As you must know by now, I LOVE PLAT MAPS.  When I started the plat map projects in 2001, it was hard to locate good copies that were not under copyright.  Over the years, we have acquired quite a few and will be placing them online as we find time.  Many thanks to Judith Winter for locating these and sending them in.  Judith & hubby are snowbirds & volunteer their "winter free time" (no pun intended!) at an FHC in Arizona.  We welcome their contributions!

The Shawano GenWeb rules are always the same -- quite simple -- the RULE OF INTEGRITY is all I ask and I have only been disappointed with 1 group of people in 9 years.  NONE of the Shawano GenWeb Pages are to be COPIED and SOLD, REPOSTED, RE-COPYRIGHTED (and you know who you are that did/do this as WE ALL KNOW IT, TOO!) or ALTERED in any way.  What is permissible? Save or copy a page for your OWN PRIVATE FAMILY RESEARCH USE.  You may not copy it and pass it on to friends, etc.  The rights I am granting are for you and only you -- to use PRIVATELY.  Want to include it in your PERSONAL FAMILY PAGE website?  Please feel free to LINK a page to your PERSONAL FAMILY PAGE website and send me an email with the link.  Not sure? Just email and ask!  I'm an extremely generous person but I detest copyright thieves.

If you find a page or portions of my Shawano GenWeb site ONLINE or PRINTED & DISTRIBUTED for handouts, etc., please contact me immediately -- besides being the morally correct thing to do, I do offer rewards!



Aniwa  Hutchins            
  Almon Bartelme       Red        
Birnamwood           Springs        
  Morris Seneca Herman Richmond        Green




Germania   Grant Pella      Belle


  Fairbanks          Plaine   Hartland  
          Navarino Lessor Maple

Just click on the above links to go to the 1924 PLAT MAPS.  And, as you will notice, not all the plat maps are indexed... yet!  If you would like to adopt a township map for indexing, email me and we'll make it yours to index.  Just remember, without an index, you cannot search any of the maps for a specific name... so do consider volunteering to index a map as a service project!


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