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Oneida County Directory1912-1913

Post Office at Pelican Lake and Jennings, comprised of Township 35, Range 11.

Town Officials
Chairman - Edward Wolfgram.
Treasurer - Jos Knytter.
Clerk - Fred Wright.

Applekamp August, farmer.
Burns C J, mgr Beech Hote
l. Burns J M, livery.
Curtis W A, hotel owner.
Dunn W J, clk.
Farley J, farmer.
Fox Thos, sect foreman.
Frick Henry, cond.
Gauthier Adolph, farmer.
Gauthier Frank, farmer.
Gauthier Jos, farmer.
Goolee Frank, blksmith.
Hajducki Ernest, farmer.
Hodgdon Fred, lab.
Hopkins Wm, lab.
Kenny Frank, brakeman.
Kossock Adam, farmer.
Krabis John, farmer.
Lethenstrom P L, agt C & N W.
May Andrew, btdr.
McGillis Alexander, lab.
McGuines James, express messenger.
McLain A J, hotel owner.
Mettayer Arthur, clk.
Miner Henry, saloon.
Miner Rose.
Moe H J, carp.
Moore A O (Moore & Co).
Moore & Co, store.
Moore D M, postmaster.
Moore P H, (Moore & Co).
Palubiski August, farmer.
Paul John, farmer.
Rice John E, store and saloon.
Schneider Chas, farmer.
Schultz Herman, sect foreman.
Slater Chas, lab.
Slizewski John Jr, farmer.
Slizewski John Sr, farmer.
Sparks Frank, sect foreman.
Stockley D R, farmer.
Taggart M H, gen store.
Ward A J, fireman.
Weaver Arthur, lab.
Wolfgram Ferdinand, farmer.
Wright Fred, saloon.
Post Office at Woodruff. Comprised of Township 39, R. 7, and secs 1, 2 3 and 4 of Township 39, R. 6.
Town Officials
Chairman - Ole Swenson.
Clerk - S C Hansen.
Treasurer - Rolly Hagan.
Postmaster - Miss Mary J Doolittle.
Anderson, Gust, saloon.
Arnott W R, lab.
Bagley J H, saloon.
Beaudin James, saloon.
Beque H, butcher.
Bergexin Louis, prop City Hotel and bar.
Blumenstein Henry, farmer.
Brodock Fred, carp.
Brown Mrs Rose.
Brunet Samuel, blksmith.
Burns John, peddler.
Chabot John, carp.
Chapin H B, Clear Lake Resort.
Counter Geo, saloon.
Czerwinski Frank, btdr.
DeLong E, agt C M & St P R R.
Doolittle Mary J, postmistress.
Duvall Edward, saloon.
Fridette Louis, shoemaker.
Goff Oliver, guide.
Gongaware Emery, sect foreman.
Grothe Louis, City Marshal.
Hagan Robert R, saloon and restaurant.
Hartner Wm, salesman.
Hewett Fred, State Fish Hatchery.
Hillis Nicholas, livery.
Hofmeister C H, prop Wisconsin Hotel and bar.
Hoye Simon, barber.
Kahn D A, gen store.
Lemma Mrs Ida, farmer.
Long John, farmer.
Magnuson Alex, sect foreman.
McQuarrie August, lab.
Melang Wm, prop Mud Lake resort.
Miller Joseph, carp.
Newdahl Julia, saloon.
Olson Chris, saloon and restaurant
Paquette Dennis, saloon.
Paquette Chas, livery and sales stable.
Paull Wm, agt C & N W R R.
Perkins E E, farmer.
Phillips V, night agt C & N W R R.
Porter R R.
Priebe Walter, lab.
Reed Mat, confectionary store.
Revenew Anthony, lab.
Rudolph Carl, lumberman.
Rudolph Edward Sr, prop Woodruff House and bar.
Rudolph Edward Jr, gen store.
Sanders Chas A, sect foreman.
Scholtz Frank (Scholtz & Sons)
Scholtz Jos (Scholtz & Sons).
Scholtz Patrick (Scholtz & Sons).
Scholtz & Sons, saloon.
Scott Mrs E, prop Scott House.
Smith Geo, saloon prop and farmer.
Spreen Ernest, blksmith.
Stafford Patrick, saloon.
Steinberger Jacob, lab.
Svendson John, farmer.
Swenson Ole, saloon.
Weaver E M, Chief State Forest Ranger.
White Thos, stage driver.
Wilson Patrick, saloon.
Woodruff House, Edward Rudolph prop.
Woodruff Hdw Store, Kelly & Hofmeister props.
P O Rhinelander. Comprised of Township 37, R. 9 except that part laying in the city of Rhinelander, and all of Township 37, R. 8 lying east of the Wisconsin river.

