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Wednesday, November 1, 1899

  • -Earl Lago and Lena Grill were united in marriage at the residence of L. Lage, in the town of Pelican, Wednesday evening, Rev. Pettit officiating. A number of friends of the young people were present.
  • -Fred D. Clark and Miss Hannah Nichlson were united in marriage by Rev. Damon Tuesday eveing of last week at the brides home in this city.
  • -Peter Nelson, the popular clerk at Fredrickson's was married Monday evening to Miss Augusta Johnson, Rev. Damon officiating.

Saturday afternoon Carlson & Anderson's delivery team indulged in one of their periodical runaways. The team started from the corner of Frederick and Anderson streets, while the teamster was delivering goods, and run north on Thayer street. They speedily freed themselves from the wagon carrying only the seat, to which the lines were attached. Mrs. Jno. Shefler and two children were driving on Thayer street at the time and seeing the approaching runaway Mrs. Shefler endeavored to rein her horse to one side but too late to escape the flying team which crashed madly into the rig and all went down together. As soon as possible Mrs. Shefler and the children were extricated from the overturned buggy and taken to the home of A. F. Easton where it was ascertained that beyond a few scratches no physical injuries had been sustained although the nervous shock has nearly prostrated Mrs. Shefler. The horses were not especially injured though the buggy was badly wrecked. It is understood Carlson & Anderson will dispose of their team which has acquired the unpleasant habit of taking their bits in their teeth and starting on the run on slight provocation.


Al. McIntosh's house near the cemetery was entirely destroyed by fire early Sunday evening. The property was located beyond the city water system so that little assistance could be given by the fire companies although No. 1 company in answer to a telephone call drove to the scene of the conflagration and rendered such aid as was possible. The household furniture was removed though in a damaged condition. Mr. McIntosh carried $500 insurance on the house and $150 on the contents which will hardly cover the loss.


Thursday afternoon Nels Everson of the Hub clothing store found a bundle of socks and a mackinaw missing from the goods displayed in front of his store. Chief of Police Crowe was notified of the loss and suspicioning the direction in which the stolen good had been taken took a tour of the warehouses along the Northwestern tracks in the rear of Brown street. Underneath one of these he discovered some bundles and he immediately crawled under to investigate. While so engaged the hoboes who had 'lifted' the goods appeared on the scene and ordered Joe to show cause for his presence unsuspicious of who the man was under the warehouse. After a little skillful manoevuring and the aid of his gun the chief manage to get at the right end of the procession and gathered in the thieves. They appeared in the municipal court next morning and gave the names of Ross McCaull and Wm. Kennedy, waived examination and will make their next appearance before Judge Silverthorn.


Nelse Mortenson and John Ellarson had a close call for their lives in the Soo yards Monday evening. They were coming from Hebard on a railroad velocipede and at the same time the Soo switch engine was pushing several cars up the main track. No lights were visible to indicate impending danger till the 'pede struck the end of the car. By mere good luck the veocipede did not leave the track and as soon as the train stopped the men extricated themselves from their dangerous position. Mortenson sustained a badly wrenched back but beyond this they suffered no bodily injury. It is safe to say the gentlemen will endeavor to avoid collisions of that sort hereafter.


A most deplorable accident occurred in the Soo yards last Wednesday afternoon. Clarence the nine-year-old son of E. M. Leland, fell beneath a moving train which crushed his right leg so badly as to render amputation between the ankle and the knee necessary. This misfortune is the direct results of catching on moving trains although the unfortunate lad claims he was pushed under the cars. Every day can be seen any number of boys and young men doing the same act and it is nothing less than remarkable that similar accidents are not of more frequent occurrence.

