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Rhinelander Directory 1912-1913

Miscellaneous Information

City Officer and Committees
Mayor - H. C. Braeger.
President of Council - Wm. Gilley.
City Clerk - Gust. Swedberg.
Treasurer - A. D. Sutton.
Comptroller - Geo. C. Jewell.
Attorney - H. F. Steele.
Chief of Fire Department - John D. Cole.
Superintendent of Water Works - A. D. Sutton.
Health Commissioner - J. T. Elliott.
Street Commissioner - Sam Moberg.
Chief of Police - Maurice B. Straub.
First Ward - John Strangstad, Henry Roepcke.
Second Ward - Otto Bonnie, Pat Cain.
Third Ward - Frank Pecor, John Swedberg.
Fourth Ward - Prescott Calkins, L. A. Leadbetter.
Fifth Ward - C. P. Crosby, J. M. Baker.
Sixth Ward - Wm. Gilley, Michael McDermott.
Committee on Ordinance - Henry Roepcke, Pat Cain, C. P. Crosby
Committee on License - John Swedberg, Henry Roepcke, Wm. Gilley.
Committee on Fire Department - J. M. Baker, Prescott Calkins, Pat Cain.
Committee on Water Works - L. A. Leadbetter, John Strangstad, M. McDermott.
Committee on Printing - Prescott Calkins, Frank Pecor, Otto Bonnie.
Committee on City Buildings - Wm. Gilley, J. M. Baker, Frank Pecor.
Committee on City Affairs - C. P. Crosby, J. Strangstad, L. A. Leadbetter.
Purchasing Committee - Waterworks Department, L. A. Leadbetter, Fire Department, J. M. Baker,
All other Departments,Wm. Gilley.
Member of Board of Public Works from Council - Henry Roepcke.
School Commissioners
Regular meetings of the Board shall be held on the first Monday of each month at 7:30 P.M.
First Ward - Geo. W. Porter, term expires 1915.
Second Ward - Chas. Backstrom, term expires 1913.
Third Ward - John Didler, term expires 1914.
Fourth Ward - Chas H. Ball, term expires 1915.
Fifth Ward - W. D. Joslin, term expires 1914.
Sixth Ward - C. H. Reopcke, term expires 1913.
At Large - E. O. Brown, term expires 1913.
At Large - A. D. Sutton, term expires 1914.
At Large - M. H. Raymond, term expires 1915.
President - A. D. Sutton.
Vice-President - E. O. Brown
. Secretary - Gust Swedberg.
Committees for the Year Commencing May 1, 1912.
Finance and Claims - Geo. W. Porter, Chas. H. Ball, M. H. Raymond
. Teachers and Janitors - E. O. Brown. M. H. Raymond, Chas. H. Ball.
Organization and Grading of Schools - John Didier, E. O Brown, Geo. W. Porter.
Library and Text Books - Chas Backstrom, John Didier, C. H. Roepcke.
Inspection of Schools - C. H. Roepcke, Chas. Backstrom, G. W. Porter.
Buildings and Grounds - W. D. Joslin, E. O. Brown, C. H. Roepcke.
Purchasing Committee - M. H. Raymond, W. D. Joslin, Chas. Backstrom.
New High School Building Committee - A. D. Sutton, John Didier, E. O. Brown.
Members first named on the above lists will act as Chairman of Committee.
City Schools
High School
Principal - W. Colburn.
English - Miss Anna Irene Oakey.
Science - Miss Della White.
Mathematics - Miss Frances Slatter.
History - Mr. Thos. J. Hill.
Commercial - Miss Myra Bucklin.
Latin and German - Miss Alma Schultz.
Assistant English - Miss Elizabeth Kuehmsted.

