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Minocqua Boys are Knifed in Quarrel

Source: Minocqua Times, Friday May 25, 1928

Robert Caylor and Victor Evenson both of Minocqua were severely injured in a knifing affair which took place at Woodruff early Sunday morning. Ronald (Squink) Swanson did the cutting following a quarrel, it is alleged.

Young Caylor received an ugly gash extending from his left temple down across his face, cutting entirely through the cheek in one place. He suffered severely from loss of blood and has been confined at his home since in a very weakened condition.

Evenson was slashed from the left shoulder down to the pit of his stomach, the wound being over a foot long. The cut was not deep, however, and he was able to be around shortly after the knifing affair.

It is said that Swanson used a small pearl handled pocket knife. The Rhinelander Daily News in its Monday and Tuesday issues carries the following articles covering the afair. Swanson is held at Rhinelander where an investigation is being conducted.


A thorough investigation of the affair was launched today by District Attorney Earl Kennedy, and a number of Woodruff and Minocqua citizens are to be questioned here this afternoon in an effort to learn the whole storyof the cause of the fight in which the three injured men and one other Minocqua man whose name could not be learned this morning participated.

Swanson was arrested by Sherrif Lloyd Brooker in Boulder Junction and brought to Rhinelander. He was questioned for a considerable time this morning in the office of the district attorney. So far, the district attorney has been able to obtain only Swanson's story of the fight, but it is hoped to question the other participants today, and learn any additional facts in connection with the case.

The fight took place on the street of Woodruff Saturday night. According to Swanson's story, he was approached by three young men who accsed him of having sold them "moonshine" for too much money." swanson declared that he told the trio that he had never sold them any liquor, and that a fight ensued immediately.

Swanson claims that he broke loose from the men and ran from the main street to the town hall, with the three young men in close pursuit. When they overtook him, he says he whipped out a knife with which to defend himself, and that in the fighting, Victor Evenson of Minocqua, was stabbed in the chest.

The fight then moved to Big Charley's restaurant in Woodruff. The proprietor, Charley Thunnell, chased all but Swanson out of the building. Swanson says. He says that when he tried to leave the restaurant by he back door, the men were waiting for him there, and he turned around, running out through the front door.

Here, the quartet met again and the battle continued, with Caylor also of Minocqua, being stabbed. Swanson claims that he escaped then, hired a taxicab and drove to Boulder Junction, where he went to bed. He willingly gave himself up to Sheriff Brooker yesterday, and came to Rhinelander.

Before filing charges against anyone, the district attorney intends to hear the stories of the other participants in the fight. Swanson's face show the effects of the fighting, being a mass of cuts and bruises.


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