"The Great War" 1917 - 1918

The Gold Star recognizes those soldiers who were killed or died in service for their country - July 15, 1917




ACORD Harley First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
ALBERTS Arnold Private  
ALFT Joe First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
AUSTIN Edwin Private Shawano, Wisc.
AUSTIN William Private Shawano, Wisc.
BAKER Newton D. U. S. Secretary of War  
BARTZ Otto Private  
BARNES Bradley M. First Lieutenant 420 North Street
Waupaca, Wisc.
BEAUPRIE Luke   Keshena, Wisc.
BENNET Eugene Private Gresham, Wisc.
BENOVICH Joseph Private  
BERNITT William Private Eland, Wisc.
BESAW Leonard Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
BIELKE William Private Bowler, Wisc.
BOLDIG Earl First Class Private Bowler, Wisc.
BRIETENFELDT Harry Private Split Rock, Wisc.
BROWN Charles Willard Chaplain  
BRUNNER Mike Private Shawano, Wisc.
BUETTNER Louis Private Route # 3
Shawano, Wisc.
BUETTNER Paul Private Route # 3
Shawano, Wisc.
BUETTNER Otto Private 341 Division Street
Oshkosh, Wisc.
BUTLER Alfred L. Private Indian Mission
Wittenberg, Wisc.
CANTWELL Arthur Mess Sargeant Shawano, Wisc.
CHAIMSON Louie Private Shawano, Wisc.
CLEMENS Paul B. Brigade Adj. Major  
CONDER Verne Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
CRONCE Charles Private Shawano, Wisc.
DAVENPORT Lyle Private Route # 1
Mattoon, Wisc.
DEKOSKI John First Class Private Pulaski, Wisc.
DENGEL Ervin Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
DETTMANN Oscar C. Sergeant Route # 6
Appleton, Wisc.
DIEDRICK Joseph Private Chassel, Mich.
DIXON Allie   Green Valley, Wisc.
DOBS Fred Cook Shawano, Wisc.
DRAKE Payne Private Shawano, Wisc.
DRICKREY Oscar F. Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
DUBROW Charles Private Shawano, Wisc.
ECHTNER John Private Shawano, Wisc.
ELEFSON Edwin Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
EVANS Otis Private Gresham, Wisc.
FRANCOVICH Peter Private Crivitz, Wisc.
FRANK George A. Private Shawano, Wisc.
GANSEN Adrian P. Bugler Shawano, Wisc.
GARBRECHT Frank Cook Shawano, Wisc.
GAUTHIER Neil Private Neopit, Wisc.
GENTZ Louis First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
GEORGE Guy S. Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
GORES Joseph Private Shawano, Wisc.
GOWAN James Private Shawano, Wisc.
GRAB William A. Sergeant Shawano, Wisc.
GRALL Alfred P. First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
GRALL William Private Shawano, Wisc.
GREB Delbert E. First Class Private 200 E. St. Paul Avenue
Waukesha, Wisc.
GRIGNON Sidney First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
GROSS Alfred Private Route # 3
Shawano, Wisc.
GUETHS Albert Private Shawano, Wisc.
HANSTEDT Elmer First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
HENDRICKSON Carl Private Tigerton, Wisc.
HINDERER George First Class Private 1025 West Peru Street
Peru, Illinois
HOEFFS George Private Route # 3
Shawano, Wisc.
HOFFMAN Phillip H. First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
HUNTINGTON Harry Private Morgan, Wisc.
JENSEN Harry Private Rhinelander, Wisc.
JOHNSON Hartvig Mechanic Route # 1
Tigerton, Wisc.
KALKASKE Arthur W. First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
KESSEN Harry Private Route # 1
Birnamwood, Wisc.
KLEMS Ernest Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
KOCH Paul L. Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
KOLBEN Emil Private Bowler, Wisc.
KOPANKE Fred First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
KORT William Private Shawano, Wisc.
KRAUSE Walter Private Shawano, Wisc.
KRIEFALL William Private Shawano, Wisc.
KROLL Arnold Private Bowler, Wisc.
KRUEGER Alom Private Shawano, Wisc.
KUESTER Hugo L. Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
KUGEL Edward Private Route # 1
Shawano, Wisc.
KUGEL John Private Route # 1
Shawano, Wisc.
KUSCHEL Richard W. Private Route # 1
Marion, Wisc.
LaMOTTE Mose Jr. Private Neopit, Wisc.
LEADBETTER Lorenzo A. Captain Rhinelander, Wisc.
LINDROTH Emil Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
LITTLE Wilbur Private Gresham, Wisc.
LUDOLPH George W. Jr. First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
McCOY Robert B. Colonel Montford, Wisc.
McGINNIS Eli Private Penconning, Mich.
McALLISTER Jim Private Gresham, Wisc.
MALONE Harry First Class Private Gresham, Wisc.
MANGOLD Louis A. Corporal 1002 S. Adar Street
Marshfield, Wisc.
MARTIN Anton C. Major  
MARTIN Leslie T. Sergeant Shawano, Wisc.
MILLER George Private  
MILLER Irvin H. Sergeant Shawano, Wisc.
MILLER Mattie Private Bowler, Wisc.
MILSAP Wallace J. Sergeant Shawano, Wisc.
MORK Isaac Private Shiocton, Wisc.
MUELLER Claude Private Gresham, Wisc.
MURPHY William Private Gresham, Wisc.
NABER Charles Supply Sergeant Shawano, Wisc.
NORTON Alfred Private Town of Wescott
Shawano, Wisc.
PENFIELD William V. Private 441 N. LeClare Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
PETERSON Arthur First Sergeant Bowler, Wisc.
PETERSON Lyndle First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
PHILLIPS E. L. Governor of Wisc.  
POPELKA Emil Private Route # 1
Shawano, Wisc.
POPELKA James Private Shawano, Wisc.
PUKALL Henry F. Mechanic Birnamwood, Wisc.
RADDANT Carl Sergeant Shawano, Wisc.
RADDANT Leo C. Second Lieutenant Shawano, Wisc.
RADDANT Robert R. Private Route # 3
Shawano, Wisc.
RADDANT Will Private 620 Fifth Avenue
Wausau, Wisc.
REGLING Theodore Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
REINERT Arthur Private Tilleda, Wisc.
RICHARDS Randolph A. Brig. General  
RINEHARD Waldo W. Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
ROBINSON Charles Private Gresham, Wisc.
ROBENHORST David R. Private Shawano, Wisc.
ROEPKE Ben Cook Shawano, Wisc.
ROHLOFF Alfred E. First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
ROSS Fred D. Private Shawano, Wisc.
ROSSOW Avolt G. First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
SAFFORD Charles Private Shawano, Wisc.
SALZER Edward First Class Private Neopit, Wisc.
SALZMAN Louis Private Tigerton, Wisc.
SAWYER Rodger M. Private 6 Tappan Street
Everett, Mass.
SCHENK Edward W. Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
SCHIEFELBEIN Archie Private Bowler, Wisc.
SCHNELLER John B. Lieutenant Colonel  
SCHWENKNER Herman Private Shawano, Wisc.
SEARS Edward Private Colburn, Col.
SEVERSON Elmer First Class Private Rose Lawn, Wisc.
SIEBER Fred Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
SIEBERT Walter Private White Lake, Wisc.
SKALESKE Charles I. First Class Private 412 North Maple Street
Green Bay, Wisc.
SOUFAL Frank Private Shawano, Wisc.
STEINKE August Private  
STRUTZ Herman First Class Private Cecil, Wisc.
THORINGTON John L. Private Route # 3
Gladwin, Mich.
THIEGS Emil Private Shawano, Wisc.
TOELLNER Alvin Private Shawano, Wisc.
TRAEGER Joseph A. First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
TUCKER Lawrence H. Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
TULBERG Carl Private Tigerton, Wisc.
UECKER Ervin Private 2228 Fletcher Street
Chicago, Ill.
VOLLAND Harold C. First Class Private Shawano, Wisc.
WEAR Ralph Private 546 30th Street?
Milwaukee, Wisc.
WEIGEL Moritz Private Shawano, Wisc.
WESCOTT Ralph R. Sergeant Shawano, Wisc.
WETZEL Henry Private Embarrass, Wisc.
WHITMAN Guy W. Private Shawano, Wisc.
WILSON Woodrow President of U. S.  
WINKLER William L. Private Hortonville, Wisc.
WINKLER Fred Private Hortonville, Wisc.
WITTE Louis First Class Private Route # 2
Wittenberg, Wisc.
ZACHOW Victor Corporal Shawano, Wisc.
ZENISEK Henry Private Shawano, Wisc.
ZIEBER Otto K. Sergeant Route # 2
Shawano, Wisc.
ZUESKE Emil Private Shawano, Wisc.
NOTE:  Dave Maas sent in the following additional information (6/2004) -- thanks, Dave!

