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'Family' pages with Douglas County connections
Erick Carlson moved his large family to Superior in the 1890s and many of them still live there, or in neighboring counties.

http://www.familytreedlh or     Password: duluth
I have alot of information on the Descendants of Chief Joseph Osaugie, Chief Great Buffalo.
Please visit my webstie.

Surnames include: Buffalo, Gouge, Houle, Johnson, Lafave, Lamieux, Martineau, McConnell, Osaugie, Nahgahnub, St. George, St. John, Woodhull and many more.

My Great Aunt Ellen Kenny was married to Joseph Charlie McGill. They left Canada about 1880 and headed West. They settled in West Superior and according to the obit on Charlie's death had at least 10 grand children That is my quest to locate their descendants.
The first wave of migration from Norway to America began with the departure of 52 people on the sloop Restauration in 1825. By the mid 1800's, they were followed by thousands of other Norwegians who were seeking new opportunities, more space - especially the chance to own land. Although these emigrants settled in various parts of America and Canada, many, like my great-grandparents (Ments Arntsen Skaarvold and Gunhild Ellevsdatter Rognesli) who came from Sør-Trøndelag, settled in the midwest states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, North or South Dakota. ...
McConnell, Houle, Marineau, Lemieux, Woodhull, Johnson, Gouge, St. John, Lafave, ...Superior, Duluth...
Hello, I'm Andrew McConnell and i'm researching my family tree. I have alot of information on my family. This is my website filled with photos, family files and more...
If you have a Douglas County-related family genealogy web site you'd like to have posted here, please contact the County Coordinator.
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