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THE VINDICATOR Wednesday, February 4, 1903

   In Chicago To-day A. S. Pierce Marries The Lady Of His Choice To-day at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Chicago, occurs the marriage of A. S. Pierce, of this city and Miss Clara Severson, of Denver, Col. The story of their courtship is a romantic one and tense account of their meeting and the events which were instrumental in weaving about their lives Cupid's magic spell, is given in the Denver Republican, and which will    Much interest and no little surprise was felt yesterday by many Denver people when the morning mail brought invitations to a wedding that is to be solemnized Feb. 4 in Chicago. Miss Clara P. Severson an attractive young woman who for the last four years has been a trained nurse of this city will be the bride and she is to marry Anson S. Pierce of Rhinelander, Wis.
   That Miss Severson has for a number of years been entirely dependant on her own efforts for her livehood, and that her fiancé is a millionaire, member of one of the largest lumber firms of Wisconsin, makes the marriage an unusual one if it is true that the old world custom of dots has become the vogue in this country.
   Miss Severson and Mr. Pierce met for the first time last April. He had been in the mountains looking after some mining interests and was taken ill with typhoid fever. He was brought to Denver and on securing apartments at the Adams hotel a physician and a nurse were called. Miss Severson was given the case and in three weeks nursed her patient back to his usual splendid health. Night and day she cared for Mr. Pierce though the case was an easy one, owing to the lightness of the attack of fever and the strong constitution of the man. The he went away. She never expected to see him again, explained Miss Severson last night. But he wrote when he returned home and he wrote again and finally we corresponded regularly. He is a very entertaining man and writes delightful letters. Early in December I received word he was coming to Denver. He came and in few days I promised to marry him. He wanted me to marry then. The bride has a modest but very pretty trousseau made for her marriage and her only regret is that she will have no friends at the wedding. Her father is an invalid her sister is a school teacher and cannot leave her duties at this time.
   "One reason I said the marriage should take place in Chicago was that I thought I might thereby escape all notoriety for of course I realized that for a girl without money to marry a man of Mr. Pierce's wealth, would arouse more or less interest, but it seems the newspapers have learned all about it just the same."
   Mr. Pierce is about 40 years old and was supposedly a confirmed bachelor. Miss Severson will leave Denver tomorrow night for Chicago. She will be a guest of the groom's sister in a Chicago suburb until the wedding, which will take place at the Grand Pacific hotel Rev. A. G. Wilson an old friend of the groom, performing the ceremony. The Rhinelander paper in a recent issue, announced the marriage and spoke of Mr. Pierce as a very popular, prominent and wealthy man.

Sealed bids will be received by the city clerk of the city of Rhinelander up to 2 p.m. of February 2, 1903, for the old wooden bridge across Lake Creek in said city. The purchaser must remove the bridge entirely before May 1st 1903. The first bent of piling south of the stone pier of the new bridge must be pulled up. The remainder of the piling may be cut off below the surface of the water. Terms cash on making contract. The board reserves the right to reject all bids.
L. Stumpner
Richard Reed
A. W. Shelton
Board of Public Works, Dated Jan. 17, 1903

January 5th, 1903

Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Clerk of Circuit Court at Rhinelander, Wis., on February 13th 1903 viz. Thomas A. Williams of Rhinelander, Wis, who made H. E. No. 10372 for the N ˝ NW 1/4 sec 15 tp 36 N. R. 10E. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: John Arnson, Reuben Jury, John Carley, Anton Laskaskie all of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. JOHN W. MILLER, Register.

In the Matter of the Estate of Daniel McKenzie Deceased On application of A. W. Crusoe administrator of the estate of Daniel McKenzie deceased for the adjustment and allowance of his administration account, and the assignment of the residue of said estate to the persons by law entitled to the same: It is ordered, that said account be examined adjusted and allowed at a regular term of said Court to be held at the County Judges office in Rhinelander in said County on the 3d day of March 1903. It is further ordered, That upon the adjustment and allowance of such account by this Court as aforesaid the residue of said Estate, be by the further order and judgment of the Court, assigned to such persons as are by law entitled to the same. It is Further Ordered, That notice of the time and place of examination and allowance of such account and of the assignment of the residue of said estate by given to all persons interested by publications of said notice for three successive weeks before said day in the Vindicator a weekly newspaper published at Rhinelander in said County.
Dated Jan. 28th 1903
By the Court, LEVI J. BILLINGS County Judge

-Miss Tressa Mason is visiting at the home of her sister Mrs August Nagle at Pelican Lake.


  • -Mrs. Lawrence visited school Thursday
  • -Harriet Walsh was not at school Friday
  • -Chas Chafee returned to school Monday after an absence of three weeks
  • -Roy Markham was absent from school Friday
  • -Mr. Lowell changed several __ Tuesday
  • -Douglas Anderson is absent this week on account of sickness


