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Directory of Householders, Occupants of Office Buildings
And Business Places
Including A Complete Street and Avenue Guide

  • The streets are arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Intersecting streets are shown at the actual numbers where they intersect on each of the streets.
  • House numbers are compiled in numerical order, both sides of street, embracing odd and even numbers, included in one list representative of the entire street.
  • Following the street numbers are shown the names of the resident occupant or business concern. Places of business are indicated by the nature of the business being stated after the names.
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ABNER – From 603 Thayer west to Boom Lake ABNER continued
1 Halvorsen Barbara Mrs 5 Trotier Henry P
2 Sala Lillian Mrs 6 Pancraft Edw
3 Denoyer John 7 Skowronski Adam
4 Hails Robt H 8 Vancos John
.9 Kotz Anton
ALBAN – First west of N Brown from
W Anderson north to Thayer
ALBAN - continued High intersects
14 Gilson Earl 503 Blitch Chas J
20 Hibbard Merrill A furn rms 507 Sweo Jas S
28 Cooper Minnie Mrs 507 ½ Weingartner Jos
Johnson Oscar 515 Green Frank J
Grizer Irvin 521 Erickson Christine Mrs
34 Edwin Florence 521 ½ Ammerman Albert A
Rapaport Saml 525 Vacant
W Frederick intersects 527 Holmes Wm H
103 McEachin Malcolm 533 Poniar Nicholas
115 Blake Jos A 535 Palm Gust A
119 Smith Delbert J 537 Vacant
125 McDonald Herbert C 539 Johnson Emil
129 Kennedy Geo W 547 Green Peter
133 Udkler Albert 551 O’Donnell Mae Mrs
136 Rhinelander Ice Co 555 Busk Axel H
W Phillip intersects 559 Vacant
209 Lawrence Thos J 610 Estabrook Edw H
210 Lawrence Emily Mrs Mason begins
215 Tuchalski Benj N 630 Immanual Luth Church
218 Hanna Jos A 640 Snyder Frank J
221 Lawrence Eliz 646 Rothwell Anna Mrs
222 Greunke Herman W 650 Nelson Lawrence G
224 Vanpay Gilbert Leuthy Paul
227 Babka Jos 660 Beula Jos F
229 Sorenson Christ P 666 Johnson Ole
230 Larson Louis 670 Ahlstrom David
231 Buck Geo W
W Edgar intersects
Soo Line Ry crosses
421 Johnson J Victor
Wallace Mary Mrs
427 Vacant
433 White Anna Mrs
ANDERSON E – A continuation of S Anderson, from S Stevens east to S Oneida av ANDERSON E - continued
2 Eagles Club 110 Redfield Thos
12 Carroll Edw P 111 Maloy Sidney L
Seymour Floyd 115 Finden Sidney A
12 ½ Gilbo Mary Mrs 116 Bosquette Geo F
Vanney Clara Mrs 119 Carr Wm W
15 Caldwell Etta Mrs 121 Gilbertson Ansel P
16 Hanson Arth C 122 Arvid Mode
20 Laggis Jas G 125 Dusel Geo M
21 Petersen Hans C 128 Mayo Jos
25 Slosson Edwin J 131 Nelsen Newman E
26 Wendland Edw M Blackburn intersects
33 Krueger Carl 204 Whittier Perley L
34 Fries Anton J 205 Stumpner Louis L
Conro intersects 210 Slosson Harry E
104 Rutz Mary Mrs S Oneida ends
. 216 Danner Louis H
ANDERSON S – First west of S Brown from W Rives south and east to S Stevens ANDERSON S - continued
2 Hamilton Bros potatoes S Brown ends
15 Counter Delia Mrs 217-19 Deep Rock Oil Co
Counter Floyd 223 Kimball Fannie Mrs
17 Belongia Louis 235 Alpine Hotel
W Davenport intersects Slavin Caroline Mrs
111 Miner Fred 2d hd gds 236 Standard Oil Co filling sta
