was sent as our pastor. He was a German Methodist and spoke with an accent.  In 1941-43 due to the shortage of ministers we were not assigned a regular pastor after conference. We had Rev. Menzener, Dr. Thomas Kepler and student Theodore Runyen to fill our pulpit.  In 1943 we were put on the Seymour, Black Creek circuit. We were served by pastors Rev. Milton Feldt, and Rev. Joseph E. Cheek. This was not a happy arrangement. The ministers were overworked and there could not be a very satisfactory schedule of time worked out. Both these men were hard workers and did good work of us and the conference.
1945 While Rev. Milton Feldt was our pastor our Ladies Aid became a Woman's Society of Christian Service in 1945, and since that time has been very active in work for others, such as missions and church improvement. In olden days the Ladies Aid would meet from house to house making quilts, sewing carpet rags, etc. Lunch was served, the women paid 10 cents for their lunches and the men 5 cents. Too large a menu called for a fine on the hostess.
1948 In 1948 we were again assigned to our own minister. This time a young man and his wife and small son, James C. Christiansen, Louis and PJ. He was a student at Lawrence College.  By this time the church building again needed attention. The plaster in the sanctuary was starting to chip and the church in general started to look shabby.  Under the leadership of Rev. Christenson, the work of redecorating of the sanctuary was begun. The walls and ceiling were covered with a plasterboard, the woodwork was stained and the floors sanded and varnished. Shortly after this was all completed, a bad storm, with heavy winds from the west, blew the large chimney down on the roof, causing it to cave in. When we came to church on Sunday morning bricks and plaster covered the pews and floor. Church had to be held in the basement until a new chimney was built. Rev. Christenson was here from 1946 to 1950. He graduated from Lawrence College in 1950.
1950 In the fall of 1950 a young man and his wife from Illinois came to help in our church. Kenneth Winters and his wife Jane. He had much preparation to make in completing his formal education. He completed his high school training while they were here. The Bishop moved them to Mayville from here and he was closer to Oshkosh Normal and Garrett.  Rev. John Hoffmann, a retired minister and his wife were here during the year 1951-52.  Rev. Harold White, his wife Mary and son Haran came in 1952. Harold's health failed during his first year so that he could not complete his course at Garrett. He was forced to leave the ministry because of his health.  An unmarried student Fred G. Logan of Milwaukee was sent to us in 1953. We were privileged to have him with us for five years. After his ordination in 1957 he went into the Chaplaincy of the U. S. Army Serving overseas and in the states. During his pastorate here he was married. He did many things to help us in our church and especially in our church school, which was usually out of funds. Our card sales, former ice cream socials and annual fellowship dinners were started. The fellowship dinner was first started as a Christmas Party for Church families and later changed to a Family Thanksgiving Festival and reception for the Pastor.
1957 When Fred Logan Left us in 1957, a young man, James Collins from Wauwautosa, another student from Garrett took over the Pastorate of the Angelica and Advance Churches. It was quite a change for him to come from the largest church in the conference to two of the smallest ones, it was hard for him to adjust himself to our problems and many could not adjust to him. He stayed a year and four months leaving us in October 1958.  After he was gone we were supplied by Lay Leaders such as Kelly Churchill, Gerald Krueger, W. A. McGillivray, Russell O'Hara and Joe Tharie.  Rev. Carl E. Hagen took over the Christmas Sunday Service in 1958 and in March 1959 became our regular pastor. He served our charge in conjunction with his work as field secretary at Bellin Memorial Hospital, Green Bay until May 1975. At this time he received his retirement from the conference after serving a tenure of forty years in the ministry.
1962 During Rev. and Mrs. (Mayme) Hagen's stay with us, the church observed its seventy-fifth anniversary in November of 1962 with the district superintendent. Rev. L. Clarence Kelley as guest speaker and a dinner served to two hundred fifty guest by the Woman's Society of Christian Service. Rev. Edwin Phillips, retired Congregation minister of Green Bay, was a most welcomed guest pastor when Rev. Hagen had other commitments.  Rev. Alfred Attwood, from the West Wisconsin Conference was appointed to our charge. He became ill a couple weeks before he moved into the parsonage and after his arrival, his health failed and he passed away in August.  From June 1 to October 1, 1965 our charge was served by lay speakers of the Green Bay District. After several meetings with Rev. Kelley, the district superintendent, the decision was made to separate the churches and each join with a larger parish.

