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Number Surname Message Contact Date
05-46 Maki

Arvo W. Maki was a SSgt. in USAF and was killed in motorcycle accident in Minot, ND in 1979. He was buried somewhere around Poplar/Brule.

His children are looking for his relatives and the cemetery where he was buried. He had a military burial. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Cindy 10/29/05
05-45 Keller, Masters, Peterson

I am researching the ancestry of my great-grandmother, Verna PETERSON. She was born 11-20-1898 and married James MASTERS approximately 1920. They had a daughter, Virginia Madalyn Masters. They divorced and Verna married Leo KELLER.

I have no other information about Verna Peterson or James Masters. They lived in Superior at least until 1922.

Jane 10/23/05
05-44 Narwood

I'm trying to find an obituary or any information on the Narwood family: Oscar, (1883-1959) wife Hedvig and son Axel.

I am trying to establish if Oscar Narwood was Oscar Narverud, who emigrated from Norway in 1903. He had two brothers, Olaf and Jens who changed their names to Narwood. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

Robert 9/17/05
05-43 Corcoran, Lynch

I am looking for any information about my great-grandfather Michael Patrick Lynch, his wife Margaret (Corcoran) Lynch, and their children:

  • Ambrose Jerome Lynch
  • Archibald Lynch
  • Conrad Lynch
They lived in Superior in Douglas County from approximately 1900 to the 1950's.
Patricia 9/17/05
05-42 Zinzer

Looking for information on John Mathew Zinzer born 4/1865 Germany, lived in Solon Springs from approximately 1911 - 1925. Lost 2 sons while living there:

Any information on marriages of the Zinzer men or obituaries of Arthur & Paul Fred. Other children were:
  • Herbert Carl
  • Harold Mathew
  • Melvin Walter
  • Carl Otto
  • Addison
  • and a daughter, Helen
Tracked them through census & death certificates, however the rest is a mystery. Any suggestions on where to look etc would also be appreciated.
Rozalia 8/19/05
05-41 Wolfan or Woolfan

Trying to find ANY information on my great-great grandpa and grandma... Names were William and Annie Woolfan or Wolfan. They lived in Superior WI from 1895 area thru 1902 and TOTALLY disappeared..No one can find anything further on them....ANY help or info would be GREATLY appreciated.

Jack 8/19/05
05-40 Zinger/Zinzer

Paul F. Zinger shows up in the Evergreen Cemetery records, showing that he was buried 7/25/23 and has WI PVT 109 INT 28 Div, but no date of birth. I have been looking for Paul F. Zinzer. He was in the 1920 census with his family and then disappeared. Was wondering if this is my Paul or where I might be able to obtain more information about this Zinger.

Rozalia 8/19/05
05-39 Deterling, Embody, Palmer

I am searching for information regarding the EMBODY family. Specifically I am searching for:

  • Charles Embody
  • Bessie Embody
  • Anna Embody
  • Harold Embody
  • Harriet Embody
  • Myron Embody
  • Julia Embody
Anna Embody was Charles's 2nd wife - her name was Annie Thompson Deterling Embody and her children included a Bessie and a John Deterling.

The family moved to Maple between 1910 and 1920. Charles's first wife Bessie Palmer and their son, Harold Embody, are buried in Poplar Cemetery but that is all I have found on them. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Bess 8/19/05
05-38 Lindstrom

Axel Lindstrom died in a RR accident at Soo Line Round House June 1, 1927 of a skull fracture. He was my great grandfather. Any information on this? How do I access old copies of the Telegram?

Kenneth 8/13/05
05-37 Ammesmaki, Erickson, Peterson

I am looking for information about my Grandfather's sister, Aliina Ollila Ammesmaki. She and her husband John and family lived in the Superior, Wisconsin area from about 1915 until her death in 1968. John and Aliina Ammesmaki were born in Finland. Does anyone know amything about this family?

Carolyn 8/06/05
05-36 Kydd

I am looking for info on the brother of my great grandmother. His name was David Kydd and was living in Superior City in 1904. Apparently he was a sailor and may have been murdered. Does anyone have access to directories or other records which may have more information about him?

