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Number Surname Message Contact Date
10-30 Gates, Wilder Looking for obituary or death certificate for Mary Gates, born in Superior approx. 1879. She died July 1905 or later. Her parents were Irvin W. Gates and Mary Ellen (Wilder) Gates. All tips are appreciated. I have reached a dead end. Thanks. Sarah 12/23/10
10-29 Niemi I'm trying to find out if I have any relatives in America. My grandfather's sister, Amanda, born 13.12.1879, moved from Finland to Wisconsin - Douglas County 1907. Her husband Johan Niemi, born 30.12.1876, moved there 1905. I know they had eight children:
  • Johan b.22.4.1903
  • Aino (Ina) b.21.10.1904
  • Aili b.1909
  • Alma b.1910
  • Carl b. 27.1.1912
  • Anne b.1914
  • Henry b.10.10.1915
  • Waino b.26.4.1917
I hope to find the names and information for contact of my relatives. Can you help me?
Arja 12/23/10
10-28 Eastman I am looking for information on Lydia and Lyman Eastman. It looks like Lydia (Widow of Lyman) lived in Superior in 1891-92. She had a residence on 1st near Ogden Ave and had boarders that are related, LeBurtis, Mina, and Willis. Did Lyman die there? Why would she have been there as a widow? If you have an any clues I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thank you Elaine 12/23/10
10-27 German Lutheran Church I am searching for information on a German Lutheran Church that was at the corner of Cumming and 13th street in Superior in 1907. Is this church still in existence? Did this church unit with another? Where might I find their records - baptism, death, marriages? Kay 12/23/10
10-26 Perrin Seeking death data for Charles H Perrin and wife Agnes M Perrin. Both shown on 1930 census for Superior, Wisconsin. He was born about 1851 and Agnes born about 1865, neither in U.S. Both are part of the Murdoch family I am researching. Marilyn 12/23/10
10-25 McLaughlin, Shepard Would like to know if Ella McLaughlin and Cortland Shepard were married in Douglas County. The date may have been 24 Sept 1894. I would like to know their parents names if so. Thanks. Mary 12/23/10
10-24 Aho My mother lived in Superior WI around 1951 and was from England. My brother David Aho and my sister Judy Aho where born in Superior WI. My brother Mervin Aho went to school there in 1950 or 1951, they stayed with my fathers aunt.

My fathers name is Reuben Ernest Aho - he was born in Maple WI and lived in Superior WI. I believe his father was deceased but his mother was still alive. I am trying to get info on who his family was and his parents name.

