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RHINELANDER - Directory of Householders, Occupants of Office Buildings And Business Places,
Including A Complete Street and Avenue Guide 1930

  • The streets are arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Intersecting streets are shown at the actual numbers where they intersect on each of the streets.
  • House numbers are compiled in numerical order, both sides of street, embracing odd and even numbers, included in one list representative of the entire street.
  • Following the street numbers are shown the names of the resident occupant or business concern. Places of business are indicated by the nature of the business being stated after the names.
  Abner-Davenport   Desota-Marshall   Mason-Phillip   Pine-Young
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MASON – First north and east of Soo Line Ry tracks, from Alban parallel with tracks to C C Collins
Lumber Co Mill MASON continued
614 Backstrom Chas A 727 Hajenga Robt
618 Vacant 727 ˝ Maloney Danl
620 Herrman Clarence N 728 Anderson Fredk A
622 Olander Hjalmer 733 Sullivan Michl R
626 Halvorson Marie Mrs 734 Gilbertsen Andrew
626 ˝ Baker Willis S Rose intersects
630 White Kirke W gro 803 Smith Geo L
630 ˝ Bruso Jos A 704 Jansen Nick J
632 Donn Hugh J 809 Swanson Andrew
634 Vacant 808 Haugsby Thos gro and meats
634 ˝ Vacant 815 Hoffman Frank G
638 Thurson Chas R ...Peevy Guy A
639 Snyder Frank J confr ...Richardson Lu L
644 Haney Roy W 816 Haugsby Thos
645 Baraba Paul 819 Mangerson’s Grocery
650 Herrick Laura Mrs ... Irick Jas A
651 Dell Lowell A 821 Vacant
657 Swanson Peter 822 Mangerson Arnold R
..Redfield Vern 828 Belkey Paul cement contr
658 Booth Verr L ...Erickson Carl F
..Carlson Rudolph 833 McIntyre Douglas
659 Straub Maurice B ...Hecker Vernon
661 Straub Bernard W ...Boache Ray
662 Johnson John E carp contr 834 Raymond Hiram R
664 Vincent Saml W Fremont intersects
667 Priebe Elroy W 902 Franklin Alecia Mrs gro
...Janosky Steve 910 Olsen Andrew
667 ˝ Panko John J ...Anderson Osborne
668 Mase Levi W 911 McCord School
... Mase Irvin L 916 Peterkord Tony
673 Hlava Harry G 922 Vacant
674 Erickson Wm 926 Munsell Henry pntr
674 ˝ Beckman Edw 927 Larsen Andor M
678 Farmen Bertha Mrs 930 Wick Andrew G
679 Brusoe Leizime exp 933 Bourcier Albert F
686 Vickman Salina Mrs 934 Kellemer Claude
687 Robinson Anthony Madison intersects
...Olson Jack F pntr 1003 Shedore Jas
691 Hansley Christian ..Carpentier Herbert J
692 Kriesel Aug D 1004 Berg Vincent R
...Miller Viola Mrs 1009 Smith Zita Mrs
697 Gardner Ora D 1010 Beastrom John
697 ˝ Campbell Frank H 1015 Swedberg Anna Mrs
698 Boncher Victor ...Butterfield Douglas
W Pearl intersects 1016 Covert Frank A
703 Olsen & Cole gros ...Schulke Anna Mrs
703 ˝ Peterson Edw 1022 Nylund Marie L Mrs
704 Vacant ...Carlson Selma M Mrs
704 ˝ Hone Milton 1028 Davis Willard H
709 Rosemark Margt R Mrs 1034 Strangstad John O
