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City Directory

Copyright, 1930, by Wright Directory Co.

Miscellaneous Information

For information not found in this department see regular Alphabetical Section or under proper heading Classified Business Directory.


City Hall, 219 S Stevens
Election first Tuesday in April of each year. Council second and fourth Mondays in Council Chamber, City Hall

Manager - Theo M Wardwell
Clerk - Mrs Mabel Carrl
Treasurer - A Rindalll
Health Commissioner - Dr. John T Elliottl
Chief of Fire Department - Henry C Hansenl
Chief of Police Department - Maurice Straubl
Assistant - Wm J O'Brienl
Patrolmen - Wm Nixon, Joseph Hack jrl
President of the Council - Wm Hardelll
Sealer of Weights and Measures - H J Danfieldl
City Nurse - Olga Leknesundl
City Council
E A Korth, Paul Abendroth, R L Caldwell, O C Nelson, Wm Hardelll
Fire Department
Hose Co No 1 - 11 W Rives. Henry C Hansen Chiefl
Hose Co No 2 - 804 Thayer. John Wells Captl
Code of Signals
12 Blows - 12 o'clock noonl
2 Blows - O Kl
2-2-2 Blows - Fire outl
3 Blows - Repeatl
4 Blows - More Pressurel
5 Blows - Less Pressurel
Location of Fire Alarm Boxesl
Boxes struck by key which will be found on the boxesl
6 - Engine House No 1l
7 - Engine House No 2l
8 - Pumping Stationl
13 - Mill cor Riverl
14 - Junction of Thayer and Alban streetsl
23 - Thunder Lake Lbr Co engine rml
24 - Brown Bros Lumber Co officel
25 - C C Collins Lumber Co officel
27 - Corner Brown and Davenport streetsl
28 - Brown and Montrosl
32 - C C Collins upper yardl
34 - Corner High and Brown stsl
35 - Corner Thayer and Philip stsl
36 - Brown and Frederickl
37 - Eagle and Monicol
38 - Minola and Annl
42 - Win Veneer Co officel
43 - Corner King and Conro stsl
45 - Rhinelander Mfg Co officel
46 - Corner Kemp and Keenan stsl
47 - Arbutus and Prospectl
48 - St Mary's Hospitall
49 - Randall and Prospectl
51 - Wabash and Ocalal
56 - King and Oneidal
57 - Lincoln and Eastern av.l
58 - Barnes and Carrl
73 - Davenport and Pelhaml
75 - Frederick and Oneidal
76 - East end of Riverl
235 - Thunder Lake Lumber Co office
323 - Thunder Lake Lbr Co end of Eaglel
Board of EducationMembers Board of Education
James Caldwell, T J Pattinson, W J Nietzke, E Draheim, Mrs J H O'Melia, Mrs Oscar Moen, John Sweberg
Finance - W J Nietzke, John Sweberg, Mrs Oscar Moen
Teachers - T J Pattinson, Mrs J H O'Melia, Mrs Oscar Moen
Inspection - W J Neitzke, John H Sweberg, E Draheim
Buildings and Grounds - T J Pattinson, W J Neitzke, E Draheim
Purchasing - T J Pattinson, Mrs J H O'Melia
Text Books - Mrs J H O'Melia, E Draheim, John H Sweberg
Senior High - Eastern av ft E Rives, W F Krusche supt, R S Havenor prin
Junior High - 120 W Frederick, James Williams prin
Central - 114 W Frederick, Agnes D Gilbertsen prin
Curran - 8 S Oneida av hd E King, Grace Lally prin
McCord - 911 Mason, Lillian V Johnson prin
South Park - 718-724 Arbutus, Edna Hagen prin
West Side School - 205 Mill, Lillian Foster prin
Oneida County Normal School - M V Boyce prin, 117 S Baird av.
Court House, S Oneida av
Circuit Judge - A H Reid, Wausau
Clerk of Circuit Court - Hannah McRae, Rhinelander