Robert 8/06/05
05-35 Dawson, Morgan

An Uriah S. Dawson is found in the 1870 Superior, Douglas co., WI. census. He was born about 1830 in Ohio, he is living alone, listed as fisherman.

I am trying to discover if this person is Uriah Springer Dawson a son of William M. Dawson and Lucinda Morgan. Did Uriah continue to live in Douglas Co? Did he die there? If so when did he die?

Kathleen 8/06/05
05-34 Connell

Owen Connell worked for the Superior Post Office from 1895 to his death in 1909. He carried mail by horse and buggy from the trains to the post office. I am looking for any postal records of his employment. Thank you!

Kathleen 8/06/05
05-33 Bloxham's Candy store

I am looking for info on Bloxham's Candy store and pictures. The address was 2427 East 5th St in East End Superior. If anyone has a picture of the inside or outside while it was still a Candy store I would love to get a copy of it. Thanks

Moe 8/06/05
05-32 Autio, Basina, Bennett, Martineau, Soullier, St. John

I'm looking for information on these surnames. If any combination of the names looks familiar, maybe we're related! My family lived in Douglas County for many generations. Also have roots at Lac Courte Oreilles and Red Cliff. The Autio line was from Iron River, WI.

James 7/24/05
05-31 Grandy, Howe

Looking for information on Frank Leslie Grandy. The family legend is he was working on the ore docks of Superior, he had an accident and died on the ore docks.

According to his WWI draft card 1917-1918, he worked for the Soo Line Railroad, do not know in what capacity, in Cadott, WI. He was exempt from the war because he had a ruptured hernia and he was the sole provider for his mother, Ida Howe and his sister, Jessie Howe, his mother remarried after Franks father, Ethan died.

Have not found him on the 1920 census, dont believe he ever married. Can someone point me in the direction I need to look for Frank. He was born 4-26-1888. Thank you.

Patsy 7/14/05
05-30 Beattie

I seek the family of Walter BEATTIE, born 24 Jan 1910 in Wisconsin, died June 1976 in Superior, Douglas Co., WI.

His parents were Hugh BEATTIE (born ca. 1876 Ontario) and Catherine Unknown (born ca. 1883 Minnesota). This family was in Superior, WI after 1910. Can anyone locate an obituary of Walter BEATTIE for me?

John 7/14/05
05-29 Russell

Looking for the Russell family from Foxboro.

Father: James
Mother: Jessie Mitchell.
Robert Burns Russell b 29 Jan 1898.

Moved to Duluth and worked for the NP RR. Any help?

Robert 7/01/05
05-28 Catreau, Catron, Catterue, Cattra, Gaulin, Golan, Golen, Golin, Sharkey

Researching the children of Louis Golin (Golan/Golen/Gaulin) and Marguerite (Catreau) Golin Sharkey:

  • Louis Appleton
  • Joseph
  • Benjamin
  • Adelore
  • Etta
  • Eva
  • Louise
Gretchen 7/01/05
05-27 Donalds, Hanson, Levings

Researching the Levings of Douglas Co., John C. & Henrietta (nee Hanson) Levings and children:

  • Ada May (Levings) Donalds
  • Charles
  • Raymond
Gretchen 7/01/05
05-26 Basina, LaFernier, Martineau

I am making a family tree and I am looking for Helen Martineau LaFernier. She died on December 3, 1960 at age 37, and I believe she lived in Superior at that time.

I would be interested in where she is buried. She was a Red Cliff Chippewa indian. I found a listing for her brother in the St. Francis cemetery and there were a lot of Martineau's buried there.

I also noticed that there were headstones that were broken or unreadable in that cemetery and was wondering if one of them could be her. Any information on her would be appreciated. Her parents were Joseph and Julia (Basina) Martineau.

Jeannie 7/01/05
05-25 Wilsey

Are there any listings of railroad employees (which railroad unknown), as I know my great grandfather James Farrell Wilsey was employed there for many years and was well known as "Big Jim"?-

In 1900 he was 22 and working for the railroad living on Cass Ave in Superior. By 1910 he was married with 2 children. Just looking to see if the railroad provided any listings.

