These are some of my favorite map and gazetteer links. 
Email me your favorites and we'll post them here.
Shawano County DOT MAP - CURRENT and VERY, VERY DETAILED! -- this was sent in by John Pejza.  Here is also the link for the page on the WI Dept. of Transportation Map site -- they have a map for each county there!  AWESOME SITE! Many thanks John for the great tip!
Shawano County Townships -- this was requested by one of the researchers and this was what I came up with.  If you have a better one, please email it in!
Wisconsin Formation Map -- thanks Brian for the great link.  You can see the order in which the Wisconsin Counties were organized.
1878 Shawano County Township Map -- this map shows the layout of the older townships.  Notice the boundaries of the adjacent counties, especially Oconto County. The 1878 townships included: Almon, Herman, Stockbridge Res., Menominee Res., Green Valley, Seneca, Grant, Pella, Richmond, Belle Plaine, Shawano, Washington, Waukechon, Navarino, Hartland, Lessor, Maple Grove and Angelica.
1884 Shawano County Map
1889 Shawano County Map
Plat Map Section Divisions / Acreage / Neat Chart!
Hubby grew up in Chgo -- they measure land in FEET... I grew up in Bonduel -- we measure in ACRES... this shows the conversion rate and explains ACRES & SECTIONS and feet, links, rods, chains, yards, etc.
1898 Shawano County Plat Maps
1899 Shawano County Railroad Map
1904 Shawano County Map
1911 Shawano County Plat Maps
1920 Shawano County Plat Maps
1924 Shawano County Plat Maps - possibly a mislabeled version of 1920 but this copy is VERY CLEAR.
Circa 1930's Plat Map - coming soon
1947 Shawano City Directory
1960 Shawano County Plat Maps
1963 Shawano City Directory -- work in progress!
2006 Shawano County Plat Map -- we're not able to post this per US copyright law but if you need a look-up, email me.
Wisconsin Gazetteer 1853 -- EXCELLENT for finding towns and villages in 1853 Wisconsin.  Takes a while to load, but well worth the wait.
Cities & Counties in Wisconsin -- Lists the towns and counties in the state.
1891 Wisconsin State Map
1895 Atlas Wisconsin -- Good map, the wait in download time is well worth it. 
1901 Shawano County Map
Wisconsin County Outline Map -- County boundaries and names. U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1990
1944 Wisconsin State Map
County Atlases -- Reference--explanation of various atlases available at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Using Maps in Genealogy -- A good reference page
Rivers of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Territory Map 1832 - 1858
1915 Wittenberg Township Plat Book Map