I know there where two people with the name Reuben Ernest Aho in Superior but my fathers parents where not Esa and Mary Aho. His father was from Finland but his mother was American.
Susan 12/23/10
10-23 Gregoire, Jolley, Labarge, Van Poucke I am researching my maternal grandparents and great-grandparents. Edward and Julia Vanpoucke, Amedee and Cordelia Labarge Gregoire, Amedee M. and Betty Gregoire, and Cordelia Labarge Jolley. They lived in Parkland and Superior, Wisconsin from 1907 - 1937. Any Information would be appreciated. Julie 12/23/10
10-22 Pittsley, Springer Looking for any old obituaries or information of any Pittsleys or Springers from Brule WI or Iron River WI area. Nicole 12/23/10
10-21 Schultenover I have reason to believe my gr grandmother Lucia (Mrs John) Schultenover may have been hospitalized, institutionalized in Superior after a court order to turn her children over to the state. Her husband dead, she may have been ill. The years are 1898-1900. We have two children in an orphanage in 1900 and the youngest (my grandmother Mary) was born in 1897. We have no census, death or other records of Lucia and John except an 1885 census in MN. The two youngest were born in Superior WI. Sally 12/23/10
10-20 DeVoss, Divoss, Verschoore How can I obtain the obituary notices for my great grandparents and their children whose names are:
  • Cyrillus DeVoss
  • Augusta (nee Verschoore)
  • Pharailda Devos
  • Cyrilla Martha
  • Camilla Emerina
  • Arthur DeVoss
Cyrillus has also been referred to as Cyril and Cyriel with last name mispelled Divoss in a U.S. Census. I'd like to obtain all the information I can to share with my family including pictures. Many thanks for all your assistance.
Susan 12/23/10
10-19 Paulus, Wilkinson I am trying to find information on my parents heritage. My grandparents are Dean F and Isabel (Paulus) Wilkinson. Who are my Great Grand Parents? Are there any birth, death, and marrige records known. My mothers maiden name is Wilkinson of Gorden WI Julie 12/23/10
10-18 Brau, Brouillard, Fergal I am interested in any information about people with these surnames, who lived in Superior for much of the 20th century.
  • Fergal
  • Brouillard
  • Brau
Thanks in advance.
Jacqueline 12/22/10
10-17 Desilets If someone is going to the St. Francis Cemetery, I'm looking for exact DOD of Israel and Leontine Desilets. Map # D5.. I have 1950 for Leontine and 1951 for Israel, many thanks to the person(s) who did all the trascriptions or I wouldn't have found these ancestors from Canada! The month and day will help with Obit's if one was printed. Thanks again to everyone! Kathleen 12/22/10
10-16 Bee Dolores Bee born 19 Nov 1928 in TN, died 16 JAN 2009 in Superior, Douglas, WI; I would like to see an obituary for Dolores. Her father (Arthur Bee) is a cousin to my wife's dad, Bill Jeffery. Ross 12/22/10
10-15 Thomas I am searching for information on my great grandparents Charles B. and Pauline Thomas. According to some old letters, they retired to Solon Springs area in the fall of 1931. The letter states that they leased Tucker Tavern for one year. They attended the Congregational Church and appaently owned some land about 4 miles out of town.

Family tradition has it that Charles was a retired Methodist minister. The last letter I have from them is dated April 3, 1934.
Diane 12/22/10
10-14 Ruth My great-grandparents, Mary and Oscar Ruth, lived on Grand Avenue in Superior and are buried in Graceland Cemetary. Mary died 6/5/33 and Oscar died 9/15/30. I have located the cemetary transcriptions and they give the birth year and death date, but not the birth date. I would like to either get photos (or just a complate transcription) of their headstones or an obituary from the Superior Telegram. Sue 12/22/10
10-13 Persons Looking for information on the Herrick E. Persons family of Douglas Co. Mark 06/19/10
10-12 Gallo I just located my grandfather's sister's grave in St.Francis Cemetery, located in Superior, WI. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could take a digital photo of the headstone and email it to me. Her name is Mildred C Gallo, she is buried with her husband, Phillip Gallo. Cemetery location is L7. Thank-you Michael 05/29/10
10-11 Blom, Treskback Searching for information and records in Douglas County, WI to locate my ancestor Josephina Blom (Sweden) and Axel Treskback (Finland) that had a child Rachel Treskback born in Superior, WI. He was a compositor / typographer. They both died in Winnipeg, Canada. Pat 04/18/10
10-10 Miller, Skarpmoen I am interested in finding more information re my grandmother Alma K Skarpmoen (Miller) who was buried in this cementary 1947. Mary 04/18/10
10-09 Parkland Hospital/Middle River Sanitorium Was the Parkland Hospital visible from the old 53 in the early 1950's? Was there ever a sign on 53 indicating where the hospital was and that it was a mental hospital? Did Middle River ever house mentally ill patients? Shirley 04/18/10
10-08 Gordon, Spangler Emma Spangler Gordon was my grand mother and I was curious about mother Spangler and the other Spanglers that are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery. They all died at an early age, wondering what was the cause and any other information about this family. Thank you Irene 04/18/10
10-07 Benson My grandfather's brother was named Oscar Benson who lived in Winter, Wisconsin. I am trying to find relatives of my grandfather's side of the family in the US and in Sweden. This is a start.

