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Number Surname Message Contact Date
98-43 Hunting, Robbins Interested in any information about Julia Scott HUNTING b 1854 d. 27 Apr 1934 at Superior, WI. She was the widow of Bruce Samuel HUNTING who had died in Chicago in 1898. At the time of her death, she had been living with her daughter Helen Scott HUNTING and her son-in-law, Frank A. ROBBINS. Helen had been sickly and being cared for by Julia. Were there any grandchildren? Any help appreciated. Ed 07/13/1998
98-42 Johnston(e) I am seeking info on my GG Grandparents Thomas David JOHNSTON(E) and spouse Julia WALSH who each migrated independently to Douglas Co, City of Superior, WI from Ireland in the late 1880's. They had seven children. Julia was a teacher.

Also seeking G Grandparents of Douglas Co, Thomas David JOHNSTON(E) JR. and spouse Teresa Bee HANDLEY. All of the above are reported buried in Calvary Cemetary, Douglas Co, City of Superior. Thamk You.

Wayne 07/7/1998
9841 Cole, Morris, Thompson Am looking for info on J.H. MORRIS, city manager (Superior). Died in May or June of 1937. I am wondering if this Morris is the one who married my great-grandmother, Arminda Thompson-Cole (she was previously married to Charles COLE, county commissioner, and Perl THOMPSON). Thanks. Joan 06/30/1998
98-40 Wassenhove I am researching the WASSENHOVE, family name. In the 1920 Census I have located a Trephon WASSENHOVE, his wife Augusta and their children: Mary, George, Eugine, and Eva. Both Trephon and his wife were from Belgium but I do not know what city they were from.

I have located George Wassenhove's death in the SSI death index for 1969 (DOB: 13 dec 1903)

Any information on the descendents or ancestors of this family would be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions for how to proceed with this research would also be appreciated. All of the research I have done up until now has been concentrated in Belgium and the Netherlands. Researching info in the USA is a whole new ballgame for me. My plans at this point are to send for death records for Trephon and his wife Augusta and possibly try to locate the application for naturalization. If I can locate the newspaper for Superior I will search for marriages for the children... any other suggestions?? Thanks in advance!
Susan 06/28/1998
98-39 Aaknes, Jarane, Salomonsdtr, Samuelsdtr We wish to hear from any relatives of Kristine Salomonsdtr JARANE. Kristine Salomonsdtr Jarane born 1886 in Naustdal, Norway. Emigrated to the USA in 1903. Her place of destination was, according to the emigration form, Douglas, WI. She was married to Jorgen AAKNES. Jorgen was possibly from Sweden. They had one son, Emil. Kristine's father: Salamond Nikolai Larsen Jarane 02.11.1849 - 1948 Mother: Kristine SAMUELSDTR. Jarane born Ultang 1854 - 1941 Med hilsen Hans 06/27/1998
98-38 Morris Am looking for info on J.H. MORRIS, City Manager (Superior). Died in May or June of 1937. I am wondering if this Morris is the one who married my great-grandmother, Arminda Thompson-Cole (she was previously married to Charles Cole, County Commissioner, and Perl Thompson). Thanks. Joan 06/27/1998
98-37 Ryan Received a memo from Geraldine Strey on the Stephen RYAN family showing my grandmother was born in a Briggsville in 1862. Parents were Stephen (farmer) 1819 Ireland, Catherine 1820, with Thomas 1856, Martha 1857, Michael 1860, Elizabeth 1862/63 all born in Wisconsin. Can not find in 1880 US Census Archives for Douglas, would appreciate help. Jack 06/22/1998
98-36 Cochran, Hendrickson, Johnston, Schneller I am interested in learning about this distant uncle. How long did he live in Superior? Are any of his descendants still there? Is there any information about his parents?
Name: Samuel D. COCHRAN
Father: John COCHRAN (11 JAN 1835-8 APR 1908)
Mother: Elizabeth HENDRICKSON (11 JUN 1839-27 SEP 1914)
Birth 8 MAY 1866 in Linn County, Iowa
Residence Superior, Wisconsin (SEP 1914) (age 48)
Death 28 JUL 1926 in Linn County, Iowa (age 60)

  1. Julia
  2. Annie SCHNELLER
    Marriage 23 JUL 1888 (age 22)
  3. Julia JOHNSTON
    Marriage 5 APR 1913 (age 46)
Terri 06/22/1998
98-35 Jones, Koop, Minard, Mineard Here is the info. on my grandfather who lived for a short while there until his death.