  • -Geo. Burkhart is the happy father of a boy, born Thursday last
  • -Thursday a baby girl was added to the family circle at E.N. Lightner's.
  • -Mrs Ellen Campbell has rented the Doyle house south of geo. Clayton's and will conduct a boarding house
  • -Miss Eva Kemp temporarily filled the position of third grade teacher during Miss Reber's illness last week
  • -County Clerk Brennan is busy grinding out hunter's licenses these days. So far about 325 permits have been issued
  • -A five-year-old daughter of A. E. Cole, living near the Lake Creek bridge died Monday from an attack on membraneous croup.
  • -Otto Krueger for some time past engaged with Carl Krueger & Co., photographer, has gone into business for himself at Merrill.
  • -Bert Gaudette a young man employed at Brown Bros. Mill had his right hand badly smashed Thursday night while rolling a log onto the carriage.
  • -John Laby, who recently sold his farm north of the city has purchased the house opposite the old Wabash house on south Pelham street, and will occupy it this week.
  • -Geo. McDonald, living on the North side, had the misfortune to lay his foot open with an axe Friday while cutting wood. The injury will incapacitate him for work for several weeks.
  • -Jas. W. Connor and family, formerly of this city, have moved to Wausau from Wakefield, Mich. Mr. Connor is now passenger conductor on the marshfield brance of the North-Western road.
  • -L. J. Billings accompanied D. H. Vaughn up to the latter's homestead near Tomahawk Lake yesterday, where, with other gentlemen they expect to shoot their full allowance of deer.
  • -E. O. Brown and Paul Browne returned from the west Sunday morning after a very successful hunt. They brought with them some fine specimens of ducks and geese as their friends can testify.
  • -Rev. J. D. Cole, of Neenah, has been the guest of his sons Sam. And J. D during the past week. He is something of a sportsman and has been testing the lakes and woods in this vicinity for fish and game.
  • -Fred. Meyers, brother of Mrs. W. E. Brown and one of the prosperous young business men of Seattle, Wash., was married last Wednesday to a young lady of that city. They expect to visit Rhinelander in the near future.
  • -Steve Bellile made a visit to his former home at Ludington, Mich., last week.
  • -John Mase, grader for Woodruff & Maguire has gone to Three Lakes to remain for the winter
  • -Eugene Estes who has charge of the 'chain gang' on the new Shoepke road was in town over Sunday
  • -W. D. McIndoe and little daughter of Barron, spent several days of the past week with relatives in the city
  • -Mrs. Busk and Miss Johnson, of Chicago, are in the city visiting at the home of their brother, F. H. Johnson
  • -T. J. Bowles, an old and prominent resident of Winnebago county, spent last week with his son Fred, in the town of Pelican.
  • -Miss Eva Mason, who is teaching in the Jennings district, east of Pelican Lake, spent Saturday and Sunday at her home in the city.
  • -Geo. Viele and Louis Foubore, the Northwestern trainmen who were injured in a wreck near Oshkosh recently, are both well on the road to recovery
  • -As the result of Hallowe'en pranks W. W. Carr's little son Willie fell over a wire stretched across the walk and cut his lip so badly that several stitches were necessary to repair the injury. Several of E. E. Stoltzman's bill boards suffered at the hands of the boys who observed the time-honored custom in wanton sport.

The following real estate transfers in Oneida county were recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds during the past week

  • -W. F. Goodell and wife to A. W. Brown q c, se sw sec 27-38-8. Consideration $5.
  • -W. F. Goodell and wife to S. S. Miller qc, nw sw and lot 3 sec 35-38-8. Consideration $5.
  • -E. R. LeFevre and wife to Jos. H. Johnson q c, und interest se ne, sw se sec 21-38-7. Consideration $1.
  • -Kate Pier to B. F. Higgins q c, nw ne and lot 2 sec 9-37-5. Consideration $22.86.
  • -A. B. Whitman and wife to S. S. Miller q c, n nw 1/4 sec 22-39-10. Consideration $40.
  • -Appleton Land and Lumber Co. To S. S. Miller qc, same lands. Consideration $40.
  • -K. Granum to Lena Granum q c, lot 2 sec 10-38-10, lot 2 sec 26-39-10 also lot 5, blk 37 and lot 8, blk 38, Lakeside Park add. Three Lakes. Consideration $1.
  • -Kate Pier to Daniel Sullivan q c, ne sw sec 18-37-9. Consideration $70. Jno. Laby and wife to School Board Town of Pelican w d, one acre in nw sw sec 19-37-9. Consideration $1.
  • -Jas. F. O'Brien and wife to L. O. Larson, timber contract, ne nw sec 30-37-9. Consideration $150.
  • -Frank Jarvis to Brown Bros. Lum. Co. Timber contract, n , ne 1/4, ne nw sec. 14, sw se, sec 11-37-9. Consideration $850.
  • -Matt Stapleton and wife to Wm. Hardell w d, certain described land on lot 1, sec 9-36-9. Consideration $90.
  • -Northern Wis. Land-Investment Co. To A. Sievwright w d, ne nw, s nw 1/4 sec 34, and se sw sec 20-39-5 and e sw 1/4 sec 26-39-4. Consideration $450.
  • -Walter L. Waite and wife Edward D. Meitenger w d, a certain described piece of land in village of Pelican. Consideration $65.
  • -Menasha Woodenware Co to John Gudegast w d, lot 1 se sw sw sw se nw lot 3 sec 13, and se sw sec 24-39-8. Consideration $1000.
  • -H. C. Bruce, of Antigo, is looking over the holdings of the Sherry estate in this vicinity. These lands are to be disposed of.