On October 1, 1965 our church became known as the Oneida, Angelica Charge and Advance became associated with Oconto Falls and Lena. Rev. Fred Thomas, a native of Beloit and an ordained minister, was serving the Oneida Church and now became our new pastor.  Rev. Thomas had been a short term missionary to Uruguay following his college graduation. Upon completion of his service there, he married llda Centeria a Uruguayan girl, who was doing church work in her country. In addition to serving their appointed churches and raising three children, they tell the mission story whenever called upon throughout the conference.  Mrs. Richard McGillivray, affectionately known as "Aunt Jennie" has put together the foregoing pages of our church history to which we are greatly indebted to her for her time and effort. She is one of the pillars in the church and her retirement in September of 1965 as church school superintendent left our church school with a record of her fine leadership for 27 years. She is dearly loved by all and will be remembered for her teachings and leadership. Many children have been enrolled in church school and have been confirmed in the faith of God under her teachings.

This is the story of our church. We like Paul of old are debtor both to the Greek and non Greek, Barbarians "both to the wise and the unwise". Romans 1:14. Many devout Christians have been and are still working in this church. It would be wonderful if we could compile a complete list of these to whom we owe so much, but in so compiling we may not have the list complete and that would make us sad.  It was Rev. & Mrs. Fred Thomas' desire to serve churches in South America. On June 1, 1967, they and their three children, Eddy, Andy and Sonya went to Cocbabamba, Bolivia. They stayed five years in S. A. and then returned to Wis. to continue their Ministry.  Rev. Eldon Riggs, his wife Kay and daughters Ruth Ann, & Beth moved into the parsonage at Oneida June 1, 1967 from Evansville, Wis. to serve our churches until June 1, 1973. Their oldest daughter Sharon remained, in Evansville for a while at her job as a beautician but later in the year moved to Green Bay.  In April, 1969, Mrs. Richard (Aunt Jennie) McGillivray passed away. Her many years of faithful service in the church will be long remembered by all.

NOTE: If you find your family in this list, this was just the "other stuff" on a page I was sent regarding my families... keep us in mind when you have newspaper pages with other items or obits that aren't related to you but just might well be the clue that someone else has been searching decades for... it just takes a few minutes to scan them in or put them in an envelope to mail to us... you don't even have to type them up!
Name Parents Place of Birth Date of Birth Date of Baptism
Frank DEAN (Adult) Home was Briarton, Wis.     Sep. 2, 1913
Thomas Henry LUTSEY Clarence Jay & Nellie Lutsey of Maple Grove, Wis. Aug. 18, 1913 Oct. 30, 1913
Earl Dale COWDEN Frank & Lillie Cowden   Feb. 20, 1913 Dec. 13, 1913
Earl Lewis OLESON Henry & Mary Oleson of Angelica, Wis.   Mar. 8, 1914
Ida Verneda KERSKA Mr. & Mrs. Anton Kerska     Jun. 21, 1914
Ruth Anna DICKSON Mr. & Mrs. John Dickson of Green Valley, Wis. Apr. 14, 1914 Jun. 21, 1914
Henry Marlyn DICKSON Mr. & Mrs. Wilber Dickson of Angelica, Wis. Mar. 19, 1914 Jun. 21, 1914
Bernard Roy STARK Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Stark of Green Valley, Wis. Jun. 26, 1910 Jun. 21, 1914
Mildred Christian ANDERSON Louis & Elsie Anderson of Maple Grove, Wis. Apr. 6, 1914 Jul. 28, 1914
Mrs. Kate JOHNSON Mr. & Mrs. McGillivray of Angelica, Wis. Dec. 11, 1878 Sep. 3, 1914