William Lester JONES, born Sept./18/1886 in Richland Co. Wisc., parents Martin L. Jones & Eliza (Mineard or Minard ) Jones , married to Freida Minnie Anna (Koop) Jones ; William L. Jones died 6/24/48, at Douglas Co T.B. Asylum from complications of T.B. peritinitist; he is now buried in Greenwood Cemetery Superior WI, Block 28, Grave 1, Lot 6.
William 06/12/1998
98-34 Henderson, Shelton Trying to locate the grave of Mary Adaline (HENDERSON) SHELTON, wife of Michel. Mary died in Superior WI, December 1889. Neither the Office of Vital Statistics in Madison nor the County Clerk's office in Superior has a record of her death. According to an article in the Superior Times, Mary dropped dead on the street. What cemeteries were in use at that time and do lists of those buried in them exist somewhere? Madeline 06/12/1998
98-33 Connell I have a strange request so please bear with me as I explain. My grandparents were very active in Douglas County. They were Dr. and Mrs. John CONNELL. I remember as a child going to a big mansion that was a museum in Superior. My grandmother spent a lot of time there. I believe my grandfather's dental chair and equipment were donated to the historical society. However, my request is this.... I remember a fort on a highway in Superior. I remember talk of a time capsule being buried there and I could be wrong but I think my grandmother put her wedding dress in the capsule (??)

Like I said I could be wrong on this information. What I am wondering is if that capsule will be opened during this sesquicentennial year? If so I would like to be there when it is opened for sentimental reasons. My grandmother was very active in Douglas County and took a lot of pride in her work, she was very excited to be a part of the time capsule project and for her I would like someone in her family to be there. Do you have any information about this? Also I have a lot of information of my family from Superior and a few census record, I am willing to share if you would like the information or any help that I could be. Thank you for your time.
Kathleen 06/5/1998
98-32 Jones My grandfather is buried in Douglas County but is originally from Richland. I would be happy to share information I have on him with any other researchers. William 06/1/1998
98-31 GN RY CO, Sippo/Sippu My uncle Jalmari SIPPU, aka Jalmer SIPPO, came from Sippola, Finland in 1913 to Superior, Douglas, where he lived until his death in 1941. According to the death certificate, he was a laborer working for G.N.RY.CO.

What does "G.N.RY.CO." stand for? What company and branch of industry is it?
Seppo 05/28/1998
98-30 Finlayson, McDonald, Moore, Stuart, Tomson Hi! Looking for information on my great-great grandparents & their children.