Town Officials
Chairman - Fred Papineau.
Clerk - John Schefler.
Treasurer - John Dahlstrand.

Abbot Geo S, farmer.
Bernstein John, farmer.
Blevens Morton, farmer.
Bodwin Jos, farmer.
Boynton H P, farmer.
Burbatt John, farmer.
Burkhart Geo, farmer.
Burquist John, farmer.
Bystrum John, farmer.
Dahlstrand John, farmer.
Erickson Gust, farmer.
Erickson Martin, farmer.
Fleischman S E, farmer.
Gauthier Arcade, farmer.
Gustafson Hilger, farmer.
Hadman Olaf, farmer.
Hansen Henry, farmer.
Hansen Peter, farmer.
Hazelquist, farmer.
Helvick Matthew, farmer.
Keller J H, farmer.
Larson L O, farmer.
Laurent Thos, farmer.
McTier Stephen, farmer.
Merryfield C E, farmer.
Olson Lewis, farmer.
Olson Martin, farmer.
Papineau Fred, farmer.
Papineau Jas, farmer.
Peterson Chas, farmer.
Rhode H C, farmer.
Robertson Geo, farmer.
Rusetsky Anton, farmer.
Schedore John, farmer.
Schefler John, farmer.
Schultz David, farmer.
Siegele R C, farmer.
Siegele Stephen, farmer.
Sturdevant Andrew, farmer.
Swails C W, farmer.
Swanson Gust, farmer.
Turn August, farmer.
Ulrich Francis, farmer.
Wemple Edward, farmer.
Wilson James, farmer.

Post Office at Three Lakes and Clearwater. Comprised of township 38 and 39 R. 11; secs 1 to 3, 10 to 15, 22 to 27 and 34 to 36 of T. 38, R10; secs 22 to 27 and 34 to 36, T 39, R 10.