Eighth Grade - Miss Lelah L. Gribble, Miss Augusta Drees.
Seventh Grade - Miss Nellie D. Plugh, Miss Mabel Crimstad.
Sixth Grade - Miss Alvina Emerson.
Fifth and Sixth Grade - Miss Anna Hess.
Fifth Grade - Miss Ada D. Schluessel.
Fourth Grade - Miss Elsie K. Annis, Miss May McLean.
Third Grade - Miss Mabel Helbstab, Miss Mary Gross, Miss Mayme Slattery.
Second Grade - Miss Anna McLloyd, Miss Grace Lally.
First and Second Grade - Miss Lillian Foster, Mrs. Jennie K. Deane, Miss Bernice Newell.
First Grade - Mrs. Kate Millard, Miss Jean Burnsen.
Kindergarten - Miss Bessie LaPres, Miss Prudence Kuehmsted.
Manual Training - Mr. K. H. Patrick.
Supervisor Music and Drawing - Miss Mabel Cook.
Domestic Science - Miss Louise Beland.

St. Mary's Parochial School
Principal - Sister Lucretia.
Assistants - Eight Franciscan Sisters.

Rhinelander Public Library
President, H. F. Steele; Secretary, Mrs. Wm. Eibel; Librarian, Harriet Allen.

Police Department
Chief of Police - Maurice Straub
First Assistant - Wm. O'Brien
Second Assistant - Jas. O'Malley

Justices of the Peace
Wm. B. La Selle.

City Fire Department
Chief - J. D. Cole.
Captain Hose Co. No. 1 - Geo. Fenning.
Captain Hose Co. No. 2 - Frank Chasse.

Hose House No. 1
Chas. Trotier, Driver; Chas. Johnson, G. L. James.

Hose House No. 2
Frank Leonard, Driver; Olaf Larson, E. Burbie.

Location of Fire Alarm Boxes
Keys will be found on the boxes.
6 Engine House No. 1.
7 Engine House No. 2.
8 Water Works.
13 Paper Mill Office.
14 Junction Thayer and Alban.
15 Stevens Lumber Co., Office.
23 Conro Lumber Office.
24 Brown Bros. Mill, Office.
25 Robbins, Lumber Co., Office.
32 A. S. Badger Co., Office.
34 Corner Brown and High.
35 Corner Thayer and Philip.
41 Corner Brown and Davenport.
42 Veneer Factory.
43 Catholic Church.
45 Refrigerator Factory.
46 Corner Keenan and Kemp.

Code of Signals
12 blows struck for 12 o'clock noon.
2 - 2 - 2 fire out 2 to be answered by key O. K.
3 to repeat.
4 more pressure.
5 less pressure.

County Government
Circuit Judge - A. H. Reid, Wausau, Wis.
Circuit Court Reporter - Walter A. Evers.
Court Commissioners - W. W. Carr, Chas. W. Fricke, H. L. Reevs, H. F. Steele, of Rhinelander; M. R. Kester, of Minocqua.
County Judge - Levi J. Billings, Rhinelander.
Municipal Judge - D. H. Walker, Rhinelander.
Second Municipal Judge - H. T. Ames, Minocqua.
Sheriff - Chas. Crofoot, Rhinelander.
County Clerk - Wm. W. Carr, Rhinelander.
Deputy County Clerk - M. P. Carr, Rhinelander.
County Treasurer - Carl Krueger, Rhinelander.
Register of Deeds - Chas. Davis, Rhinelander.
Clerk of Circuit Court - E. C. Strudevant, Rhinelander.
District Attorney - Chas. W. Fricke, Rhinelander.
County Surveyor - D. H. Vaughn, Rhinelander.
Coroner - Chas. Decanter, Rhinelander.
County Superintendent of Schools - F. A. Lowell, Rhinelander.

Members of County Board
City of Rhinelander
First Ward - Andrew Olson, Rhinelander.
Second Ward - J. C. Barlow, Rhinelander.
Third Ward - H. E. Keppler, Rhinelander.
Fourth Ward - A. W. Brown, Rhinelander.
Fifth Ward - Chas. Morrill, Rhinelander.
Sixth Ward - James G. Dunn, Rhinelander.