Chris ** 7/01/05
05-24 Clark, McIntosh

I am trying to find where my Grandparents, John Wesley and Laura Belle McIntosh CLARK were living when they were Divorced. The last record of them as a family is the 1930 census and they were living in Gordon. I had been told by an Aunt that they were divorced in 1928/29 so I was very surprised when I found them on the 1930 census.

If anyone has any info on them or ideas of how I can find out the date and place I would appreciate the help!! Thanks

Louise 7/01/05
05-23 Davidson, Tapola

I would like to have more information on Jacob Davidson who married my great great grandma, Mary Tapola.

Lorraine 5/22/05
05-22 Newgard

Found a George Newgard in the 1910 census. He was in Parkland WI aslyum for the chronic Insane. Can't find in 1920 census. My aunt wants to know what happened to her grandfather. Looking for his death date. Thanks for your time.

Barilynn 5/22/05
05-21 Ryber

Looking for member of the 49's Union Hall as Equipment Operator. His name was Harold Ryber and he came from Lake Nebagamon,WI. He was left there with his mothers parents; his mom left when he was about 3 and moved to Minnapolis, MN then she came back in 1923.

Kris 5/22/05
05-20 Clark

The 1920 Census in Superior, Douglas County WI included Jason D. CLARK and his wife Dottie. His occupation was listed as "Abstractor of Titles" for the County. I am fairly certain that these people are linked to my family tree and I am trying to confirm this. I don't have any other information about them. If his title made him "notable" in his day, perhaps there is an obituary for him somewhere? Sorry to be so vague. Thanks for any help.

John 5/6/05
05-19 Mariner Mall

A few of my coworkers and I were just kind of interested in finding out what may have been in the location of the Mariner Mall in the past. Any information on this would be helpful! Thanks.

Renee 5/6/05
05-18 Skinner, Swanson, Wass

I am trying to locate anyone who would know anything about the Charles and Julia (Swanson) Wass who lived in Douglas County and were located on the 1900 thru 1930 census, I am especially wanting to locate anyone who would know of the one daughter they had; Genevieve WASS born Feb 1891 in MN and lived in Douglas Co. She is last found on the census in 1910 so probably married between 1910 and 1920.

Would anyone know who she married, when and anything else about Genevieve WASS and her own family? Please help me with this. Thank you

Pat 5/6/05
05-17 Maki

I am hoping someone can help me with information on John Maki and his wife Albertina.

Patrick 4/17/05
05-16 Partridge

Looking for information regarding ancestors PARTRIDGE who lived, died and were buried in Douglas County. Maybe someone lives in the area where they lived. Thank you.

Gloria 3/27/05
05-15 Island Lake Lodge

In the early 60's my father worked for Roland Ford at Island Lake Lodge in Barnes. What happened to the lodge and are there any lots available? What happened to Kenny Norton? Thanks

John 3/27/05
05-14 Copper mine

I am curious about the location of the Federal copper mine in Southwest Douglas County. I know of the shafts in the South East corner, but I find references to the one mentioned and I can't locate it. Since childhood, I have known of a few mine shafts in the southeast corner of the county. Now, with the aid of the internet, I find that there were other mines in the southwest corner. I find the history of these areas very interesting. Do you have access to any records of the location of these test pits? Were there any mine shafts? Was there any production, and if so- how did the asseys turn out?

Ronald 3/19/05
05-13 Conway, Jenkins

Searching for family of George W. JENKINS (born circa 1844 in Hillsdale Co, MI) and his wife Phebe (born circa 1846 in Ohio) and daughters Grace A (wed ? CONWAY and had son Harold CONWAY born circa 1900/1901) and Ticie A. born abt 1878. The family moved to Douglas Co, WI by 1900 census, living in Superior City. Looking for deaths, marriages, births. Thank you.

