Door County Genealogy

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Door County, Wisconsin
Death Index 1857 - 1933

A few things to remember about this index is:

  • In the early years many could neither read nor write.
  • The person filling out the forms spelt things the way THEY thought they should be spelt.
  • Through the years the spelling of names in our area have changed.
  • It was not mandatory to register a death in the early years.
  • There are pages in the volumes that have never been used - skipped for whatever reason.
  • Information on early records was sometimes incomplete or illegible.
  • Believe it or not some people have more than one death certificate.
  • Some babies were not named.
  • Some married women were only listed as Mrs John Doe not using their given name.
  • Sometimes the actual death date was not filled in so I have put the date of recording in to give an idea of time.
  • I am human and make mistakes.

Without the help and co-operation of the staff at the Register of Deeds office at the Door County Courthouse, this project would never have been completed. THANK YOU.


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