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Lookups for the Douglas County area
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Douglas County needs more volunteers to help look up genealogical information. If you have any resources available and/or are willing to do lookups in local sources such as the Court House or the Area Research Center in Superior, please e-mail the county coordinator. Thanks!

Requesting a Lookup:

  • Please make your lookup request as specific as possible.
  • Provide the volunteer all related info that you already know, including approximate dates and places.
  • Please understand that the lookups volunteers do this on their own time and may not be able to respond immediately to your request. Please be patient.
  • Please limit your request to 1 or 2 names or items at a time. If you need extensive lookups, consult a professional genealogist in the area. Thanks!
Volunteer Resource
Susan Wahl
Book on the Patzau-Foxboro Schools that was compiled for the reunion in 1985.  It has history and photos.  I could do look-ups if anyone needed help with those schools.
Sheila Wickman Pioneers of Superior, WI.
(lists some people who came to the area 1853-1883)
Superior Senior High Yearbooks 1983-1985
Superior Central High School Yearbook 1933-1939
Superior Central High School - Class of 1940 - 20th Year Reunion Directory
Superior State Normal School 1925
Kelly VanOsten 
I have a 1926 Superior Central High yearbook and am willing to do look ups in it.
1880 Douglas County census on CD and am willing to do look ups.
Bradley Androski Have City of Superior, Polk Directories 1897, 1922 - 1984. Can look up addresses, names and old telephone numbers. If they lived in Superior in these years, I can tell you where they lived and what they did for a living, who their neighbors were and sometimes where they moved to according to the Polk City Directory. 
B. Prigge
Yearbooks for 1935 and 1936 - Superior Central High. Seems to be only the seniors (and teachers) listed.

Yearbooks for 1969, 1970 and 1971 - Superior Senior High. These yearbooks list all students in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Lue Baty
I have my dad's four yearbooks (The Ivy) from Cathedral High School - specifically 1925, 1926, 1927 and 1928. If your family attended school there, I can look through and if I find the name(s) can scan the pages for you.
Special Lookup Volunteers Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness - special lookups volunteers. Several are listed for Douglas County, Wis. See the website for names and email addresses.
Gale Hanson
1917 Dewey High School yearbook in Superior 1944  Central High School yearbook in Superior  1985 University of Wisconsin Alumni Book
2000 University of Wisconsin Alumni Book
Douglas County Historical Society

1401 Tower Ave., Suite 10
Superior, WI, 54880  
 (715) 392-8449

Lookups in Douglas County, Wisconsin

Douglas County Historical Society Fees are as follows:
. . Research - First hour $5.00, $6.00 for each additional hour.  
. . Use of the Archives (doing your own research) - $5.00 for the set up and return of materials, and $4.00 per hour.
. . Copies are $.15 each.  Copies of Photos - please contact the archivist for photo reproduction costs.

. . Please call the DCHS so they can send you a request form, or to set up your appointment for research at the Historical Society.

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. M-F

Joanne M. Sher
Professional genealogist in the Twin Ports and also vice president of Twin Ports Genealogical Society.  I have a copy of the records for Superior Hebrew Cemetery and would be willing to do free name lookups in those records.
Karin Phillips
Have family book for Martin & Grace Pattison of Superior, Douglas County. Will do look ups.
Twin Ports Genealogical Society
PO Box 16895
Duluth, MN 55816-0895

Lookups in St. Louis County, MN and Douglas Co, WI

Twin Ports Genealogy Society policy:
. . Always submit a SASE with your first requests.
. . Simple requests (i.e., copy of obit where date is known) will be done for the cost of copies....25 cents each.
. . Extensive research at $10.00 per hour plus cost of copies and postage; or such agreement made between requester and researcher. Always provide as much information as possible.
. . The volunteer at the St. Louis County, MN courthouse would like requests limited to 3, I guess subjects or questions, and please be as specific as possible. She is only there one day a week and is kept busy every minute of that day, not only with write-in requests but people that stop in.
. . Always call ahead or write if you plan to go to the courthouse so she can set up an appointment. Hate to have people from out of town just pop in and then not be able to spend time with her if she is booked up. They don't just let anyone in anytime to look at the records. Barb is a real treasure and very helpful.
Professional Research
Neither USGenWeb Project nor the County Coordinator advocates, promotes or recommends any professional researcher.  Any arrangements between you and anyone requesting a fee for services are yours alone and not the responsibility of USGenWeb Project or the County Coordinator.
Wiscigan Genealogy Service Dan Walker
Back in the early 1990s, my genealogical journey began by researching my now late mother's paternal side in reverse order from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, Buckingham, Quebec, Montreal, and then to the Isle of Islay, Scotland and Tipperary.

My late father's side I had begun already with research completed in Emmet and Clay Counties in Iowa which then made it necessary to do further searching in Kane County, Illinois, Summit County, Ohio, and then Northumberland County, Ontario. More research was then in order in southeast Lower Michigan, Bristol in Ontario County, New York, and Cohocton in nearby Steuben County. Other counties in New York had to be covered: Jefferson, Lewis, Otsego, Saratoga, and St. Lawrence before further investigation in Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. My father was nearly all British except for some German: his Cover and collateral lines.

My mother's maternal line concludes with her ancestry going back to Etnedal, Oppland, Norway on her grandmother's side. Her grandfather had roots in these Wisconsin counties: Adams, Clark, and Jackson by way of Delta County, Michigan and nearly every nook and cranny in Maine as well as Oneida and Oswego Counties in New York as well as other parts of New England which included the Pechin family, French Hugenots, who helped form Dresden, Maine.

This particular board game is the real reason why I want to aid and research for others. My specialty is extensive research beyond the scope of message boards and genealogical societies. Thus I introduce you to Wiscigan Genealogy Service for those who would desire my availabilities in the northern two thirds of Wisconsin and western Upper Michigan.
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