118 Penny A M Co potatoes S Stevens ends
130 Badger Supply Co flour and feed S Pelham intersects
132 Elliott Transfer E Anderson begins
ANDERSON W – First west of N Brown, from W Rives north to W Frederick ANN – First north of Gilbert, from Minola nw to Eagle
12 Lehne Hans blksmith 10 Mikkelson Nelson
Alban intersects 16 Coates Jas R
Nw cor Sutliffe Lumber & Supply Co 20 Vacant
ARBUTUS – A Continuation of S Pelham, from Park south to Ocala
603 Sharp Eldon A 716 Laggis Paul
604 Lavin Eliz Mrs 718-24 South Park School
Driscoll Jerry 721 Davis Chas E
609 Nagel Augusta Mrs 727 Dozer C Everett
615 Swensen Edmond C W Prospect intersects
610 Sorenson Roy 803 Nichols Leon P
616 Zumach Wm H 804 Stone Flint R
621 Schuelke Henry H 809 Johnson Sophus
622 Schellenger Edwin A 810 Pelletier Herman A
627 Paski Jos 815 Bockhaus Herman A
628 Pecor Henry F 816 Shefstad Leonard
633 Kobernat Matt J 820 Thomas Edwin H
634 Swensen Sigvert 821 Tober Chas
Gordon Christ 827 Scholottke Herman
639 Woznik Frank J 828 Graef Frank
640 Manning Clarence J 828 ½ Moras Lucien J
W Kemp intersects E Itasca intersects
703 Tover Martin G 904 Blaisdell Eliz M Mrs
703 ½ Carpentier Geo A 909 Zehms Aug F
704 Hall Andy electn 910 Bain Raymond H
709 Bonnie Jos E 916 Keep Chas J
710 Deloye Peter 921 Brown Webster A
715 Rivesay Herbert M 922 Verage John J
ATLANTIC – Third south of E Rives, from S Oneida av east to limits ATLANTIC continued
205 Crosby Chas P 220 Alban Helen L
210 Raymond Mitchell H 221 Becker Folke
215 Reardon Carrie A Mrs 222 Alban Helen C Mrs
216 Lewis Benj R Dandoneau Peter P
225 Daniels Af D
BAIRD AV N – Third east of N Stevens, from E Rives north to limits BAIRD AV N - continued
4 O’Neill Danl F 33 Schooley Jos F
10 O’Malley Anthony E E Frederick intersects
15 Wardwell Theo M 118 Calkins Prescott
16 Calkins Chas L E Phillip intersects
21 Dozier Louis 218 Maine Vernon M
22 Hartley Jos L 224 Stubbs Fred F
27 Packard C Dorr genl contr E Edgar intersects
28 Levert Gustav 302 Bruns Lawrence A
28 ½ Bingham Jessie W 318 Kay John S
401 Vacant
BAIRD AV S – Third east of S Stevens, from E Rives east to C & N W Ry tracks BAIRD AV S continued
115 Rhodes John 618 Hanchett Jas H
117 Oneida County Normal Sch 619 Rowe Wm R
Clark ends 622 Loveton Erwin A
201 Morgan Jas G 624 Miles Geo C
Pleasant ends 629 Carter Frank A
Grant ends 631 Stevens Henry P
515 Bonnie Earl T Hartman Nicholas
518 Nelson Oscar C Holzchuh Herman J
Lincoln intersects 635 Holzschuh Oscar
615 Trumble Jas 641 Nichols Roy F
BALSAM – In Hillside addn near Paper Mill, first south of W Davenport BALSAM continued
610 Arndt Emil F Spruce begins
612 Turner Lester T 712 Peterson Howard H
624 Ingraham Emma Mrs 714 Krohn Jos
640 Miller Martin A 718 Lambert Clyde A
641 Sterling Albert W 756 Vacant
645 Cook Paul J 804 Hedelman Emil
647 Thomas Wm A 807 Hirzikorn Rudolph
649 Anklam Ronald J end Shaver Archie
653 Patterson John Shaltz Alex
BARNES – Second south of Lincoln from Shepard east to limits BARNES continued
407 Bruckel Wm O Owens Mary Mrs
409 Lovejoy Manley A Carr intersects
415 Day David A 621 Decanter John
Shepard intersects 626 Persell Fred L
