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Number Surname Message Contact Date
07-28 Grant I am looking for any info regarding a Harry Grant, believed to have been the Chief of the Superior Fire Department (years unknown)!! Do not have much more info than this, hopefully I will find other info as I delve into my family.. Karen 12/14/07
07-27 Buccambuso, Ciocarelli, Sallman, Thompson I am looking for any information about John Edward Ciocarelli who lived in Douglas County with his wife, Ivaloe Muriel Thompson, in 1930. They had two children, Russell E. and Muriel V, as far as I know. John E. was born in South Dakota, 15 Apr 1904. John E. is the son of John Ciocarelli b. @1872 in Italy, and his mother is Lynda Lydia Sallman. John Edward's sister is Florence Ciocarelli who married Tony Buccambuso. She was born in Superior, WI.

Ellen, Arthur W., Edwin W, and George V Sallman all lived in Superior, Douglas County, WI. I wish to know if they married, had children and most of all where their parents, John and Emelia Sallman came from in Finland. Any information would be appreciated.
Marsha 11/12/07
07-26 Larsen, Larson Searching for information on Robert Larson (Rasmus Peter Larsen) who appeared in the 1910 and 1920 census in Douglas County. He was born in Denmark about 1877 and was Naturalized in Douglas County in 1917. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Barbara 11/12/07
07-25 Grant, Langren I am looking for any information on my grandfather John (AKA Jack) Grant who lived in Superior and owned a barber shop, married Minnie Langren and had 6 children, only four of whom survived to adulthood. I have heard family rumors that John (AKA Jack) was a gambler. If anyone has any info I am thanking you in advance Karen 09/29/07
07-24 Superior WI address Looking for ANY old photos of the building that once stood at 1513-1515 N. 5th in Superior. It was built about 1895 era and in the 40's I hear it was a restaurant/bar. Also looking for any old photos of the businesses on 5th St. in Superior. 1500, 1700 block all the way to Tower Ave. ANY info would be SO much appreciated. Jack 09/29/07
07-23 Jackson Looking for any information on Norman and Norma Jackson that were living in Superior on N.18th St. in 1935-1936. Norman was announcer at Head of Lakes Broadcasting Co. Maybe WEDC or WEBC radio station. Linda 09/29/07
07-22 Mattson I am interested in finding out information about Peter and Nellie Mattson...I am trying to determine if they are parents to my ggrandfather, John (b 1876). I believe John had siblings, some of which are named Anna, Cecelia, Ida and Hilda. There is a Peter and Nellie buried in Riverside Cemetery, but I am unsure if they are John's parents. I am looking for any information and help, if possible.. Lisa 09/29/07
07-21 Anderson, Westman Hi, I am looking for any info on a Fred ANDERSON married to Hilda WESTMAN. They had a son, Arnold Raphael ANDERSON in Superior on 10-5-1910. I was adopted, Arnold was my grandfather. Thank You. Patty 09/29/07
07-20 Danielson, LaFernier, Martineau Looking for information on Helen Martineau Lafernier from Red Cliff. She died in 1961 and left behind two young sons. The youngest, Ron, was adopted out and we are trying to find information about her. Jeannie 06/23/07
07-19 Superior, WI My father played football in Superior in the 1920's. I have several old photos, on the back of one is the name Christies and the dates 1921/1924. Would anyone have imformation about this team or where to inquire about information regarding the Christies? Elaine 06/23/07
07-18 Armstrong, Gray, Lacourt In 1905 State Census, John T Armstrong, Mary Lacourt and Mary Armstrong lived in Superior City. Later moved to Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota. Viola Armstrong marred a man called Cyril Gray and in the 1930 census it shows that they lived in Superior City, Douglas Co, WI. This is my grandfather, John T Armstrong. I need help putting all this together. John 06/23/07
07-17 Seeking photos... I am looking for ANY pictures inside or outside of any and all small corner/neighborhood grocery type stores such as Vi's, Thompsons (aka Kitchies?) both where in North End, and Allens which was across 21st St from Patterson School plus all others that I am not aware of. I know there was one near Central Park, one near Park Place housing. Any pictures inside or outside or any history of these places is greatly appreciated!! David 05/04/07
07-16 Carlson, Gustafson I have an ancestor named Gustaf Carlson who was born ca. December 1869 in a Swedish family, although some records indicate that his area of Sweden was then governed by Finland.

Gustaf emmigrated in about 1889 to Bayfield Co., Wisconsin. In about 1897 he married Hilma A. Gustafson, another Swedish immigrant.