Duncan & Christina FINLAYSON MCDONALD left Quebec Canada in 1878 and came to WI - eventually ending up in Superior, Douglas County sometime prior to 1896 - the year Duncan died. Christina died in 1917 Superior and is buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Superior, WI. Duncan & Christina had 7 children - only 2 were in a different state...the rest were also in Superior. They are: Archibald(1861-1932), Sarah(1864-1946), Hugh C. (1869-1951), Duncan F.(1872-1934) & Christina(1877-1957). In St.Paul Mn....Donald C.(1859-1934). In San Diego, Ca...Paulina(1857-??) Sarah married John MOORE, Christina married xxx TOMSON & Paulina married M.P. STUART. To the best of my knowledge all these children, and Christina Finlayson - were born in St.Urbain, Quebec,Canada. Any information will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you !
Paula 05/23/1998
98-29 Crosland, Dunlap, Preston Looking for descendants of Lorin PRESTON and his wife Lulabell DUNLAP. Several of their sons lived in Superior, WI, Lemuel, Lester, Irvin, and Ray in Duluth, MN. Also known are sisters Mary NYBERG and Ethel HAGE. Lulabell Dunlap is the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Dunlap and Mary Ellen CROSLAND. Any help appreciated. Thank you. Barbara 05/13/1998
98-28 Jones My grandfather, William L. JONES died in 6/22/1948 at Douglas Co Tuberculosis Insane/Sanatorium, in Parkland just outside of Superior. Does anyone have any photos of the Sanatorium or any info on the place where I can find one. Also the where abouts of the funeral directors work place CA LeSage, and George Spurbeck who appears on my grandfather's death certificate, as MD or other. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks William 05/1/1998
98-27 LeFebvre Hi - would like any info on my grandmother Roseann LAFEBVRE born December 23 1896 Solon Springs WI. She also had two sisters. Their names were Florence and Bertha. Their parents were supposed to have been killed and they were put in a convent. I would like any info you would have. Thank you Mark 04/22/1998
98-26/td> Duffy, Ransom I have a Laura Jane RANSOM married in Douglas county 4 Feb 1892 according to the Wisconsin marriage microfiche. She is a 2nd cousin to the Emma (Ellen ) Duffy I listed below in the queries. I wish to know who she married so I can track that family, Thank you Joyce 04/20/1998
98-25 Huntington, Robbins Info needed on Julia Scott HUNTING who died in 1934 in Superior, WI. She had been living with her daughter Helen Scott Hunting ROBBINS who was married to a Frank A. ROBBINS. Was Julia HUNTING buried there in Superior or beside her husband Bruce Samuel HUNTING in Berea, KY? Any help appreciated. Ed 04/19/1998
98-24 Duffy, Paulus Researching the name Joseph PAULUS from the Social Security Death Index as a possible lead to the the husband of Emma (Ellen) Mary DUFFY. His birth was 25 Sep 1888, and died in Gordon, Douglas County in June 1966. Would wish to find the family of this couple and location of burial. Thank you for your time. Joyce 04/18/1998
98-23 Martin, Takala I am looking for information about my father's parents, Charles Felix MARTIN and Emma Lydia TAKALA, who were in Poplar at my father's birth in 1909, and lived in Amnicon in 1910. Charles Martin immigrated from Finland around 1893, was a blacksmith, may have divorced and remarried, and may have died in or around Poplar in the 1930's. I am planning to visit the area 5/7-8/98. Any advice or information will be appreciated. Thanks. Bryan 04/17/1998
98-22 Cameron, Connell I am looking for any information on Dr. John CONNELL son of Owen and Mary Burns Connell. And Dr. Connell's wife, Durah Cameron Connell, daughter of Annie Laurie Kelly CAMERON, sister of Virginia Cameron all of Superior. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Kathleen 04/13/1998
98-21 Baker I'm trying to find information on James BAKER who would be my Great Granfather. My late mother said he lived in Superior WI and moved there from WV. I think he would have been living there in 1880 - 1920, est. Any information you could share with me would be greatly appreciated Gary 04/8/1998
98-20 St. George, Walling Alfred St. GEORGE, b. Vermont, married Sarah WALLING, b. Iowa on August 31, 1926 in Douglas County WI.