Cassian - Matt Conniff, Bradley.
Crescent - J. J. Lubold, Rhinelander.
Enterprise - Clifton Keeler, Enterprise.
Hazelhurst - E. W. Behlke, Hazelhurst.
Little Rice - John B. Mentink, Bradley.
Lynne - J. M. Scott, Tripoli.
Minocqua - Wm. Schlecht, Minocqua.
Monico - John Meyers, Monico
Newbold - Henry Wubker, Sr., McNaughton.
Pelican - B. N. Moran, Rhinelander.
Piehl - R. C. Leudke, Gagen.
Pine Lake - Fred Papineau, Rhinelander.
Schoepke - Ed. Wolfgram, Jennings.
Sugar Camp - E. W. Knapp, Robbins.
Three Lakes - Wm. Anderson, Three Lakes
. Woodboro - Geo. Marshall, Rhinelander.
Woodruff - Ole Swenson, Woodruff.

Oneida Agricultural Society
President - C. P. Crosby.
Vice-President - Barney B. Moran.
Secretary - J. J. Remo.
Treasurer - Geo. F. Mahoney.

Oneida County Training School
President - Arthur Taylor.
Secretary - F. A. Lowell.
A.W. Brown
Principal of School - b. M. Dresden.

Banks and Bankers
First National Bank - S. Stevens cor Davenport, Capital $50,000. President Chas. Chafee;
Vice-President, A. D. Daniels; Cashier, Wm. E. Ashton; Assistant Cashier, R. J. La Selle.
Merchants State Bank - s. Brown cor Davenport. Capital, $50,000. President E. O. Brown;
Vice-President, B. R. Lewis; Cashier, M. H. Raymond; Assistant Cashier, L. Leadbetter.

Company L., Second Regiment, W. N. G. - Captain, D. H. Walker; First Lieutenant, Forest Himes.

Post Office
Postmaster - A. H. Alban.
Assistant Postmaster - Richard Reed.
Chief Clerk - Chas. Calkins
Money Order Clerk - Lucille Vaughan.
General Delivery Clerk - Frank Calkins.
Night Clerk - Herman Cease.
Mail Carriers - No. 1, John Gilligan; No. 2, Howard Reed; No. 3. Ray Marks.

The New North (Rep. Weekly). Issued Thursday.
The Rhinelander News, E. E. Payne, editor. Issued Friday.

St. Mary's Hospital, 1050 Prospect Ave.

Church Societies
Daughters of the Faith (Catholic Church) - President, Mrs. Theo. Dufrain; Treasurer, Mrs. P. Plunket.
Ladies' Aid Society (Congregational Church) - President, Mrs. W. R. Hamilton, Secretary, Mrs. J. J. Reardon.
Ladies' Aid Society (Methodist Church) - President, Mrs. Carrie L. Adams; Secretary, Mrs. Chas. Keep.
Ladies' Aid Society (Swedish Lutheran Church) - President, Mrs. John Swedberg, Secretary, Mrs. A. C. Danielson.
Missionary Circle - President, Mrs. Geo. Jenkinson; Secretary, Mrs. R. C. Dayton
. Priscillas - President, Mrs. R. B. Eppley; Secretary, Miss Harriet Allen.
St. Ann's Alter Society - Perfect, Mrs. J. Wiesen; Treasurer, Mrs. John Didier.
League of the Sacred Heart - President, Mrs. John Wiesen.
St. Elizabeth's Guild (Episcopal Church) - Directress, Mrs. H. L. Garner; Secretary, Blanche Bellamy.
St. Augustine Guild (Episcopal Church) - President, Mrs. Chas. Peterson; Secretary, Mrs. S. Alvord.
St. Augustine's Men's Club - President, Paul Browne; Secretary, R. J. La Selle.

Miscellaneous Clubs and Societies
Monday Club - President, Miss Helen Brown; Secretary, Mrs. A. W. Shelton.
Rhinelander Book Club - Meets annually. Secretary, Mrs. A. W. Shelton.
Women's Club - President, Mrs. S. H. Ashton; Secretary, Mrs. J. J. Reardon.

