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Attractive Names Are Given Names

Source: Minocqua Times February 17, 1928

Oneida county farmers are interested in a movement in all sections of the state. Together with farmers of practically all of the other counties, many local farmers are selecting attractive names for their farm homes and farm establishments.

already more than 65 farmers of this county have selected names for their farms and recorded them with Charles E. Davis, county register of deeds. This registration has secured for them exclusive use in this county of any farm name, not previously registered.

A state law, originally sponsored by former Senator Charles H.Everett, provides that a farmer may register, upon payment to the register of deeds of a fee of 25 cents, a farm name which has not already been recorded. In this way the protected farm name becomes a part of the farm and may be sold with the establishment.

While history bears witness to the fact that farm homes in the old country have been given names for centuries, it also records that George Washington was a firm believer in the use of well chosen and distinctive farm names. Inheriting from his half brother, Lawrence, an interest in Mount Vernon, he added to his holdings until his estate contained no less than 8,000 acres this was then divided into five farms which he named Mansion Home farm, River farm, Muddy Hole farm, Union farm and Dogue Run farm.

In naming a farm, most experts agree, it is important to select a name that is both appropriate and distinctive. The editor of the Times has been informed that while the edition lasts the local farmers may, by writing to County Agent A.J.Brann, secure free a copy of an interesting and helpful bulletin on naming the farm. This was prepared by the advertising specialists at the state college of agriculture and contains many valuable suggestions on the selecting and using a farm name.

A traveler would stop at the sign of "Sunnyside" and buy fresh farm produce. Quality products from "Cloverdale" would in many instances, bring higher prices than those from "Old Man Smith's Place."

The stockman would seek out "Guernseydale" or "Creamland," while the name "Dawn" on a carton of Leghorn eggs might make a housewife feel sure that they were better.

The tourists might care to tarry at "Beacon Hill" to look over the promising landscape and who wouldn't want to spend a night at "Sunset Point" or "Maplecourt farm?"

Family names have been cleverly used in "Frenchdale", "Loramoor" and "Brownlea". apparently "Kettle Range" and "Castle Rock" owe their names to their surroundings.

Among the nearby farms already registered are Flambeau, Noble M. Coe; Rockwood, Sidney E. Florsheim; Min-O-Wis, Lloyd Brooker; Sunny side, Mrs. Jacob Huber; Norwood, Mrs. Sam Smith; Shore Acres, James P.Murray; Northern Star, James P. Murray.

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