...Morgan Harold S Monico intersects
710 Peterson Gustave F 1102 Bennett Wm
715 Emerson Fena Mrs 1108 Stickney Floyd A
...Morgan Jesse N ...Miller Wm C
716 Hutchison Clyde H 1112 Myrmal Henry A
721 Roepcke Henry 1116 Soderman Emil
722 Zutz Fredk W 1120 Smedegard Louis
MERCER – First south of C & N W Ry tracks from S Pelham southeast to Park MERCER continued
9 Williams Guy M 109 Larsen Anna D Mrs
13 Auguston Victor 113 Doherty Arlie R
16 Huber Louis W 114 Weber Ernest R
16 ˝ Jacobson Oscar L 116 Olson Halfden E
17 Huber John 119 Byers Jos
19 Charron Edw J 122 Hammer Lena S Mrs
22 Magnant Earl H 123 Heise Fred
28 Winquist Henry G 126 Khoury Abr G
...Peterson Raymond A 127 Brusoe Peter exp
29 Taylor Edw D 127 ˝ Kirk Darrell F
33 Hall Jonah 133 Keenan Annie Mrs
...Kongslien Sidney T 134 Payleitner Frank W carp contr
34 Sine Wilbert e end Standard Oil Co
Conro intersects
103 Barager Elijah R
MESSER – First south of Thayer, from W Phillip north to Lake MESSER continued
203 Skubal Jos J 408 Bissonnette Jerome J
212 Anderson Swan 411 Yach Jac M
214 Lee Robt H 412 Weiderman Peter
...Gleason Michl 415 Farnsworth Geo A
215 Didier Peter J 416 Adams Otto
221 Terzynski Walter 421 Peterson Peter W
222 Christiansen Peter 422 Alme Thos
228 Lewis Albert B 426 Nowland Archie J
228 ˝ Jensen Harold 427 Randall Sarah Mrs
229 Christiansen Oscar P 433 Blamberg Chas W
... Erickson Geo H 433 ˝ Norman Alice Mrs
231 Bettinger Earl 434 Vacant
231 ˝ Vacant High intersects
W Edgar intersects 503 Hack Jos
304 Didier John 504 Stevenson Lester
310 Newirth Anton 504 ˝ Vacant
310 ˝ Murray Truman C 509 Gunst Frank A
316 Bjorge Einar 509 ˝ Nowland Jas F
317 Higgs Steve H 510 Nyholm John
...Tway Edw T 514 Holmberg Carl
322 Milan Mary Mrs 514 ˝ Hackett Floyd E
323 O’Malley John B 515 Peterson Alf
...O’Malley Jas E 521 Roller Geo B
327 Swartz Saml A 522 Nylund Ida Mrs
328 Wilhelm Mary Mrs 527 Hedstrom Emil
333 Nyberg Magnus S 527 ˝ Bolner Gwyne L
334 Helgeson Ingeman E 528 Johnson Christina Mrs
W Harvey intersects 528 ˝ Stefan Wm
403 Hasselquist Danl R 533 Lozon Philip J
404 Vacant 602 Reno Adolph gro and meats
MILL – On west side, from W Davenport north to river MILL continued
165 Tomtshak John T 231 Kennedy Robt J
193 Olson Arth L 233 Frisque Anton
195 Lyons Jas 249 Willette Jos
...Lyons Alice Mrs gro 255 Slusser Chas E taxidermist
205 West Side School 403 Lader Wm
217 Langbecker Ferd O 415 Bergner Herbert W
223 Champagne Louis 421 Seidel Fred
211 Schultz Emil A ...Baribau Floyd
MINOLA – First northeast of Eagle from Monico northeast to Curran MINOLA continued
1143 Johns Thos 1322 Dodge Wm H
1147 DeMeyer Jos 1323 Fisher Geo H gro
1152 Olberg Clifford O 1326 Therio Jas D
...Olberg Letha Mrs 1327 Pederson Sivert
1153 Quade Chas F 1332 Johnson Wm S
1154 Urquhart Wm J 1333 Hasselquist David J
Gilbert intersects ...Bell Edw
1204 Maas Carl H 1334 Olsen Ivar O
1219 Wilcox Wm F 1337 Hasselquist John V
1223 Fisher Hannah Mrs 1338 Proft Winnie W
