Photo Album for
Sawyer County


Sawyer County is rich in history.  It's people had to be rugged to withstand the trials of pioneering in this wilderness that has become one of the most well-known vacation spots in Wisconsin.  Within this page you will find photos of these early people, places that show the beauty of the area, and tombstones of those who helped to settle this wild, yet beautiful area.  These photos have been submitted by fellow researchers in Sawyer Co. 
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Unknown Photos
Chippewa Indians of Hayward
Hayward High School Girls
U. S. Indian School at Hayward
Biking Party 1
Biking Party 2
Girls with bike
Girls Hiking
Hayward High School Girls
Girls in Formals
Phillip Preston
Isaac Preston     Isaac Preston
Philetus Sawyer
Girls on Ladder
Two Helens
All Dressed Up
John Thompson family
Thompson children
1918 Thompson family
1918 Thompson clan
Thompson Fishermen
Haugen Siblings
Haugen Sisters
Samuel Preston    Samuel Preston
Martin & Theoline Fadness Wedding
Peter & Tess (Olson) Roppe Wedding
Peter & Tess Roppe & Children
Louis & Clara Bruckner (Lemington) 1920
Mary & Ella Gillette
1915 Post Baseball Team
John & Peter Paulick
1912 Hayward High School Girls Basket Ball Team #1 

1912 Hayward High School Girls Basket Ball Team #2 
1926/7 Draper Girls Basketball Team
Oscar and Caroline Strand family
Mr & Mrs C. M. Olson & Tubby
Mary Fabiola (Lola) La Rush (Sister M. Sirilla, OSF)
Adolph Lessard family
Sister John Berchmans
James Mullally family, 1905
Mullally family, 1933
Grace & Mary Ann Walsh, 1923
Walsh Children, 1923
William Walsh & 3 bear cubs, 1924
John W. Walsh, 1932
Rev. Kasimir Krysinski
Arthur Thompson family
Arthur & Tess (Albrecht) Thompson wedding photo
John & Aaste Marie (Jacobsen) Thompson
John & Aaste Marie Thompson's children
John Thompson & his Civil War rifle
John Thompson's daughters, Carrie & Jo
John Thompson's Buggy
Sawyer Co. Civil War Veterans
Chief Akiwenzi
Walt Boettcher feeding pet deer
Gert Boettcher feeding pet deer
Hayward Indian School Girls Basketball Team
Mahengan and his son
Moose, Tainter, Bracklin, Cody in Birchbark Canoe 
Sara Wade & Children
John Scott
Euphemia Preston, Benjamin Preston, Jane Irish Preston
Benjamin Preston
Jane Irish Preston
Benjamin Bailey Preston, Warren Preston,
Benjamin Harrison Irish, Benjamin Preston
Benjamin Preston's Sons


Main Street of Hayward
County Courthouse at Hayward
Dow's Corner Store - 1946
Dow's Corner Store - remodeled
Draper Indian Family 1906 
Draper Dear Hunting 1913
Draper 1920 
Flooding in Hayward
Bishop Bridge School
Congregational Church of Hayward
Early Hayward High School
Chicago Club House near Hayward
Omaha Depot at Hayward
Winter Public School
Main Street of Winter, pre-1920
Couderay Depot, 1910
Long Annie First School, 1912
Couderay Depot and Surrounding Area
Downtown Couderay, 1922
Draper School Bus
Blue Hills Logging Camp circa 1880
Aprin-Birchwood Logging Camp Cook Shanty 1
Arpin-Bichcwood Looging Camp Cook Shanty 2
Hines Lumber Saw Mill - Hayward circa 1913
Hines Lumber Saw Mill - Interior circa 1913
Namakagon Log Drive - circa 1913
Bekkadahl's Store in Couderay, 1914
Omaha Log Train, Couderay, 1909
Eddy Creek Saw Mill in Couderay
Signor-Crisler Camp, Couderay, 1910
Baking Bread in Couderay, 1907
Nustad's Mill at Couderay, 1909
Walker Hotel, Hayward, 1950s/60s
Mullally Farm, 1920s
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 1948
St. Peter's Church Winter 1920 
Walsh family log cabin, 1980
Wisconsin Colonization Company's Office in Exeland
John Thompson's barn
John Thompson's house
John Thompson's land (aerial view)
Winter 1913 #1 
Winter 1913 #2 
Winter in 1915 #1
Winter in 1915 #2 
Mary White's Cabin near Hayward, 1908
Blue Hills Logging Crew circa 1880
Arpin-Birchwood Logging Camp exterior
Birchbark Canoe at Wolf Point


Amish Cemetery (aka Mennonite Cemetery)
Belille Cemetery

Located in Greenwood Cemetery in Hayward  (Entrance Picture)

BING, Ole Louis
HOLMQUEST, Christina
HUNTLEY, Charles H.
JORDAN, Michael
MORRIS, William C.
PALMER, Robert
PURDY, Richard
WILSON, Lewis C.
LESSARD, William J.