Town Officials
Chairman - Wm Anderson.
Clerk - Frank Kennedy.
Treasurer - Wm Bonack.
Postmaster - Mrs L Anderson
Aldrich Harry, farmer.
Allen John, guide.
Anderson Henry, lab.
Anderson Mrs L, postmistress.
Anderson Wm, Summer resort.
Andrewski Albert, lab.
Baier Michael, farmer.
Ball Geo, lab.
Barker Wm, lab.
Barkowski Jos, lab.
Beach Allie, R F D carrier.
Beach W A, Summer resort.
Berg John, Summer resort.
Berginski Samuel, farmer.
Bergstead Andrew, farmer.
Betts James, lab.
Bishop A W, summer resort.
Bishop L A, summer resort.
Bock Anton, farm.
Bodney Jos, lab.
Bodney Theo, lab.
Boehm Chas, mechanic
. Bonack Wm, carp.
Bonkuski Frank, lab.
Brewster Dell, Sawmill.
Brewster Harry, sawmill.
Brewster M, sawmill.
Burmeister Herman, lab.
Butler Eli, lab.
Callum Robert, farmer.
Campbell F S, farmer.
Chiconeski John, farmer.
Churches B, farmer (P O at Clearwater).
Connors A, farmer.
Crawford Earl, lab.
Czyilski Theo, farmer.
Czigelski John, lab.
Dobbs Gus, lab.
Donahue Frank, mason.
Donnely James, tel exch.
Donneski A, farmer.
Donneski John, lab.
Donneski Stanley, lab.
Donneski Wm, lab.
Epler Frank, carp.
Federer Wm, lab.
Force Henry, cobbler.
Franseen Alfred, cobbler.
Frederick Michael, farmer.
Freeman Earl, lab (P O Clearwater).
French Chas, summer resort.
Frye E M, farmer.
Gensler Gust, farmer.
Gill John, farmer.
Golembeski Frank, saloon.
Golembeski Steve, lab.
Godlewski John, guide.
Godlewski Jos, lab.
Goot Alex, lab.
Gorski Anton, farmer.
Gorski Bros, gen store.
Gorski Henry, hotel and saloon.
Gorski John, Gorski Bros Co.
Gorski Jos, farmer.
Gorski Sigmund, lab.
Grandy J B, summer resort.
Gratton Edward, lab.
Greeman James, farmer (P O Clearwater).
Grejo Chas, lab.
Hanson Andrew, boots and shoes.
Hanson Edward, student.
Hanson H B, farmer (P O Clearwater).
Hanson John, lab.
Helen Chas, btdr.
Helmurt W J, farmer.
Hoffman Adolph, lab.
Holmes Ernest, farmer (P O Clearwater)
. Holmes Gust, farmer (P O Clearwater)
. Javenkoski Chas, farmer.
Javenkoski Frank, lab.
Javenkoski Paul, farmer.
Johnson Frank, carp.
Johnson Julius, lab.
Karkarski Theo, lab.
Karkarski Wm, lab.
Kartarski Andrew Jr, lab
. Kartarski Andrew Sr, lab.
Kartarski Ben, lab.
Kartoski Jos, lab.
Kartoski Wallace, lab.
Karwoski Anton, lab.
Karwoski Jos, lab.
Kashuta Albert, farmer.
Kennedy Frank, lab.
Kennedy James, lab.
Kennedy John, lab.
Kent M, carp.
Kingman A E, farmer (P O Clearwater).
Kingman Frank, farmer (P O Clearwater).
Klemesheski Wm, lab.
Kloes Adolph, summer resort.
Kloes Emil, summer resort.
Korzelious Edward, summer resort.
Korzelious Henry, summer resort.
Korzelious John, summer resort.
Krzyzanski Jos, cobbler.
Kuney Arthur S, clk.
Kuney Clark, mill and general store.
Kurtoski Adam, meat market.
Kashuto Albert, lab.
Lamon D E, depot agent.
Larson John, lab.
Lavender Edward, farmer.
Lavender James, farmer.
Lavendoski Henry, lab.
Lavendoski Michael, farmer
Lavery Thos, lab.
Locy Albert, lab.
Locy Guy, lab.
Locy J B, hotel.
Louk B M, livery stable.
Maleg Anton, lab.
Maleg John, camp foreman.
Mattoon Lon, guide.
McCreary J N, carp.
McKeller Tobert, farmer (P O Clearwater).
McNinch Frank, gen store.
Menshusinski Edward, lab.
Micholski Frank, farmer.
Moore Chas, lab.
Motylewski John, farmer.
Munsch Fred, farmer.
Nelson J R, farmer.
Nelson David, lab.
Neu Wm J, gen store and real estate dealer.
Olkowski Alex, farmer.
Olkowski Ben, farmer.
Olkowski John, saloon and meat market.
Olkowski Jos, lab.
Pelarski Jos, farmer.
Perimski Chas, farmer.
Peterson H, farmer, P O Clearwater.
Phillips John, lab.
Phillips Leo, lab.
Pomas Ben, lab.
Rexford Wm, farmer.
Rhinehart A C, mechanic.
Ritzer Wm, farmer.
Robinson J C, farmer.
Russell C W, farmer.
Rychlak Albert, lab.
Ryzeski Chas, farmer.
Schwartz Gus, lab.
Siminski Jos, lab.
Small John, farmer.
Smith John, farmer.
Smith Peter, farmer.
Smith Walter, farmer.
Stebbens Rev F, pastor Adventist Church (P O Clearwater).
Soxiluski Anton, farmer.
Stenzil Edward, guide.
Stypzinski Alex, blksmith.
Stypzinski John, blksmith.
Sziminski Anton, farmer.
Toelle August, farmer.
Tomesheski Adam, farmer.
Tomesheski Stanley, farmer.
Trechock Jos, farmer.
Trechock Otto, farmer.
Turk Dan, carp.
Tyler E A, Postmaster Clearwater.
Weimski Michael, lab.
Weisneski Chas, lab.
Weisse John, farmer.
Weisse Martin, farmer.
Wheeler H, farmer (P O Clearwater).
Wheeler Lee, lab (P O Clearwater).
Winquist Andrew, cobbler.
Wodjak Peter, lab.
Wodjak Stanley, lab.
Worden Ezra, farmer.
Wunderlich R J, saloon and hotel.
Zewatski Wm, gen store.
Ziminski John, lab.
Zincabbage Andrew, farmer.
Zincabbage Thos, farmer.
Zincabbage Wm, farmer.

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