I have had such a time finding ANYTHING on the St. George line and would appreciate information from anyone. They are relatives of my husband. Thanks.
Ginny 03/30/1998
98-19 Mix, Thompson Looking for Perl Walter THOMPSON d. 1928 in Superior, WI. Married Arminda MIX, had 12 children. Arminda remarried in 1930-1, Charles Cole. He was the County Poor Commissioner at that time. He passed away within a year. Supposedly she married a third time ? Morris. Arminda passed away Aug. 26, 1944. Both Perl and Arminda are buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Superior. Thanks. Joan 03/27/1998
98-18 Geimer, Sonderman I am searching for info on William SONDERMAN who once lived in Superior in Douglas Co. His daughter married Leo M GEIMER and they had a son Russell Geimer. Would appreciate any info or clues, especially on the GEIMERS. Dot 03/24/1998
98-17 Godfrey, Olson I would love to get any information on my paternal family history GODFREY and my maternal family history OLSON. Douglas County names I know in my family are:
  • Thomas Armstrong Godfrey
  • Beverly Jean Olson Godfrey
  • Victor Olson
  • Leota Powell Olson Tyson
  • Frances James Godfrey
  • Effie Remola Armstrong Godfrey
Mary 03/21/1998
98-16 Kaarto I am working on my family genealogy (KAARTO) and I need to find out how to contact the immigration and naturalization office for Douglas County. My great grandfather, I believe, became a citizen in that county and I would like to get a copy of his citizenship papers. He came to this country from Finland. Thank you. Doreen 03/19/1998
98-15 Shaw I am researching the SHAW surname. My grandfather was from Superior WI... His name was Edward SHAW. Born 16 Aug 1911... I think his father's name was also Edward. My great grandfather had atleast four children: Nellie, Edward, Mel and Emijean(sp?) James 03/11/1998
98-14 St George Am attempting to find anything I can on Alfred St. George who lived either in Superior or Foxboro. He wife's name was not sure of her surname but think it could be Walkin. The had three children: Fred, Clara Inez (my mother) and Albert. This is all the information I have. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ginny 03/7/1998
98-13 Locke I am looking for any information on Pearl Rachel LOCKE, born: March 09. 1888 place of birth: Superior WI. She is my maternal grandmother. Her father's name was George and I believe mother's name was Alice. Would appreciate any information on this family. Jacklyn 03/7/1998
98-12 Brantmier/Brantmeyer, Kuehn Looking for info on great-grandparents, John BRANTMIER or BRANTMEYER (1854-1915) and Katherine KUEHN (1860-1947). Lived in Superior in 1910 with family of 8 children. Sonia 02/26/1998
98-11 Edgan/Egan, Zearfoss Seek info on descendants of Samuel R. ZEARFOSS who died about 1906 in Superior, Douglas County, WI. Had a son Mahlon ZEARFOSS born about 1884 and daughter Hazel Annie Salome who married a Martin EDGAN/EGAN. this family had lived in Hennepin, MN previously. Samuel was born in Montgomery Co., PA. His father was named Mahlon ZEARFOSS Nancy 02/26/1998
98-10 Bean Looking for information on my natural fathers parents, BEAN, both passed away in the 70's. Trying to find as much information as possible on them. I do know that it was a large family but have no information on them. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Deborah 02/25/1998
98-9 Steele, Strom My name is Philip Radoff. I am the son of Norma STROM whose father was Ernest Strom, and whose mother's maiden name was Murial STEELE. I'm trying to find out all I can about these families who migrated to Northern Wisconsin during the Swedish migration in the 1850s. Philip 02/25/1998
98-8 Burkhart Seeking information on Robert J. and Pearl (PENTICO) BURKHART. One of their children was my grandfather, Russell Jacob Burkhart, who died in 1952 in California. He has a sister, Beulah LIND who still lives in Wisconsin somewhere. Contact 02/18/1998
98-7 Gage I'm looking for the surname GAGE -- more specifically, Cecil C GAGE. I need to find out if a probate has been completed for him in Douglas County or any surrounding counties. Contact 02/17/1998
98-6 Pellen Am seeking information on the family of Augusta and Henry (Heinrich) PELLEN. Augusta, d. Superior in Feb. 1892 and her husband Henry, d. Superior Sept. 1935. Henry was buried at Greenwood Cemetery according to the Superior newspaper. Is there a Greenwood Cemetery in Douglas County or do they mean Greenwood, Clark Co, WI? I would like any information about their children. There was at least an Augusta, b. 28 Mar. 1888. Thank you! Jane 02/13/1998
98-5 Heinen I am looking for Lyndell Mae HEINEN and Dennis Joseph HEINEN. Lyndell's birthday is 4-20-72 and Dennis's is 3-31-75. To keep in mind the name Heinen was the pre-adopted name. Lyndell and Dennis were removed from the family in 1976. There are two other sisters that are looking to meet their long lost family members. If anyone has any information about Lyndell or Dennis Dave 02/1/1998
98-4 Huffman, Richards Seeking information on Barbara HUFFMAN who married George RICHARDS. They were married in 1862 in northern Ohio, or southern Michigan. They moved to Superior in May 1863. No more is known of them, except she was mentioned in her father's obituary in 1898. But it did not give her location. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You. Casey 01/29/1998
98-3 Zearfoss Seeking descendants of Samuel R. ZEARFOSS who died Superior, WI in 1906. His son was named Mahlon Zearafoss and a daughter named Hazel Annie Salome Zearfoss who married a Martin Egan/Edgan. Nancy 01/28/1998
98-2 Berg I am looking for my grandparents marriage certificate. Married in Superior, Wi in the year 1900,..... Samuel Arther BERG and Anna Berglin Berg. Two of the sons, Robert Wilhelm Berg (June 28, 1901) and Arthur Samuel Berg (Sept.22,1902) were born in Superior, WI. I am looking for something that gives the birthplace of Anna Berglin Berg. I'm not certain whether she was a baby when her family came from Sweden or was she born in America. Perhaps you can help me. Barbara 01/22/1998
98-1 Drolson/Drolsum I am searching for any info about Nels DROLSON descendants. Prior to WW1, Nels and his family lived at Lake Nebagamon, WI. One of his sons was George DROLSON who was off to Camp Humphrey to serve his country during WW1. I have a Ggrandmother who was Mary Ann DROLSUM/DROLSON. Any info on the DROLSON'S would be appreciated! Contact 01/1/1998