Oscar was born in 1896 and died in 1961. He is buried in Southland Cemetery. Could you send me any information about his children and grandchildren? My grandfather divorced my grandmother many years before I was born so I never met him, but met his second wife in Miami where I reside. Thank you.
Susan 04/18/10
10-06 Hoehle Looking for info on Muriel Nelson Hoehle died 31 Dec 1992 in Superior, Wisconsin Susan 04/18/10
10-05 Lakeberg Elinor Gertrude Lakeberg - Solon Springs 1916-1933. Central High School Grad 1933. May have lived w/Clemens. Writing a novel, need info on those 4 years 1929-1933 Craig 04/18/10
10-04 Brotherton, Chapados, Gregory, LeMarguand My paternal ancestors came to Carlton County, Minnesota from Paspebiac, Quebec sometime between 1881 - 1883, then moved to Duluth. Eventually, my great-grandparents moved to Superior, Wisconsin in Douglas County by 1901 (living on W. 4th, and then @ 5th Sts.) I'm looking for ANY information about them, and especially their children (7 were born between 1881 and 1900 - only three grew to adulthood).

Parents' names: John Adam Brotherton, Jr. and his wife, Mary Jane or Jane Lemarquand. Childrens' names:
  • Howard, or John Howard, or John Joseph (called Howard) born 1881 in Pasbepiac
  • daughter Annie, born 1884 in Cloquet, MN, died between 1885 and 1901?
  • May, born July, 1887
    Married James Gregory and had three children
    • Kathryn
    • Paul
    • Charles Frederick
    They settled in Spokane, Washington after James Gregory died in 1922.
  • Charles Frederick, born July 31, 1889, both in Cloquet.
Census information from 1920 indicates that both sons were living in Superior, one working at a flour mill, the other at the ore docks.

Father John Adam (died May, 1914) and youngest son Charles Frederick (died Novembe 6, 1943) are buried at St. Francis Cemetery, E. Superior, WI. (Do not know burial site for Charles Frederick).

Charles Frederick married (Anne Chapados) and was living in Superior on 4th St. at the time of his son's birth, Joseph Milton Brotherton, March 30, 1927. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!
Kim 04/12/10
10-03 Johnson, Leyton I am trying to locate my father, Harvey Johnson, from 1909 through 1920. He was in some type of home. Between ? 1911 and 1920 he was placed in a foster home in South Carolina. Can anyone help?
Birth Year Abt. 1909 -- 1910 US Federal Census has a Harvey Johnson listed as 1 yr. old in Douglas, Wisconsin as a border. We were told he was born in Richland County SC, but he and a sibling were left on the steps of a Church and the sibling died. Our mother said his parents weren't married and she was a nurse at a Columbia hospital.
Parents names were ?? Sylvia Johnson & Harvey Leyton. 1920 US Federal Census Dad appears in Conway, Horry, SC as a foster son to William D Stephens. Dad died 1971 in Tacoma WA. He moved there ? 1955, Divorced my mother ? 1956. His full name was Harvey Clayton Johnson.

I have been told children were placed in different states and some say he was in Georgia, but I have not been able to find him. I have called many orphanges but I have not had any luck. He joined the Army at Maxwellfield, Ala. in 1927. Dad met my mother in Columbus, Ga. They married in 1936. Dad was married to another female before he married my mother, but we do knot know who she was or where she came from, possibly Ga. I am told he does not have a birth certificate at DHEC in SC for me to get. Thanks for all help.
Cathy 04/12/10
10-02 Anderson, Wallin I´m searching for my great grandfather, Otto Wallin, born 05-27-1855 in Sweden. I have found his brother Carl J Anderson b. 1848 (and his wife Elizabeth b. 1832), their son John Anderson b. 1872 (and his wife Emma and child Mirtle 5 years).

In 1905 Census, they were living in Superior, Douglas WI. I can´t find anything more about my great grandfather and will be very greatful if anyone can help me with information about these people. Lena in Sweden
Lena 04/12/10
10-01 Link I am seeking information, especially obituaries, for my gr-uncle Phillip Link, d.1957 his wife Ragna (don't know maiden name), and their three children:
  • George
  • Ruth
  • Richard
All are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Douglas Co. Thanks so much. Karen
Karen 04/12/10