511 Little Robt Newell intersects
520 Shepard Wm R 803 Rude Norman C
620 Gerow Benj
BING – First south of Monico, from Eagle east one block BRIGGS – First east of Minola, from Soo Ry tracks north to limits
BROWN N – First west of S Stevens, from W Rives north and northeast to Pearl BROWN N continued
1-7 City Hotel 314 Morrill Guy E
Baudhuin Walter G 315 Swanson Agnes M Mrs
2 State Theatre Bldg 318 Lawrence Harry H
State Shoppe The women’s furngs 321 Skubal Jos
4 State Theatre 322 Domek Nicholas
6 Minahan Edmund D lawyer 327 La Duke Edw
Rouman Amusement Co 330 Briggs Albert E bicycle repr
Comstock Cedar & Lbr Co 332 Briggs Albert E gro
Pearl’s Beauty Shoppe 336 People’s Meat Market
10 Roman Geo confr W Harvey intersects
12-14 Carlson Aug & Sons Inc furn and undtkrs sw cor Rhinelander Oil Co filling sta
11 Oneida County Rest Room 406 Shewe Henry
Olson Matilda Mrs LaVern Eug J
15 Qualty Chevrolet Co Inc 410 Sampson Christ
24 Morgan’s Automotive Elec Shop 416 Beaudion Elmer J
24 ½ Cebula Gus 422 Rindal Thos
Kongslein Ole O tailor 428 Nelson Peter A
27 Weiner’s Dept Store 434 Carlson Adeline Mrs
Weiner Chas G 440 Ligman Stanley E
27 ½ Epstein Meyer 446 Dawson Howard J
29 Standard Oil Co filling sta Northwestern Oil Co
W Frederick intersects DeSoto intersects
se cor Zion Evangelical Luth Ch 504 Skubal Peter
108 Brown Anna A Mrs Skubal Jos
122 Gary Saml B 510 Jensen Clarence I
125 First Baptist Church 516 Hanson Anton pntr
127 Olson Gustav J 522 Olson Carl A
128 Segerstrom Carrie Mrs 528 Armfield Lester J
131 Olson Geo R Carlson Leonard L
133 Jorsch Geo gro Montrose intersects
134 Donahue Timothy D 604 Weis Michl
W Phillip intersects Leith Edw
202 Frindell Hide & Fur Co 605 Thursey Jacob
203 Hehn Aug Carlson Einar C
209 Cain Anthony 606 Weight Julia Mrs
210 Abel’s Garagt 609 Johnson Julius F
215 Hergren Dennis 610 Lindgren Fred
220 O’Malley Michl 615 McDonald Lydia L Mrs
221 Lalande Edw M 616 Carlson Ludwig C
222 Sommer Rhine O 621 Radzinski Frank
227 Nitke Steph M (w) 445 Poskie Theo J
228 Sorenson John C 622 Peter Carl F
Mathison Maurice O 628 Hoag Albert
233 Hull John A 633 Sensenbrenner Bernard J
233 ½ Evenson Roy 639 Johnson Gustav A
W Edgar intersects 645 Terzinski Danl A
301 Scandinavian Hall 651 Tragiai Kath Mrs
Badger Trading Post gros 657 Rhode Saml
303 Nitke Steph M confr 663 McKendry Thos P
305 Karnosky Frank shoe repr 669 Schoening Chas R
309 Cain Patk J 675 Blomdahl Chas
312 Forth Floral Co 681 Rinka Paul P
Forth Arth M 693 Shelp Thos H
699 Arneberg Oscar
BROWN S – First west of S Stevens, from W Rives south to C & N W pass station BROWN S continued
1 Post Beverage & Candy Co W Davenport intersects
1 ½ Bellisle Rose Mrs 100-102 Brown Building
...Fish Mae Mrs Kramer Philip clothing
...Luethy Ernest G Rooms:
2 Kirk C D & Co bakers 1 Treweek Orville N dentist
2 ½ Pufahl Wm A 2 Kelley John W lawyer
...Chandler Fred L 3-4 Vacant
3 Service Utility Co elect supls 5 Hammer Paul L dentist
3 ½ Sherwood Alma L 6 Powder Box Beauty Shoppe
4 United Variety Store 7-8 Packard Chas W phys
4 ½ Champoux Peter furn rms 9 Brown Bros Lumber Co
5 Knoblauch John J billiards Street continued