Alan Edwin JOHNSON Johnnie & Kate Johnson of Angelica, Wis. May 14, 1913 Sep. 3, 1914
Wilfred Angus McGILLIVRAY Angus & Amy McGillivray Pittsfield, Wis. Apr. 7, 1914 Sep. 3, 1914
Winnefred Amy McGILLIVRAY Angus & Amy McGillivray Pittsfield, Wis. Apr. 7, 1914 Sep. 3, 1914
Winnifred Caroline PEEBLES Myron & Ruth Peebles of Pulaski, Wis. Mar. 27, 1914 Nov. 8, 1914
Harvey Cyriel BLACK Elmer & Josie Black of Angelica, Wis. Aug. 28, 1914 Nov. 8, 1914
Ruby Sophia OLESON Louis & Edna Oleson of Maple Grove, Wis. Sep. 6, 1914 Nov. 8, 1914
Clifford Victor HAMPEL William & Celia Hampel of Advance, Wis. Jul. 25, 1914 Nov. 29, 1914
Marvin Eugene JOHNSON Edwin & Hulda M. Johnson of Pulaski, Wis. Oct. 6, 1914 Dec. 6, 1914
Margaret Eunice JOHNSON Edwin & Hulda M. Johnson of Pulaski, Wis. Oct. 6, 1914 Dec. 6, 1914
Velma Henrietta WILSON Daisy Bell Wilson of Angelica, Wis. May 30, 1912 Dec. 20, 1914
Dorothy Esther LUECKE Albert & Lydia Luecke   Apr. 27, 1914 Dec. 20, 1914
Orewell Andrew MATTSON Andrew & Anna Mattson of Angelica, Wis. Nov. 24, 1914 Mar. 14, 1915
Harris Henry LEMBERG William & Mamie Lemberg of Pittsfield, Wis. May 11, 1915 Jul. 11, 1915
Clyde M. CHRISTENSEN William & Flossie Christiansen Angelica, Wis. May 19, 1915 Jul. 11, 1915
Bruce Leroy LUTSEY Leroy & Olga Lutsey of Maple Grove, Wis. Jun. 15, 1915 Jun. 15. 1915
Kathryn May LUTSEY Jay & Nellie Lutsey of Maple Grove, Wis. May 6, 1915 Aug. 17, 1915
Milton Norbert ROBBINS Will & Vernie Robbins   Jun. 23, 1915 Aug. 22, 1915
Jay Kenneth LUTSEY Jay & Nellie Lutsey Maple Grove, Wis. Nov. 19, 1919  
??? McGILLIVRAY Robert & ? McGillivray Maple Grove, Wis. Sep. 1. 1920 Oct. 8, 1920
Alma Elizabeth DICKSON Walter & Jessie Dickson Green Valley, Wis. Sep. 1, 1920 Oct. 8, 1920
Carl Maxwell BLACK Elmer & Josie Black Angelica, Wis. Sep. 14, 1920 Nov. 21, 1920
Robert Hartley MUCK Walter & Esther Muck Stiles, Oconto Co. Sep. 26, 1920 May 1, 1921
Janet Anna JOHNSON J. L. & Kate Johnson Angelica, Wis. Jan. 2, 1921 Jan. 14, 1921
Flory CHRISTIANSEN W. & Flossie Christiansen Angelica, Wis.   Jan. 23, 1921
Fern Vivian CHRISTIANSEN W. & Flossie Christiansen Angelica, Wis.   Jan. 23, 1921
Gladys Irene HANNEMAN Wm. & Mathilda Hanneman Cecil, Wis. Apr. 18, 1915 Feb. 13, 1921
Phyllis Violet SHIER Cecil & Esther Shier Angelica, Wis. Jan. 13, 1921 May 15, 1921
Donald Harding DICKSON David & Louise Dickson Advance, Wis. Sep. 3, 1921 Oct. 16, 1921
John Richard REINHEIMER Wilfred & Alice Reinheimer Advance, Wis. Sep. 22, 1921 Oct. 30, 1921
Durwood Adelbert MATTSON Anna & Andrew Mattson Advance, Wis. Dec. 13, 1920 Nov. 24, 1921
Ruth Bessie LUTSEY Jay & Nellie Lutsey Pittsfield, WIs. Feb. 9, 1922 Mar. 23, 1922
Oliver Elroy HANSTEDT Leonard & Orpha Hanstedt Lessor, Wis.   Aug. 27, 1922
Donald Ellsworth JOHNSON Lavern & Edna Johnson Angelica, Wis. Jul. 27, 1921 Sep. 3, 1922
Elmer Henry STARK Richard & Rose Stark Zachow, Wis. Jul. 26, 1922 Sep. 3, 1922
Isabel Gordon STRONACH Wilbur & Fannie Stronach Angelica, Wis. Mar. 23, 1921 Sep. 3, 1922
Wallace John JOHNSON Andrew & Viola Johnson Maple Grove, Wis. Nov. 6, 1921 Sep. 4, 1922
Carl Robert McGILLIVRAY Robert & Lillian McGillivray Maple Grove, Wis. Mar. 23, 1921 Sep. 4, 1922
Reed Robert OLSON Ervin & Selma Olson Angelica, Wis. Jan. 28, 1923 Feb. 1, 1923
Arvilla Eunice DICKSON David & Louise Dickson Advance, Wis. Dec. 23, 1922 Feb. 18, 1923
Margaret Nancy McGILLIVRAY Richard & Jennie McGillivray Maple Grove, Wis. Nov. 20, 1922 May 13, 1923
Douglas John STRUTZ Norbert & Hazel Strutz Green Bay, Wis. Feb. 3, 1923 May 27, 1923
Myrtle Arline MARTIN Adolph & Viola Martin Angelica, Wis. May 12, 1923 May 27, 1923
Delour Hazel MORROW George & Ella Morrow Angelica, Wis. Apr. 18, 1923 Jun. 10, 1923