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Number Surname Message Contact Date
11-17 Stubfors Peter M. Stubfors was my fathers uncle. Wife was Sabina. Son was Peter M. Stubfors, jr. I can find them on the 1910,1920,1930 census but can't find their dates of death or location. I know they lived in Superior and Peter worked for the railroad. Joanne 07/12/11
11-16 Berg, Olava, Olson I just learned that I had cousins who lived in Superior WI and are buried in Graceland Cemetery but I didn't see their names in the listing for the cemetery. August Berg and Brita Ericka (ricka) Berg they are in lot b5l11 - one died May 17 1931. Erick Olof Olson (born 06/15/1870, died May 4 1943) and his wife Tilley Olson. Gus and Erick were contractors for carpentry and painting. There is a son Clarence A Olson who died while on a steamer. They all were shown to be in the Graceland Cemetery.

They are Erick was half sibling to my great grandmother Brita Helena Olson. Erick's father was Andrew Olson who was married to Marie Olava. Brita Ericka was half sister to Erick but not my grandmother. Different mothers.

Are these family members in the cemetery? Perhaps in the sink hole? Would you know any of these family members. I have been searching for over 15 years to find them. I only knew them when Maria died in 1880 then Andrew in 1884 leaving all the kids orphans. Other siblings to Erick and Brita Ericka were Anders Petter Olson, Isak and Carl (and Carl was the youngest and was 6 when Andrew died). Andrew and Maria I believe are in the old RiceLake cemetery in Isanti County.

Would like to obtain cemetery records and possible contact to the above family. Lots to share on my grandmothers side and letters from Andrew in Swedish to family in Sweden. I found cousins in Sweden who translated them for me; one was about Maries death and another from a friend or neigbor to the family in Sweden about Andrew/Anders death in 1884.
John 07/12/11
11-15 Moe I would like to have the obituary for Ann(a) Moe. I found out she lived in Superior in 1939 from the obit of her brother Sevald who lived in Washington. Her maiden name in Norway was Oleanna Sevaldsdtr. Lund. I found a woman in the Federal census for 1910-1930 in Superior who could possibly be her. Her husband's name was Ole and she had children:
  • George
  • Christine
  • Alice
  • Norman
  • Lorraine
  • Agnes
  • Melvin
Any information would be helpful. Thanks
John 07/12/11
11-14 Lundquist I am hoping to view the 1942-43 Cathedral HS yearbooks AND any St. Louis class pictures beginning with about 1933. Although my father, Roy Lundquist (Biz) did not officially graduate from Cathedral, his year of graduation would have been 1945. I believe he attended through his junior year (1944) Barb 07/12/11
11-13 Reynolds, Thomas Seeking information on birth mother of Arthur Vernon REYNOLDS aka Rex J REYNOLDS born February 1912/14/16. Father was Fred Freadom Reynolds. Birth mother was Elizabeth, last name unknown. Fred was married to Delia Thomas at time of Arthur's birth. Arthur was raised in home with Fred and Delia shortly after his birth till Delia's death in 1917. It is unknown if Arthur's true birth name was in fact Arthur Vernon Reynolds. Baptism certificate states he was born in Superior, WI but also states his mother was Delia, which is incorrect. Would appreciate any information on this brick wall. Thanks! Margie 07/12/11
11-12 Gryton, Jewell I am trying to locate someone in Jorid Jewell's family or Justin G. Gryton's family. [FYI - Jorid is one of Justin's children...] We don't have any idea why this is in our possession, but we have a docment signed by Ronald Reagan to Justin G. Gryton that says, "The United States of America honors the memory of Justin G. Gryton, etc.

It is addressed to Ms. Jorid Jewell, Route 1 Box 326, Brule, WI 54820. We found it when we were cleaning out our garage.

Since he is up in age he is probably no longer living which is a shame he never received this. [According to the SSDI, Justin Gryton died 25 Apr 1988. Jorid R Jewell is listed as having died 01 Oct 2001.]

Can you help us with this?
Kay 05/21/11
11-11 Harmon I am looking for any information about Henry N Harmon, born April 17th 1853 in Douglas County. Any information about his parents or other family members would be appreciated. Thanks! Aaron 04/16/11
11-10 Maki, Nieminen I am looking for information about my great grandfather, John Maki. The last known city he lived in was Superior, WI. (My grandmother went looking for him and found that he had passed away.) He was born in Finland August 10th 1876 and came to the U.S. April 15th 1897. He died November 13 1940 and is buried in Douglas County Cemetery. He was married to Olga NieminenI was once told by my grandmother that he still had things in Superior WI in banks as well, but am unsure on this. Any information you can gather would greatly be appreciated!!! Jonathan 04/10/11
11-09 Widdes I am looking for information about a baby Widdes from about 1920 and possibly buried in Superior or Duluth. The mother would be Sarah and the father would be Harry. Arnold 03/08/11
11-08 Daley, Daly Judge Carl H. Daley, b. 19 Aug 1892 in Superior, d. 29 Aug 1976; looking for obituary and birth registration to confirm names of parents. Appreciate your assistance Glenn 03/08/11
11-07 Giffen, McLean Am looking for any information on Martin and Emily McLean of Superior. Martin was an engineer on the Great Northern Railroad and later a Bailiff for the City of Superior. They had a family of Robert, Clarence, Vernon and a daughter Ida, a teacher who married Bert Giffen. Rene 02/25/11
11-06 Brodahl, Johnson I am wondering if someone can see if there is a death certificate for John Brodahl, between 1920 and 1930. Census shows John and Gunda Johnson there. I do not need a hard copy, just the information.Gunda Brodahl was Gunda Johnson and is buried in Douglas Co. John is not with her. Any help would be appreciated. We are looking for information on John. Maryellen 02/22/11
11-05 Aasegg, Asegg, Imsen, Olsen, Osegg I seek information on Christopher Olsen, Imsen, Asegg, Aasegg, Osegg, killed in the 1920's from gunshot-murder? Roland 02/22/11
11-04 Johnson, Wallin I am looking for my Great Grandmother and was wondering if she would be in a county gravesight? Her name is Mary Johnson. She passed away July 5,1941 in Superior Wisconsin. Her husband was Andrew P. Wallin. They lived at 1522 Ogden Ave., Superior Wisconsin. Merilyn 02/01/11
11-03 Maus I would like to see an obituary for Amanda Maus who lived in Superior Wisconsin. She died 16 Feb 1930 and she and her husband are buried in Calvary Cemetery. I'd also like to see an obituary for her husband Nicholas Maus, died 25 Feb 1925. Thank You! Ron 02/01/11
11-02 Martin Karl Felix MARTIN and his wife Hannah lived, died and were buried in Poplar, Douglas Co., Wisconsin. I'm looking for any information pertaining to them and or their children:
  • Edward H.
  • Ruth L.
This is a second family for my great-great grandfather.
Dana 01/30/11
11-01 Benson Looking for ancestors to Charles and Frida Olivia Benson who both are buried on Graceland Cemetery, South Superior, Douglas County, WI. Plot: Section F Row 16 Hakan 01/04/11