5 ½ Ross Laura Mrs 101 Isackson Barney women’s furngs
...Dines Stanley 105 DeByle’s Good Clothes
...Stryk Adma L 106 McRae Kate M stationery
...Hardell Hannah Mrs 106 ½ Seabloom Josephine Mrs tailoress
6 United Cigar Store Agcy 107 Hoffman Harry F jwlr
...Laggis & Laggis billiards Wright Wm D optometrist
6 ½ Champoux Peter furn rms 107 ½ McRae Kate M
7 Majestic Theatre Hodag Lumber Co
8 Bruckster Wm gro and meats Pierce Anson S lbr
8 ½ Steinhart & Steinhart chiros 108 Lewis Hardware Co
...Park Horace O 108 ½ Vacant
9 – 11 Khoury Tony soft drinks 110-112 Gary S B clothing
10 Modern Shoe Store 110 ½ Pellow Archie H
10 ½ Kisting Chas 111 Schooley-Forbes Hardware Co
11 ½ Zander Herman C real est 111 ½ Consumers Hay Co
...Zander Poster Adv Co Jensen Robt H
12 Vacant 112 ½ Belanger Laurence
13 Donahue & Langdon soft drinks 113 Lund’s Drug Store
14 Red Owl Store gro 114 Maraz Andrew L soft drinks
14 ½ Gwidt Steve J real est 114 ½ Deau Patk
15 Yellow Cab Co 115-17 Hilgermann Building
15 ½ Barfknecht Alfreda Rhinelander Credit Rating & Adjustment Bureau
16 O’Malley Anthony E barber Ollhoff Theresa Mrs
...O’Malley John B billiards Weldon Wm C
16 ½ Evenson Millie Mrs Chesna Serge
17 Lucks Shoe Store 116-24 Hildebrand Building
18 Rhinelander Café 116 Taggart & Cons gros
18 ½ Schenzel Robt ..Rooms:
19-27 Oneida Hotel ....1 Hildebrand Chapel
...McDonald Angus ....2-3 Vacant
...Oneida Barber Shop ....4-5 O’Melia & Kaye lawyers
20 Markham & Stone clothing ....Poor Commissioner
...Bowen Edw wtchmkr ....6-7-8 O’Melia J H Lumber Co
20 ½ Mink Atha Mrs ....Kelley-O’Melia Lumber Co
22 Palace Café restr ....7 Oneida Retail Yards bldg materials
22 ½ Wood Thos C Street continued
24 Wood Thos C hdw 117 ½ Comfort Beauty Shoppe
24 ½ Krueger & Dozer photogs 118 Schultz Bros Co dept store
26 Chocolate Shop The 119 Schauder’s Shoe Store
26 ½ Teal Jerome C real est 119 ½ Sorenson Arth O
...Lafkas Geo 120 Hildebrand Furniture & Undertaking Co
27 Woolworth F W Co dept store 121-23 Nelson Seymour D & Sons gros
28 Koppa’s Pharmacy ....Petersen Hans C meats
28 ½ Kasson Merritt 121 ½ Dunham R Mrs
29 Jenney J C Co dept store 123 ½ Wandrey Carl A
30-34 Merchants State Bank Bldg ....Day Edwin J
bsmt Community Room 125-127 Goldstone Harry R dry gds
Merchants State Bank 126-28 Hotel Bronx
...Wis Petroleum Development Co ....Sabish John J
...Rhinelander Finance Co ....Buskle Guy E barber
...North Wis Agcy Inc 127 ½ Danielson Andrew C tailor
...Elkon Edw real est 130 Mans Sore The men’s furngs
...Brown Land & Lbr Co 132 Edwin Motor Co
...Brown Timber Co .... Edwin Harvey
...Thunder Lake Lbr Co 136 Krupienski Antone soft drinks
...Corning Anna M notary 136 ½ Krupienski Antone
...Northland Lakes Inc real est 138-42 Schlitz Hotel
...Mason-Donaldson Lbr Co ....Schlitz Hotel Café
...Loveton Erwin A acct 144 Olson Arth restr
...Richards Mary M Mus tchr 144 ½ Vacant
...Orr Wm C ins 146 Vacant
31 Oneida Natl Bank Bldg 148 Tober Chas barber
...Oneida Natl Bank 148 ½ Drew Wm
31 ½ Sweberg John H lawyer W King intersects
...Tuckwood Chas C dentist 201-03 Montgomery Ward & Co dept store
...DuBois Orville A dentist 209 Central Meat Market