Court Commissioners - H T Ames, Minocqua; Alex McRae, Rhinelander; H L Reevs, Rhinelander; H F Steels, Rhinelander and Charles F Smith Jr, Rhinelander
County Judge - H F Steele, Rhinelander
Sheriff - Hans Rodd, Rhinelander
Under-Sheriff - John Farman, Rhinelander
Clerk - John J Verage, Rhinelander
Treasurer - Anna Moe Gruper, Rhinelander
Deputy Treasurer - Leah Engen, Rhinelander
Register of Deeds - Charles E Davis, Rhinelander
District Attorney - Earl L Kennedy, Rhinelander
Surveyor - Harry C Hall, Rhinelander
Coroner - Aug Carlson, Rhinelander
Supt of Schools - Jesse M Reed
Agricultural Agent - Andrew J Brann, Rhinelander
Highway Commission - Harry Williams
Public Administrator - Wm C Orr, Rhinelander
Board of Trustees County Poor - Willard T Stevens chairman
Deputy State Assessor of Incomes - Ella R Gillen
Wisconsin Highway Commission - Fred M Sergeant div eng
Board of Supervisors
Frank P Kennedy chairman, Three Lakes
P J Cain v-chairman, Rhinelander
John J Verage clk, Rhinelander
J M Baker, Rhinelander
Frank Beaudhiun, Rhinelander
Art Blumenstein, Woodruff
Clyde Burkhart, Starks
Eugene Cross, Tomahawk Lake
Ed Dovey, Rhinelander
Gale Huber, Minocqua
Willis P Jewell, Rhinelander R D F
Joseph Johnson, Bradley
Frank P Kennedy, Three Lakes
Adolph Kushman, Three Lakes
Arthur T Leith, Monico
D T Matteson, Gagen
B N Moran, Rhinelander
Joseph Novak, Eagle River RD 2
Edward Pazdernik, Rhinelander RD 2
Thor M Peterson, Rhinelander
Frank Saari, Tripoli
J G Schwartz, Hazelhurst
Ira E Smith, Bradley
Joseph Stefankiewicz, Woodboro
Emil Welk, Rhinelander RD 2
A R Whaley, Pelican Lake
H C Zander, Rhinelander
Air-Port Board of Control
Chairman - Frank P Kennedy
V-President - Thos M Wardwell
Treasurer - Harry Hlava
Secretary - Dr Gentz Perry
134 S Stevens
Office Hours - 8 a m to 8 p m (Night office, lobby open all night)
City Carriers leave office at 7:30 a m and 2:45 p m
Rural Carriers leave office at 7:30 a m
Robbins Star Route leave Robbins P O 1 p m arrive at Rhinelander at 2:30 p m, return by 3 p m
Postmaster - Charles Calkins
Asst Postmaster - Ray M Marks
Money Order Clerk - Loucille Vaughan
Mailing Clerk - Grover H Danfield
Genl Delivery Clerk - Trig Anderson
Genl Delivery Clerk - Harold H VonHorn
Night Clerk - Earl M Magnant
Sub Clerk - Ora A Wilson
City Carrier No 1 North Side - Robert Little
City Carrier No 2 East Side - Charles W Reid
City Carrier No 3 South Side - Claude L Carter
City Carrier No 4 Business Delivery - Lester H Byrns
Parcel Post Carrier - Louis H Carter
Substitute Carrier - Ora A Wilson
Rural Route No 1 Woodboro and South - Arth Hayford
Rural Route No 2 East and South - Frank Foley
Robbins Star Route - North to Robbins P O - Ivan Ray
Mails Close
East on Soo Line 1:30 a m for Michigan and Canadian mail
West on Soo Line for Western Wisconsin and Western mail 2:15 a m
North on Northwestern 3:30 a m, Northern Wisconsin mail
South on Northwestern 5 a m, South and Foreign mail
West on Soo Line 6 a m, Western Wisconsin mail and West
South on Northwestern 10:10 a m, all Southern mail
North on Northwestern 2 p m, all Northern mail
East on Soo Line 5 a m, all Southern mail
South on Northwestern 10 p m, all Southern and Foreign mail

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