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Rhinelander Area Newspaper Obituary Index 1882 – 2006.

Rhinelander District Library in conjunction with the Northwoods Genealogical Society created an index of obituaries from the Rhinelander, Wisconsin area newspapers. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the obituaries appearing in those newspapers dating back to 1882.

The Library is now referring ALL obituary requests to the researcher/indexer listed below. Search and copy fees will be returned to the Library to increase the genealogy collection.

Some good natured disclaimers:

This index is as accurate as several dozen volunteers working from microfilm over a period of 30 years could make it. Every attempt was made to include every name, however…Depending on the time period and publications, some newspapers had a formal obituary column, but many did not – which sometimes made the comprehensive gathering of death notices quite challenging. Volunteers had different notions of whether news stories about out of town accident victims and the like qualified for the file. The microfilm came from a variety of archival and commercial sources, not all of which had access to every single issue of all published newspapers. No attempt was made by the volunteers to create a record of every missing issue within individual rolls of film. There may be gaps we aren’t aware of. We know it isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty close.

Information on Newspaper Publications
NN = New North – December 7, 1882-September 10, 1947, merged with Rhinelander Daily News in 1947,
OCH = Oneida County Herald title change August 12, 1893 to Rhinelander Herald March 11, 1893 – April 27, 1895
RH = Rhinelander Herald – April 1885-August 1912
V = Eagle River-Vindicator title change to The Vindicator July 31, 1890; January 20, 1887 – June 10, 1891; title change to Rhinelander News in 1910
RN = Rhinelander News – December 30, 1886- ceased publication 1920
RDN = Rhinelander Daily News – March 1, 1917 to present
OT = Our Town – May 1977-December 2003 title change to North Star Journal in January 2004
NSJ = North Star Journal – January 2004 - present

How to get a copy of an obit

  • Processing requests for obituaries from the Rhinelander Area Obituary Index will be closed from November 18, 2017 until March 31, 2018. Do not send requests during this time, requests will NOT be processed during this time. After April 1, 2018 obituaries requests will be completed as in the past. During this shutdown, individuals can go in person to the Rhinelander District Library and obtain obituaries themselves from the microfilm. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • To obtain a photocopy of the obituary from the newspaper send a SASE along with $3.00 for each obituary. Be sure to include name of the person, the obituary date and name of the newspaper. Send requests and payment to: Susan Swanson, 351 Hillandale Ave., Rhinelander, WI 54501.]

  • You may visit the Rhinelander District Library located in beautiful downtown Rhinelander Wisconsin, in person and obtain copies of the obituaries directly from the newspaper microfilm.

Obituary Index

Intro    A    B-BEN    BER-BOZ    BRA-BY    CA-CM    CO-CZ    DA-DH    DI-DZ    E    F    G-Gj    Gl-Gz    Ha-Heh    Hei-Hof    Hog-Hy    I    J    Ka-Kj    Kl-Ky    La-Le    Lh-Ly    Ma    Mc-Me    Mi-My    N    O    Pa-Pe    Pf-Q    Ra-Rh    Ri-Rz    Sa-Sch    Sco-Si    Sm-Sr    St-Sz    T    U-V    W-We    Wh-Wy    XYZ    Appendix   

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