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Town of Hazelhurst, Oneida County WI
Fuhrman Road, South of HWY 51

Whispering Pines Sign

This is a transcript of all existing tombstones in the Whispering Pine cemetery on 3 Jun 2010. For the purpose of compiling this list I photographed each individual gravestone and Family Monument, I will share a photo of your ancestors grave stone by email only. Judy Groh.

Photo Lastname Firstname Birthdate Deathdate Remarks
wp1 Thompson Willard E. "Tom" 25 Mar 1909 19 Oct 2007 same stone as Ruth Anne
wp1 Thompson Ruth Ann 24 Oct 1910 10 Apr 2006 same stone as Willard E.
wp1.01 Thompson Brian Willard 12-Nov-1961 8-Nov-2014 "Big Red"
wp2 Cronan Joseph J 1937 1994 same stone as Carol A
wp2 Cronan Carol A 1941 2000 same stone as Joseph J
wp3 Fuhrman Edward J 1907 2002 same stone as Augusta
wp3 Fuhrman Augusta 1909 1997 same stone as Edward J
wp4 Richardson Harold K 1904 1991 Grandpa
wp5 Richardson Irene J 1905 1995 Grandma
wp5.1 Coyne Michael J. 8-Mar-1933 11-Apr-2014 same stone as Minerva
wp5.1 Coyne Minerva 11-Jan-1937 no date same stone as Michael
wp5.2 Roska William 1921 6-Jul-1905 same stone as Margaret
wp5.2 Roska Margaret 1923 no date same stone as William
wp6 Haugen Donald E 27 Jun 1937 no date same stone as Bonnie Jean
wp6 Haugen Bonnie Jean 15 Feb 1940 17 Apr 2006 Nee: Furman [same stone as Donald E]
wp7 Hulls John C 1937 2007 Aurora, IL
wp8 Mesecher Ray S 1925 no date same stone as Myrna
wp8 Mesecher Myrna G 1934 no date same stone as Ray S
wp8 Mesecher Mark K 1962 no date Son, same stone as Ray & Myrna
wp8 Mesecher Janay C 1965 2006 Daughter, same stone as Ray & Myrna
wp9 Bant James H 1 Oct 1938 no date Married Oct 2, 1959
wp9 Bant Joyce I. 27 Jul 1939 no date same stone as James
wp10 Miron Leo J 17 Mar 1918 16 Mar 2003 ,
wp11 Smith Roger j 1914 1991 same stone as Dorothy J
wp11 Smith Dorothy J 1917 2000 no date same stone as Roger
wp11.1 Rohrer Melinda Amy 25-Oct-1940 15-Feb-2014
wp12 Sharp John A 1950 no date same stone as Alice
wp12 Sharp Alice A 1950 1996 same stone as John
wp13 Schaeffel John K 26 Sep 1913 18 Dec 1991 ,
wp14 Hoppe Carol M 4 Jul 1936 16 Aug 2005 ,
wp15 Wardzala Joseph E 1926 2006 same stone as Marie V
wp15 Wardzala Marie V 1925 2004 same stone as Joseph
wp16 Hiller William W 7 Nov 1942 no date same stone as Carol J
wp16 Hiller Carol J 16 Aug 1943 no date same stone as William
wp17 Marshall Lisa S 26 May 1965 23 Nov 1987 In Loving Memory
wp18 O'Keefe Michael 1950 1987 ,
wp19 Hewitt Clyde W 17 Nov 1921 28 Jan 1992 S SGT US ARMY WWII
wp20 Bullion Trudy Ann 7 Mar 1949 14 Oct 2006 ,
wp21 Pate Eldon P 1930 1998 same stone as Betty
wp21 Pate Betty J 1933 no date same stone as Eldon
wp21.1 Grosch Dr. Thomas Michael 31-Mar-1960 6-Jan-2014 M.D.
wp21.2 Grosch James Thomas 10-Oct-1936 26-Oct-2014 SSGT US AIR FORCE
wp21.3 Grosch Judith A 25-Sep-1936 28-Jun-2015 wife mother grandmother
wp22 Behling James W. "Jim" 14 Aug 1943 28 Jun 2008 Married 28 Oct 1967
wp22 Behling Cynthia A. "Cindi" 28 Jan 1946 no date same stone as James
wp22.1 Lighthall Wayne H 8-Jul-1966 no date
wp22.2 Lighthall Daryl K 14-Mar-1935 no date same stone as Florence
wp22.3 Lighhall Florence 28-Jan-1936 no date same stone as Daryl
wp23 Schattschneider Bruce A 1936 1988 same stone as Sandra
wp23 Schattschneider Sandra C. 1940 1989 same stone as Bruce
wp24 Sickmeier Sharon G 20 Apr 1934 20 Sep 1996 Loving Mother
wp25 Cleveland Lyle J 14 Jan 1936 10 Jan 1994 US ARMY KOREA

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