...Oneida Cedar & Lbr Co 209 ½ Northwestern Hotel
...Gagen Land & Cedar Co 211 Rendezvour Eat Shop
33 Reardon Building 211 ½ Sharka Matthew A
...Reardon Drug Co 213 Sharka Hardware Co
33 ½ Kennedy Earl L lawyer 214 Wadhams Oil Co filling sta
...Jenkinson Harry L dentist End Chicago & North Western Ry pass station
...Westgate Hugh J phys Wisconsin Veneer Co
...Ry Express Agcy Inc
BRUNER – Second west of Arbutus from Kemp south to Ocala BRUNER continued
709 Johnson Chas 815 Booth Clara Mrs
715 Flatoff Jacob 819 Hartman Vern
727 Ruggles Earl E 821 Main Chester
Prospect av intersects 827 Steadman Walter J
803 Halminiak Frank ....Chester Richd
811 Rowell Oscar A Itasca ends
927 Laskow Sam l
BRYANT – First east of N Stevens from Pearl north to Spring CALKINS – First east of N Stevens from E Monico south to Johnson
716 Ajeska Mary Mrs
...Criby Albert
CARR – second east of Eastern av from limits south to C & N W Ry tracks CARR continued
509 Schallock Robt W Newell intersects
512 Beranek John W 715 Kongslein Thos O
513 Vacant 721 Warren Anna Mrs
514 Gross Wm 733 Whitaker Jennie A Mrs
518 Aker Chas 734 McIntosh Renslford J teaming
524 Hall Harry C Barnes intersects
530 Nelson Nels 809 Peterson Carrie Mrs
Division ends 812 Winquist Otto G
611 Miller Jacob 813 Clark Webster W
637 Crawford Geo W 819 Sands Rupert C
Coon intersects C & N W Ry tracks cross
710 Vacant 820 Clark Geo I & Sons ice
...Clark Geo I
CEDAR – Fourth south of W Davenport from Wisconsin river west to Oak
9 Barber Ambrose R
CLARK – Second south of E Rives from S Oneida av east to S Baird avCLARK - continued
204 McIndoe Marguerite Mrs 220 Crofoot Chas S
212 Draheim Ernest 227 Oneida County Jail
214 Taylor Arth ...Rodd Hans
...Ferris Clifford G 228 Stevens Willard T
...Koltes Raymond 234 Boyce Willard
...Taylor Lloyd
CONRO – First southeast of S Pelham from S Oneida av southwest to NewboldCONRO continued
106 StMary’s Parochial School 309 Vacant
E King intersects 312 Anderson Arth C
204 Hunter Virgil J Mercer intersects
210 Morgan Jas H 404 Flatley Patk H
213 Wilson Andrew B 415 Grell Vet
214 Shepard Claude E 419 Hanson John M
217 Gilson Wm 420 Shuppler Alois
221 Maloy Robt J 426 Shuppler Leo A
E Anderson intersects ..Kuroske Frank
COON – Second south of Lincoln from Shepard east to limits COON continued
cor Shepard Horr B L Culvert Co 620 North State Granite Works
512 Richards Earl 625 Anderson Chris J
516 Miller Louis C sw cor East Side Filling Sta
522 Mith Jos ..Maulfiar Guy W
Carr intersects Newell intersects
614 Getchell Hiram J 701 Warren Merrill H gro
COURNEY – From jct Cary and Park, north to Newbold
ws Wis Regrinding Co
CURRAN – First northeast of Soo Line from Monico north and east to limits CURRAN continues
1118 Peterson Gustav Gilbert intersects
1126 Parr Clifton 1372 Miller Jacob
1132 Tunney Kath E Mrs 1382 Morin Wm J
1138 Robbins Clifford A Eagle intersects
1144 Hasselquist Otto Minola ends
1154 Hasselquist Peter J 1386 Killey John T
1392 Paremski Peter D
DAHL – First south of E Rives from S Oneida av east to limits DAHL continued
215 Petey Louis F 331 Nolan Larry
221 Macdonald Chas A 331 ½ Lytle Alex J
227 Reevs Harry L 332 O’Melia Albert J