Leila (Leonard) 2/27/05
05-12 Robbins

Look-up for any Robbins in Douglas County

Donna 2/25/05
05-11 DeVoss, Verschoore

Looking for information on Cyril DeVoss who married Augusta Pharailda Verschoore. Also trying to find information on Cyrilla Martha DeVoss (oldest child born about 1886) regarding death certificate and date of death. Second daughter Camilla Emerina DeVoss and one son Arthur George DeVoss born 1901. All members of the family were born in West Flanders, Belgium.

Susan 2/20/05
05-10 Keisel, Kiesel, Zacchau

My gg grandmother Louise Keisel died in the 1870's and was buried in the Nemadji cemetery. Is there a record of any other Keisel or Kiesel's in Superior. She was related to the Zacchau who, I think, were among the first families in Superior. Where are they buried? Thank you.

Ross 2/20/05
05-9 Givin, Gison, Schiller

I am looking for any descendants of Gotlieb & Mary SCHILLER GISIN/GIVIN. On the 1910 & 1920 census of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin they are listed with their nephew George W. SCHILLER. George was my uncle by marriage. George had no children. I have numerous photos taken of him and his family in Superior, Wisconsin. George W. SCHILLER's father and mother died when he was a baby. I have a large photo of each one of his parents plus numerous other photos that I would like to give to someone in his family.

Yevonne 2/11/05
05-8 Estabrooks

Looking for death record and newspaper info on the death of Charles E. Estabrooks who died in an industrial accident at the LaBelle Wagon Works in Superior on August 25, 1891. Charles was a long time resident of Stillwater Minnesota and is buried there. Thanks in advance for your help.

Ken 1/29/05
05-7 Fortier

Dr. Joseph J Fortier died in Superior in 1902 and is buried at Cavalry Cemetery. Seeking more information about Dr. Fortier and his family.

Roger 1/28/05
05-6 Hassel, Highland

Peter and Jonas Highland were brothers from Sweden, b 1841 and 1838 respectively. Peter and wife had 4 children born in Superior area between 1888 and 1898. My uncle, his grandson, claims that Peter ran a dairy farm but I've hit a brick wall.

Jonas--don't know what he was doing there--married? raising family? Any help you can provide would be helpful. Peter's wife was Betsey (Brita Margreta Jonsdotter Hassel).

Arlis 1/28/05
05-5 Crawford, Driscoll Looking for information regarding the William P. Crawford family. He was married to Ellen V. Driscoll. It is my understanding that he was an attorney. Can't find him in 1880 census there. Born in 1877. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery. Looking for info on his children and grandchildren. Thank you. Judy 1/16/05
05-4 Main A brother of my ggrandfather is shown on the 1920 census as living in Brule, WI. His name was Frank O. Main. I would like to know if there are any marriage, or death records or anything else of interest about him there. Thank you. Annabel 1/15/05
05-3 McPhee, Robinson

I have a problem. An ancestor, Charles Roland Robinson, was born in West Superior 5 Oct 1888/89. His parents and older siblings were Canadian.

Could the family have crossed into the US at Superior, WI? I am trying to discover where the parents came from.

They were Samuel Roland Highland Robinson and Minnie McPhee. Both born in Canada according to 1910 census. I can't find them in 1900. Someone told me there was a bridge between Canada & WI - ??

I will appreciate any help you can give me.Bobbye M. Brannan

Bobbye 1/15/05
05-2 Hart, LeBlanc, Woodwick I am seeking any information about Mrs. Alec LeBlanc that lived in Superior in 1950. She may have previously been married to Edward L. Woodwick of Superior. Her maiden name may have been Alice Hart. Gene 1/15/05
05-1 Armitage, Coburn, Munro, Newton Researching the 3d Wis Vol Inf history and the histories of the men who served in the Spanish-American War (1898-1899).

I would appreciate any and all help in developing or receiving info on the following four men:
  1. Percy T. Armitage, b. 1879 OH
  2. William D. Coburn, b. 1873 PA
  3. Charles N. Munro, b. 1873 WI
  4. Harry W. Newton, b. 1868 England
Newton was a Capt. and commanded Co I. He stayed in the Army and retired in the 1920's as a Major or Lt. Col. He was living in the Portland, OR area in 1930. Thank You.
John 1/7/05