"This came from the Evening Leader and was a story on "Company F" which was an Infantry Regiment in WWI. At the end of the article was a list of the "Fallen Heroes". 
The "heroes" are:
Leonard Besaw, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Besaw, Shawano.
Guy George, the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. George, Shawano.
Robert Luecke, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luecke, Shawano.
Louis Mangold, the son of Mrs. Anna Mangold, MiIwaukee.
Charles Skaleski, the son of John Skaleski and brother of Mrs. Francis Sobiek, Oneida.
Edwin Austin, the son of George Austin, Shawano.
Peter Frankovick, the brother of Mrs. John Kaishim, Crivitz.
James Gowan, had no living family, Shawano.
Fred Kapanke, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kapanke, Sr., Shawano.
Edward Salzer, the son of Carl Salzer, Neopit.
Edgar G. Schenk, of Chicago and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schenk, Shawano.
William Wallrich, the son of Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Wallrich, Shawano.
Payne Drake, son of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Drake, Shawano.
Edwin Elefson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eli Elefson, Shawano.
Emil Zeuske, from Tigerton, was the brother of Mrs. Amelia Merkes, Shawano.
For more information on Shawano's Company F see the book "Company F of Shawano County" which is available at the Shawano City/County Library and the Shawano Historical Society."

Additional info found at 127th Infantry Insignia