1227 Whitman Isaac H 1346 Bell Henry D
1233 Christiansen Neis 1347 Dalson Alf C
1239 Bloomquist Arnold F 1351 Lindner Amelia Mrs
1240 McCoy Willard A ...Lindner Archie S
1249 Briggs Homer 1352 Lindner Percil A
1259 Smith Chas 1355 Tunison Arth E
Vincent begins 1355 ˝ Gauslin Hebert P
Ann begins 1357 Packard Danl E
1309 Alsteen Jos T 1358 Fisher Edw
1315 Paulzin Gust
MOEN – First west of C & N W Ry, from Park south to W Kemp MOEN continued
604 Wesley Clarence J 625 Anderson Theresa Mrs
604 ˝ Reed Ella Mrs 637 Hartman Geo C
607 Graham Osborn A Rev 639 LeTendre Geo A
613 Olson Emil Marshall begins
619 Schauder Alf J 718 Vacant
740 Green Albert C
MONICO – Fourth north of Pearl, from Eagle east to limits MONICO continued
29 Menter Ida M Mrs 115 Nelson Hugh B
110 Riley Arth 119 Pugh John L
MONICO E – Fourth north of Pearl, from N Stevens east to Iverson MONICO E continued
ss Wells John V 124 Pratz Stanley M
Calkins begins Forsyth begins
114 Machon Otto J 220 Tanner Robt E
...Gauthier Frank J 224 Balch Fred R
116 Olson Louis C 370 Hophan Michl
120 Perry Harold F 403 Zinda Leo
rear Shepreaux Jos P 417 Sebero Philip
122 Derocher Peter J ns 1 e Minola Maas Herman
MONTROSE – Second northeast of Harvey, from N Brown east to limits MONTROSE continued
15 Boote Ernest E
NEWBOLD – Second southeast of C & N W Ry tracks from S Pelham southeast to Park NEWBOLD continued
15 Belliel Chas N Conro intersects
21 Markstrom Vern S 109 Keppler Ernest
23 Makress Wm M
NEWELL – Third east of Eastern av, from C & N W Ry tracks north to limits NEWELL continued
601 Vacant Es Gross Chas
621 Winquist Bros Cement Wks Coon intersects
627 Winquist Andrew G 820 Papineau Geo teaming
628 Peck Lyle L 828 Russell Jos H
633 Nelson Chas A
OAK – First east of Soo Line tracks, from Wisconsin river north OAK continued
417 Barber Milford J 427 Tripp Benj R
419 Bruns Carl C 430 Falch Walter
426 Rousseau Chas J 520 Huebner Albert J
OCALA – Fourth south of Park, from Arbutus east to limits OCALA continued
hd Rhinelander Boat Co 113 Maloney Edw
1 Gould Linus M milk dlr 117 Cox Jas I
7 Frindell Hyman Cox Bessie E drsmkr
9 Leary Miller W Dorr av intersects
11 Randall Erwin K Keenan intersects
25 Wilke Otto W carp contr 209 Post Odelia Mrs
E Prospect av intersects Randall intersects
109 Sheloski Jos 410 Kugel Chas F
rear Thompson Arnold
OLSON – First south of the north end of Mason, from Monico northeast to Millyard OLSON continued
1116 Smith Delos S 1126 McKendry Philone A
1122 Huff Anna Mrs 1128 Bailey John H
...Huff Preston 1134 Fray Salma A
ONEIDA AV N – Second east of N Stevens, from E Rives north to limits ONEIDA AV N continued
4 Wicks Chas H Rev 22 Cross Wm G
9 Moore Lewis A 27 Leadbetter Lorenzo A
15 McRae Morris G genl contr Voos G Edw
16 Conley Edw C 28 Fomberg Victor K
21 Barstow Elmer O 33 Piehl Fred H
34 Ball Chas H
ONEIDA AV S – Second east of S Stevens, from E Rives south to limits ONEIDA AV S continued
3 MacQueen Mary Music tchr 204 Anderle Fred
