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Wednesday, October 25, 1899


The Rhinelander brance of the Women's Foreign Missionery Society met at the M.E. Church last Wednesday evening, and the following officers elected: Mrs. D. J. Cole, President; Mrs. M. S. Pettit, 1st Vice Pres; Mrs. McDill, 2nd Vice Pres; Mrs. Thos. Walker, 3rd Vice Pres; Mrs. Maggie McDonald Recording Secretary; Mrs. C. B. Howe, treasurer; Mrs. J. L. McLaughlin, corresponding secretary. Fine vocal selections were given by Mrs. Forsyth and Mrs. Allerle.


Mrs. B. Brown, mother of Fred Brown who was last week arrested and bound over to the circuit court on the charge of burglary, arrived from her home in Minneapolis Friday morning to look after her wayward son. Young Brown told his story and the grieved mother finally placed $300 cash bail in the hands of Clerk of the Court, E. C. Sturdevant and the prisoner was released from custody.

  • -A girl was born to Mr and Mrs T. M. Losie Thursday
  • -Geo. Knister has moved into the house vacated by H. L. Hart
  • -Miss Virginia Vaughan has been engaged as the third grade teacher to succeed Miss Glew
  • -St. Augustine's Guild will meet on Wedneday, Nov 1st, with Mrs. C. D. Bronson, at 3 p.m.
  • -Miss Anna Reber, third grade teacher in the High School building, is confined to her room through illness
  • -Chas. Morrill is preparing to put in a camp near Ealvern where he will cut 1,500,000 feet of logs for Woodruff & Maguire
  • -John Vaughn, a Pembine bartender is under arrest for throwing an old soldier out of his saloon. The latter is badly injured and in a critical condition.
  • -Wilbur W. Earl, son-in-law of E. A. Cole, died Friday of consumption, at the home of the latter. The funeral was held Sunday. He was 23 years of age.
  • -Tom Redfield made a miscalculation while cutting wood with a double bitted axe last Thursday, and it required several stitches to repair the scalp wound he sustained.
  • -John Laby has sold his farm north of town to Geo. Burkhart for $1,500. The latter with this acquisition will in a very few years have one of the most desirable farms near the city.
  • -Under-Sheriff Alex Cobban has carried a badly bruised and swollen hand since Friday night. He received the injury in subduing a belligerent prisoner whom he was removing from one cell to another at the county jail.
  • -L. J. Billings has been actively improving his home this fall. The exterior of his residence is entirely repainted, the sidewalk lowered and the lot graded and sodded. It makes one of the neatest places in that part of the city.
  • -E. Golden Filer, the Manistee lumberman who has been negotiating for the Rhinelander box factory, sold a tract of timber in Bayfield county last week, aggregating 150 million feet for $600,000. The Edward Hines Lumber company were the purchasers.
  • -Miss Lizzie Ziebell of this city, daugahter of Gustav A. H. Ziebell, will be united in marriage with Emil Olsen of Rhinelander, this Saturday evening. The ceremony will be performed at St. Stephen's church by Rev. F. Werhahn and a reception will follow at the home of the bride's parents. - Wausau Central.
  • -Rev. Thos. Walker held services at Hazelhurst Sunday
  • -A. C. Danielson and wife were at Tomahawk Lake Monday
  • -Miss Helen Alban went to Wausau Saturday for a visit with friends
  • -Noble Day, of Minneapolis, spent a few hours in the city last Friday
  • -Mrs. H. M. Woodard, who has been sick for several weeks, is improving
  • -H. E. McEachron, the Wausau flouring mill man, was in town yesterday
  • -Mrs. D. H. Vaughan, is visiting friends at Eau Claire and Minneapolis
  • -J. D. Day and wife are expected home from the Pacific coast this week
  • -Miss Mary Lennon and Mrs. Jas. Doyle are visiting Portage county friends
  • -Mrs. C. C. Bronson is entertaining a sister, Mrs. A. H. Kelley, of South Bend, Ind
  • -The Doyle brothers are entertaining a sister, Mrs. P. Murphy, of Minnesota
  • -J. N. Keeble and son Charlie are spending a few days fishing at Pelican Lake
  • -Geo. Madson, of Neenah, looked after his tailoring rade in this locality the present week
  • -Misses May and Helen Brown expect to leave Monday for an extended visit in Chicago and Toledo, O.
  • -Art. Matthews was down from Eagle River Friday. He is going to put in logs the coming winter for G. S. Coon
  • -Ed. Hunt, salesman at W. L. Beers & Co's was taken sick last week and went to his home at Neenah. Sid Baraba fills the position during his absence.
  • -D. H. Walker and Dr. T. B. McIndoe returned this morning from the west and brought plenty of evidence with them that wildfowl are numerous in North Dakota.
  • -Mrs. Sutton, of Stevens Point, returned home Monday after a visit at the home of her son A. D. Sutton. This is her first visit in Rhinelander for a period of six years.
  • -Miss Mary Glew, third grade teacher in the South Park building, resigned her position last week and left Friday night for Racine, where she has secured a more desirable place.
  • -John Barnes and the Colman brothers, returned from their duck hunt at Minot, N.D., Saturday morning. They bagged some 200 birds during a three days stay at that place.
  • -Mr and Mrs J. C. Wixson returned from Chicago Thursday morning. Mrs Wixson has spent the past month in that city. Mrs. E. Jardine, of Waupaca, Mrs. Wixson's mother, accompanied them home.
  • -Jas. Meiklejohn returned from South Dakota Saturday morning. He has arranged for the sale of his stock ranch in that state and is packing his household goods this week preparatory to moving to Wooley, Wash.
  • -Rollo Whitcomb, for the past two or three years book-keeper for J. D. Day, left last week to take a position with a Minneapolis lumber firm. He is a deservedly popular young man and will be missed in social circles.