-Fred. Bellile, who has been at the Northern Hospital at Oshkosh several months for treatment, died Sunday of cerebral hemorrage. Chas. Bellile went down Sunday night and accompanied the body home the next day. The deceased was 30 years of age. The funeral takes place to-day at 2:30 p.m. from the Catholic church.

-Wyman L. Smith, popularly known as 'Shirt' Smith, died at the Bellis House, Wausau, last Tuesday afternoon, of appendicitis. The deceased was forty years of age. He was married in 1883 to Miss Carrie Monday who survives him. The funeral was held from the Bellis House, Thursday, the remains being interred in that city.

  • -A bright baby girl arrived at the home of Mr and Mrs Fred. Stiles, on Saturday last.
  • -Mrs. Sutliff returned home Saturday after a week's visit with her parents at Grand Rapids

Another of a series of unfortunate accidents in the yards of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul road on the north side of La Crosse has occurred. Eddie Allen, aged 10 years, was run down by a switch engine and his arm taken off. He died from the result of the injuries. Young Allen was one of three boys in a delivery wagon. A passenger train had just gone by, and they drove right on the crossing, thinking the coast was clear. The engine was upon them in an instant. The other boys escaped with minor injuries.


Mrs. Michael Albrecht of the town of Williamstown was drowned at the southern city limits of Mayville in the Rock river. She was found when Louis Kunz went to get his traps, not far from the shore, with a shawl tied about her head. She was about 80 years old and lived a mile south of the city.

  • -Horatio Ryder, a leading framer of the town of Hustisford, while feeding a corn husker and shredder, had his left arm taken off in the cylinder.
  • -At Sheboygan, Carl Heinkel, aged 16 years, was stabbed with a pair of shears by Oscar Kaestner, of about the same age. They were engaged in a heated controversy in the upholstering department of the Crocker chair factory at the time.
  • -P. M. Swartz of Chicago, together with his wife, met with a serious accident at Kenesha. Mr and Mrs Swartz were attempting to catch a moving train for Milwaukee when they were thrown from the train. Mr. Swartz suffered a broken ankle, while it is feared that his wife was seriously injured internally.
  • -Thomas Low and son Guy of Babcock have returned from the Klondike.
  • -At Racine, Soren Show, a teamster, was badly injured in a runaway.
  • -Harry Brown, aged 80 years, was instantly killed by a freight train at Brooklyn
  • -G. Bacon has brought suit against the city of Antigo for $500 for alleged personal injuries
  • -John Hines, a woodsman from Stevens Point, was stuck by a train at Nash and killed.
  • -While on his way home from town shortly after midnight, Bonner Jenkins, who lived a mile south of Cambria, was run down by a west-bound fast freight and instantly killed.
  • -Edmund, the 8-year-old son of John Butz, while trying to get on the cars at the lake front at Manitowoc, fell under the wheels and had both of his legs cut off below the knees
  • -The dead body of Gerhardt Nickols, a 15-year-old boy, was found in a swamp near Trempealeau mountain. Nickols had been missing for two days. He had been hunting and was killed by the accidental discharge of his gun while getting out of a boat.
  • -Julius Behnke of White Lake, aged about 70 years, broke his neck while returning home from church. Just before reaching home, boys along the roadside attempted to 'catch on' for a ride and as they took hold of the back seat it came off and theold man was precipitated to the ground.
  • -Frank Mueller of Freedon, who was thought to have been killed nineteen years ago in an accident in Chicago, returned to his father's home recently with a wife and family. His aged mother was prostrated by the sudden return of her son. Mueller has accumulated valuable property in Ohio.
  • -Adolph Whitmyer, a cupola-tender at the Stevens' factory in Marinette, had a narrow escape from asphyxiation. While feeding the cupola he was overcome by the powerful fumes, but had presence of mind enough to stagger to the elevator and pull the rope. He was unconscious when the elevator reached the first floor.

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