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August Ahlborn Taken for Deer

August Ahlborn while hunting deer in the Cedar Falls county Sunday had another narrow escape from death by gun shot. It will be recalled that August was severely wounded a number of years ago when he ran into a set gun at night.

According to August, he and another of his party were on the track of a deer that they had wounded. They were advancing through the brush, August in the lead. One of the party in his excitement saw August ahead and mistook him for the wounded animal. The one shot fired struck a tree within two feet of August who immediately gave alarm and the shooting stopped.

Instances of this kind are convincing hunters that something should be done to keep the nervous hunter out of the woods. They say that there is absolutely no excuse for a man being mistaken for a deer as it is unlawful to shoot until such a time as the hunter is able to see the deer distinctly enough to discern as to whether or not it is lawful game. Hunters here are in favor of taking away licenses for life in any case where an instance of this kind happens whether a man is hit or not.

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