233 Caldwell Robt L Eastern av intersects
S Biard av intersects 403 Marshal Fay A
303 Collins Harold C 404 Kretlow Frank E
304 Sutliff Solon D 406 Gerbereux Jos
309 Tomkins Robt F 409 Orr Wm C
315 Livesey Willis A 410 Boyce Edwin W
316 Grau Chas G 414 Cleary Jas E
..Bayer Fred 415 Richards Clarence A
319 Pierce Anson S 421 Juday Wesley D
322 DeMunck Abr 427 Sanderson Logan H
..Soks Chas 433 Rollman Alf
325 O’Melia Jas H 439 Comstock Donald D
328 Maier Louis A
DAVENPORT E – First south of E Rives from S Stevens east to S Oneida av DAVENPORT E continued
11 Horn & Rose chiros S Pelham intersects
14 Stephens Jos G vulcanizer 50 Simonds Chas G real est
18 Hanchett’s Grocery Kate-Pier-Land
18 ½ Conro Chas A real est Tri-County Land Co
24 Briggs Danl E 122 Keith Prudence E Mrs
....Markham Eliz nurse 123 Reardon Ronald S
....Wagner Hattie P
DAVENPORT W – First south of W Rives from S Stevens west to limits DAVENPORT W continued
1 Diamond E Fruit Market 20 Forsyth S Gilbert barber
2 W U Tel Co 21 Steinberg’s Elec Emporium
4 First Natl Bank Bldg 22 Win-Edna-Peg Gift Shop
....First Natl Banks Rooms: 23 Vacant
..1-2 Korth Karl A lawyer S Brown intersects
..3 Vacant 108 Shitk Clinic The phys
..4 Vacant 109 Johnson Studio photogs
..5 Vacant ....Johnson Alex T
..6 Reevs Harry L lawyer 112 Lewis Hardware Co
..7 Richards & Bump phys 113 Northern Hay & Grain Co
..11 Vacant 114 Juday W D Co agrl implts
..12 Recker D F real est S Anderson intersects
..14 Rhinelander Bldg & Loan Assn 205 Northern Milling Co
Street continued 210 Rhinelander Bldrs Supply Co
5 Arlington Café restr 215-17 Urbank A Gustav stables
6 Kretlow Frank E drugs ...Hornung Casper M vet surg
7 Land O’Lakes News Depot Wisconsin river intersects
8 Wis Valley Power Co 315 Wis Valley Power Co sub sta
9 Blackburn Elec Shop 321 Soo Line Pass Station
9 ½ Broome Wm G 415 Rhinelander Paper Co
10 Crawford Willette Flowers & Music 503 Larson Bennette E
B P O E Club Rooms 521 Larson Walter E
..Finn Chas P bowling 525 LeDuc Ernest J
11 Gerbereaux Shoppe women’s furngs 527 Vacant
11 ½ Vacant 533 Deau Jos D
13 Liesey Willis A jwlr 535 Vacant
13 ½ Chop Suey Tea Rooms 543 Gropengiser Fred
...Kirsch Raymond P dentist 545 Peevy Elmer E
...Carol-ine Beauty Shoppe 551 Johnson Oscar gro
Rhinelander Office Supply Co 552 Soule Ellery A
14 ½ Wilson Lumber Co 557 Cloutier Mary Mrs
...Bird John W phys ...Edmund Carl G
...Emmons Henrietta Mrs ...McQueen Henry
15 Livingston’s Style Shop 558 Deau Dennis F jr
16 Whittier Perley L dry gds 563 Jarvis Josephine Mrs
16 ½ Ahlman Bernard R electn ...Mudgette Lester
...McRae Hannah A Mrs 564 Deau Dennis E
17-25 Forbes Building 570 Root Clarence E
Rooms: 576 West Side Plumbing & heating Co
...1-2-3-4 Vacant ...Frasier Geo H
...5 Nystrum Chester J dentist 600 Howe Chas B
...6-7-8 Vacant 621 O’Brien Saml W carp contr
...9-10 Vacant 632 Wubker Henry jr
...11 McArthur Arch dentist 649 Bellie Grover
...12-13-14-15 Vacant 663 Rodd Ole
Street continued 668 Malone Wm H
18 Browne-Leadbetter Agency ins 675 Kelnhofer Chas J
18 ½ Steele Henry F 702 Kelly R Frank
19 Vacant 708 Netling Ray W

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