Secret Societies
A. O. H.
Division I, Oneida Court - Meets second Monday of each month at St. Mary's Hall. President, Wm. Writt; Financial Secretary, Jas. Coffey.

Ladies' Auxiliary A. O. H. of America
Division I - Meets second and fourth Fridays of each month at St. Mary's Hall. President, Mrs. M. Sullivan; Secretary, Mrs. F. Keenan.

Pelican Rapids Colony, No. 440 - M. W., B. R. L. Abbey; Secretary, Walter Liebenstein.

B. P. O. E.
Rhinelander Lodge, No. 598 - Meets first and third Thursday of each month at Elks' Club room. E. R., J. D. Gilligan; Secretary, Warren V. Reed.

Catholic Knights of Wisconsin
Meets third Wednesday of each month at St. Mary's School. President, Peter Didier; Secretary, Jas. Gleason.

Catholic Order of Foresters
St. Nicholas Court, No. 463 - Meets second and fourth Thursday of each month at St. Mary's Hall. President, Peter Didier; Recording Secretary, Anton Rheaume, Mrs. C. W. Scott.

Women's Catholic Order of Foresters
St. Elizabeth Court, No. 267 - Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month at St. Mary's Hall. Chief Ranger, Mrs. John Didier; Secretary, Miss Frances Lloyd.

Daughters of Rebekah
N. G., Mrs. Wm. Foster; Secretary, Mrs. Frank Snyder.

Eastern Star
Worthy Patron, Chas. Paulk; Worthy Matron, Mrs. Myrtle Woodcock; Secretary,

Equitable Fraternal Union
Assembly No. 134 - President, A. Schauder; Secretary, Geo. Dusel
F. R. A.
Meets second Thursday at Woodmen Hall. President, Robert Gorbutt; Secretary, Fred Smith.

F. O. E.
Rhinelander Erie, No. 359 - Meets first and third Wednesdays at Eagle Hall, President, L. J. Moras; Secretary, Jerome Teal.

I. O. F.
Court No. 1975 - C. R., Geo. Rummery; R. S., Mrs. W. C. Leibenstein.

I. O. O. F.
Oneida Camp No. 48 - Meets Mondays at Odd Fellows' Hall. N. G., Harry Lees; R. S., George Jewell.

Knights of Pythias
Meets every Wednesday at K. P. Hall. K. of R. & S., Carl Krueger.

Knights of the Maccabees
Laraway Tent, No. 17 - Meets first Tuesday at Odd Fellows' Hall. R. K., Geo. Dusel.

L. O. T. M.
Lady Commander, Mrs. S. Kelly; Secretary, Mrs. W. R. Hamilton.

Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons
Rhinelander Lodge, No. 242 - Meets first and third Tuesday of each month at Masonic Temple. W. M., Geo. Knister; Secretary, Fred Moore.

Royal Arch Masons
Signet Chapter, No. 74 - Meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at Masonic Temple. H. P., B. R. Lewis; Secretary, Arthur Taylor.

M. W. A.
Lake Camp, No. 1749 - Meets every Wednesday at Woodmen Hall. V. C., M. McDermott; Clerk, A. W. Byrnes.

National Fraternal League
Meets every other Thursday. President, Alex Denoyer; Secretary, Wm. Lew.
R. N. A.
Oneida Camp, No. 1728 - Oracle, Mrs. John Rothwell; Secretary, Mrs. Thos. Shelp.

Sons of Norway
Meets second and fourth Mondays at Scandinavian Hall. President, P. W. Peterson; Secretary, Thos. Alme.

St. Peter's Society
President - F. Pette; Secretary, Vincent Cheslak.

S. H. & E. F. of A.
Camp No. 29 - President, John Swedberg; R. S., Andrew Olson.

O. O. O.
Nest No. 1157 - President, Harry Lees; Secretary, J. C. Teal.

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