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Rhinelander Area Newspaper Obituary Index 1882 2006.

To obtain a photocopy of the obituary from the newspaper send a SASE along with $3.00 for each obituary. Be sure to include name of the person, the obituary date and name of the newspaper. Send requests and payment to: Susan Swanson, 351 Hillandale Ave., Rhinelander, WI 54501. You may also visit the library to do your own search of the microfilm.

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Last Name First Name Date of Newspaper Newspaper
Hurlbutt, Eugene January 05, 1917 RH
Cleveland, Nathelie (15 months old) January 15, 1917 RH
Grandquist, Emil May 28, 1915 RN not RDN
Rischendorf is Tischendorf, Wm. O. February 13, 1954 RDN
Becker, Nils Folke July 21, 1962 RDN
Unidentified body 0 November 24, 1910 NN
Unknown man, maybe August Struck? August 16, 1894 NN
Unknown young girl, from Algoma March 24, 1904 NN
Unknown farmer, french man from Prentice April 7 and 28, 1904 NN
Unknown, three woodsmen of Woodruff January 18, 1906 NN
Unknown, woodsman July 12, 1906 NN
Unknown man, Invalid Date February 28, 1907 NN
Unknown man, 0 March 14, 1907 NN
Unidentified body 0 November 24, 1910 NN
Unknown man, Invalid Date November 24, 1910 NN
Unknown man, 0 May 18, 1911 NN
Unknown man, 0 May 19, 1911 RN
Unknown, (Russian) July 20, 1911 NN
Unknown man, 0 July 27, 1911 NN
Unknown man, 0 July 28, 1911 RN
Unknown man, 0 October 26, 1911 NN
Unknown man, 0 February 01, 1912 NN
Unknown man, 0 December 05, 1913 RDN
Unknown, 0 November 20, 1914 RDN
Unknown, Michael October 11, 1932 RDN
Unidentified body frozen lumberjack January 17, 1938 RDN
Desy is Dery, Charles October 06, 1950 RDN
Rahricht, Oswald is Fred(son of Mr. and Mrs. Oswald) July 30, 1898 RH
DeNoyer, John May 29, not 22, 1941 NN

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