There is a Wisconsin marriage record in Douglas Co. listing a Hilma Gustafson being married 31 Oct 1896. The marriage is recorded in Volume 2, Pg 167.

Is there anyone who can check this marriage record to see if the groom was Gustaf Carlson, or suggest a way for me to do this before sending for a marriage record?
Tina 05/04/07
07-15 Johnson I am searching for my Great Grandmother, Mary Johnson, who lived in West Superior in 1930 and was a seamstress and came from Leksvik Norway in 1891 on the ship Domino. We believe she had other family in Superior besides my Grandfather. Merilyn 05/04/07
07-14 Moffatt I am seeking information which might explain why my gr-grandfather, Byron Gordon Moffatt, moved from Marshfield, WI to Superior, WI in the 1907-1910 time frame. He lists as a switchman with a railroad in the 1910 U.S. Census. Jen 05/04/07
07-13 Brown, Gardner I am looking for any information regarding Ida and John Darling Brown and their daughter Ruth Rose Brown Gardner. Ida is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Superior. Grave site No: A-3-10-IN. She died in 1914 and her daughter in 1939 and buried next to her. John D Brown is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Superior. I trying to locate parents' name. Denise 05/04/07
07-12 McGibbon, McKinnon I finally located my 3x great grandmother in Douglas Co in the 1900 census. She was Mary Ann McGibbon and her husband was John McGibbon. They went to Douglas (from Caledon Twp Peel Co Ontario) in 1895 possibly to join some of their McGibbon children:
  • Neil
  • Joseph
  • Walter
John was her second husband. I am descended from her first marriage to Neil McKinnon. She died between 1910 and 1920 census and was living in Superior at the time. I would like to find her death date and burial place. I am also interested in contacting any McGibbon descendants. I have some pictures which I would like to identify and they may be McGibbons. Thanks.
Elaine 05/04/07
07-11 Oleson/Olsen Hi! I am looking for information on 3 Olsen brothers:
  1. Julius B. Olsen born 02.10.1889
  2. Ingvald R. Olsen born 28.08.1893
  3. Hans J. Olsen born 15.08.1893
Julius I have found in the censuses up to 1930, he lived in Superior, married with 3 children: Violet, Pearl and Grace. Wife's name was Emma. He is burried at Graceland Cemetery I think.

Ingwald is burried at Riverside; that's about all I have.

Hans I have nothing on, exept that he emigrated 11.02.1914 together with Inwald. Destination was Superior.

I am interested in all kinds of information on these guys and their families.
Odd 05/04/07
07-10 Grimes My grandfather, Gerald T. Grimes, lived in Douglas county from 1920-1959. I would like to read his obit and see if I can learn more about my family. I never had contact with him. Gerald 05/04/07
07-09 Carlson, Froney I am looking for ANY information on my grandparents Olof R. Carlson or Luva Carlson (Froney). Thank you! Stephen 03/17/07
07-08 Johnson, Taylor I am looking for contact information for the family of Axel G. (Godfrey?) and Marie L. Johnson. Their known children were:
  • Russell T.
  • Stanley L.
  • Neil E.
  • Francis W.

Trying to find someone in the family who would have information about Marie's father, Louis W. Taylor, b. 1842 in Wales.

They lived in Michigamme, Marquette Co., MI, at least until 1920. In the 1930 census, Axel and Marie were living in Superior. I believe Louis may have moved there with his daughter, and died there, between 1920 and 1930, but need proof. Can't find any death record in Michigan. Any help would be most appreciated.