  • -A fire alarm was sounded at 2:45 yesterday morning from the mill district. The blaze was in some lumber owned by John Godkin on the old Soo mill site and had probably caught from a spark thrown out by a passing train. The quick arrival of the companies prevented any serious fire. The loss will not exceed $200.
  • -Elmer, the three year old son of W. S. Jewell until recently of the fourth ward of this city, died on Thursday last at the home of Chas. Koudelk, father of Mrs. Jewell, in the town of Ackley. The little boy died of diptheria after a brief but very severe illness. The Jewells had but recently broken up house-keeping preparatory to a long move to the State of Washington. The loss of a bright little fellow at this interesting age is peculiarly hard to bear. Many will sympathize with the sorrowing parents in this hour of affliction.

The following transfers of real estate in Oneida County were recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds during the past week:

  • -Henry Kemnitz and wife to Ber. J. Daly w d, sc ne sec.22; lot 3, sw nw, nw sw sec, 23-38-10. Consideration $400.
  • -Cornelia Mohr to Brown-Robbins Lumber Co, w d, lots 2 and 6 sec. 31-39-11. Consideration $1200.
  • -Jesse Blackinton to Mrs. Wm. J. Neu w d, lot 2, sec. 40-38-10. Consideration $150.
  • -Geo. Baldwin and wife to S. G. Tuttle and H. S. Ward w d, sw se sec. 16-37-10. Consideration $1..
  • -A. W. Patton and wife to N. A. Colman, w d, lots 3 and 4 and se nw sec. 26-29-10. Consideration $900.
  • -Miles H. Wheeler and wife to N. A. Colman w d, ne nw sec. 16; ne ne sec. 21-39-11, and ne sw sec. 7-40-12. Consideration $2,150.
  • -Appleton Land and Timber Co. To S. A> Colman, s d , ne nw, nw nw, sec. 23-39-10. Warranty to first description only. Consideration $50.
  • -John Laby and wife to Geo. Burkhart w d, w. frac'l sw 1/4 sec 19-37-9. Consideration $1,500.
  • -John Reiter and wife to Lewis Larson w d, lot 6 blk 5, 2d add. To Rhinelander. Consideration $375.
  • -Clara M. Harrigan to John Weisen w d, lot 9 blk 16, 2d add. To Rhinelander. Consideration $150.
  • -Wm. Scott and wife to Gilkey & Anson Co., w d, w sw 1/4 sec. 15, n nw 1/4 sec. 20, nw nw sec. 21, town 37-5. Consideration $1,600.
  • -John Laabs to Gilkey & Anson Co w d, s sw 1/4, sw se sec. 2; se se sec. 3, s ne 1/4, n se 1/4, e sw 1/4, sw sw sec. 4 e nw 1/4, se ne sec 9 s nw 1/4, w1/2 ne 1/4, ne ne, ne sw, sec 10, n nw 1/4, w ne 1/4 ne ne, ne sw, sw sw, sec 11-35-10. Consideration $10,000.
  • -John Buckstaff Jr to Gilkey & Anson Co. W d, lots 1 and 2 sec. 5-37-6; sw nw, n frel ne 1/4, nw se, sw se, sec. 6, se ne, lot 3, sec. 32-38-6. Consideration $2500.
  • -Lucy Chase et al to Gilkey & Anson Co. W d, lots 1 and 2 sec. 5-37-6; sw nw, n frel ne 1/4, nw se, sw se, sec. 6; se ne, lot 3, sec. 32-38-6. Consideration $2500.
  • -J. Donahan and wife to C & N.W. Ry. W d, blks 14 and 17 and lots 5,6 blk 7 village of Pelican. Consideration $200.
  • -Rosa Miner et al to C & N.W. Ry. W d, certain gravel, earth, etc. in block 13 village of Pelican. Consideration $200.
  • -F. Wolfgramm and wife to C & N.W. Ry w d, Same conditions as above relating to gov't, lots 2 and 3, sec. 19-35-11. Consideration $300.
  • -John Robson to Gilkey & Anson Co w d, und1/2 int. n ne1/4, se ne sec. 34, sw ne, sw sw, sec. 36-37-6. Also sw sw sec. 30-37-7. Consideration $2000.
  • -Henry H. Lamberton to Gilkey Anson Co w d, int. in above described lands. Consideration $2000.
  • -Conductor Fields is now on the Pratt run.
  • -Mr. E. Green made a flying trip to Rhinelander Saturday.
  • -Mrs. R. J. Schmal entertained a few friends one day last week.
  • -Mr. Hanson is putting in logs near here for the Woodruff & McGuire Co
  • -Mesdames Meyer and Farley gave a grand party at the Monico house in honor of Mrs. W. W. Kleckner's fiftieth birthday and presented her with a

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