  • -E. G. Squier was at Monieo on business Friday
  • -L. J. Bruce and wife of Wausau were city visitors several days last week
  • -The Duplicate Whist Club was entertained last Thursday by Mrs. W. D. Joslin
  • -Mrs. Anderson Brown is entertaining her friend Mrs. Walton, of Stevens Point.
  • -Mr and Mrs R. F. Tompkins were Minneapolis visitors several days of the past week
  • -Mrs. F. H. Johnson entertains the M.E. Ladies Aid society this afternoon at her home.
  • -Mrs. Louise Stimpson returned the last of the week from a visit to her sister at Marshfield.
  • -The Misses Hilgermann entertained a large company of the young folks at their home Friday evening at cards
  • -Mrs. Chas. Smith who has been visiting her parents Mr and Mrs A. Kincaid, returned to her home in St. Paul Thursday.
  • -Mrs. M. H. Raymond has been critically ill the past week and as we go to press is so low that her life is despaired of.
  • -Last Wednesday evening Mr and Mrs Gus Swedburg celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by entertaining a company of their friends. The gathering of their friends and neighbors was much enjoyed and all report a good time
  • -Mr. Chas E. Crusoe is spending the week in the Chicago markets in the interest of Crusoe's Dept Store. We understand this enterprising establishment is to carry still larger stocks the coming season and Mr. Crusoe is making some heavy merchandise contracts.
  • -The whist club met with Mr and Mrs W. H. Trumbull Monday evening. Mrs. LaSelle and L. J. Billings won the high scores. Half the series of games in now completed and those holding the highest total scores are Ms. A. W. Shelton and C. H. O'Connor.
  • -Mr and Mrs C. R. Lee entertained the Twentieth Century Cinch Club Saturday evening. The highest scores were made by Mrs. A. Taylor and W. T. Stevens their prizes being a phot holder, and a piece of statuary. The club meets this week with Mr and Mrs O'Connor.
  • -Dr. F.L. Hinman who for weeks has been confined to his home with a serious illness has sufficiently recovered to be out again, and is feeling fine. Last night the doctor went to Chicago, where he expects to take treatment for his trouble which will include a series of turkish baths. His many friends hope for his speedy and complete recovery.

Mr and Mrs Arthur Taylor and Mr and Mrs S. S. Miller gave a farmer's dinner to a number of their friends at the Taylor residence last Thursday evening. When the guests had assembled they were admitted to the dining room and back parlor, where three long tables were spread, groaning under a weight of good things, and the guests found their places designated by little slips of paper upon which were their given names. What the tables didn't contain would perhaps be less difficult to tell than what they did, but there was oyster, creamy potatoes, delicious ham, spicy pickles of various kinds, pork and beans, brown and white bread, rolls, coffee, cakes, tarts, apple and mince pie and cheese, prepared as the viands testified by expert hands. Following the dinner the gentlemen adjourned to the floor above where the cigars were passed and enjoyed. The remainder of the evening, progressive cinch was played by the guests Mrs. E. O. Brown and L.J. Billings carrying off the honors. Mrs. Brown's prize was a beater, and Mr. Billings a bell 'he leads the flock'. Satin potato and beet pin cushions were the consolation prizes awarded to Mrs. LaSelle and Miss Buell. The evening was one greatly enjoyed by all present.

  • -Mrs. T. B. McIndoe gives a tea to the young ladies this evening
  • -Mrs. O'Brien's millinery parlors have been newly papered and painted the past week
  • -Miss Elsie Abbott returned this noon from a brief visit with her sister Miss Rena at Eagle River
  • -Annie Bessie is soon to open a fruit and confectionary store in the building formerly occupied by W. H. Gilligan Jr.
  • -Chester Pingry is spending the week in the city enjoying a brief vacation. Mr. Pingry holds an excellent position in the job printing department of the Minneapolis Tribune. He expects to return to his work the first of the week
  • -Fred Moses, formerly with Irvin Gray of this city, recently had his right leg amputated at Antigo, upon the advice of his physicians. Mr. Moses suffered for many years with serious trouble and it is hoped by his many friends here that the serious operation will prove beneficial in the end.
  • -Charley Harrigan was down from Mauitowish Sunday, meeting his wife and little son on their return trip from Green Bay. Harrigan Bros. Have done a very successful stroke of logging this winter in that section, and as Charles says have had a streak of rare good luck. In his camp every thing has run smoothly from the start. Not a man has been sick, none injured, his teams have always been in first class condition, and in every other way he has labored under the most favorable conditions, with the result that several million of timber are already in.

Department of the Interior
Land Office at Wausau, Wis
February 3rd, 1903
Notice is hereby given that the following-named settled has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Clerk of Circuit Court at Rhinelander, Wis., on March 20, 1903, viz: George Dusel of Rhinelander, Wis., who made H. E. No 10065 for the NE 1/4 NE1/4 Sec 7 Twp 37 N., R. 11 E. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: D.E. Briggs, Louis Stumpner, Everette Towne, Peter Osborne, all of Rhinelander, Wis. John W. Miller, Register

  • -Miss Ethel Annis is quite sick with Grippe
  • -Abner Conro, Sr., is confined to the house with a very severe cold
  • -Mrs. Sidney Wright is very sick this week with LaGrippe
  • -Anderle the youngest son of Mr and Mrs P.A. Brown died last Thursday morning the cause being pneumonia. The funeral occurred Saturday Rev. A. G. Wilson officiating.
  • -Little Doris Brown who has been very ill with pneumonia is at this writing reported to be on the gain
  • -Perry Foster departed Friday morning for his home in Merrill after a pleasant visit at the home of his brother Porter Foster
  • -Mrs. A. B. Newell who has been very ill is at this writing much improved
  • -Mrs. Paul Browne left yesterday for Chicago to remain with friends for a few days

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