4 Spear Henry C Rev 228 Suhs Harold G
10 Vacant Grant begins
15 Estabrook Clyde E Lincoln intersects
Dahl intersects 503 Fletcher Phil A
Court House 509 Bronk Jos
...Laboratory State board of Health 515 Graef Harold V
...County Agricultural Agent 521 Kurtzweil Peter
...County Clerk 525 Vacant
...County Surveyor ne cor Wadhams Oil Co
...County Treasurer Lincoln begins
...Register of Deeds se cor Northwestern Oil Co filling sta
...Clerk of Courts 610 Usher Wm gro and baker
...Circuit Court 616 Usher Wm
...County Court 622 Reich John F carp contr
...Municipal Court E Anderson ends
...Oneida County Land & Abstract Co 626 Eagleburger Claude W
...Assessor of Incomes 634 Kuehn Jos J
...County Highway Comnr 638 Sergeant Fred M
16 Brown Spencer E Kemp intersects
18 Mylrea John D 704 Hoffman Harry F
28 Dean Jennie K Mrs 710 Moeller Clarence P
...Sorden L G 716 Brown Allan C
E Davenport ends 728 Ricker Fred
Clark begins E Prospect av intersects
110 Taylor Bradley R 800 Clark Dee
116 Franciscan Sister Convent 806 Vielmetti Jos E
122 Horr Burleigh L 812 Neitzke Walter J
128 Koppa Michaline Mrs 818 Winat Henry
134 Knister Geo E 824 Isackson Barney
135 Hildebrand Francis P Itasca intersects
140 Joslin Dana 904 Ferkovick Ralph
146 O’Connor Anna Mrs 912 Blaesius Herbert W auto pntr
148 McArthur Arch 918 Sum Anna K Mrs
152 Olson Carl K 924 Jewell Chas H
Clark begins 1016 Chagnon Anna Mrs
Conro intersects rear Kelly Fred E
170 Goldstone Harry R 1034 Pepper Robt W
175 Springer Floyd C 1040 Wolfrom Louis
E King intersects Newell intersects
hd E King Curran School ne cor Rhinelander Creamery & Produce Co
PARK E – From south end of S Pelham, east to S Oneida av PARK E continued
115 Dunning Hannah Mrs Carpentier Fred
PARK W – From south end of S Pelham west 1 blk PARK W continued
8 Morrill Chas E jr
15 Vacant
PEARL E – Second north of E Harvey, from N Stevens east 1 blk PEARL E continued
PEARL W – Second north of W Harvey, from N Stevens east 1 blk PEARL W continued
3 Trinity Lutheran Church 210 Cole J Dempster
9 Schlottke Lena Mrs Thayer intersects
15 Mace Earl 302 Carlson Caesar T G
21 Oberklaner Geo B 321 Swedberg Chester W
Mason intersects 322 Johnson Anton
PELHAM N – First east of N Stevens, from E Rives north to limits PELHAM N
6 Brown Walter D 325 Bettiga Jack J
7 Miller Mary O Mrs DeSoto intersects
...Christensen Andreas 503 Irick Walter E
20 Schiek Irving E Dr 509 Dupuis Jos O
21 LaSalle Raymond J 515 Ellis Wm A
22 Fenelon Louis C ...Morrison Edgar F
27 Ashton S Harry 522 Collett Clyde
28 Pattinson Thos J 528 Vacant
35 Brown Luther E 529 Kichefski Frank J
E Frederick intersects 604 Thorstenson Lawrence E
321 Terczynski Anton
PELHAM S continued
3 Weesner Mary L Mrs 390 C & N W Ry frt sta
...Abendroth Albert H Mercer intersects
9 Rendell Art O 401 Oneida Auto Parts Co
10 Boyce Merton V 401 ˝ Hack Emil
15 Hyland Francis A ...Danfield Ralph
16 Riek Rudolph A 402 Hunter Alvin O gro
