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Door County Marriage Index through 1927.

This index was transcribed by IdaKay Appel Orsted.
This is not the "offical" marriage index of the county but she did it with the permission of the Door County Register of Deeds & with their help.

A few things to remember about these index's are:
~ In the early years many could neither read nor write English.
~The person filling out the forms spelt things the way THEY thought they should be spelt.
~Through the years the spelling of names in our area have changed.
~It was not mandatory to register a marriage in the early years.
~There are pages in the volumes that have never been used - skipped for whatever reasons.

Bride SurnameGroom Surname
Aamend - AznoeAbrahamson - Bagley
?Belange? - BhirdoBagnall - Bjanarson
Bhirdo - BrussethBlack - Burnonville
Brusseth - BrussethBurns - Collard
Comb - DelongvilleCollette - Delwiche
Delquist - Einerson Delquist - Einerson
Eisold - FreeEnglekee - Frizzel
Freitag - GrimshawFrondo - Griffin
Grof - HasenjagerGrimm - Haskell
Haskell - HolmHass - Hoyt
Holmes - JohngHuber - Johnson
Johns - KilframJohnssen - Knutson
Kilgore - KuglerKoch - Larsen
Kuhm - LeistLarson - Londow
Leitel - MaedkeLong - Massart
Maegle - MeverdenMasse - Mogenberg
Meyer - NellieMohr - Ohren
Nelson - OlsonOldenburg - Peroutky
Oram - PinneyPerry - Rankin
Pischel - RobillardRanquist- Sandermann
Robinson - SchoenrockSanders - Senft
Schoessow - SimpsonSengbusch - Starr
Sirion - StroobantsStattery - Thorpe
Stroyeski - UtzThrodahl - Walker
Valentine - WelterWallace - Zwicky
Wenk - Zwickey 

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Transcribed by IdaKay Appel Orsted.
HTML by Tina Vickery with thanks to Holly Timm.
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