Mary 03/17/07
07-07 Billings, Cone I am looking for info on William (Bill) Billings, who married Katherine (Catherine) Cone after her first husband's death in 1948. Katherine was born in 1889 in Canada, I would think that he was born about the same time. She died in 1974 in Douglas Co and is buried in Gordon Cemetery. I can find no record of his birth or death as I have no birth place. I have not found a death date or place for him either. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you. Louise 03/17/07
07-06 Izzard Hello - I would be so grateful to anyone willing to do two obit look-ups for me. I have exact dates the Izzard family lived in Superior, Wisc.
  1. Francis Daniel Izzard died July 27, 1947 (aka - Frank)
  2. Johanna Izzard died Feb. 17, 1961. (Frank's wife)
I am willing to compensate for time and expenses. Also if there is anyone in the area that takes digital headstone photos, Izzard family is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, please advise if interested. Thank you so much in advance from Ohio.
Diana 03/17/07
07-05 Bengston School I am looking for a picture of the old Bengston School which was located near Four Corners. I attended school there from 1944 to 1949 and by the time I got back to the area to take pictures the building was torn down. I would like to have this to complete a genealoy booklet for my grandchildren. Naturally I will pay any shipping, copy costs, etc. In advance thank you. Charlie 02/19/07
07-04 Anderson, Swanberg I am searching for relatives of Fred Anderson who, according to the 1930 census, was in Brule, WI. His wife's name was Sophia b. 1897 and he had 4 sons:
  1. Albert b. 1918
  2. Joseph b. 1920
  3. James b. 1922
  4. George b. 1924
Fred was my great grandfather's (George "Oscar") brother. Both were born in Michigan about 1881 and 1883. Father was from Denmark and Mother was from Sweden. Fred died in Nov or 1954. My grandfather Roy, his dad Oscar and brother Glen attended the funeral.

Since first writing this, I have found out some additional information. Fred, George R. and James Lawrence Anderson are buried in the Lake Nebagamon Cemetery, Lake Nebagamon, WI. George was accidentally shot at age 13 (9/21/1937) and James died of cancer about (5/22/1941).

Fred and Oscar's parents are:
  • August Charles Anderson b. 1842 d. 1925
  • Lena Caroline Swanberg b. 1862 d. 1938
August came to America from Denmark in 1868 or 1870 and Lena came here in 1876 from Sweden, they were married 12/24/1879. They also had 7 other children, for a total of 9.
Randy 02/12/07
07-03 Bjorngaard I am looking for Johan Halvorsen Bjorngaard, born 1862 in Hegre, Nord-Trondelag, Norway. He emmigrated the 1st time to Portland, Oregon in 1884. Then he went back to Norway for some years and finally emmigrated for good in 1902 to West Superior, Wisconsin. After that the family has no trace of him. Every little bit of information makes us greatful. Ann-Cecilie 02/12/07
07-02 Ericks, Erickson, Grendal, Hermandsen, Paulsen What happened to Sophia (census 1900) Erickson b. 30 Apr 1872 or Marry Erickson (1910). She came from Norway 1898 together with Andrew Erickson, and they lived at the same address in 1900 and 1910, claiming they were married since 1894. In Norway her name was Marie Sofie Eriks daughter Husbye. She had two girls with her: Anna Maria (in America Anna) was born Dec(?) 1894 and bp Jan 95. Oline (in America Line and Lena) b 11 Feb, bp 16 Apr 1897.

The story has some mysterious parts. They could not have been married since 1894, as Andrew (in Norway Arnt Eriksen Grendal) was married to Gunhild Oles daughter Grindal 26 Jan 1895 Gunhild died however in 1896. Andrew and Sophia/Marry are not siblings. They are from different parts of Norway and we have their parents. It says in census 1910 that "Marry" has had 4 births and has the two children. She should have given birth once between 1900 and 1910. That could be Andrews child. Andrew is not the father of Anna and Lena. We have both fathers names: Johan Hermandsen and Johan Paulsen. Sophia says in 1898 at Ellis Island she is going to her husband John Olsen in Superior. That must be fake for some reason. Andrew is running a hotel or renting rooms to people in 528 Hughitt Ave. He/they have ab 38 boarders in 1910. Ab. 1920 Andrew leaves and goes back to Norway. He goes to US again both Nov. 1920 and Oct 1923, but after that he lives alone in Norway. He has money to buy a farm (!) and he tells nothing about his life in America. What happened to Sophia/Marry and her daughters Anna and Lena? My request is done for Magne Grendal, grandson of Arnt and Gunhild.
Ottar 02/12/07
07-01 Craney I'm in need of 2 lookups in Douglas County:
  1. Marriage information for James E Craney, married 05 May 1891 in Douglas County (Volume 1, Page 239); need any information available about James's parents and origins, as well as anything about his spouse
  2. Death record for Mrs. J E Craney, died 23 Oct 1899 in Douglas County (Volume 1, page 504); need her given name, maiden name, date of birth, and any information about her parents and origins. Death certificate and/or an obituary would be terrific! I know that James and his wife lived in Superior between 1891, when they were married, up to at least 1900, where they appear in the census records at 2013 Wisconsin Ave in the 9th Ward (census sheet 3). They had 4 children, all born in Douglas County and presumably in Superior. The family moved to Spokane, Washington some time before 1907, when James had another child from his second marriage.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
Joe 01/28/07