...Riek Forest O 404 Vacant
22 Zander Herman C 405 Black Chas W
23 Robbins Emma B Mrs 405 ˝ Pelletier Jos W
23 ˝ McCaughan Archie 406 Vacant
28 Kabel Peter E 406 ˝ Rose John G
34 Vacant ...Nichols Emil E
W Davenport intersects 407 Ruggles Cath Mrs
109 Miles Geo C 407 ˝ Smith Carl G
...Westgate Hugh G 408 Gilbert Fannie Mrs
109 ˝ Finn Chas P 410 McKenzie Earl D
110 Peterson Chas P 411 Arcand Ephraim
115 Doyle Thos ...Evans Cleve
...Lussenden Ralph E 412 Vacant
116 Tuttle Harvey F 412 ˝ Vaughan Elsie Mrs
120 Douglas Jennie Mrs 414 Johnson John E
121 Markham Edw H 414 ˝ Vacant
124 Graham Chas H 415 Kettner Steph A
125 Anderson Mary Mrs 16 Christenson Arth E
133 Mason R W Rev 417 Tomalty Wm
137 StAugustine Episcopal Ch 422 Donahue Hugh
139 Lensing David F 425 Gnat John J
...Graeber Wm R 428 Crofoot Ruth Mrs
...Raymond Willis B434 Olson Gust
140 Kristensen Matt Newbold begins
E King intersects 504 Stathakis Anast K
213 Burrows Jennie Mrs 510 Abel Edw A
...Pyler Jos 516 Gruper Guy B
219 Gilligan John G 522 Lund Leonard M
221 Gilligan Wm H 528 Larsen Kate Mrs
E Anderson intersects 536 Lord Curtiss C
C & N W Ry crosses 538 Lewis Ben jr
321 Dugan Harry E Park intersects
... Conway Anna Mrs
PELICAN – First south of W Davenport, from Soo Line Ry tracks west to limits PELICAN continued
504 Vacant 552 Wood Milton G
510 Westcott Ernest R d557 Miazza Kath Mrs
513 Hurlbutt Floyd J 558 Fletcher Isaac
515 Graham Geo A 564 Hamilton Jas
Highview Parkway 570 Delap Warren S
516 Mason Frank E (w) 581 Cogan Raymond
522 King Rufus A Hillside rd begins
527 Grossman Walter 576 Krouze Jas
531 McKay David 580 Krouze Melford
537 Manley Martin ...Peevy Darrell
540 Robertson Reuben 588 Barncard Earl L
541 Holewinski Peter 588 ˝ Krouze Belford J
545 Holewinski John 601 Rousseau Chas
546 Wold Andrew C 607 Rude Otis
PHILLIP E – Second north of E Rives, from N Stevens east to limits PHILLIP E continued
33 Vacant 121 Marquardt Emil A
101 Huybers Lawrence 122 Pelong Wm J milk dlr
112 Ray Bertha Mrs 215 Ray Ivan U
115 LaRose Alex
PHILLIP W – Second north of W Rives, from N Stevens west to limits PHILLIP W continued
15 Reed Mabel 423 Krueger Fred W
16 Olson Berger 424 Olson Martin
22 Frindell Hide & Fur Co Lennox begins
N Brown intersects 427 Groboski Wm J
115 Holmberg Carl blksmith 433 Hansen Pearl Mrs
116 Dimick Clarence M 504 O’Malley Pearl Mrs
122 Barney Jos ns at dam Rhinelander Boat Livery
...Miller Anne Mrs ...Rogers DeWitt A
...Ernst David E Wisconsin river
Alban intersects Maple ends
211 McTier Steve soft drinks Mill begins
215 Vacant 907 Gericke David G
Thayer intersects 909 Vacant
304 Germond Jas A 911 Martin Matilda Mrs
nw cor Wilson Mercantile Co whol gros 922 Kramer Anna Mrs
Messer begins 924 Plummer Leo P
401 Rhinelander Iron Co foundry 927 Pecor Minnie
410 Backe Erick K 932 Lawrence Edw
412 Hilgeson Wm O ...Rhodes Saml W
416 Vacant 1006 Arndt Chas
417 Dovey Edw

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